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17/f , I'm kind of a hairy girl and I have been made fun of for it almost my whole life. When I was 15, I started shaving EVERYTHING including my legs, arms, underarms, and stomach. Now, I completely regret it because it's growing back too thick and feels gross when my boyfriend touches me. I want to stop shaving my stomach, but the hairs grow back disgustingly, noticeably thick . Is there anyway i can make them thinner or less noticeable? (link)
First of all, do NOT feel like you are the only one with hair. Everyone has hair (light, dark, thin, thick, etc.). While shaving is a quick-fix it is not ideal for the long term and like you mentioned can be unsightly when it grows in.

Here are a few options:

1. Waxing--this will last longer, and over time is damages the root so the hair grows back less and less
2. Depilatories--this is a more gentle approach (does kind of smell funny though!)
3. NoNo Hair!- it's like a laser hair removal but its for personal use and SO easy to use. It works great. It is a bit of an investment, but if you added up the cost of maintaining by shaving over time, it pays for itself.
4. Professional Laser Hair Removal--while it is the most costly, it definitely works for the long term.

Either way, I am sure you will look beautiful, and I am sure your boyfriend will think so regardless. :)

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year now. He treats me really good and we hardly ever fight. Weve gotten in a couple arguments and he gets on my nerves sometimes but who dosent ? The problem is for some reason my Bestfriend is always rolling her eyes or annoyed with him and I don't understand why. I think she thinks he's annoying but I love him and I want her to like him too since she's my Bestfriend. I know if I confront her about it all she will say is that she likes him and not to worry. So I don't know what to do. Should I just let it go or what? (link)
Balancing the relationship between your best friend and boyfriend can sometimes be tricky. While I am sure your best friend does truly like your boyfriend, and is happy for you, I think she is just having a bit of a hard time adjusting. Meaning, she may not like the fact that some of your time is being taken away from her and given to him instead. She may feel like she is losing a friend.

Why don't you try planning as girls day out (with no boys allowed--not even calls!) and go get your nails done, see a movie, out to eat, etc. Just focus on your friendship. That will likely make your best friend see that she is still a focus/priority in your life. It will also likely make her more comfortable with your boyfriend.

Also, when you have your girls day you can try saying something like: "I am so glad we could have a day to ourselves.." and see if that opens up the lines of communication.

Just remember, just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean you have to forget your friends. Just try to keep a fair balance and you are good to go. :)

I've had my braces for a little over a year. I brush my teeth once a day, twice sometimes. I also use Listerine in the morning. I am nervous about getting my braces off because I am afraid that I'll have rings where my braces where. How can I tell if I'll have them? Is there any way to stop them from happening if they've already begun to form? What is the likelihood of me having rings?
Back when I had braces I had the exact same worry. In short--don't worry! If you brush your teeth (twice a day is best) you'll be in good shape. Plus, a lot of orthodontics will even do a teeth bleaching for your once they are off. :)

it was 2:10 on february 3rd that i noticed i was getting cramps in my legs and slightly in my stomach. this usually means i was getting my period, so i went to the bathroom and, sure enough, there was a little bit of blood in my underwear. the flow was pretty average. then when i came home, i was going to change into a regular sanitary napkin when i noticed the blood had stopped. all that came out was brown discharge (which i knew was dried blood mixed with usual vaginal discharge) this went on for about 5 hours until i started bleeding again. this time, the flow was EXTREMELY heavy. i've used 3 pads between midnight last night and 3:00 this afternoon. now, the blood is still flowing but its still so heavy. i usually don't have flows this heavy. and what was up with it stopping for 4-5 hours? that never happens, either. (link)
Our periods can be a tricky, ever-changing thing. Although I am not a doctor, I do not think you have anytime to be alarmed about. It often takes several years for our periods to regulate. And even then, different factors may affect our flow. For instances, stress, foods we eat, exercise, medications, etc. can all impact our flow. In addition, it is possible for flows to appear to "stop". For some, this is during the course of the day while for others it may be during their sleep. As long as your period lasts around the same amount of days, I don't think you need to be alarmed. However, if it would make you feel comfortable, consult your doctor. :)

