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Ive got a friend who ive liked since ive known her, we made out a couple times and have admitted to liking eachother but then chose not to date, shes got a bf now, what kind of things could i do to make her know i really really like her still, do i wana be subtle or just come out and say that i want her? ladies, this is where i could use your help lol

I'm sorry but I have to ask this, are you an idiot?! She has a boyfriend. Why in the hell would you want to screw that up for her? Just be a good friend and if and when she breaks up with this guy (and you can be sure the relationship with the new guy won't last) be there for her and thats when you have your chance. Let time take its course.



ok i hreard a song
and i need the name
it goes like
"for the children of the world..
every single little boy and girll..."
i tried limewrie and typing for the children of the world but idk its being gay.

Type in part of the lyrics into any search engine. (I.E. Ask.com, Google.com) You'll come up with your answer very quickly.

That's usually the best way to get answers to any music question.


I am really hating my mom again. Everytime I do something in front of her she responds to me when she tells me something. Gosh I don't know what she wants from me because I talked to hotlines about this and all they told me was find a job move out talk to her. I cried it's hard i thought the hotline will really help me but it didn't. she tries to imitate the sound I have when I talk in my head when she tells me something. I am not a daughter in her eyes anymore she is brainwashed completely. I was around her reading this thing label then she got an idea from that. Like she observed and knew the thoughts on my brain. I don't think people should be doing that. SHe is so cruel to me and everybody else in that family. I dismembered my self from the family tree. I hate them they are so rude. No normal people will like them. Does anyone know how to deal with it or can give advice aside from getting counseling.

This question hits home for me. I understand what you're going through, believe me. I'm 16 and am homeschooled but never really been taught anything, I work at the local McDonalds and dance. My mother hates everything about me, belittles me and tells me i'm a lazy, no good nobody. Sound familiar? If so, then here is the advice everyone seems to give me.

Get that job those hotlines advised. Save money, find a place. If you can't seem to take anymore of it do you have atleast one person in your family that you love or trust and could possibly move out?

You have to try to get through this, I have about year before I can get out and I sometimes wonder if i'm going to be able survive one more year. But I have to, so do you.

You may wonder why you have this life, you may hate your family but you can't give up and asking some 13 year olds on a advice site isn't going to get you anywhere. Make a journal, write your feelings out and get a job. No one else can give you better answers. You have to be the one to do it and we can't tell you how to make your mother change. She is how she is. Its your decision.

Good luck and I hope life gets better for you.


ok i was wondering who sings this songg..
it goes somthing liek this

ill be the one to tuck you in at ngiht and if you want to leave then i can garentee you wont find no body that looks like me.
thats really all i kno. and a guy sings it and its kinda mellow music..
can you helpp???thanks sooo muhc
love Kyla

Heh you do know that all you have to do is write what little bit you know of the song into a search engine and it will come up with it right? Well I suppose you know now.

The song is "Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker.

Here is the link for the rest of the lyrics.



Well, i dont know how to start this all out because there has been so many issues with this kid so i'll just start two years ago when i met him. it was junior high and we "went out" with boys then. he was really cute and probably top five in the school, things were great then. he noticed me a lot, and paid more attention to me than the rest of the girls. things led to other things and we dated a few months later, but we both decided to break it off only a few months later because we couldnt exactly see eachother so much being so young and he was moving up to the "big" highschool while i stayed at junior high with my "little" friends. we still talked every night, he called me when he needed someone to talk to which was a lot. we snuck out and saw eachother almost every weekend. then things werent like they use to be and we drank together and shit like that. nothing i should have been doing.. but that led to other things like sex. he was the first for me and i was the first for him. this was a big jump for me, and made me a lot more attached to him. i dont look at any other guys like i look at him. his personality is awsome and hes also only a sophmore and hes hitting top 5 in high school which should mean something. hes a jock, and i dont know why i fall for those kinds of people, but its always the kind that dont pay attention to me. i feel like if i dont have to compete for the boy, its no fun and i get bored. im weird i guess. but when i came to high school, he paid less attention to me everyday because my parents told him to stay away from me (she found out he had sex with her "little girl") and i felt like i was trying too hard so i just stopped calling him period. it was VERY weird walking past him in the hall without saying a word considering he was my best friend it seemed like the day before. things were like that for awhile, then one day he called me and said he wanted us to be friends and be able to hang out and go to the same parties without me being so blah around him. so i agreed and we talked a LITTLE more and he invited me to his friends house a few days later. we drank and i slipped again. we had sex, only this time it was different. afterwards he said it wasnt right, and it was stupid of us. i think i wanted to kill myself. he bought me 72 hour pills to get rid of anything that might make me pregnant, and that was the rest of him for 6 months. i didnt dress up for school anymore and school and my life just didnt come together. i dragged myself to do little things, and i didnt want to live. he made me feel like just another girl. now it was towards the end of my freshman year and i still havent said a thing to him even when he is in my same german class the last semester of school. its the last few weeks of school and tells me he wants us to be okay with eachother because if anything happened to me, he would pretty much feel like shit for the rest of his life. things were okay i guess and i didnt really accept him into my life for awhile, i just ignored him when i felt like it because i didnt think he deserved anything which he didnt because he gets whatever he wants and i wasnt letting that happen. so the next thing i know, hes checking out my best friend, and i get a text from him asking me if i cared if him and my best friend dated. of coarse i said i didnt care, but i did. my best friend doesnt like him and she wouldnt do that to me in a million years, but shes the kind of girl that all the guys like. shes really cute and italian and she lead almost every guy on, then stops at a point where they still like her, but she lets them know shes better than them? i dont know how to explain it any other way. but he calls her and she calls him, except he talks to her like shes the best thing in town and she talks to him like hes nothing. i dont know if thats good or bad, because he likes the kind of girls that are hard to get and shes perfect for that. she tells me she doesnt like him, and she told him she wouldnt do that. but they fight all the time, and i dont know if im right or not but i thought that people only faught when they cared about eachther enough? i dont think there is really an answer to my question, and its okay if you dont want to respond but it would be great if you did. thank you if you read this far.. no one has really wanted to hear about it


