Hi my name is Jen - I am 33 and married; a graphic desinger, a big sister, movie lover, horse rider, and board game nerd.


I am 20, and have recently had a problem with wetting the bed. It usually happens about once a month now, or twice. I DON'T drink fluids before bed (nor am I under any influence), and typically I end up wetting if I go to the bathroom right before bed. Any ideas??

It sounds like a serious health concern if it has happened multiple times. If it were me, I would make an appointment to see my doctor.


I lied to my boyfriend for a month and told him I was in one place when I really was not I didn't anyything wrong but I lied

The question you have to ask yourself is, why did you lie? What are you hiding from him that you don't want him to know?


I'm 13 but I have big plans for when I get older. In order to live my dreams I'll need quite a bit of money though. I will be able to have a job when I get old enough so I can get a job but are there other things I could do? Online money making sites have never worked for me, they are too time consuming and jobs around the neighborhood won't work. I don't have any money right now and most likely won't till I start working. I will be going to college so that's more time to earn money but right after college, I want to start building my dreams. Could I buy land that has stores and stuff on it like Donald Trump did? Is it hard to manage? Please and thanks! :D

My best advice to you is save all you can. Remembering back when I was in high school, I wasted tons of my hard earned money on completely useless things. Get an IRA and start saving for retirement now. You will thank your future self.



Worn running shoes practically everyday my entire life unless it's a wedding or a formal occassion I will wear heels.

I need pictures and links please of two kinds of shoes:
- Closed toe one that would fit with any outfit
- and opened toe or whatever still goes with any outfit but appropriate for the summertime.

Running shoes are the most...sensible things I can wear but that means that I have to wear socks everytime and plus I don't want to get a farmer's tan on my angles during the summer!

Thank you! As you can tell, shoes are not my forte.

Dansko - It is my favorite brand in the world. They are comfortable and extremely well made. Their clogs go with everything and make a great winter shoe. In the summer I switch to my Dansko Sandals - I have one in black and one in brown. I get compliments on them all the time!


Hey guys,
Okay so I'm looking for any recommendations on a good book series? I love reading series as I find I get really engrossed in the story lines and characters. I've already read the harry potters. The twilight saga and my personal favourite the hunger games.
So any of you have any suggestions?

Thanks! :)

If you like Hunger Games, The Maze Runner is a great dystopian society series.

For more adult reading try the Game of Thrones - there are some great characters!


YOU SUCK! you're rude and you're a jackass. No one likes you are or your crappy advice. You let people down and make them feel little of themselves. Like the girl with the cellphone, how the hell would you know how many people did and didn't have cell phones? Are you her stalker? And no one had cellphones when you were a kid cuz they prolly weren't even invented then! You suck!

Um, before you go around insulting people, you may want to be sure you are insulting the right person.

I have no clue what you are talking about, I don't remember answering a question about cell phones. Even if I had is it necessary to tell me that I suck?

Your comment in my inbox is VERY rude in my opinion. In the future file an abuse report if you have a problem with someone.

And don't worry, I already filed one about you.


is there any way you can delete your advice? your answers? if there is pls fill me in. tnx

Yes. Go to the question you want to delete, and click on Answer Question, just like you normaly would. It will bring you to your answer that you can edit. Just delete the answer and click edit question. The answer will be gone.

You can also use the link edit answers on the left column.


what should i do to my swollen bump on my hand from an iron burn

Put on burn ointment or aloe.


okay well this is the deal.
im ready to have sex i know i am. im with a boy right now and we've decided that were going to do it. im just really nervous cuz im not on birth control and im scared something is like going to happen to the condom, like rip. i told him that i was nervous and asked him that whenever he felt like he was going to bust he would take it out and then put it back it when he stopped ..
is that a god idea and if your not on birth control and you use a condom is it most likely you can get pregnant or is like 1 in every 500 people?

please comment back asap !! thank you !!

If you are not mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with sex (like the possibility of becoming pregnant), then you are not ready for sex.


would it be safe for a kid to go on the low carb diet?

I honestly wouldn't think so. A child needs a well rounded diet. Why not just use a low calorie diet?


what do i do if i poked myself in the eye?

Not much, keep your eye closed until the pain is gone. The eye is the fastest healing part of your body. Even a small scratch will be healed in a few days. If the pain does not go away, then you should see a doctor.


I'm making banana bread. I calls for 1/2 cup of Buttermilk. what is that?

It's a bittersweet cream. My grocery store never carries it, here is a substitute:

1 c. milk
1 tbsp. lemon juice

Let stand 5 minutes. Beat well.


ok so my friend's parents both have cancer.. well actually the mom just got over it and is still feeling pretty bad and her dad just found of he has a tumer. they have to do surgery, radiation, AND chemo. its really hard for her because a while back i found her outside (at my party) crying and she told me what happened. i dont no what to tell her because its so hard for her. what do i do to comfort her through all of this?

I don't think there is really much you can say. It's a sad and unfair. By just being there and listening, you are helping her greatly.

Be sure to let her know she has friends that love and support her, and that you will always be there for whatever she needs.