There's a guy that I really like, but there's a problem. I had sex with him way too soon, as in the first date. We knew each other from high school and it was the night before he left for 5 months (He's in the military). I stayed in contact with him for the entire time he's been gone so far (1 month). Things aren't where I want them to be. He tells me he thinks about me and he likes me, but other than that he's not really affectionate. He doesn't call me "baby" or anything and I always text/call him first. He's coming back home for the weekend. We've planned on spending the night he gets back together...but I want to take that back. I want to be more than his friend, and right now I feel like I'm just a sex buddy. Should I try to talk to him about slowing down and changing things or should I just stop talking to him? (link)
Retracting what is already done is hard--and often not possible. However, you ALWAYS have the opportunity to speak your true feelings. So, that is exactly what you should do. Tell him that you are looking forward to getting to seem him again and would like to spend quality time getting to know one another better. When you do get that chance, just be honest and said I really like you and want to take things slow because I could see a relationship with you. If you aren't looking for something similar (IE: just want a sex buddy) I don't think I'm that girl. He may not like what you have to say; however, he may! Either way, you won't be mad or regret being honest about your feelings. And remember, never allow others to pressure you into doing anything you aren't ready to do. The choice is YOURS. :)

Okay So I like this guy. I don't know if he likes me but he tells me he thinks I'm pretty and all this stuff. He said he's wants to hook up with me and I want to hook up with him too.. But I don't know if he likes me or not, even though he wants to do this. What can I do to try and find out what he thinks of me? Also what things could i do to make him want me even more? (link)
First of all, "hooking up" does NOT translate to a lasting, sincere relationship most of the time. If you genuinely like someone (IE: this guy), then you want him to feel the same--not just "hook up" and move on. So, be honest. Tell him you would like to HANG out with him and get to know him, but make it very clear you are not the type of girl that wants just a "hook up" and nothing more. You are respectful and want something more meaningful. Chances are, if he really is sincere he will respect that. If he doesn't that tells you he may have not been the best choice. And most importantly, never do something you aren't ready to do. And, you shouldn't have to make a guy like you more. Just be yourself! :)

Is there anyone else who feels that it seems you get an upset tummy everytime just before you start your period? I know theres no way the two are connected, though it seems a weird coincidence? (link)
Actually, there is a bit of a connection to the way you are feeling. Often times just before a girl starts their cycle, you may experience some changes or pains. Some girls experiences a heavier amount of discharge, breast tenderness, headaches, nausea, bloating and cramping--to name a few. What you may be experiencing is a a combination of the last three items i mentioned. It is nothing to worry about and actually quite common. This happens usually because of the hormones in your body. You may want to try laying down with a heating pad, taking some Tylenol or Midol, and/or drinking a bit of Sprite. These things can help to settle your tummy. If it gets worse and you can't take it then you may want to consider consulting your doctor; however, it appear to be just womanly pains. :)

i was hooking up with this guy the other night and i felt him get hard. i felt like i was almost obligated to give him a handjob, so i did. Is it really bad to just leave it and not pleasure him if you feel a guy get hard? (link)
First and foremost, you should never ever do anything you are not fully comfortable with doing. You know your own boundaries better than anyone. Sometimes in the heat of the moment we lose sight of those boundaries; so take a moment and think about what you are doing. If you aren't okay with it--speak up. If you are close enough to a guy to be that intimate you should be close enough to be honest with him and let him know how you feel and how far you are comfortable with going. Chances are, if he respects you and values your relationship, he will understand. If he doesn't, then he isn't the right guy. Never feel obligated to do anything. You make your own obligations. :)

does the prank where you put a sleeping person's hand in a bowl of warm water to make them pee really work? won't the water get cold fast? (link)
Simply put--yes it can, sometimes. For some people it definately works. Other's are not as sensitive to it. Usually you do it soon after filling the bowl up so the water doesn't get that cold that fast :)

I was in a very, very close relationship with a guy last summer. We were in a committed relationship for five months. I was 18, now I'm 19. He was 20, now he's 21. It was our both first real relationship. It seemed perfect.

Anyways, he broke up with me in August. It seemed out of the blue. I cried a lot and was very depressed. In September, we got together because I hoped that we could start a relationship again. He ended up using me for sex and then ignored me. This happened again in late October because I still missed him. So he used me twice, basically.

Then in late December, he contacted me again. This time, I told him that I wanted friendship or a relationship and nothing in between. Of course, he stopped talking to me. Then I moved on.