Ahh, I read it and i'm sorry. Thats a hard thing to go through but you know what? You need forget him. No matter how hard that is for you. He isn't worth your time and if he's crazy about your friend and she isn't then thats just fine and dandy eh? No, thats never how high school works. He'll probably be a total screw up like this his entire life and you need to keep that in mind. Try to move on, go out with other guys and different friends, have fun and do the most you can to ignore his drama he proceeds to make around you two.

You sound very matture and I'm sure you'll be able to get through this if you try.

good luck


Okay my ex boyfriend is going out with someone who i thought was my friend just after 2 hours breaking up with me. I don't know what i should do cause i still love him and i want him back and i can't have him. This girl he is going out with now has called him sooo much crap behind his back it's not even funny and i want to tell him but i don't want to hurt him because i love him. And that would be the last thing i would want to do. I wanted to kill myself because of this but now i don't. I need to get him back she doesn't deserve him.

Dude! Reread what you just wrote. "I need to get him back she doesn't deserve him." I believe thats the key for this question. You're jealous of your so called friend and you don't want her to have him.

Okay there are plenty of guys out there. A nice big ocean full to be exact. Don't limit yourself to one tiny fish, Dive for the best. If she's called him names behind his back then too damn bad. He will find out she isn't that grand on his own. Think of it as pay back for dumping you.



Hey, I have been going out with the most amazing girl ever for about 2 months only and I guess she thinks I am an obsessive boyfriend.. I guess I see where she's comming from... I alwayse want to push to see her every weekend and every day I call her quite a few times.. I guess this is a turn off, but I like her so much and I feel that ever since she told me that she needed a little space she's been avoiding me a little bit.. I call her but instead of the 3 hour cnversations now there 10 minutes and stuff.. I want to know how to go about making her feel comfortable and not seem obsessive.. Someone told me just not to call her and wait till she calls you.. Is this the way to go. I want her to know I care about her, but I also want to see she cares about me.. I need your advide please! Oh, and my name is Kevin and I'm 16.


Yes, that is way too obsessive. Girls don't like to be bothered every minute of the day. It doesn't mean she doesn't like you but its too much. Give her her space. Cut it down to about 2 phone calls a week, and hour max and DO NOT PRESSURE her to see you. If you want to see her on a weekend have something planned and make it so you two can have fun. Don't hang on her. Be there for her, be honest and tell her that you're sorry for pressuring her so much. Tell her that you think she is an awesome girl and thats the reason you're like that. Tell her you have new rules for yourself and state them to her. Thats the way to do it.
Good luck



I am so vexed right now.

I knew this boy from a friend I knew through the internet. One day, I was chatting with my friend on MSN when his friend saw my display picture and thought it was me.

It wasn't me. Even my online friend didn't know how I looked like. So they asked if that pretty girl was me, and I said, "yeah."

Well, his friend wanted to get to know me and slowly, we fell in love through the phone.

I wanted to let him know so badly that I'm not that girl but it's just so hard.

I'm fat.

He probably won't like me because he is very good looking.

Right now, he is pushing me to meet him soon. I feel like I'm going to burst any minute because I can't keep giving him excuses. Please help me.


Heh, well you've got to tell him. Tell him what you truly look like and if he gets mad or disgusted then you know what? He's not a guy you want. Logically you may have your heart broken but you're going to have to deal with it. It would probably be worse to get his reaction in person. So the next time you talk to him tell him. And do it and don't procranstinate any longer.



