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Hey guys im a senior at Taylor High School
I like to hang out and play soccer.
Ask me whatever you want its all good
I think im good at giving advice no matter the subject lol
Im English and proud of it
Im here for you
Gender: Male
Location: England
Occupation: Student
Age: 18
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I have a huge problem! theres this girl, beka, who i cannot stand. She had a stroke before she was born and her arm and leg are paralized, but shes not in a weelchair. I dont judge her about her physical abilities. She takes a shower maybe once or twice a week, she never brushes her hair, and most disgustingly, she has bloody noses alot and she just lets it like dry up and sit there all over her nose!
the worst part is that she (voluntarily)sits with us at lunch and i can barely eat! We used to be friends (sort of... I never really liked her that much) a few years ago. Now she is kinda mean and just real weird. She cries alot when she doesnt get her way, and were in seventh grade! When im around her sometimes she is really rude to other people and I think they might not like me either. I think Beka thinks she can get away from things because of her problem, but she HATES it when people try to help her do stuff. It is SO confusing. I really dont want to be friends with her. Lately i have completely ignored her,even though i feel really bad about doing that. Most of the time she like bows down to me and follows me around EVERYWHERE. I have tried asking her to stop whatever shes doing wrong, and she says sorry about twenty times. But then she just keeps on doing what i asked her to stop doing! I dont know how to say that i dont want to be friends with her
I know it sounds mean, but I just cant stand her any more! SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE!!!
I RATE HIGH!! (link)
Well I know how you feel I have a kid who sits at our lunch tabel and i hate him too lol
but i really dont know what you can do except either just flat out tell her how you feel (which would hurt her at first but then she would probably get over it) Or you can find another lunch do have other people you could sit with right. Your last option is to just deal with it. School is nearly over just a few more months and if you just ignore her then you might just make. Its hard with people like that and i guess you just do what you want about it. People always bounce back so dont worry
hope that kinda still stuck with that kid at my table sadly lol

Ok some of you may think this is extremely dumb and think I am nuts; but when you have no desire, you don't want to do much. In Sept, I got my heart broken by a guy I was in love with, my first of everything, so it was a killer. But when the left, he took my everything including my desire to continue with my education. I started missing days for no reason, just staying home for no reason; now I am up to 15.5 days of absence. Meaning I can't be absent without a doctor excuse, which blows because no one goes to the doctor for a tummy ache or just a migrane(which I suffer with a lot). But not only so, I just don't like the atmosphere at school, it's a drag. This whole area is depressed, there isn't much us teens can do without getting into trouble. So legally, I can pull myself out of school and I've talked it over with my mom, she doesn't agree but can't make me stay since I am legally able to drop out. Everyone gives me the, "you're too bright, you have a lot going for you, you could be anything you wanted, you could go anywhere you wanted... why settle for a GED or even shut the doors to all those opportunities?" But I can't just tell them I have no desire anymore, they wouldn't understand. So my question is.... should I just stick this year out (I have till the end of May.. which is like 80 something days) or do what I think will give me peace of mind and drop out? Please help me because no one around me seems to be... I'll rate good, promise!!!! (link)
ok im a senior in high school and i realize how hard it can be to put up with school. You have to realize how important it really is to just finish this year and get you GED. Sure times are tough but trust me its going to be a lot better when you are trying to get a decent job when you have a GED to back you up.
Do you really want to work at MCDONALDS your whole life??
I sure wouldn't
After theese few months you have left everything will be just fine.
Don't throw away your future when you are soo close to completing a major part of it.
I hope things work out.
Talk to me more if things get tougher ok

like you know how like in certain magazines they have work out excersises to tone your abs legs but and what not well like what excersises can tone your but to make it look a little bigger ? (link)
I would say squats are the way to go.

what are some teen/women workout magazines/fitness magazines besides shape and self? i love both of those, but what other ones are out there? (link)
ok i know mens health is an amazing magazine for guys and its full of awesome info.
so i would assume that womens health would be really good for you

i am not out of shape, but i just hate my stomach
i have love handles and belly fat,not much, but you know. I xercize and try to eat good food most of the time! But it doesn help., advice plz!! (link)
I know it seems like nothing is working but everything just takes time
my main suggestion would be to concentrate on exercising your core muscles such as your abs in order to flatten your stomach and loose your love handles.
Cardio exercises are a great help too. Especially jumping rope (sure it sounds gay but 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of running) anyway I hope this helps and keep up the good work your results will come soon enough

does anyone know a good exercise for like that area and suff because i have like a big butt & theighs and i it and i wanna find out how to get it smaller if thats possible ...thanks (link)
do some squats.........that will help tone your muscles if you do many reps at lower weights

anybody know any fun websites to go to? ANYTHING!! i need something to do. thanks lovers. (link)
do you have a myspace??
its your own website where you can add friends....personalize it with whatever you want..leave comments to other people.....add pics and music videos and so much is really addicting and fun to do
that is mine......check it out

does eating fruit make u fat? since its just like, putting more food into your body? (link)
eating an excess of anything will have some bad side effects but when it comes to fruit you should mostly be ok. Unless you are eating tons and tons of fruit you shouldn't get "fat"
Eating fruit is much better than that snack you always eat in the afternoon so keep that in mind

Ok.. so Me & this guy.. Ben. Were like 'best friends' in the summer.. & he had a girlfriend since 7th grade.. & they broke up in like.. October.. so it was a pretty long relationship. & I helped him get through the whole break up phase & to basically get over her. Then in late October Me & him were at a party & we both got drunk & hooked up & he fingered me. So that made things kinda weird because we were so close. & I`ve liked him for a long time.. but idk what to do bc he`s still not totally over his ex.. & i'm not sure how to tell him or show him that i really do care about him & i wanna be w/him.. If you can help me figure out what to say/do.. that would be greattt (link)
wow that is quite a problem but i think the best thing to do is to sit him down sometime and let him know how you feel. There is nothing worse than going through life with "what ifs" in your mind. If he doesn't know how you feel then there is no gaurantee that he will ever know unless you tell him. The worse thing that can happen is that he doesn't feel the same way about you and you both end up just being friends again.
Let him know he has to get over his ex if he is ever going to move on in life.
Hopefully after letting him truly know your feelings everything will work out
good luck

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