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Q: what do you not put into the dryer to maintain quality?

- bras
- stuffed animals
knitted things as well. I learned that the hard way :(

Q: what is "being loose" downthere?
to be loose means someone has had sex 2 times to many and that they are experienced and they are no longer tight. OR! they've had quite a few kids so its more stretched then others.

Q: I gave my boyfriend a blowjob and swallowed...then shortly after he left I used my spit to lubricate myself when materbating. Can I get pregnant ?
The answer is No.

Q: Hi my name is Britney and I am 18 years old and i've a bad odor between my legs. I washed every night and day. When im around others I worry about if they can smell it. When im on my cycle I've an odor what are things I can do to keep that fishy smell away forever.
they also have deoderant for down in that region, its like a powder or you can simply use baby powder!

Q: im fat. advice? i mean like i know i should exercise and eat healthy and all that jazz but any like fun ideas for exercise or something idk im like 5'3 and i weigh like 140 pds or something like that.. not exactly healthy..
I agree with the person below me. it also depends on your age.. You may not be done growing yet but make sure you grow up & not outwards (so sorry if that came out wrong) but of course there are some fun things to do. The gym has a lot of neat different machines to offer so check out some of your local gyms.. I only pay $20 a month while my friend pays $10 a month and another one pays $4.95 a month! Good luck sweetie!

Q: I got a job offer today for a contract position through a staffing agency that starts on Wednesday or Monday. I'm currently working for a company that is closing in February. I was told that the position Monday may not be available if they find enough people to start Wednesday, but if I start Wednesday, I am giving my company a days notice. I don't feel right giving them that short of notice, but I don't want to lose the job. What should I do?
Heyy! You need to decide, a very tough decision and what is more important to you. You either A) have a job and give your a job a very short notice of resignation or B) have a job temp and need to job hunt a again. There is pros and cons to the situation but I would politely, and apologetically explain your situation you are and explain you are very very sorry it is such short notice and this is typically not how you would do things but this is the ultamatium you are giving. I am sure you can think up something snappy. Good luck with your new job!!

Q: 17/f. I recently started having sex with my boyfriend with condoms, and we decided I should go on birth control. I got it from my local Planned Parenthood and realized it was making me moody and crazy. This could have just been my body getting used to it, but I decided to stop taking it after a week and a half. I still have two packs left that I could use if I want, but I'm afraid of getting moody again.

Should I continue to just use condoms? Is it safe enough, or should I take the pills just incase, even though they might change my personality a little bit?
Research the pills you are on and see if this is common for the first few weeks or month or so, or ask to go on a different kind. Generic brands tend to do weird things as well.

Q: (please no lectures about what foods in this list you think i should or shouldn't be eating, i'm going to eat what i like, i just want to do it in the right moderation for a maintainable weight).

If I stay at or below 1500 calories a day and I work out for about 10-20 min a day 4-5 days a week (doing things like aerobics, belly dancing, yoga, running) will i lose a natural flow of weight?

(to give you an idea of what i will eat...i have some health shakes (160 calories per serving) that are like ensure where you can drink them when you are busy or to replace a meal but they have a meal supply of nutrients- 2 of those, a grilled chicken sandwich with no sauce at 400 calories, 2 ice cream sandwich bars that are 100 calories each, and a pack and a 1/2 of ramen at about 300 calories and i usually drink water but let's go ahead and add in 3- 8oz glasses of arizona iced tea at 90 calories per serving...1490 calories for the day.

i just want something regular that i can enjoy and keep up with. that is what i am doing right now. I just haven't made it totally regular yet.
If you want to lose weight or stay at the current weight you are at multiply that by 10 and that is the amount of calories you should be consuming

for an example.. I am 119 and I want to maintain that so my formula would be

119x10=1190 calories/daily

hope this helps!