I have liked a boy at school for about three months secretly. Today on msn I got the news my best friend is going out with him. She has had a lot of bad relationships due to one boyfriend self-harming, one drug using e.c.t. but now she has him. He is amazing a good listener and all the qualities you would want, I want to know is it alright to envy her? I want to be happy for her but I cant find it in me? Should I let her know or keep this all inside? Please help me I dont know what to do to make me get over him, I dont want to lose a friend over this.


Ouch, that hurts.

Understandingly you are jealous of her, because he's obviously a good catch but you have to take step back and look at the situation. If you say something she is probably going to be hurt, and/or mad and most probably there will be hard feelings between the two of you. Liking someone you can't have is hard. I know, I have the exact same problem but you have to deal. You have to at least act that you're happy for the two of them even if you aren't. This relationship probably means alot to your friend and I think she would be hurt if you didn't. Its fine to envy her, just don't let her know. Be there for her and be glad for her as much can.



Why do you smell funny?


*runs off and cries*

Never insult a girl... you will pay for it horribly. Just FYI.


Would anyone recommend a tampon brand that fits these requirements:

~easy to get in and take out
~has an applicator
~good for girls who are just starting out on the whole tampon matter.

*brand websites highly welcome*

will rate

Tampax Pearl. Those are the best. Buy the box with a varity. example: Lite, Regular and Super.

I'd say Tampax is a very reliable brand. I wouldn't suggest off brands, they can be icky. *bad experience*

I think the website is Tampax.com

good luck.



s0, lyk ii have di$ guRl hew ii jus braked up wit, how dUe ii gets 2 be getin ova she? ;(


1)Get your ass online so we can talk

2)There is no real remedy for a broken heart

3)Stop typing like an idiot and you may feel better


i am still in love with my ex. he has a new girlfriend but he has told me he still loves me but he lives in Sydney. i dont know what to do without him. Please help.

No, do not do this.

He lives in Sydney, has a new girlfriend and you're trying to steal him back? what are you an idiot?

There is a reason he's your ex and he needs to stay that way. If he says he still loves you he could still be saying it.

I suggest you get up and stop thinking about him. Go out with friends, find hobbies but forget him.



Heres my proble m Ihope you can help,so to make a long story short i fell for my best guy friend and he lead me on for like 6 months im crazy about him it got to the point where he has become me security blanket. i've been going through a really tough time in my life right now and hes been there for me i'd tell him i loved him and hed say i love too but he wouldnt date me and i asked if him it was okay that im so dependant on him, and he told me yes its fine im here for you etc. and just recently out of the blue he was like you call me too much, I cant be your security balnket anymore plus he met someone and basically he was like here ill give you some space get over me and like now we dont really talk hes ina erlationship with this new girl of his , im so hurt cause he jsut liek left and he promise he'd always be there for me and he promised me alot of things but he did lead me ona nd now hes basically doesnt want anything to do with me and he told me left like he did because he got sick of being my friend and i know that, thats not really the main reason why its because of this new girl and i dont know im still in love with hima nd hes my best guy friend and im so confused and hes said oh im sorry a million itmes but i jsut cant forgive him a part of me wants to hate him so much but i jsut cant because i love him and he was the first guy ive ever fallen for and ive cried so much overhim and i jsut cant let go of him and accpet that he did what he did out of all the people i truey care about he walked out me just like my parents did, How can I get over him i need to so bad all he does is hurt me

Yes, you do need to get over him. There is a saying that goes something like "no boy is worth your tears and the one that is won't make you cry".

I'm sure you have other friends, friends that are girls and you can talk to. It won't be the same as him but this is something you need a girls shoulder to cry on about. He led you on and you fell for him. Any girl thats vulnerable as you were while you were talking to him would have fallen for him. Don't hate him, don't hate yourself just learn from this.

Getting over him is something you have to do on your own. It won't be easy but you can do it.
Spend less time with him, do other things. Try new hobbies, go out with other friends. Have fun. You'll probably think about him alot but in time other guys will come along.

You have hard times but you can make it. Know that and keep your head held high.



just wondering, does Winmx have a song limit? cause i use it, but now cant seem to download anything :(

I was having the same problem then I had to erase the hard drive on my computer and couldn't get to the WinMx site to download it again. I asked around and found out the site is shut down. I guess the record companies have been suing sites like WinMx because they allow free downloading.
Most the sites are folding because they can't take all the shit.

Too bad huh? I guess we have to find another way to download music from now on.



This halloween I want to do something crazy. I'm a 14 year old girl, and going out with all my friends. Any good ideas of what i coudl be? thanks

being a goth mistress is always fun.

but if you want fun then do a funky witch. be as out of the ordinary as possible. find odd things at a halloween store and put it all together for a very weird mixture.



