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Q: well ok there's this guy i like he's totally gangster and i love him we're cool and stuff.. but like my friend told me that she'll give hiim some hints but ya what kind of hinst should she give him?
Try to avoid the word like cuz i dont understand the question

hints on what?

I'll help if you clarify this :-D

Happy Halloween

Q: Where can I get some jeans without pockets on the butt? haha.

I love those but I dont know where to go to get them.
Kohls, look for anystore that has paris blues!

Q: 15/f

I have always heard opposites attract but is this true? And do relationships between very different people often work out? What should you be careful of?

The situation:

I have felt VERY comfortable being friends with this guy, Nick, since we met this summer. We hung out a lot and he is SO nice to be and we have gotten along amazingly. Since, one night, we hung out until 8:30 AM, we know eachother quite well. We sit beside eachother in one class and possibly will in more. I have recently realized I like him as more than a friend but I am wondering if it would ever work out between us. We are both 15 by the way.

Nick - stoner, pretty low grades, eyebrow/nipple piercing, VERY ugly in a cute way (lol), nice, the type of guy who always calls just to talk, funny

Me - the 'rich mean girl', popular, 'pretty', 4.0 GPA, sort of nice, sort of funny, terrible luck with guys, doesn't do drugs, drinks (not often), only piercing is belly button, kind of stuck up I guess

We have COMPLETELY different lifestyles. However, this summer I hung out with his friends a lot and that is how I met him. Could this ever work out between us? We have never talked about dating or anything, yet.

Thank you so much, any help is appreciated. :)
I understand what you mean by the ugly in a cute way cuz yesterday i was describing these guys i met as them to be "dorky but they're adorable"

Me and my bf are very very different.

He's Life smart, but not school smart, Brand named clothes-everything, Drives a SUV, like rock music, not very responsible, in college, shy, loves sports, interest is hockey and cars, and tall.

Me on the other hand,, I'm school smart, but not life smart, Brand named clothes but not from head to toe, likes rap, very responsible, in highschool, spunky, hate sports, interest is fashion and shopping, and short.

So as you can see we're very different. But we yet make the perfect match and on sept. 24th we will be going out for 17 months. So thats a year and 5 months. We are very opposite, but we some how keep eachother smiling, laughing, and still love eachother. You never know until you try, you dont have to stay with him if you dont like him, just give it a shot you never know if you dont like something until you try and i think you'd regret something more if you didnt try it verses if you did. I hope I helped and I hope I make and made perfect sense, if i came off a lil foggy and unclear lemme know. Hope i helped!

Love trixxi

Q: So I'm thinking of going on birth control.
Because my cramps are horrible and my period is a bit too long.

But.. what do they do?

I was told they also have a breast exam thing too?
Does it hurt when they use the speculum?

Just thinking about this.. makes me sick [dizzy]

Is that bad?
Your probably just nervous and you really have no need to be. Plus you DONT have to have an exam done. Alot of my friends are on the pill & they didnt have to do it, But if u get the pills with the purple case then u do have to go in for a pap smear (spelling?) anyways if you go on the pill called osytricalin (spelling again?) its in a circle tan case you don't have to do anything like that but go to the drug store once every month to pick up a new case. Thats it. Just ask your doctor anything because s/he will answer your questions honestly and will be happy to answer them for you, you can always turn to a friend for answers if u think they may know or just come back to me cuz i know alot about birth control pills. I sure hope that helped if you want more information just let me know!! Don't worry you'll be fine!

Q: i'm 20; i've known this girl for 8 or 9 years now, i've always liked her, however i'm not really a ladys man. about 5 years ago i asked her out and she turned me down. about 2 years ago i thought i'd try it again, so i asked her out a 2nd time (i did not know it at the time, but found out later, about a week before i asked her out she started seeing someone else) she never really turned me down, but never took me up on my offer either.

we had not really spent any time togather in about a year; then 2 weeks ago she called me up out of the blue on sunday 10pm and asked me if i'd like to come over to her house to "hang out" when ever we hung out before it was always me, her and her twin sister, but that night it was just me and her. we sat alone in her living room and talked non stop from 10:30pm till 2:30am and there was never a dull moment.(she told me about her current boyfriend, and how she wanted to break up with him) we did not talk all week, but again on sunday she called me up, at 8pm and asked if i'd like to "hang out" again, so me and her went mini golfing( shortly after starting she told me she broke up with her boyfriend) we got done at 9pm and she said she wanted ice cream, so we went to dennys at 9pm, and sat in dennys and talked non stop from about 9pm till 11:45pm it's almost midnight on sunday and she knew i had to work monday, but she acted like she did not want me to leave, when we left dennys the first thing she said was "so, what do you want to do now?" so she sugests we go back to her house, for a midnight swim and i agreed, we did not really swim much, just sat with our feet in the water for about 30min then went back into her house and again talked till 2:30am. just me and her, no one else.

