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Well I'm a very real down to earth advice giver.I'm not going to sugar coat anything.ill give you the best advice and it may come off kind of mean but I guarntee you by time your done reading you'll feel better and you will understand where I'm coming from...well in case your interested in knowing alittle bit about myself Ill tell you.I'm a female and I've experienced a lot at my young age.I'm a certified genius who skiped highskool and went straight to college which iam still currently in...I know a lot about life and I can pretty much give you advice on any topic...even sex ;) and pretty much that's about as much as ill tell you about myself...hope you like no love my advice...thanks for reading about advicer jamie :)
Gender: Female
Location: I'm from a place where the grass is green on both sides of the fence
Occupation: college student
Yahoo: nahlababy010 (please hit me up only on instant messenger...if you want to send me a long message when I'm not sighned on just send it to me on here....thank you)
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kay so you left a good answer to my popping cherry thing so.... haha i heard that if you dont have sex 2x after the first time inside your vag.. it like "closes" is that going to happen to me? some girl told me that. anyways cause i dont wanna have sex two more times right away.. only when im ready. thank youuse. :) (link)
Well first off your friend doesn't know what she's talking about...your vagina is not going to close...what is she any way its good you don't want to rush into things...taken it slow is the best way to go....goodluck and thanks for choosing me agan to give you some terrific advice...godbless you.... :)

okay so at my school this girl who started crap with me last year and again on myspace over the summer. and i said stuff to her to defend myself. and she doesn't like me. and she gives me dirty looks now. and she's really mean & so are her friends. & no one likes them. & she does drugs and drinks all the time. and i heard when she was in 7th grade everyone found out she had sex with this one guy. and i don't get like why is she soo mean & does drugs when she knows she shouldn't be like that? (link)
Well to tell you the truth the reason she is so mean is because she's sad on the never know what's going on in someones life....she could be going thru so much drama at home or she could have been raped or be getting beatin at home...or maybe her mother does drugs too or maybe her father beats her mother...well my point is you never know what's going on in someones life that makes them the way they are....she's probably a good person but doesnt know how to show it because of all her issues....I suggest you eigther ignore her because she's obviously going thru some things or you try and reach out to her when no one is around....the choice is yours but I suggest you think long and hard about what you're going to do because reaching out could mean her rejecting it and her being even more mean because she see's you've realized what's wrong with her and she might get scared you'll tell someone what you've procede with caution.....goodluck....godbless......your friend/advicer......jamie


ok so i went out with this guy for like a year and then broke up w/ him like right before summer. we got in like a huge fight and we stopped talking and stuff. now were like friends again and we talk.. not like a lot but we do talk. anyways we wanna like hang out soon.. but he wants to like hook up and im like fine with that. but he like wants me to give him a bj too..but like should i? or is that really slutty? i was really close with him i mean we went out for like a year. and like its weird bc now when we talk its like its the same.. like i still trust him & everything its weird. (link)
Well I hornestly don't see anything wrong with you doing that for him....I mean its not like you two don't kno each other...I mean you'd only be a slut if you just met how to do it well....ummmm the best way for you to do it and do it well would be to do it the way he wants it to be what he tells you to do.... If he says go fast then go fast.....if he says go slow then go slow....because every guy likes it different...find a motion pattern and stick to it...well I hoped I helped....goodluck...godbless.....your friend/advicer.......jamie

does anyone here have clinical depression or bipolar or something like that? ever since i was 9 i had fits of serious mood drops. i even tried commiting suicide at 13 (i have no idea how i survived i took a new bottle of asprin and panadol and a whole box of capsul medicine i didn't know what for -probably dad's coz he has diabetes and cholesterol and HBP- anyway i went to bed and woke up as if nothing happened)
then i tried it again but my sister had beat me up to take it (she's basically my mom... my mom's so passive... scared my dad wud blame her for screwing up the family)....

oh and the reason i'm asking about bipolar is that i usually get weired mood swings. i am so depressed and misrable and aloof all through the day but get so hyper at night and try to kid with my family and they just say i am weired....