Last week (June 13), he texted me. He said he beats himself up every day for messing up our relationship. He said he misses me. I told him that I'm still not interested in hooking up. He said he doesn't want that: he wants another chance. So we met up in person. I told him that I don't trust him at all, and that if I do give him another chance, there won't be any sex for a looong time. He said that that is fine, because he just wants to be in a relationship with me again. He said he wants to take it slow and not jump into a relationship, but ease back into it. He said he wishes he could do anything to get my trust back.

What do I do? Please help me. I want to give him another chance because I really had feelings for him, but I can't get hurt by him again, and I'm not sure if I've moved on completely. (link)
You're story is quite familiar and personal to me, as I am sure it is with so many other girls. First off, you can't help who you develop feelings for--so don't be mad at yourself for liking someone. First loves and serious relationships are extremely hard to get over..and even more difficult to let go of, even if it is for the best. But it can and WILL be done. Give it time.

It's okay to get hurt by someone--but not in the way this guy has hurt and USED you. His actions have demonstrated he doesn't respect you, himself, your relationship, or your feelings. Guys just tell you what you want to hear and I am sorry to say--this is what this guy is doing to you. You guys are going to be in a constant, on-going unhealthy relationship cycle if you even give him a chance. Because he knows you will take him back.

I KNOW it is difficult to say NO to him or to avoid him, but if you don't you are going to be so much worse off than if you stay away. He may being honest about feeling bad about what he has done and wanting you back. But if you take him back...sooner rather than later, he will go back to his old ways. Put your foot down.

Relationships (especially at this age) aren't meant to last forever. You need to experience different relationships to learn, grow, develop, etc. and take what you learned from the previous to build a better relationship with the NEXT person.

It's okay to give a second chance to the guy (like you have already done) but not again. He blew it, and now that's for him to deal with.

Be strong. Block his number if you need to. Pick up a new hobby. Meet new people. Go out on dates. Have fun. It's summer time so you are going to have a lot of free time. It's okay to cry and be sad over this guy for a little while, but then you are going to need to stop feeling down and get right back out there.

In time you are going to start to feel better and realize it was your first break up and it was a good learning experience. In the end, he is going to respect you SO much more and really being mad at himself for screwing up something good.

Never ever settle. You are so young! There are so many people out there. Tret yourself to a spa day so you feel good about yourself and then go out and have a good time.

In time, it will get better, just keep telling yourself that you deserve to be respected and treated well. You will find that guy. :)

Does anyone know of any good online dating sites that are literally 100 percent free, like you can send messages and read messages for free and you don't have to use a credit card? I mean seriously, free! A free dating site where you don't even have to spend one penny. What are the online dating sites that have a good reputation and have a lot of users on it, and they are totally free, period?

My mom wants to find someone and I KNOW she would go for online dating websites if she didn't have to dish out a lot of money just to begin to "talk" to someone. I want my mom to be happy and find her a good partner so I thought online dating might be a good idea for my single mom.

Help me help her? (link)
I think that's great that you want to help your mom out and want her to be happy. Sites like that do exist. For instance, check out It is 100% free! Just keep in mind that as mentioned previously you do get what you pay for so it may not be a great as some of the others. Additionally, it may make you wonder why these other people are on "free" sites and don't want to "dish out" money. But definately try out the suggested. Good luck to you and your mom. :)

I have to go to the gynecologist soon. I need to decide whether i want a boy doctor or a girl doctor. What kind of doctor should i go see? I'm seventeen and this is my first time going to one. (link)
Ultimately the choice is going to be yours and what you are most comfortable with. My first gyno was an older women, and I now have an older man as my gyno and I like him way more than I liked the female doctor. It's really a matter of what makes you most comfortable. There is also nothing wrong with trying out one doctor and then switching. Heads up...if you have a male doctor there is usually a female nurse that stands in there as well. And remember, there is nothing to be shy about--whichever doctor you choose, keep in mind they have to look at several other women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. :)

