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Q: ok one of my good friend i learned today chews. i wish he wouldnt should i tell his parents?
I just learned the other day my best friend smokes but i do not believe that that is our spot to be telling their parents. That is their decision and choice to do. if they wanna tell their parents then let them. Plus if you told his parents you may get into a huge argument so just save yourself a fight and dont say anything

Q: Okay, so theres this girl that ive known for a year. and shes likee the biggest drama queen. so about a week ago, she goes and takes something out of my bag after i got up to throw something out.
and i notice how shes trying to make a run for her seat since she was at my table. so i was like..why are you going through my stuff? do i have to put a lock on my bag so people dont take things? and shes like mimiking me the whole time and was likee "shut up. who cares" all that immature bullish.
so im likee okay whatever.
so then i hear her from across the room saying she wants to kick the sh*t out of me and i ignore it.
and for the past week shes been talking **** about me so i can hear her. shes sayin stuff like "shes so ugly and she has no friends" when its really the total opposite.
i dont know how to confront her or what to say to her when shes talking this crap. what would you say?
whats a really good thing to say that will make her not know what to say?
Drama Queens! I hate them :) She's really immature for even having the thought of fighting, it shows a huge sign of insecurity as if they have something to prove, and its immature. Not to mention, not even close to lady like!! It sounds like this girl is kinda messed up! How old are you guys? If your between 12-17 I can understnad, because girls are quite catty around that age. First off, if you do ocnfront her if she starts yelling, dont yell back.. she looks like the idiot while you sit back and relax talking calmy. I'd tell her she's wasting nothing but words because the things she's saying isn't affecting you, and its really getting quite old If she has to spread rumors to be.. "cool" then she's a total phony in my eyes. Anyways, if your not the only one to realize all this and that she is really a drama queen, get your friends that talk to her to say hey.. this is getting old and she's my friend.. how about you don't talk about her like that. Theres nothing you can say that for surely stop her from talking crap cuz if she wants to cont. she will. Just ignore her, she's the loser and your the winner.. think about it.

Hope that helped

Good luck,
P. Trixi

Q: Theres this girl and her mum and they come by our house when they need help with money, food, babysitting,etc. I don't mind but recently it's been often and they only come when they need help.

Today she came and asked us to keep her daughter..and I told mom enough is enough and not to keep her (she as=lso bothers me ALOT). And she owes us $240.

Should I change my mind/
My uncle owes my family somewhere arond 5,000-7,000 dollars

it bothers me ALOT

and theres noting you can really do to change your mind that quickly and i can see how it would bother you i would just talk to ur mom about it and get her side of things first before you jump to conclusions and change your mind.

Q: My best friend is spending the night and we don't know what to do. We are going to the mall and we will be there untill 10:30, but what else should we do for the rest of the night? Keep in mind that we are 16, so no stuff like prank-calling or truth or dare. And we can't do anything that involves loud noise or leaving my bedroom. Or anything that makes a mess. Sorry so picky.
Look thru magazines, pic's, make a scrapbook, look thru yearbooks, call some hotties. Rearrange your room. Watch a movie, rent movies.

I hope I helped. I've had to do that once,, stay in my bedroom making no peeps. I have to do that tonight actually.

Me and him are just gunna talk, and make jokes. probably call people. But we can't make noise.

So i know how that feels.

**Princess T

Q: 14/f. jonathon, my best guy friend, has been acting like a jerk to me the past few weeks. i got mad about it, and we kind of stayed away from each other for a few days. he and i were really close before then and told each other everything. as soon as jonathon and i quit talking for awhile, sarah, my other best friend, started hanging around him and he apparently "replaced" me with her in the sense that he began to tell her everything and stuff (his "depressing" life story and the big part that i played in it). so last night jonathon and i resolved our issues, and he told me that there's no excuse for the way he's been treating me, but the only reason that he's been weird is that he has a major crush on me and kind of doesn't know how to act around me right now because he likes me but doesn't want to scare me off (we had talked about not dating anybody until high school, so even if we like each other we kind of vowed to just stay friends). so now things are kind of how they used to be (after we were "cool" again, he asked me to this big banquet for next year as friends and i said okay). now i'm hoping that things are going to be just the way they were before. but, i'm worried that he's replaced me with sarah as somebody to talk to. do y'all think that i'm overreacting? by the way, i don't like him in that way, he's just my best friend. do you think that maybe he started hanging around sarah more to make me jealous or something?
Well I guess I can say i've been through this. I would defintly talk to him about it no matter how hard it'd be and if that doesnt work write him a letter. Guys are sometimes clueless but you need to let him know if he's acting wierd like this. I can also see how he'd be slightly emberassed but the older you grow the more fonder you may become of him. I would just try to avoid talking about boyfriends, couples, marriage, and anything that way you are not puttin him in akward position.