also recently, my first time away from home, i went with a bunch of my friends for about 4 months and i totally went crazy. no boundaries no fear of danger no nothing. then i went home i was fine but my younger brother told my parents and so now new rules even though i am away from home... its basically house arrest or with my probation officer (my dumb annoying brother).

so i am not sure if it is my home condition or if i have something wrong with me :s .... i cant go to a shrink because me parents will freak out. and as i've said i can't leave without someone with me....

i get really upset if i THINK i did something stupid in front of friends and family and i end up getting so depressed because of it, moping for days and just staying in bed.... i have a fear that people will think i am stupid and just leave me.. i admit i had a very.. well complex childhood. we had money but its not about that... i knew i was different from the day i was born... my parents say i am spoiled, oversensitive, dramatic, complex.......

oh plus we have depression and bipolar running in the family... uncle and aunt and my older bro (though i sometimes think it was either from his surgery he suddenly went crazy, or he wasn't and dad just pretended he was and put hem in with all his connection so he could stop interfering with the business...)

what are the odds of me having it!?

and what can i do to find out?

Scarborough, Ontario, ca

Well you know what I'm just gonna tell you have a lot of tough times ahead of you....and you have serious serious emotional issues that's just gonna get worse as you get older...these things don't get better...just worse...believe me I know...what ever you do....don't get a girlfriend...not right now....don't take this to no affense but a girl will just make things more confusing for think you're complex try being in a that's complex...and you're not emotionally stable enough to be in a relationship...just take it easy...and pray every singke night...because you hornestly have real emotional problems...and it running in your family just makes you more likely to have the same eventually you're gonna have to see a doctor because you're gonna be so unstable to the point where your family is not gonna be able to control matter who's going with're definietly gonna need to see a doctor before you hurt yourself or someone else....but don't worry you're not crazy or weird or just have some issues you need to deal with....just like the rest of the world...don't worry what you're going thru many people go thru'll be fine....well I hoped I helped....godbless you and your family...goodluck...and if you need someone to talk to who can relate to some of the stuff your going thru you can hit me up on yahoo....or on here....godbless!!! ........your friend/advicer.......jamie

alright so my boyfriend and i have bee going out for over a year, anyways we've thought about having sex awhile. i love him and he loves me so dont give me you're too young crap. we were both virgins till today. haha anyways he went inside my vag, and it hurt ALOT. he stuck it in more then half way but not fully, then took it out. the condem had a bit of blood at the tip, but not alot. now, does that mean my cherry popped fully?, or whatt is there suppose to be alot of blood? thankss for readingg :) (link)
Well first I just want to say don't listen to the asswhole who's under're never to young to be in love and do something out of love...I mean its not like you're are at a age where you're big enough to make adult as far as your cherry poping....yes that is what that was...and its good to know you love him and your not just running around doing things....and its also nice to here he wore a condom...that's great to kno I hope I gave you some good advice that helped you out a bit...goodluck....godbless....and if you ever have another question and you don't want a stupid answer like the one under me...just hit me up on here or on my yahoo....godbless you once agan and congrats. On loosing your virginity to someone you love and who loves you just ignore the hater below.....your friend/advicer.....jamie....

Lately I've been gotting really bad anxiety attacks and I don't know what's been causing them. I want to know what I need to do, either to make them stop, or ease down a little. I get really really shakey and I feel like I have to puke, and sometimes my legs even collapse. Is there a pill or soemthing I could take, or a perscription I need or something like that to make them go away? (link)
Listen I understand what your going happens to me too,as well as other things like that....the best thing you can do is try and take your mind off of things like you can....listen to your ipod or c.d player,you can go for walks to center your mind,you could chill out and just watch t.v, you can play your games on the computer...or you can play chess....chess is a thinking game that you would have to focus on when playing...and if all else feels you can just tell your mom how your feeling...but let that be a last resort because as we both know parents have a habbit of over I wish you much luck and I really advice you to pray to the father and son and keep your faith in jesus alive and active and I guarantee you life will get better for you...I promise...godbless...goodluck and take care...your friend/advicer .......jamie