this isnt really important at all, just something on my mind..
i've been dating this girl for 3-4 weeks now and we really like each other, a lot! we've liked each other for ages but i only asked her out 3-4 weeks ago. she only had 2 other bf's (she's my first gf) before and the two of them are my friends, but they have no problems with me dating her, because they dont like her anymore. so i've been talking to my gf and my friends seperately. my gf said that she didnt like the other two guys because they never showed her any affection or love or whatever, they just wanted to kiss and that was it. im supposedly really affectionate nd stuff so she said to me that she never felt this way about any other guy before, i feel the same 2 her. anyway i talked to my friends about dating her and both of them said 'i kissed her on our first week dating for like 2 minutes straight' i dont really care, but i dont think that she wants to kiss me yet for some reason. like, she lets me kiss her cheek and forehead and a quick kiss (about 5 secs) on the lips sometimes when were alone, but never a long proper one, you know what i meen? last time we kissed i tried to make it last longer and 'proper' (not just lips) but she sorta pulled away casually(she didn't look offended or anything), but she kissed me again (just lips) like 5 mins later, ha. she wants to make this relationship serious(me too), so could that have something to do with it? but were always hugging and holding hands and whispering 'i love you loads' (nearly every second) yeah if you understand what im trying to say about the kissing thing with my friend and then me could you please help? it'd be really appreciated :)
ps. i havnt asked her to kiss me yet we just kiss when we feel like its the right time, you know? but my friend ASKED her to kiss him(it was their first one) and she did, for like 2 mins ('proper') heh :p (when i say 'proper' i meen french kissing, at least i think its called that) xD (link)
Well, I think the way your girlfriend is being towards you regarding the kissing--or lack there of, is absolutely normal. This is a new relationship. Keep that in mind. Although she may have done different things with your friends at different time--that doesn't mean that is what is best for the two of you. Every relationship is different, and you can't compare the two. It is often that when we really like someone, we become shy--even when we normally wouldn't be. That may the case with your girlfriend. She probably wants to take things a little more slowly with you because she cares and wants it to work out for the best. Be patient with her, and let thigs come naturally. In time everything will fall into place and you'll 'properly' kiss all you want! :)

im 16 and a sophomore and my boyfriend is graduating this year...what would be a nice graduation gift - thats not too corny - to get him?? any ideas? (link)
Here are a few suggestions for you:

-Something related to the college he's going to
-Things for his dorm; bedding, storage, pictures
-Something from Things Remembered--they always have awesome gifts and you can get them engraved to be personalized.
-A gift basket full of some of his favorite things: candy, movies, music

And don't forget a card! I am sure whatever you decide to get him he will appreciate. :)

My best friend since like forever won't talk to me! Well I mean she does, but not like she use to. We use to tell each other everything and now she won't tell me what's going on with her. She doesn't talk to me on the phone anymore as much as she use to. I know it's probably something she doesn't want to talk about, but I really want to help her. I should probably drop it. What do you think I should do!?
:( (link)
Sometimes people drift away. All you can do is be there as a friend and supporter. She might need her space. So respect that. But what you can do is just call her or send her a really nice email just letting her know that we all go through hard times, but it's friends that often help us get through things. Remind her that no matter what happens in life or between you guys you are always there for her, even if just for a listening ear. Let your friend come around. She may open up eventually, just don't push too hard. You may also consider just going out for a girls day so the pressure isn't on her to just talk about everything at once. It will come naturally. :)

Well i have been in love with one guy for a really long time and it hurts really bad that i could have sworn he loved me too untill it turned out he had a girl but he talked to me everyday and walked me to my classes and he called me everynight... when did he have time for her? Then just one day she started shit with me and we got in a fight... i got oss and yeah she forbid him to talk to him! I dont know what to do i cant forget him (link)
Well, it's never a fun situation when you are caught in the middle of someone else's relationship--especially when you don't even know about it. What this guy did to you isn't right--and what he did to the other girl isn't right either. You may have thought this guy really cared about you and liked you, but obviously he didn't or he would have never hurt you like that. It may be hard to get over, but you have to because you have to know that you deserve much better, and you will find better. Honesty and trust are key in any relationship. This guy wasn't honest, so how can you trust him? Just be happy you found out sooner than later.

