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Q: I have fat near my stomach and some on my legs and arms. I'm not possitive it's fat though...but I'm sure it's fat near my stomach.
Anyways, what I have in mind is to stop eating dessert and exercise. I don't even need to loose weight though, just fat.
Thanks for your help!

(14/F, I'm about 95 pounds at 5 feet.)
So you want to be more toned? I understand :)

As my bf says... "Lift weights, you want get a man build, unless you take drugs or something"

So lift weights do your crunches, sit ups, and free weights. It'll really help ya out and pay off in the end.

If you run for over 20 minutes (at least get your heart rate UP UP UP!) and you'll start losing fat.

Then the fat burning process begins.

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: my period is late. i have had it for a year and a half and it should have come around the 4th of this month and it hasn't. sometimes it even comes earlier but never later. i have never has sex so i am not pregnant. but what is going on? am i just skipping a period or could i still get it this month? it is usually pretty regular.
first off, are you stressed? Stress plays a pretty dominate role in this. I was so stressed i went over half a year without mine. I went to the dr. and he said "we can fix that" so we just coped with my stress and I got better. Just try to relax, think things through. Really hun, don't stress. :D. If you're not stressed then there is a possibility that there is something wrong and you MAY want to get it checked out.

GooD Luck!

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: im not a virgin, and i just started having sex with my new b/f he is like really big and the next day my stomach hurts. what is the problem? when we do it at first it hurts cuz hes hugeee but the next day i dont understand?
what can i do to prevent this and why does it happen?
a poor sole
First off, if he's huge theres your first problem. It happans alot and its perfectly normal. Your getting stretched down there and I taken if you haven't been with someone as huge as him so its going to hurt, i dont know about stomach pains though. If it continues I would get it checked or just don't have sex for awhile. It should go away. I can undestand the next morning but not the whole day.

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: what are some summer related quotes from songs
kind of like
'i'm gonna soak up the sun'

i can't really think of any.
Yeah radio is playing our song And the sun is shining all day long

In winter I get up at night
And dress by yellow candle-light.
In summer quite the other way
I have to go to bed by day.

the summer night
Has a smile of light

The summer night is like a perfection of thought.

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: when you wake up what is the eye crust thing?
eye gunk
eye crust

whatever you wish to call it,

At night when your sleeping a bunch of things such as sweat, oil, and tears leak into your eyes. The only reason you don't get anything when awake is because your eyelashes are your eyes "windshield wipers" its a just a sign that Mr. SandMan stopped by for a visit ;)

Hope that helped

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: I'm just wondering if a woman can be an egg donor while she is pregnant? Thanks
It is physically impossible!

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: whats a button nose
Theres alot of diff. types of noses. So a button nose is just a type, has a little dimple. Random question, but I likey

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: Okay, so theres this girl that ive known for a year. and shes likee the biggest drama queen. so about a week ago, she goes and takes something out of my bag after i got up to throw something out.
and i notice how shes trying to make a run for her seat since she was at my table. so i was like..why are you going through my stuff? do i have to put a lock on my bag so people dont take things? and shes like mimiking me the whole time and was likee "shut up. who cares" all that immature bullish.
so im likee okay whatever.
so then i hear her from across the room saying she wants to kick the sh*t out of me and i ignore it.
and for the past week shes been talking **** about me so i can hear her. shes sayin stuff like "shes so ugly and she has no friends" when its really the total opposite.
i dont know how to confront her or what to say to her when shes talking this crap. what would you say?
whats a really good thing to say that will make her not know what to say?
Drama Queens! I hate them :) She's really immature for even having the thought of fighting, it shows a huge sign of insecurity as if they have something to prove, and its immature. Not to mention, not even close to lady like!! It sounds like this girl is kinda messed up! How old are you guys? If your between 12-17 I can understnad, because girls are quite catty around that age. First off, if you do ocnfront her if she starts yelling, dont yell back.. she looks like the idiot while you sit back and relax talking calmy. I'd tell her she's wasting nothing but words because the things she's saying isn't affecting you, and its really getting quite old If she has to spread rumors to be.. "cool" then she's a total phony in my eyes. Anyways, if your not the only one to realize all this and that she is really a drama queen, get your friends that talk to her to say hey.. this is getting old and she's my friend.. how about you don't talk about her like that. Theres nothing you can say that for surely stop her from talking crap cuz if she wants to cont. she will. Just ignore her, she's the loser and your the winner.. think about it.