i had this boyfriend and he wanted to take me to the movies and afterwards he was gonna eat me out in the car and it never happened because i was kinda afraid. im not sexually active and im a virgin. so i was wondering does it feel good to get eaten out and how long does it take for me to orgasm when hes eating me. and if i wanted to get eaten out should i tell him to do it slowly or fast please help (link)
Woww from my personal experience....its great....its way better than sex...imagine a extremely wet warm tongue going up and down your vagina,and going in and out your vagina opening....then once you get real into it he can slide his finger in there while his wet tongue is massaging your clit...its really good and once he starts I guarantee won't want him to'll be so wet you'll have an ocean where ever you're laying at.....well I hope you give that great experience a try and if you want you can write and tell me how it was eigher on here or on my yahoo....goddluck godblesss....your friend/advicer.......jamie

recently i took a pic of myself and in the back ground it looked like some one standing like 5 metres away from me i was home alone i zoom in and its got like a demon scary face i showed my sister and freinds and they say it looks like the grim reaper one says its wearing a black cape ive felt for a while like a ghost or something is following me how long do you think it is til i die? (link)
Wowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! That's some scary ass shit.....ummm look ill pray for you....and don't worry you'll be fine....please just keep praying and what ever it was in that picture will go away....god loves you jesus loves you and combined with your calling they can defeat any demon or monster.....please get back to me and like the others said you have to get the pic. On here so we can see for our own eyes because that's some scary ass shit.....ok ill pray for you....and really try and get that pic. On the site...or a link where we can go to it.....ok if you need me you can just hit me up on here or on my yahoo.....goodluck....godbless.....your advicer/friend.......jamie

My five year old son isn't interested in paying with other kids. My husband is VERY concerned. He will play with his sister and his cousins (all younger, all girls) and an occasionaly older girl who will act as a follower. My son likes to be in charge, he is the 1st born. Do you think any of theses characteristics are a sign that there is something wrong with him socially? He just seems to prefer the company of adults. (link)
Ok listen to me first off your son is perfectly fine so you and your husband can relax....second don't be so quick to take him to a doctor and waste money because all there gonna do is try and get more money from you by liying and telling you all these big names for what's wrong with him...please that's all bull.....let me tell you something Iam not ashamed to say I didn't learn how to read the end of fourth grade.....they wanted me in special ed. They wanted me to see a therapist,they thought I had brain damage.......and my mom fought for me untill the end........

Geuss wat lady they were all wrong because I'm so smart now,that I skipped high school all together and went straight to college....I'm at the top of everyone of my classes and people always need my help in every subject.....that just goes to show you that maybe if you have faith in your child and you know your own kid and you give your kid time....they'll come just takes patience....and what ever you not put your child on will mess up your kids brain and child hood.....I'm just glad my mom didn't put me on medicine and I'm glad she didnt listen to those people who said I'm not capable of learning....and another thing......

You ever thought that your kid feeling to mature to deal with the kids his own age was a good thing....and him liking his girl cousins is maybe not so much a bad sighn...I mean he is still a boy...I think your child is very smart and safisticated for his age and I would be proud if I was you....not concerned.....I hope I helped goodluck....godbless....and if you need me you can leave me a message on here or hit me up on my have a good kid lady don't be mistaken..... :)

When i get mad, i get MAD. My breathing gets outa wack and i usually end up puttin a hole in my bedroom wall. Its kind of disgusting how mad i get. And after I get that mad, my stomach hurts. I told my mom i think i needed anger management, but she just laughed it off. Nobody understands how angry i get. Does anyone haf any suggestions as to what i can do to calm down? (link)
Well I understand exactly where your coming from....your mom laughing is just making situations worse because that means she's not taking your anger or pain seriously....your mom could be one of those type of parents that get warning sighns but won't believe it until something really bad kno like you hurting yourself or somebody else really really badly.....I suggest you get a huge teddy bear and whenever you get mad you get a knife and stab it repeatedly.....then you thro the knife at its face and you tell the teddy bear everything you want to tell those people making you angry....and you yell at it and hit....then who knows maybe once your mom see's that she'll take you more serious....and it will help you release a lot of your built up emotions and I hope my advice helps you and I hope who evers bothering you leaves you alone....goodluck....godbless....your friend/advicer......jamie....p.s feel free to hit me up on yahoo for further advice or issues...