Getting over someone is always hard, but is not impossible. Take what you have learned from this relationship and use it to your advantage in your next relationship. It will make you stronger. It's okay to be sad for a little bit, but then go out and have fun. Get your nails done. Go shopping with some friends. Watch movies. Keep yourself busy. In time, you will get over this and see you are worth so much more than what he did! :)

I have a best friend (we've been best friends for a few years now) we always have our moments and she jsut treats me like crap all the time. I can't take it anymore. She doesn't know how to say sorry. She's been with this boyfriend for about 4 months now & he's 6 years older than her and so of course I want to meet him. She acts like its a crime for me wanting to meet him and says I am just being ridiculous when I told her it made me mad and she said you're ridic.!!! and im like wow that hurts and she goes on making fun of me because my feelings got hurt. That was about 2 weeks ago and we talked (fought) tonight and i asked her if I could just call her so we could talk but she kept saying she's on the phone so I asked how about after? she never replied and it pisses me off. Does she not care about this friendship enough to try like I am? I also went out of town 5 months ago and she made me feel like absolute crap for going to visit another friend and being in another friends wedding that she isn't in. I told her to stop being so rude to me and she said oh well and i said you're acting like a brat and she said so?

she takes too much pride and it kills me.

WHAT DO I DO! (link)
Like it or not, people can change. It is a simple fact of life. Sometimes these changes are personal, or sometimes because of other influences in someone's life. This may be what's going on with your friend. Sometimes when we get a boyfriend we become so consumed in that life, we forget the way things were before and tend to neglect our friends--even our best friends. Sometimes people grow apart. Their interests may change, or they may be at different places. Your friend may not want you to meet her boyfriend because she wants to take things slow and really get to know him before introducing him to everyone. For some people, that's a really big. Still, that's not excuse for your friend to treat you like "crap" or "hurt your feelings". I think the best thing for you to do right now, is to call your friend (and even if she doesn't answer) leave a message telling her something along the lines of: Hey, I know you are busy with a lot of things, but I would love to sit and catch up and just hang out. I understand if you don't want to do that right now, but I really think our friendship could use a good old fashion girl talk/night.

Leave it at that. That way your friend will not be so focused on you telling her you are hurt. (That can come later). If she chooses to hang out then give her the oppurtunity to redeem herself. If she doesn't then so what? You are better off. Friends are there to support you and be there for you. In time she may come around and you may see she has changed for the better--or maybe not. That's your call.

In the mean time, just surround yourself with good positive friends, and worry about having fun. The rest will fall in place when it needs to. :)

so ive been using bareminerals for about a month now. sometimes i love it, other times it just looks WEIRD! i think sometimes i use too much and it will look weird cakey and oily. but other times it looks just perfect! but i never know when im using too much because i have some acne scars so i always feel like if i dont use a lot it wont cover. can anyone tell me how to apply it better maybe? and what mineral veil do you recommend? i noticed the feather light mineral veil gives a sort of glow but i have kind of oily skin so it sort of just makes my skin look more oily!? (link)
With Bare Minerals the key to remember is a little goes a very long way.

Regarding the concealing of your acne and scars I would be sure to use the small maximum concealer brush first and go over the areas you want to cover most.Basically, you will still be able to see the minerals at this point, but don't worry you will blend them in on the next step.

It may not seem like you put a lot on the brush, but if you take your time and keep buffing all over (with the kabuki or baby buki brush) you will get the coverage you want all over. Remember ot go in a sort of circular motion to get the desired affect.

I personally have found the best affect with just the original Mineral Veil. Again, very little goes a long way. I also have oily skins and it seems to tone it down.

Also, you could use the Warmth or another bronzer to blend the oils.

If all else fails, you can try a good moiusturizer that is specifically for oily skin, or also oil sheets, or sponges.

Either way, I am sure you will look beautiful! :)

please only answer if you know for sure.

i'll be a freshman in college next year & i'm looking into taking CLEP tests to try to get out of English 1101 and maybe college algebra. yes i have taken AP english as well as 6 math courses so i think i can do it. the question is how do i go about this? do i have to take the test before i register for classes? where do i go to take them or are they online or something? how do you sign up to take them and get information? also if you have taken a CLEP test for english or college algebra are they hard or really long? any information you can give me would be great. (link)
College Board is a great source of information for all your needs right now. Go to the following link to find out about the process and specific testing centers for your area:

Good luck! :)

I have dark hair and allowed a friend of mine to put high lights in my hair on top.. i really liked the color. i was wondering can you use high lights as a one color type of thing. dye all my hair that color. (link)
Of course you can. Just keep in mind that when you completely dye your hair a specific color your natural roots are going to be more apparent once they start to grow back in. When you have just highlights and/or low lights it's not as noticeable, but as long as you keep it up, you should be fine and look great! :)

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