I am in so much pain!!! This is my first period and I have been crying since about 8 this morning. I tried tylnol motron a heating pad a warm shower nothing works!! pleasew please please send advice i am in so much pain!

It's very normal to have cramps, but if you are in so much pain that you are crying there may be a more seroious problem. I would talk to your mother and have her set up an appointment to see your doctor.


my mom and i have had fights about the weirdest thing ever. she wants me to wear a lot of make-up when i go out... and when i say a lot i'm not exaggerating.. she makes me wear like super purple eyeshadow and red lipstick. i personally don't think that i should be looking that rediculous. i'm not an old lady. and today she decided that i should skip school because we weren't really having class today, it was like a fun day but i didn't feel like going and we were going to go out to lunch and i was going to spend a fun day with my mother, which I sometimes don't really get to do. But, this morning I put on a red shirt that said surf on it. she had a FIT! She said that how could i wear that and that i wasn't wearing enough make-up.... and now she's not talking to me. I know that this must be the stupidest thing ever, but I'm mad now because we were suppose to have a fun day together and I was really looking forward to having a fun day outside of school.... what can i telll her??? thx xoxo

Sorry you have to deal with such perculiar requests from a mother. Usually it's the opposite.

Tell her you are old enough to decide what to wear. Thank her for her suggestions, and say you are more comfortable in what you have choosen. And as for the make-up, tell her you prefer the natrual look and that purple eye shadow is just not your style.


are there any cheap concealers or liquid foundations that dont bloch and stay on for at least a few hours? i have been using trublend but it blotches on my face and comes off before school ends.
please help! ill rate 5s

You usually get what you pay for. I think it's worth a few extra dollars for quality make-up.

I recommened Clinque. I have used it since high school. It is an oil free lightweight make-up, and it's not really that much more expensive.

But for really cheap lip gloss and eye shadow check out www.elf.com. Everythings $1!


how do i get bigger love handles?

"Love handles" is fat around your mid-section. The over hang of fat above your hips look like "handles." Why you would want them I am have no clue.

All you have to do is gain weight to 'make them bigger'. But I highly suggest against it.


My husband's parents recently brought up the idea of buying a large piece of property in my town so they, my husband and I, and my brother-in-law and his family can all live together. We will each have our own house on the property so it will be something like a family commune.

I'm against the idea. They tend to be nosy and don't see a problem with dropping in unannounced and expecting to be entertained. There is also the fact that they do not like me and go out of their way to make sure I know that. They have went so far as to tell me that I'm a bad wife and tell my husband he made a mistake marrying me. I have told my husband that if they do move here, I want to move somewhere else. He is also against the idea. He sees their obvious dislike of me and also doesn't like the idea of the loss of privacy. I spoke to my sister-in-law and she said that she and her husband are against the idea as well. She also mentioned that she would want to move if they move here.

My problem is this: no one will tell my in-laws that they don't like the idea. I'm afraid that if no one says something, my in-laws are going to take that as acceptance of their idea and go forward with it. They already have started the search for property. Once they buy the property, we'll all feel obligated to move onto it, even though it's going to make us miserable. My husband and his brother say that they can't stop them if they want to move here. If I or my sister-in-law say something, we run the risk of being accused of keeping them from their sons and grandchildren.

How would you handle a situation like this?

If my in-laws, or even my own parents suggested such a thing, I would have laughed at them the moment it was suggested and think it was a joke. Not for a moment would I let them think it was even a possibility.

Your right, as long as no says anything, your in-laws will think this is a good idea. And the longer you wait, the more upset they'll be when you tell them no.

Someone has to speak up now - especially since everyone is against the idea. They are your husband's parents. Why isn't he speaking up?

Why can't everyone just be honest? That no one likes the idea and it's not going to happen. You like your privacy, and you don't want to live next door to the entire family. You are perfectly happy where you are.

Yes, you can't stop them from moving, but you also have no reason to feel obligated to build a new house and live next door.

Tell you husband to end this fiasco tell his parents the truth. It's a no, end of discussion.


Okay so my feet smell terribly bad...well...actually its my shoes (birkenstocks...how ever they are spelled)...i wash them out but within a week they have gunk back in them and smell disgusting...its the only pair of shoes i have for now and the smell is embarrasing...is there anyway to keep this from happening because i absolutely dread washing them...

Get a shoe/foot spray like Odor Eaters.


well i have a lot of friends and i really like 2 call them and my mom never told me to ask when i wanna call some1 so i didnt
so it was like 9:00 and i called one of my best friends and then my mom came in my room and screamed at me because of that! i dont get it im like 14 and i have to ask? well maby im silly but the even more stupid thing is that now my mom is hiding all the phones and i tried to talk to her but she dosnt understand that i need to call people and she still dosnt trust me! what should i do?

Maybe she is upset because you were making phone calls so late at night. I have a feeling there is more to your story. But if you honestly don't know why your mother is upset, then calmly ask her why.

With time and good behavior, you'll get back your phone privlages - but for now, ask first.


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