Well Im going to start my last year of secondary, year 11 and we'll have o levels. the thing is... school is just SO depressing and sad. i have to get up at 7am and im NOT a morning person...the initials of my school are actually S.A.D. Its an all girls school! And the uniform is grey =/. And the rules are SO strict..we cant even choose what color bobble to wear in our hair...has to be wine coloured or black =/. My problem is that i dont know how im going to handle this year without getting depressed again =[ can someone plese help? whats worse is o levels are harder than gcses and school is so boring no boys... and what if im not even in my friends class which is likely? (link)
Listen think of it like'll be out of school soon very very soon....then you can put that stupid school behind you and move on...just chill out listen to music and keep telling yourself this will be all over very very soon...believe me things will get better just keep praying and you could even try putting your attention else you can read a good video games...start a diary/ could even get practice with boys by having a little internet boyfriend so that way when its time for you to get a real boyfriend you will be relaxed and know what to there's many other things you can do besides be angry about that stupid school....well I hoped I helped you and gave you some good ideas....if you need further info. You can hit me up on here or on my yahoo witch you can find if you go to my page.....well goodluck godbless .....your friend/advicer......jamie

Hi, i'm in high school going to be a senior this year and i really want to lose weight and be skinny and like i was in egypt and i think i gained weight, because in egypt they feed you alot when it comes to cuzin's but you get the point. anyways i would love to lose weight fast before school starts. one i have a belly which is not that big but looks a bit big and a not a small or big but just a lil big but not too too big and i'm short so that is not good and i can't help my self when it comes to eating junk food. i did try to lose weight but it's inpossible and i do eat at night which is not good for me at all and usually i get hungry at night but i try to lay it off. (and no i'm not pregnant)

is there any way by losing weight fast? anything??? and how do i get rid of eating at night what should i usually eat if i'm hungry or what kind of excercise should i do.

i need help asap now i seriously need help on this one i'll be waiting for advice please help me and sorry for begging you guys like this i just want to look good this year.

no pills or anything that can kill you.... (link)
First off I just want to are o-so brain want to fit into societys idea of what looks good...not even knowing your perfectly fine just the way you are....if your a little thick o-well what!!! That doesn't mean your any less then any one else...the reason its so hard for you to lose weight is because that's not who you are ment to're not ment to be this little anorexic are and always will be................p.h.a.t!!!!!!!!!!! what I'm stop trying to lose weight all your gonna do is wind up very very very who you are.....girlllll if you like what everybody likes food its ok to eat.....having weight doesn't mean you don't look good it just means your healthy and like to what its normal....ok so just chill out enjoy food and life...just don't eat to much wheb you feeling sad because eating when your sad stores calories and carbs in you....and that's how weight really really comes on.....but otherwise enjoy yourself and stop worrying about societys image of what's picture perfect...because everybody has flaws in them....even the skinniest girls feel some type of way about there don't stress it yourself,you kno who god intended you to be.....well I hope I helped you...and if you need me hit me up on yahoo instant messenger or on here.....goodluck and stay friend/advicer......jamie

for about two weeks i masturbated every night. i had just ended a friends with benefits relationship but now after those two weeks i have no sex drive. at all! well i think about having sex but i don't get horny. what's wrong?! (link)
Well maybe you've turned yourself off....maybe your body wants a guy and by you touching yourself you've some how turned yourself off....I advice you to just relax and take a short break from sexual activitys altogether....then maybe after you've relaxed then try and be sexually active agan...because hornestly I think your fine I think maybe you just need to slow down because you could be wearing yourself out....but its nothing serious I think you just ned some chill time....ok so if you need any further help or if you need a could hit me up on my yahoo,or on here...godluck,godbless,and take it slow and always have condoms.....your friend/advicer........jamie