Hope that helped

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: Well i love my boo very much and i want to show him some love. What are some sweet nothings to whisper into my lovers ear? thnx.
I love you, you mean everything to me, you make me smily, you make me happy, I'm so lucky to have you, i wish we're together forever, ever hour seems like a minute with you it goes by so fast, i miss you when your not around

Hope that Helped!!

Q: 15/f (16 in a week, Grade Ten)

So, I'm getting older and I want more freedom. In the past I've always just lied to my parents if I wanted to go out late, but I want them to know where I am. I am responsible, I get straight A's in school and I 'never get in trouble' - or so they think.

I have never in my life asked if I'm allowed to go to parties or drink, and I'm too afraid to ask.

Should I just wait out the rest of being young, and wait until I move out to party and have fun? Why might I be so worried about asking my parents if I'm allowed to go out, anyways?

I know I'm responsible enough to handle myself (and I have on several occasions), but they still are my parents and I don't want them to worry about me. Please help, any advice is appreciated. Thanks! =)
I wouldn't suggest telling them that you go to parties, you can tell them who's house your going to be at, where its kinda located, and you have some good friends with you. If you have a cell phone let them know they can reach you at any time. I don't understnad why you would want them to know you party.... Parents are always going to worry about their children no matter the circumstance. You could maybe call and check in 4 hours or something. Sorry if this didnt help, I didn't understand the question fully

Q: i turned in an application to an ice cream place that was hiring about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. i called them after about a week and told them when i handed mine in and asked if anyone had looked over the applications yet and the person on the phone told me that they hadnt gotten a chance to look them over from the week before yet and if they wanted to schedule an interview they would call me. i havent heard from them yet so i didnt know if i should call them again and ask if you would have looked them over from 2 weeks ago without saying my name so they dont think im annoying or just give up on this job. but i really want to work there so i dont know what to do. what do you think? thanks!
I used to be this way to,,, its better that you call because that shows you really care for the job. i do alot of interviewing business's for school and thats what i've been told. it shows them you care for that job. I would say give it one more try and if that does not work, try for another job!! GOod luck!!

Q: i like this one kid so hard, he was totally flirting with me and i froze. i was like, "ha.. haa.." *AWKWARD SMILE* hhaha, it really sucks. i've never liked someone so much.

so tips on relaxing and flirting back please? :\

Q: Are there any online books websites where they have books like gossip girl and you can just print them out for free?
No, i tried my hardest to do research for you but i couldn't find anything. All I could find was samples of books. If you'd like those links let me knw

Q: why do girls shake their legs?
im sitting in class and im looking around and five of he girls in my class arre shaking their legs really fast
why do they do this?
I think it might be just a coinsidence that its all girls. Some people do it out of habit, being nervous, or just antsy. No real particular reason. Hope that kind of helped.


Q: I'm mad at my best friend cause she keeps firting with my boyfriend. Should I be mad at her or should I be mad at him?
Well if he isnt flirting back then you shouldnt be mad at him but you have the right to be mad at her. I would be mad to but you also need to understand that you need to talk to her. After all friends do come first. Just tell her it bothers you and that he is your boyfriend & you dont like that she flirts with him. Dont TELL her she flirts tell her it LOOKS like she flirts with him. She'll probably think if you TELL her she flirts with him verses it LOOKS like she flirts wtih him she'll probably think your being rude. I hope that made sense. But if he is flirting back then you need to talk to the both of them. And also make sure they just aren't flirtacious kind of people.

Good luck!