Does anyone know a good site to get LJ icons? i am OBSESSED with them but i forgot the website were i got them before. please help! i`ll rate!=)thanks in advance.

Avatarity.com is a good web site for LJ icons.


My boyfriend has just moved into a house he shares with a group of friends, including one girl he has a bit of a history with. I don't particularly get along with this girl because she still harbours feelings for my boyfriend. Till now things have been a bit akward between me and this girl, but there haven't been any real outbursts. A few days ago though, I visited this house and when I went upstairs this girl hid my shoes. This is obviously ridiculously petty and bitchy of her, but I don't know how I should deal with it. I'd confront her, but I assume she'd just deny it and I don't want to create a lot of tension in their house. Part of me thinks I should just take the moral highground and absolutely ignore it, but I feel akward going back there wondering if she's going to do something similar. I guess my question is, does it sound like it's worth confronting her and potentially creating a drama about, or should I just leave it be?

I'd say to leave it be for now.

If you go to the house next time watch your things, hiding your shoes is stupid but she could get worse and steal your cell phone out of your purse or something on that order. Hiding your shoes is just plain childish and if she wants to do it let her but if it gets worse I suggest you tell your boy friend about it in private. Just say that you're having some trouble with this girl and what she is doing. If he's and understanding boy friend he'll talk to her about it.

I think confronting the girl could be the worst thing possible. Thats asking for a fight (since it seems this girl is begging for it) and she'd probably play miss innocent and that could start a lot of fighting between you and your boy friend. Don't risk it. Just be as nice and friendly as you possibly can with out being nice to the point of rudeness.

Good luck with everything and I hope this girl learns to grow up soon.



plain and simple.. I'm obese, and i feel like dieing. what should i do?

Don't give something as easy as DIET or whatever. Maybe something you or someone you know has done to lose wright? i'm 70 lbs over weight and i hate myself for it...

First thing. Learn how to spell.

Second of all, you know what? Most my friends are heavy, Only a select few are thin.
Right now in this day and age there are more over weight people then thin. Its because of the food we have advantage of and we show no self control.
You aren't alone, and i'm not saying this is your fault what I mean is you need to watch what you eat. Don't binge because you're depressed and then feel even lower after eating all the food. Instead go for a walk and take some sort of healthy snack. Learn to curb your food cravings by doing something else then just thinking about your stomach.

My friend at tap is heavy and she was even heavier last year. She has been going to Curves for women and let me tell you she has lost alot of weight. She doesn't think so but she has.
So thats my suggestion to you, go to some fitness place local, get a schedule going so that it becomes a part of your daily life. Losing weight takes a while. When anne started working out 3 times a week she actually gained a couple pounds but after a while she actually started losing weight. It wasn't fast but it was steady. She still keeps it up and she looks good.

Good luck.


I'm a Junior (16) and male. Never had a girlfriend; i'm the outspoken-nerd stereotype. Somehow everybody thinks I have a social life, don't know where they got that idea.
Anyway, there's this girl (we'll call her Kylie). She's heavily into music theatre (as am I), and we're both pretty good, so that's plenty of starting ground. To say I have feelings for her would be an understatement. At this point, I get lost. I don't know where to go from here because I've never had a girlfriend before and don't really know exactly what the procedure is (if there even is one). I've (perhaps unwisely) tried to keep my distance while remaining friendly as I've had too many experience getting on the "friends" list for life. In addition, I am really (really) scared of hurting her. She means the world to me, and I don't use that phrase lightly. A positive comment can literally make my day.

Anyway, I guess I need to know what to do from here. Some specific examples would be nice... what has worked for you. Keep in mind that I'm not at all the agressive type. It would be best for any action on my part to be able to be interpereted several different ways, that way if I determine no interest I can feign some other excuse. Basically, anything that reveals my feelings without really revealing my feelings (as stupid as that sounds). Should I just become her friend and hope I don't get shoved in the friends abiss? I also want to go slowly. Very, very slowly, because I am about scared half to death here. Help me out!

Any thoughts?

Mkay, you obviously care for her but you want to be noticed...One of the best ways to get a girl to notice you is just be nice. Nice as in helping with school work, complimenting her on her clothes or music, sticking up for her when someone is dissing her (this means even if you're just with friends and she isn't present. Sticking up for her when she isn't present has a good chance of getting back to her)
Be her friend, be there when she is having hard times. There is a chance that you become the 'best friend' but its a chance thats worth taking if you really want her.
Also, when talking to her make sure you make some sort of contact by touching her. like when you are walking with her and you're talking about something you can kinda elbow her or touch her arm. (not hard though, you don't want to bruise her) make sure when you greet her that you smile and act like its her you have been waiting for the entire time.

Good luck. I hope this was of use to you.



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