Ok, so...I'm 13 going on 14 and I just got my period for the first the other day I went swimming so I put a tampon in...but while I was going swimming I went to the broom just to go n check make sure noting "Happened" and it was partially stickin does that mean i have to stick it in farther...or what...please i need help...oh, and when u take a shower does it matter if u were a tampon or (link)
Ok just ignore that bad advice given by the idiot under me...first of all you don't where tampons in the shower because how are you going to keep your vagina smelling nice and clean if you have a tampon in there....the rest of you will smell good but that part won't....and as far as you going swimming and it sticking out...well umm read the pack or ask a older female how that's suppose to be done...ok so don't worry your not weird your normal it happens to the best of don't feel embarrassed...ok and if you need further advice on anything feel free to hit me up on yahoo,or on here....goodluck,godbless,and take it easy....your friend/advicer.......jamie

ive heard that instead of throwing up some people tend to get the poops (usually, i don't mean when they're pregnant) but i was just wondering if the same thing could occur with pregnancy? my boyfriend and i had sex almost 2 1/2 weeks ago and with no condom well not sex he was just inside me for a little, we're not sure if i am pregnant or not. i haven't thrown up in like 3 years, but i have been going to the bathroom a lot (in both cases #1 & 2 :P) my boobs have hurt for the past week, very tender, and i have had really bad heartburn. I was going to take a test a few days ago but my boyfriend said it's too early bla bla. So i was just wondering if that could be a symptom (getting the poops) especially since i've never had them so bad, it's like wen i wake up i have to and during the day i have to a lot.
thanks! (link)
Well did you ever stop and think about what you've been you could of ate some bad food and now have the runs...or it could be all know that you did something you shouldn't have like did that with out a condom now your making yourself suffer for that....just relax like your boyfriend said...wait it out a bit and then if symptoms keep appearing...get a pregnantsy test....ok just relax and pray that your not pregnant because your mom and dad will lose there minds.... So take it easy keep praying,and next time where a condom,please.....goodluck,godbless...if you need a friend you can hit me up on yahoo...ok your friend/advicer......jamie

I got this in my inbox
"I would like to start off by saying that I have been to specialists for my condition and have been dealing with this problem for all my life but just did not know of the problem until I got pregnant with my daughter 8yrs ago. Until you go through what I have gone through or anyone else, you should not judge people I have been put on medication after medication. No one can sit and tell someone go see a Doctor. Due to most of the majority already have and have been on medication. If you are a doctor I feel bad for your patients. And if you are not DON'T GIVE ADVICE! Cause you have not a clue of what myself and I am sure other people go through each and every day.

Thank You for crappy advice! "

What is this about? I don't give advice about those things. (link)
Well maybe this was advice you gave a while back like a real long time ago...or like someone else said they clicked on the wrong name...because I'm not gonna lie what that person said sounds like it fits in perfect response to some bad advice I saw a person under the user name..."sizzlinmandolin" give....some body had wrote something about feeling bad(depressed) and they don't kno wat they should do....they considered medication but don't really kno wat to do....then I read the advice that sizzlimandolin gave and I got very upset....she wrote for the person to see a doctor and definitely go on medication....and the way she wrote it was very maybe that's who that person was talking to....that bad advicer"sizzlinmandolin"....

i wonder if i will ever be liked...i never had a boyfriend so i never been on a date, and i just had my first kiss at the age of 19 going on 20! could there something wrong with me? any advise to get a guy's attention without being a ho? (link)
Well listen first off don't rush anything you're 19 going on twenty and you're a virgin I'm assuming......that's great do you kno how rear it is for people to come across a girl who kept her legs closed for that long....that's wonderful and don't let those whores surrounding you convince you that that's bad....they're just jealous they couldn't do the as far as as soon as you tell a guy you're a virgin he won't believe you.....then he'll start to find you interesting because that's so rear for a girl your age to not have done much of just off that alone guys are gonna badly want to be your your situation is not that bad at cheer up...your like a diamond that's very rear to find....most girls lose there virginity or start messing around at the ages you being 19....ha!!! You've just beat the be happy because a lot of girls would love to have never did anything before....well I hoped I helped....your advicer/friend....jamie