when we talk she looks deeply into my eyes and laughs at every lame joke i make, but after beeing shot down twice i'm not so bold this time, does she like me?
You cant tell really if someone likes you, but she may be starting to like you around, which means she make have a thing for you. Exspeacially sense she didnt want you to be leaving anytime soon. I think she looks at you as someone that she can count on, if she just broke up with her boyfriend then she obviously may need a bit of comfort weather she broke up wit him or he broke up with her,, its always a hard thing on people. I would just defintly try and stay in touch with her and if the signs get to mixed up, ask. You deserve to know whats going on being thats its your love life that we are talking about here. Just ask her if she could see you and her as a couple in the future possibly near future. I know that getting turned down one time is probably already hard as it is, and then a 2nd time? Which is probably even harder, I would go for it one more time if you really think you do like her and if she is worth the "fight." Then go for it! I think if you ask her a 3rd time she may see that you a strong person and not weak. Your a fighter and not a giver upper. She'll see that you really do have something for her. You could possibly call her up one night and ask if she wanted to go do something fun such as : Roller skating, go carting, baseball cages, or walk around in the mall. Something. Just don't make it seem like to much of date, just slowly eaze into it. Maybe for some reason she was possibly scarred of having a relationship with you, I would just talk to her about it first because you don't deserve to have your emotions toyed with. If the third time doesnt work then i hate to say it but i dont think it ever will. I would let it go from there and move on. You two were probably just ment to be friends if that is the case. Sense she isn't giving you even a chane to prove yourself that you can and could be a great boyfriend. Let me know how things work out!


Q: Hey there!I need your help!i really want to make a new xanga.I have red curly hair and Iam Irish adn I like to dance.Any clues?




Put your favorite number in there

let me know how it turns out!

Q: What are the best condoms out there?

Ones that feel like you have nothing on?


Those are the best rated ones. It evens gives you some feedback.

Hope this helped

Q: my lips are swollen from being so chapped.. i try chap stick and it doesnt seem to make it better. what can i do?
Go for blistex or carmax, apply alot. i had a bad problem with them too. i hate chapped lips. Just apple alot alot alot!!

Good luck

Q: Hey- I really love my girlfriend and she loves me too and we haven't seen each other lately- but that's not the problem- I want to kiss her (just a kiss on the lips) but I'm not sure how to come across it... Is there something I can say to hint that I want to kiss her? please help

P.S. we are meeting tomorrow! I need advice soon!
Be sure to make eye contact!!

Maybe that will help.

alright jerk

i bet you looked at the website anyways...

Your not even suave

Q: First of all, do NOT answer this question if you don't know about singing!

An opera coach told me that I have a really incredible voice and that I could have a really, really big voice if I stopped singing with tension. How do you stop singing with tension?

I can't afford lessons though, because I'm really not rich and my family's broke.
you need to bring your voice from your gut, not from your head. Else your voice will sound nasally.

Also, you should clear the phlegm out from your body. This means to not let smoking become a habit (if it's not at the moment) and to cut back on your intake of dairy products.

* Learn to drop your jaw when you sing. Watch yourself in a mirror. Is your mouth in a vertical position, or a longer, horizontal position? It should be in the latter.

* Often, folks who sing nasally have a lot of excess tension. Remember to keep your throat and mouth relaxed. In particular, watch for tension on the roof of your mouth.

Q: i am really good friends with this family, theres 5 kids. four sister and im friends with all of them the oldest sister is in 10th grade then 2 twins who are in my grade and a younger one whos in 6th [im going into 8th]
im really good friends with all of them
anyways so lately the oldest one has told me that she wants to start smoking/pot and stuff
she asked if i would think of her any differently/etc i said no i wouldnt think of her different although i dont think smokings the best thing.
she just messaged me that her and this guy [who i also know, not really friends with or anything] are going to meet up next week and smoke. im not sure if its pot but it might be.
i wasn't exactly invited to go with them but like if i really wanted to, i could and it wouldnt be like a big thing.
but im not really sure what i wanna do because as i look at it i know a lot of people who smoke/drink and other stuff.
i kind of do want to see what its like but im an athlete and im afraid it would mess me up too much.

i really dont know what to think anymore.
sorry, kind of long.
Your to young for that, your an athlete, which means something great is going good for you. Don't let something like that bring you far away from your good abilities. Just don't do it, it can screw you up, you can get to mentally addicted to it, blow friends off, your sport, and school. Its not a good thing. Its not something for just fun, theres always a consequence to it.

