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Q: what age should you have sex at. :)
theres no age but i think anything under 17 is prety gross. Thats just my opinion. And you should at least be in a relationship then its a little bit of a diff. story then.

Q: is it normal for your stomache to still be hurting the day after you drank alcohol?
yeah same goes for a headache also

if it cont. and it doesnt seem to be getting any better or it seems to be getting worse i would say to go into the dr.

Q: does anybody know of any really easy to understand career sites?

im looking for how much a career pays, the diploma need, the classes you should take for it.

also..any sites on career tests? like, it looks at your personality and decides what field you'd be best in.

thanks a bunch ;]

Q: 1. would you perfer a girl/male to make the 1st move & just like grab your head & kiss you OR you make the 1st move

2. how do you show your feelings towards a female/male [ like show them you like them ]

3. how do you become not shy [ like be open & show your feelings towards someone ]

4. what if you like someone, but you dont know them that well to hold a conversation, what do you talk about ?

5. how do you show your feelings towards someone that you arent sure likes you back ?

6. how do you know the person had enough with flirting. like when to stop ?
1) Its the guys job to make the first move.. all the way

2) You compliment them, flirt with them, call them, and ask them to hang out with them. Show that you care about them, ask them questions about them like how they're day went, what they did, and etc.

3) You can't just become "not shy" you have to feel comfortable, and its a trust level and comfort zone. You have to get to know people before you become less shy around them, its a hard thing to overcome I know but you can do it im sure!!

4) Talk aboutthings to get to know them. What music are they into? Do they play sports? Who are they friends with? Whats your favorite movie? Stuff like that.

5) Thats a tuffy you just gotta "go for the gold" you do what you can and if you don't succeed it just gives you more apt-ted-ness to do it next time. But if you show your a caring person im sure they'll like you back.

6) If they aren't flirting back, change the subject, laughing, or just aren't aknowleding you back anymore when you flirt.

We hope this helped you

Q: which part of a guy physically do you like the most.....eyes? abs? arm muscles? cheekbones? hair? lips?

thanks for reading
Well it depends on the girl mostly but i would go for nice teeth so when he smiles you see pearly whites and note golden colored teeth. Umm cheekbones?? As for hair i wouldnt go for balding but thats just my personal opinion. And as for eyes.. I like bright eyes. Like the really pretty blue or the deep brown.

Q: I like my best friends boyfriend. I can't help it! I would NEVER date him, even if they broke up because thats just wrong and mean to my best friend. What can I do to get over him? He seems perfect and I wish that my best friend hadnt gone out with him in the first place. But I feel really bad for thinking that.
You can't really decide who you like and don't like. You don't decide that nor does your mind. Your heart does so you can't blame yourself for that. I wouldn't suggest going and telling your friend this because it may make her feel uncomfortable when you're around him. I would just try seeing your best friend and him as the better couple verses you and him. Look for other nice guys (theres plenty im sure) but just relize he's with her, and if you two are meant to be then you two will happan. Just not right now. But keep your chin up kiddo cuz you'll find your prince charming. I promise. I hope I helped you a little bit. If not let me know i'll be glad to help & clear myself up a bit.

love trixx

Q: I've been really worried because I want to wear a tampon when I get my period. So I tried putting one on before i got it and it didn't go in. Is it not suppose to go in when you don't have it.. or does it take practice? What i'm wondering is how am i gunna put it?

It's alot easier to get them in when your on your period, partly the reason why you might not be able to get it in is because your stressing & nervous. Usually with every box of tampons you buy comes with instructions but of course just like everybody is diff. you may need to do it a diff. way.

Q: i have been fasting for a week now....i tried eating again but with just a few spoonfulls i felt full, but i at it anyways and that's what made me get sick. so every little thing i try to eat makes me sick and it won't stay in me.....why is this?
Your body isn't used to having food put in it so it stored all the food it possibly could until you ate again, which is why you feel full. But do continue to eat and try and keep it down but its important that you!

Q: im looking for eyeshadows in the colors champagne and brown maybe a duo?? but i doesnt have to be just reallyyy pretty colors that blend reallyyy prettyily together and have sparkle thanks so much
go to

Sometimes I look through magazines such as teen, seventeen, teen vogue, and etc. for pretty eyeshadows!

they have alot of nice eyeshadow!! I hope you like it!! If u need more sites let me know

Q: whats a pansey or pansie how ever you spell it like when someone calls someone a pansie what does that mean
They're call your a scarredy cat, wussy, and etc. Pretty much saying your not brave

Q: I'm only 13 but I want to have sex really bad, is that normal?
its normal no worries (hakuna matata) its not just you its just your hormones

Q: Do all shirts shrink in the wash?? If so how do you stop it?

Ignore the hollister love girl she has no idea what she's talking. Plus your not retarded or in her words retart

But the higher the percentage is for cotton the more chance it'll shrink. If its only 70% there'll be a difference but not much if its 100% cotton you'll notice shrinkage. Just let it air dry after you put it in the wash!