ive had anxiety for years now, likw 9 i think, ive been on medicine then off and now im back on,but its not working, school just started and my anxiety is like my health, like im afraid ill be sick or have some desiease. so in health i dont feel comfortable when we talk about anything! drugs,std's,anything! and in gym i wasnt feeling good and went to the nurse and got sick so now i feel sick in gym class along with health! im fine in any other class really. what can i do when i feel the wave of anxiety come over me in school? if its breathing i need to know exactly what to do.i need help please! (link)
Well the only thing you can try to do is relax and breath I have anxiety too and it comes at the worst times....that's because your nervous about something,and you don't feel comfortable in your enviroment....this has been a problem for me for years and the best advice I can give you is speak to a fellow sufferer of anxiety and compare moments....what that will do is make you not feel so weird like your the only one that happens too and it will make you laugh and calm down a bit....and while your comparing moments with a friend you could also take your madicine and things will get better...I promise I know....and another thing if worst to worst comes just pray the lord gets you out of that situation...believe me that works like a charm all the time....with problems like ours pray is the best way out.....

So here's wat ill do for you....if you dnt kno anybody else with this problem you can just hit me up on my yahoo,or you can hit me up on here,ok....and don't worry I promise you,you're not losing your mind you're completely normal....god loves you,jesus loves you, and your parents love just relax and if you need a friend now you got I hope I helped and from one anxiety sufferer to another "just relax its ok....nobodys gonna do they're not even thinkin about...and if somebody is messing with you tell your mom....but just relax..ok"......god bless you...and I hope things get better....lots of love....your advicer/friend......jamie

whenever a guy flirts with me instead of flirting back im a total bitch. i'll give them some attitude and diss them or something. this is only with guys i don't know very well. when my guy friends flirt i'm really comfortable but now all my guy friends have girlfriends and i'd like to meet more guys. how can i fix this problem? (link)
Well this is not really a problem its just that deep down inside you know guys are asswholes,and most of them just want a quicky and then want to being bitchy is not a bad reaction.....but I'm pretty sure when you see a decent guy come your way you'll react so diferently....and as for your guy friends who have girlfriends so they can't flirt no more.....well ill tell you this that's not so much a bad thing that they stop the flirting with you because most guys would keep it going even tho they have girls so that tells me your guys are good guys and even tho this might sound bad because they have girls,but I just have to say you never kno.....maybe one of your guys with the girlfriend could potenially be your husband in the future you kno what I'm you never kno but I kno when you see a good guy comin your way you just might be a little sweeter....ok so good luck and think about the last part of what I said.....your new friend/advicer.........jamie
Have girlfriends now

there's this kid that i work with and he pretty much ignores new people and i'm new, well 2 months. we never really talk and if we do it's only because i have to tell him to get me something or vice versa. its always just a one way conversation though. today he screwed up one of my orders (he's the fry cook of the custard stand i work at) and he made extra of something and when i told him i didn't need it he said "i hate you." he's the type of person that is mean but funny and probably isn't really truly a mean person but because im new and i know he doesn't like new people i don't know what to think of it. at the moment i just laughed at him after he said it and walked away. would you guys say he was joking or no? (link)
Well I'd say your co-worker sounds like a real asswhole and I don't think it has anything to do with you being new....two weeks is new,two months is've been there for a good while now and it seems like you shouldn't be so concerned about when he's gonna finally speak because maybe he can see that you want some words out of him and now he's just gonna f*uck with you and not give them with the excuse of "I dnt like new people".....believe me once you get to kno him you'll see he's an asswhole and then you'll be wishing you never spoke to him in the first place.....and as for that little joke about I hate you...that was just a part of him f*cking with you,because aparently he see's how eager you are to want some words from him so basically like the asswhole he is....he gave you some words,to think about....the best way to deal with a person like that is just to forget about them....believe me once you stop making yourself so obviuos like the asswhole he is he'll come around.....

Well I hope I helped...god bless and goodluck from your new friend/advicer........jamie

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