Q: my friend has had a realli crap life so i can tell and she has decided she wants to go emo this is stupid she just started cutting her wrists today and im really scared for her safety
i realli need some help in how to convince her to stop. i have tryed talking i have tried making her feel bad i have tried everything i want her to stop NOW!! oh and shes a chick (duh) and shes 14
Have you talked to her one on one and in person? Have a sleepover and let her know write her a note on how you feel. Tell her mom if it gets to outta control. You have to do something and you have to do it for her safety. Dont worry about saving the friendship because.. she is probably more important to you then losing the friendship which i know would suck but her first right?

Q: i really dont no what to do me and my exgirlfriend we together for ten years we broke up a year ago then to day she tells me she never wants to see or hear from me again this just devastated me i dont no what to do
Wow sounds harsh to me. Have you 2 been fighting for a few months or was this totally out of the blue for you? If you were fighting then you should see what you were fighting about in the first place and maybe come up from that and see what could possibly make her mad. Or maybe if she feels that you are moving on. Or she could have possible felt threatened. But how.. I couldn't tell you that without you giving me more clues. Ten years is an awful lot to be throwing away and i couldn't see how that could just be let go and shut out the door and down the drain wihtout any type of notice. That just isn't right and if she just uppin' left you without anything or any clues on why she left then i know you deserve better because noone deserves to be treated like that.


Q: My friend doesn't live in the same city as me--in fact, it's quite far from where I live. I barely see her anymore. We hardly ever get to talk to her on the phone or online. Lately, I've been missing her a lot. I'm not sure if she still even considers me her "friend." Sometimes I wonder if she still cares about me, because she never picks up her cell when I call... Is there anything I could do?

Thank you.
Try sending her a card or a letter through the mail. And tell her its really important that you 2 talk.

Q: Anyone have any quotes/poems about death/r.i.p stuff?
if that doesnt work then go to and type in death poems or death quotes.. ya do that

or go to
that is an awesome site

Q: i have 2 groups of friends. group a always thinks im leaving them for group b... and vice versa. what do i do?
You should try and find out why the 2 groups don't get along. Maybe get them all 2gether and go to a movie. Tell them you dont want them to think your ditching or leaving them for the other you just want to hang out with them equally. *trix*

Q: cute or weird screen names no one would have.. im trying to think of one for my friend... she 16 and has brown hair she doesnt label(punk, prep..ect..) her self thats why its hard for me to think of one

thanks !!!
prettiinpink... have her do her favorite sport or color or symbol

Q: what do you do when you know your telling the truth but no one believes you? how do you get them to believe you?
Just keep sticking to your story. Say whats true. Its there choice to beleive you or not. Do your best to prove to them. Like if you can prove a way that your telling the truth then go by that. Just dont mix your story up otherwize they'll defintly not believe you-trix

Q: My friend knows I like this guy and that i hooked up with (she too hooked up with another boy) but the other night she was flirting with the boy I like and have hooked up with! Isnt this against girl code or something? She was standing on a table while he was laying face first on the table trying to act like a stripper..then she started to smack his other friend who knows i like the boy also joined in..what do i make out of this? do i talk to her or let it go? we never fight really..
Just talk to her. Nothing bad should come from that i mean seriosly. True friends wouldnt hurt you. maybe you need to reconsider this boy thing.. like talk to them about it. Hopefully all will go swell. Dont let guys come inbetween friends tho. Remember that. Thats a very important girl code :)-trix

Q: hey
i have had this friend since i was in 1st grade, Becca, and she has been one of my best friends ever since, same with my other friend, Katie were kinda like the 3 musketeers i guess u could say...but over the past year becca started to change...she started dressing and acting really slutty and katie agreed, her attitude also started to change and she started gettig mean somtimes, but she was still one of my bffs and i couldnt just let her go, then she did something extremly evil tht friends shouldnt do and ever since then i really dont like her tht much at all. after she did wht she did (which is very long and i dont really want to explain..) she IMed me and was saying sry and wishing to take back the last couple days and i was just like yeah im am extremly pissed and i will get over it in about a week so a week passed and i told her tht i would be friends again but could never fully forgive her, but we carried on being friends. Over the year when becca started acting bitchy, katie and i became extremly close and are best friends! but now a couple months later Becca is acting like the things in the past didnt happen and is all pissed at us because were best friends, and i dont think she should be mad about tht becaue she deserves it i guess...and i dont really like her tht much at all lately, so should i drop her as a friend? or should i just keep going and pretend everything is good and love her to death? or should i tell her we can be friends but were not best friends like me and katie? im sry this is so long and confusing, but i am very confused about it! thanks so much!
hey what you gotta do is just talk to her and explain that its defintly not the same like it was back then. things changed. you guys got older. Things do change the older you get and she needs to understand that. Your not going down the same road as her and thats a good thing. Just do what your doing if this is what makes u happy carly-trix

