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thanks a ton!!

i totally forgot about that one.. my mom has it. i lovee it!

Thank you, and God shall bless you for your act of kindness

Thankss & I just got backk from it...but I don't think it went over soo well..but that's ok .thanks again

thank you so much! i was afraid i couldn't do anything about it!! thankss! :)


hey thanks, thats a really good comeback:)


:-D thanx!


Thanks you sooo much!



thanks if you find anymore tell me! more would be great!

Thanks so much...that hollister love chick is a bitch and I told her so, hahaha. :]

thank you


yeah the thing is its like 2000 songs, and there's like 4 copies of each one, so that would mean id have to delete a whole bunch of songs, more exactly 2000 x 4, you know? that would take so long! and there's only one copy of each song on limewire, so that's working alright, its just the iTunes that has way to many copies of each song.. oh well we'll see..

thanks- but if you want a five.. you need to actually give an answer.. not just a website and saying things already said doesn't help either


Ehmigawsh thank you SOOO much! =]

Thank you!

thanks i used the idea!

okay. well if you find anything out let me know. thank you and i hope you feel better

You did, thanks. =)

Thanks for replying. I'm not here solely for the ratings. Sorry if I gave that impression. I was in a bad mood when I posted the message and kind of regret it now. The rating was still unreasonable, in my mind but it's one of those things. Thanks very much for replying.

Gracias :D

thanks so much...i like that quote

thank you!




Point taken. Thanks! =)

Thanks. =]

Thank you. :)

thanxs and nice way to help me even tho in school

thanks, ill try that



thank you :)

thanxx 4 da fab advice trix -grape

correct, nothing! if i find anymore i'll post them!

thanks sign:missloudy

I'll check those out then!


well thanks


good piece of advice...that really put it in perspective

thanks but on my computer on every ones column is like that

i would ask the store but they are Walmart and they all speak a foriegn language... thanks!

thanx..i never thought of it like that

Thank you very much, your super sweet!

It cannot give you breast cancer.....

thanx i thought i had yeast disease or something

L0L THANKS! ex__o0h &hearts;

Thanks so much!


thanks so much, and cute user name by the way!

Thanks for the advice

Lol I never knew that! Awesome.

totaly agreed

thanks mucho!

thanx alot! wow thats kool, i wish my dad spoke spanish.

Thanks, if you could send them to my email I'd be very greatful -> akababie @ hotmail (dot) com I'd hate to fill up your advice column with quotes. :P Thanks again.

yeah, but, it doesn't take "relli", "boi", "waii" and others out of the question, and they're sometimes hard to understand. But thanks anyway.

wht is to-trix

thank you.. i was trying to do that all night and I couldnt find any of that.. even on! you're awesome!

thanx a lot! i like those games :)

thank you




i know but i want tips b/c i havent kissed in a long time


Thank you.


Those are good! I like Adrienne, Mikalah, Holly, Janine, Selina, Melanie, Ashley, and more. fore guys I Like, Seth, Jack, Chris and Matt!

thanks i will try it


Hey, thank you so much!! That was a brilliant idea, to take him with me...I hadn't even though of that, or the working're an angel! XxXxX

thanks bunches but i dont have his sn but u still helped :)

thanks i'll try that on v-day!! lolz thanks again!

thanx it really helped


Thanks- I'll put you as one of my favourite columnists. Zoin. problly gonna try to talk to him but im not gonna get my hopes so high!ill let you know what happens...thanks again -brittany-

ThNx BuNcHeS!

he's my crush not my bf



claires and icing have changed they are all for like 5 year olds and stuff did i mention i am 13

omg thank you so much!



hehe thx!

Um...well who? There are 3 guys. BF as in my friends boyfriend. He's called me like 3 times this week. Everytime cuz he's bored. It was a little confusing the way you helped. But THANKS anyways!


haha.. thanks


My name is Trix, I am 17. I love pink, and degrassi.

I just recently got out of a relationship of 21 months. I love him still but I'm moving on.

I've been there done that im sure

ex. (with the number of expierences)

-Long term relationships (2)
-Bad expierence with BF's family (1)
-Broken bones (11)
-Stitches (2)
-Seen someone killed (1)
-Loss of family (1)
-Cancer in the family (2)
-Family in Iraq (1)
-Mom had brain surgery (2)
-Loss of pet (4)
-Moved from state to state (5)
-New highschool (2)
-Car accident (3)

Like I said "been there done that"



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