Q: Does anyone know anything about Fung Shui?

Like where to put stuff in your room and stuff?

Thank you SO much! =]

I really hope that works!!!

Q: I race BMX and this weekend I fell and hurt my wrist pretty badly. It looked like a broke my arm so I went to the hospital and they x-rayed my forearm and said everything was fine. The next day my wrist started swelling up and it hurts to even touch it the lighest bit but I can move it. Does anyone know what I could have done to my wrist?
You probably sprained it. Be sure to use a lot of ice. Don't life heavy stuff. Pretty much baby. There would be no harm in wrapping it up for a little bit of support. Keep it elevated too!

Treatment for a sprain is RICE.. I dont know if you've ever heard of it but Rest, Ice, compress, and elevate. Kinda an easy way to remember things.

Ice it for 30 minutes every 2 hours.

Thats what my dr. told me time and time again.

Good luck!!

Q: So im gonna get a new cell phone this weekend .. i have verizon. idk which phone to get .. cost really isnt an issue. is the razor good? or the chocolate? i wanna get something reallyyy cool that everyones gonna love. any advice is appreciated
I wouoldnt get the rzr. It takes good pictures.. but it has no flash. That was the only downfall, I got a new phone 2 days ago, I was going to get the pink rzr,, but it doesnt have a flash, otherwise its a really good phone. The chocolate is to brand new for anyone really to say anything bad about it, although I've heard bad things about sliding phones. Although it is a very slick looking phone. You may want to check out Sometimes you should go into the verizon store nearest to you because they sometimes have new phones that arent on the site.

Hope I helped

Q: ok so if i smush my face against my chest
i have a double chin
and i hate it!
how do i get rid of it!!!
Don't worry thats totally normal. When your sitting normal and don't do that im sure you don't have a double chin. i hate that too so much! I just wish it'd be gone haha but its impossible sorry hun!


Q: What is a good way to get rid of the pain when u get your braces tightend. Help. Im in pain
My friend just always took something like a headache pill, dont eat anything hard, stay away from that sort of stuff.

Q: hey, well on my old account that i had on this site [ i lost the password ] i had alot of people who listed me as there favorite columnists. now i only have one and i dont understand why. i give like the same type of advice as i did with my old account. can anyone tell me what the problem is?

Nothings wrong, its just that people had time to find you and list you as one of their favorites. Just give it time, im sure you give awesome advice, so therefore people will list you as their favorite!

good luck

Q: So I went to the beach about two weeks ago and got a lot of sun. I'm just now starting to peel on my chest. What is the best thing to do to make it go away?
Use a lot of vitamin C and use aloe vera (that more so helps the burn)
that will defintly help. That happaned to me to but be sure to apply alot of lotion to keep it moisturized and that will keep it from peeling. It will take about 2 days!

Q: How do I become a moderator for advicenators?

Q: ok so i always wear pretty much the same color make-up every day and i really wanna try something new does ne one have suggestions? like what color eye shadows and eyeliners would look good? thanks

i have light brown hair and light green eyes if that helps = ]
You must be my twin :)

I know we are talking about makeup hear but did you know that Purple really brings out green eyes? If you want to keep your eyes light.. Use yellow I know that might seem wierd to use yellow, but it really goes with green eyes but thats just if your going to church, or work. it keeps them at a light green. If you go to the store and get black eyeliner and get covergirl eyeshadow. Look at the ones that have 3 colors in one eyeshadow case. Look on the back and get the colors that say double expresso, mocha lotte, and sugar rush. The darkest really helps with your eyes. Also a pale green with a silky sheen will help!

I hope I helped you out!


My name is Trix, I am 17. I love pink, and degrassi.

I just recently got out of a relationship of 21 months. I love him still but I'm moving on.

I've been there done that im sure

ex. (with the number of expierences)

-Long term relationships (2)
-Bad expierence with BF's family (1)
-Broken bones (11)
-Stitches (2)
-Seen someone killed (1)
-Loss of family (1)
-Cancer in the family (2)
-Family in Iraq (1)
-Mom had brain surgery (2)
-Loss of pet (4)
-Moved from state to state (5)
-New highschool (2)
-Car accident (3)

Like I said "been there done that"



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