Q: sooo
i wash my face almost everyday
and i use biore
the green scrub one
and my face has gotten greasier and its really gross
and idk what to do/use!
whats a good product for it so i dont have a greasy face!!
go to they have some amazing products there for you. It works wonders & miracles

I sell mark, & my friend love the face wash & it really helps & its a reasonable price to

If you dont want to wait, after your done washing your face getting a hot hot hot towel (as hot as you can stand) and put in on your face until it gets cold again. That should defintly help. How it works? i dont know but i know it helps

Q: Hi, i'm a girl, 15 years old. So i like my best friend(15/male). I've liked him since I was in 5th grade! (I am now in 10th) He says he kind of likes me, but he doesn't know if he wants to go out with me. We've hooked up before, but I want more than that. how can I let him know that I can't be just friends with him, that I want MORE! i cant wait for him and he needs to know that.
thank you!
I hated when this happned. But i sooner or later learned that what happans.. happens for a reason. You just need to tell him, and if explaining it to him is to hard to tell him in person thats okay, we all get a little bit shy!, but write him a letter sometimes its much easier that way to express how you really feel. I am that way, its so much better for me to write my thoughts on paper, you have time to think about it, and your not pressured to spill words out right then & there. You can also erase anything u said. But you do need to tell him otherwise one day you may look back regretting that u never did tell him. That wouldnt be good, Just remember this ... "Never regret anything that onces made you S.M.I.L.E"

I hope i helped

-Princess Trixx

Q: ello all. i am going to be getting married next month, hopefully. i am muslim and we are going to have the marriage at the Masjid. i was wondering if the person that must give me away can be my mum? i wasn't sure if it had to be a male or not. thank you for your help. take care
It probably could its more about tradition but i dont think you'd have to follow thru with that but you can do whatever you want just talk to the person in charge of yuor wedding

Q: Hey,

Right, so I had been going out with my girlfriend for 8 months and recently I told her that I needed some space and I was'nt sure if I loved her any more. She still really loves me and wants to get back together but I don't know what to do. If we do get back together and it doesn't work out she will just keep getting hurt which is not something I want.

I really like her as a friend but honestly don't know if I feel anuthing more than than for her any more.

Any advice is more than welcome,
Thanks in advance.
Just tell her time is what you need, you do however want to keep her close as a friend but you dont think you want to keep a relationship with that much value or whatever. Im sure you've had your heart broken before just remember what that felt like so be sympathetic but dont just let her dangle by a thread. That wouldn't be nice, dont mess with her emotions but understanding and caring. You gotta be clean, and blunt about how you feel yes she'll have a hard time understanding thats its really over but she also needs to understand that you need your time, space, and other things to do. You do have a life to work on, and your life doesnt involve a gf.. she'll understand. I wouldnt go about using the words i did cuz i would think that if u used all my exact words the relationship afterwords wouldnt be so good.. but you can just use the jist of it.

Q: Is there such a site online where you can upload pictures of your bike and other people can rate it or vote for it?
Especially Harleys and choppers.

type in-
vote for my car


vote for my bike/motorcycle

alot of things popped up for me

Q: OK i have itunes, and i have like 2000 sings on it, when i download a new song on limewire, i click on "add folder" on iTunes, and it adds all the new songs that got added to that folder (My Music!) but lately, it's been adding all the songs! so i have like the same song 4 times on Itunes, because i click on add folder to add the new songs ive added.. you know? and thats a big problem because i ccant have any copies because that takes up space on my ipod, and whats the point in wasting space and not being able to have as many songs as you want because you have the same song like 17 times, you know? its stupid! so what do i do??
Cant you just delete it? Or i would start your music on limewire all over again ive had problems with limewire before and i uninstalled and reinstalled it back up again it works fine now

Q: when people on this site give you rude answers?
I mean , if you want to answer a question its to help someone, not be rude.
So if you say something mean to someone, maybe when you ask a question someones gonna be mean toward you.
I just think its totally wrong.
Well I am harsh at times because I think what they are asking is totally stupid & its pretty self-explanitory such as

I got new shoes, they are blue, and nike. I bought them for $80. Will it be okay to wear them to school or are they not cool enough?

I hate stupid things like that, and sometimes when you do ask for advice people need to be blunt about it. Thats how i prefer for people to be.

But then again i totally understand you cuz the problem is pretty serious enough for someone to sit down and take the time and thought out to type it and post it on here to get some answers.

So i dont think people should be completely and uterly rude but on the other hand i think people need to state there honest opinion. Its only beneficial to the person needing the advice.

So i hope i helped you out quite a bit, although i did side with two sides, i do understand where you are coming from.

Happy Halloween

Q: there's this gurl her name is amanda and she keeps harassing my friend samantha on myspace... there families don't like eachother and fight with eacother... and she gave smatha a bruise on her arm... i told this gurl to stop bothering her but now she started cussing at me and stuff and i don't want to have to tell my mom i have a myspace so don't give me advice telling me i should tell my mom... so what should we do?
report it to tom

How old are you? I think yours mom main concern is she doesnt want you to put pictures up of yourself. Tell your friend and yourself to take her off your friend list on myspace

when she swears or says something dont say anything back she'll get annoyed & bored of doing all that stuff she'll eventually stop. When she yells, just talk back if you do talk to her, cuz then when she relizes she was the only one yelling while everyone else was talking she'll feel retarded

i hope that helps

Happy Halloween

My name is Trix, I am 17. I love pink, and degrassi.

I just recently got out of a relationship of 21 months. I love him still but I'm moving on.

I've been there done that im sure

ex. (with the number of expierences)

-Long term relationships (2)
-Bad expierence with BF's family (1)
-Broken bones (11)
-Stitches (2)
-Seen someone killed (1)
-Loss of family (1)
-Cancer in the family (2)
-Family in Iraq (1)
-Mom had brain surgery (2)
-Loss of pet (4)
-Moved from state to state (5)
-New highschool (2)
-Car accident (3)

Like I said "been there done that"



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