Q: I am going to be 20 in march and Im a female. I've had a man for 3 years this july. He's in the military so its like im livin two lives. Neways, I went out with my friend and I met this boy. He is so sweet and we hit it off pretty good. I've ended up stayin at his house hangin out, talkin to him, gettin to know him better for the last week or two. I love my boyfriend, but i got feelings for this other one. I dont know if i should tell my boyfriend that we need some space. Should i see what its like with this other guy? Take the chance? Is it true that if i realize i messed up by lettin him go, we will find our way back to eachother again?
Well i'm in the same boat as your bf. Me and my bf broke up of 21 months and he said we needed space. He' hasnt realized it fully that he misses me but its going to hit him. What im saying is your going to question that you miss him and watn him back because its been such a long long relationship between you and your bf. If you two are meant to be together everything will find a way to piece back together. Nothing can change destiny no matter what you do or who you date. You'll end up with the guy you are maent to be with garenteed. So no matter how big,, hard, small, or easy this step will be take the risk. You need to see whats out there exspeacially sense you are questioning the relationship. I wouldnt really tell your bf that your constantly seeign this guy but you could mention him that you just know him briefly but not how well and dont get to into depth. But think about it.. Maybe a break between you and him is healthy anyhow. Try and tell him how you feel and talk to him in a way that shows that you want to be with him you just have mixed feelings and your not quite sure what you want. You cant expect this to be an easy process and you cant expect to be happy right away either but the whole military adds a whole other level to it too. I'd say go for it, and if you are your bf are meant to be-it'll al wok out perfectly.



Q: I am thirteen and just started giving advice here. Well now I have a question. I am addicted to cofee. I really like it and drink it with my Memaw. Is it bad for me to have it?
Everything is bad for you in some ways these days!! At least thats how it seems huh? Anyways its bad for you and it also does have its benefits. Try to drink as little as possible. It can stunk your growth, stain your teeth, all while being really hyper because of the amount of coffee you drank. Coffee is considered a milk stimulant meaning it just mikes you more alert and awake. Also, it makes your heart beat faster and harder. Buut theres also good with drinking coffee because when you drink coffee you become more alert && less likely to commit suicide and less likely to suffer from cirrhosis of the liver. But you have to be the judge here judge for yourself on how much is safe you.

Q: ok so i have hair like a couple of inches below my shoulder and its thick and wavy and really thick and gross. it's so hard to straighten because it is so long and thick. im getting my hair cut i want to go a little shorter and maybe layers? what would be a good managable hair style for me? pics would be nice.
When you get your hair cut i would go choppy in other words just layer all overs. Super cute. My hair is really full naturally, overally thick. I get mine thinned. You should to, it'll help a whole lot!!!

Q: My fished died and I wondered if I should bury him in a Nike box or a Mizuno box?!?!?!?!?!
I'd go with the box that'll probably last longer, better condition, and more room. Im sorry about your fish i hate when fishies died.

R.I.P fishy

Q: Theres this girl and her mum and they come by our house when they need help with money, food, babysitting,etc. I don't mind but recently it's been often and they only come when they need help.

Today she came and asked us to keep her daughter..and I told mom enough is enough and not to keep her (she as=lso bothers me ALOT). And she owes us $240.

Should I change my mind/
My uncle owes my family somewhere arond 5,000-7,000 dollars

it bothers me ALOT

and theres noting you can really do to change your mind that quickly and i can see how it would bother you i would just talk to ur mom about it and get her side of things first before you jump to conclusions and change your mind.

My name is Trix, I am 17. I love pink, and degrassi.

I just recently got out of a relationship of 21 months. I love him still but I'm moving on.

I've been there done that im sure

ex. (with the number of expierences)

-Long term relationships (2)
-Bad expierence with BF's family (1)
-Broken bones (11)
-Stitches (2)
-Seen someone killed (1)
-Loss of family (1)
-Cancer in the family (2)
-Family in Iraq (1)
-Mom had brain surgery (2)
-Loss of pet (4)
-Moved from state to state (5)
-New highschool (2)
-Car accident (3)

Like I said "been there done that"



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