Q: Ok. I was planning a surprise for the best teacher of all time. I had the principal call my teacher out of the room and had the assistant principal come in and i discussed the surprise and collected some money. Right after my teacher came back, my friend shouted out, "Mrs. *******, we have a surprise for you." The class went dead silent and I almost burst into tears. During my next class, I wrote him a note explaining that if he had any consideration for other people, he wouldn't have blabbed. He is now officially supermad at me, and I feel terrible. I think I came off as a bitch and i need to fix that by the morning! Ahhh
Just tell him you may have gotten a bit carried away but you yourself was pretty mad at the fact that the surprise didnt work out. Tell him your so sorry and you shouldnt have blown out of porpotion. He may need a day or 2 to cool down. Sorry i hope all works!-trix

Q: my friend is depressed. she always tells me her problems and itold her to get therapy bcuz it helps and ive been through it. but after i tell her this she always says "see thats why i cant count on you. you never help me with my problems" she always makes me feel so guilty. How can i help her?
Well if she has any problems that relate to yours or close to it anyways just say what your therapist said to you and help her. Dont just tell her always to get a therapist sometimes just take the time to tell her what you think. Im sure she wants to be able to know what you have to say and what your wise words are!!-trix

*.HappY eASTEr.*

my best friend Kyle and i are not going out because he says "we should get closer" we have known each other for 2 years. what should i do to make this situation not awkward?
I'd say probably talk more and hang out more just because you to have known eacother for 2 years doesnt mean you know eachother very well. I have known Amanda for 6 years but we dont talk.. so its a diff. thing when you really think about it. i would Just call him more and make sure you do actually talk on the phone. And hang out more and make sure its fun-trix

Q: i asked Frank to the prom, but he said he didn't know because he said he can't dance. i asked him again and he back with the reply "dances aren't for me". what should i do?! i really want him to go because the 2 of us will have a fun time.
say you'd like to go cuz.. well you'd like to spend that speacial moment with him and its not all about dancing its just about having a good time-trix

Q: Hey,
im a 13/f and i am so pissed! Well, my best friend likes my boyfriend, and i mean im not mad, its cool, but she hits on him, and is constantly flirting with him. One day i asked my friend to watch her, and make sure she doesnt flirt with him (since they were all in the same class together) after the class my friend said yeah they were firting a lot, all tht. Later, i was talking to my friend who likes the guy online and she was like dont tell anyone but Sarah was fliting with P.J SO much!!! i mean they were like touching each other! Now, i believe my other friend because she is WAY more honest then this one! But i am so pissed tht she would mae tht up! and she is like yeah im IN love with him! I want to slap her!!!
Well first off it seems like you already know that you shouldnt let a bf come between you and your best friend. I would talk to her and just say that it really needs to stop cuz you care and love your bf and you dont want to lose him cuz you dont have a clue what you'd do. She shouldnt be saying she's in love with him.. because she probably doesnt have the slighest what love is.. because he isnt even with her he's with you. If you have enough confidence i'd talk to your man let him know how you feel. Im sure he will comfort you and reassure you that your the only one for him now and not the others. Just talk to him and your friends. I did that with Nathan and it helped so much. If you want throw some tears in there.. it'd put a guilt trip on him to. But dont cry fake tears. Cry real true tears. Anyways the point is just talk to them and let them know whats going on. Dont talk to them at school or in lunch or whatever. Talk to them individually and on your own time. That way they know you mean what your saying and you want to get it across-trix (sorry It took awhile to answer)

Q: Ok!
My friend always texts me on my phone! And we were on the phone w/ a boy the other nite! So yesterday i got this text from my friend saying that the boy we were talking to ( that i like ) said i was annoying! i was like no! She then texts me saying i was jk! I was like ooooo! SHe does it a lot and it is really annoying is it normal 4 me to be mad at her! cause she does it at least twice a day!

Yeah i would defintly get annoyed i'd say hey listen i know its all fun and games but i get really bothered with it and i get worried that he does think im annoying so please stop.. If she doesnt then she has prob. and she should stop if shes a good friend-trix

My name is Trix, I am 17. I love pink, and degrassi.

I just recently got out of a relationship of 21 months. I love him still but I'm moving on.

I've been there done that im sure

ex. (with the number of expierences)

-Long term relationships (2)
-Bad expierence with BF's family (1)
-Broken bones (11)
-Stitches (2)
-Seen someone killed (1)
-Loss of family (1)
-Cancer in the family (2)
-Family in Iraq (1)
-Mom had brain surgery (2)
-Loss of pet (4)
-Moved from state to state (5)
-New highschool (2)
-Car accident (3)

Like I said "been there done that"



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