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Hi! If you are looking at this you probably already know that my name is Chelsea..I am usual very happy and fun to be around, but sometimes i can be a bitch! (excuse my french) Well i can give pretty good advice, so if you have a question just ask!
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hey, im a 14 year old girl i kind of like this guy, and kno he likes me to, but he lives rite next door, so it's sorta hard, not all of my naybers like me, and i have a feeling that sum of my other naybers talk bad about me to this guys parents.He has asked me out, and I truly like this guy, it's just that i know we wouldn't have any privacy, and i know neither his parents or mine would never let uis do anything just the 2 of us, so im not sure whether i should say yes, what do you think i should do? (link)
If u lyk tha guy so much.. then who cares! date him!u dont have to do everything just u two, go w/ a big group of friends.. then maybe u can sneak off! Hehe!

Alright Chelsea, I have two of which I feel very very comfortable with. I mean I can tell her anything! And we do alot of stuff together..while the other, I mean I used to feel just as comfortable with her..but I mean we ALWAYS get in fights over stupid stuff, and it just seems to happen all the time! I mean she says some of the most hurtful things. The three of us always hang out together at school and at the mall and stuff. (Though sometimes they do stuff with out me [like go to the beach], and vise versa) Is my other friend only my friend because she has to be because of the OTHER one!? (if that makes any sense) How should I tell her that I feel this way, with out starting ANOTHER argument? (link)
Hmmmmm.. maybe the best thing to do is tell her.. flat out and simple how u feel.. it may start a big argument.. ur feelings probably will get hurt.. but Hey,u gotta get it out sometime or another.. and DONT do it on the interent! do it in person or on the phone! its probably going to lead to not being friends any more.. but..

Alright...I don't know how to begin. At school I have very few friends..close friends, but few. From other kids at school I have heard them say some of the most cruel things about me and a few of my friends. These comments are comming from people i do not even know. People who have no right at all to hate me. I just feel like there is something wrong with me..I mean I am pretty shy I guess. Kind of attractive, and I really do think I'm a nice person...atleast I try to be. So why do these people hate me so? I feel like everytime people laugh or whisper they are talking about me. I can no longer stand it. I'm so close to just giving up on this life...I mean I have tried to get my mom to get me some kind of help. But it is no use. I need some kind of advice...what should I do to show these people the real me?! (link)
OMG i am soo sorry!! Well.. the next time u know for a fact that someone is talking about you, then you need to go up to them and tell 'em off! Be like.. "you dont even KNOW me! so why n the heck are you talking about me?" and all that good stuff! It may help, but other than that, i dont know whut to tell ya hun!

Me and one of my good friends of 5 years had a fight over something really stupid...but it turned into something huge! She ended up telling me that she was never my friend all these years...that she really just felt sorry for me. Even though when we friends we did alot of stuff together! When she said this I was extreamly hurt and cryed all night long. We have not talked in a few weeks and I miss her...I really want our friendship back especially since we are both entering highschool next year and we will often see each other around the neighborhood. How should I go about getting our friendship back? Please help! (link)
Well... I think what she needs is time... then after a little while, maybe u should go to her house er something and talk in person, not on the internet or something.. and dont fight, just talk.. get everything out in the open right there.. everything u feel about eachother.. EVERYTHING!!.. If she still dont want to be friends, then i guess its not ment to be.

What if you moved away from ALL of your friends and you know you will make new ones, but you want to old ones now!? (link)
Call them and talk to them online. its really hard leaving all ur friends but give it some time and once you start to make news ones itll be easier... just dont forget about the rest and try saving up some money and go visit them for a week er so. You won't ever lose your friendship with those people, but it will be different. Write them letters and emails and just make sure you keep in touch. A good friend is never really gone, no matter what the distance. And hey, maybe one day they can come visit or you can go visit them.

ok there is this guy who i think likes me but im not sure. today he stood up for me guy this guy is always all over me and i hate it. but my friend is like just leave her alone shes mine and like a minute later hes like my friend to go with wut he said b4. he used to like me. im not sure wut to do. please email me at
Ok I have been in the same situation as you before i thought a guy liked me to and i liekd him. And it turned out he did but what you just described that has happend to me to but the guy ended up not likeing me as a girl friend like. But you might be right maybe he does like you. You just have to pick up little signs as if does he walk you to class? offer to hang out with you alot? talk to you alot? those kind of signs. And if hes to shy to ask you maybe he is. And if you are pretty sure of how things are going but hes to shy to ask you out you make the first move and ask him. I might not be as much help as the others but im trying. lol and i hope i have helped at least a little bit and if you need anything else dont be afraid to write back!

Is It Bad If Ur friend tries to color some of ur hair black??? (link)
umm no.. haha.. i dont think so.. it depends if u want it that color or not.. if u do then who cares whut otha ppl think.. as long as u lyk it!

Ok Chelsea, I know this girl and for the past year we were like BEST friends! We told each other everything and were always together having fun...and all along we knew she was gonna have to move but we tried to forget. Well the day came along where she had to move but I had a feeling it wouldn't be that bad because we can i.m. each other and talk on the phone and stuff. I also thought that since we were so close we would take turns visiting each other...but last night when I was talking to her she said that she didn't want to talk to me everyday, that she wanted to start over new and try to forget. I was devestated! I want to keep in touch w/ her because I love her so much, but I don't want to bug her so that we NEVER talk again!

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link)
Wow Man, we have a very bad situation here.. she doesnt want to talk to Everyday?, Even though she is gone? What the Crap? whoever ur friend is is messed up! If she is doing this then she probably doesnt want to be your best friend n e more! If i were you then i would just u no the usual hey whuts up.. wait a couple minutes after she signes on..or after u sign on.. if this dont work then u might want to move on and forget.. get a new best friend that actually wants to talk to u!
^srry thats not very good

ok theres this guy that i kinda like - but he is SO tempting. lyk wheneva he calls me, i jus fall into his litl trap again! i dont wanna fall for him again cause he rlly hurt me b4.

HELP ME!!! (link)
Well were kinduv in a tough situation here... How bout next time he calls u, tell him how u feel.. He may listin and take it in and concider it and he might change.. or he'll just brush it off and not care.. if he does this. then maybe you should think about not talking to him for a while.. it will prob. make u forget about him and move on..BELIEVE me! i know EXACTLY how u feel!

Alright, my best friend has been going out with this guy for a long time now! She doesn't mean to do it, but she talks abuot him ALL THE TIME! aand it is sooooo annoying! I want to tell her some how but i don't know how. (link)
Alright. next time yall are toghether alone and she starts talking about him then you need to stop her in tha middle of the sentence and be lyk "_______, it kinduv gets annoying when you talk about him 24/7.. i know yall have been going out for along time, and i know you really lyk him, but maybe when were togheter you could talk about stuff i want to listin to.. is that okay?" and that will get her to notice that she is talking about him more then she needs to.. and know you wont get annoyed or bored!

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