Q: Okay, my boyfriend cummed in me a week ago.
I've been on birth control for two years, and I used a contraceptive film.
The second day after, I don't know if its paranoia, or what, but my lower stomach, next to my hip bone is absolutely throbbing.
Not all the time, but frequently, and when it hurts, its not excruciating, but its painful.
Idk what it may be.
Any advice?
cysts on ovaries possibly. I had them and i was in the hospital because the pain was unbearable!! Birth Control is actually suppose to help eliminate getting them though. They are starting me on birth control starting this sunday to reduce the chances of ever getting them again, so.. maybe get it checked out.

Q: Okay so my dad wants a Mercedes car key chain for the keys to his car. But all i can find are Bentz ones. What does that mean?! I don't know if i have a bentz so i don't want to get him one that says it and him not have it you know.

Sites to regular ones will help!
its the same thing.. just like abercrombie and fitch. its the second part of the name.. mercedes benz

go here

Q: Hi, me and my mom are going to Orlando in Dec. The 28th till Jan 2. I looked up for cheap flights, for two people. The price says 417. Is that per person or for the both of us. Bc I then looked it up for just one person and its 397.

if it is per person, should I buy the tickets not together since it will be 200 something cheaper?? thank you!!
It is probably per person because no air fare is cheap now days. I would say take the cheapest route but i would not recommend buying seperately if you mind sitting apart from eachother on the aircraft.

Q: I Want Human Hair Extensions.
About 4-6 Inches Long.
Does Anybody know the Cost
and How Long Do They Usually Last?

Thanks :D

It varies in price to as low as $70-$400 and they last for about 2-3 months (depending on the rate that your hair grows and how well you maintain your hair.


are these good?
they are amazing :)

Q: im looking for a perfume that kind of smells like febreze.. kind of like fresh, clean laundry and fresh air. any ideas? lol.. thank youu!
i would go with the ralph lauren perfume.. its the blue bottle

Q: what makes sarcasm biting?
I would say the tone in yuor voice because if your vioce is very stern it usually means you are serious and your body movement because if you rolls your eyes or yuor arms are folded it also may mean yuor serious but if you saying something with a smile it generally means hey look i am just kidding

Q: Is there a way to save YouTube videos onto your computer? If so could someone plz tell me how. Thanks!
i don know if you can actually save it on yuor computer but i know that you can get a FREE account and save it there.. its very easy

Q: Does film expire? More details...okay so I have film and it says that it expires on 3/2005 and since its 2008 does that mean if i take pictures with that film that the pictures wont come out because the film is expired? Please let me know I need the film for tomorrow...thank you!
i would personally call walgreens or CVS or the walmart photo center and get professional advice

Q: ok one of my good friend i learned today chews. i wish he wouldnt should i tell his parents?
I just learned the other day my best friend smokes but i do not believe that that is our spot to be telling their parents. That is their decision and choice to do. if they wanna tell their parents then let them. Plus if you told his parents you may get into a huge argument so just save yourself a fight and dont say anything

Q: Tomorrow is my high school graduation ceremony. The thing is, I'm very uncomfortable and nervous in front of a big group of people. We practiced walking across the stage today, and I was so incredibly nervous and fidgety with all the other seniors watching me. I don't know if I'll be able to go through with it when everyone's attention is on me tomorrow.

If this helps, this is how the ceremony works. They will call my name, I'll walk across the stage, shake hands with the principal and receive my diploma, walk a little more, stop for a picture, and walk back to my seat.

What advice do you have for me?
I am graduating myself next next sunday so i dont have any wise advice or dont have much to say other then congrats!!!

Q: which looks better on me?



I notice everyone is saying brown which i agree by far!! It raelly adds to you I def. like the brown maybe even if you did brown with a hint of burgundy/redish tint in your hair as well!

My name is Trix, I am 17. I love pink, and degrassi.

I just recently got out of a relationship of 21 months. I love him still but I'm moving on.

I've been there done that im sure

ex. (with the number of expierences)

-Long term relationships (2)
-Bad expierence with BF's family (1)
-Broken bones (11)
-Stitches (2)
-Seen someone killed (1)
-Loss of family (1)
-Cancer in the family (2)
-Family in Iraq (1)
-Mom had brain surgery (2)
-Loss of pet (4)
-Moved from state to state (5)
-New highschool (2)
-Car accident (3)

Like I said "been there done that"



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