My brother keeps yelling at me. What do I do?

Wait till he\'s not looking and do something fendish to him to at least warrant being shouted out. Or you could the sensible thing and find out why he does, ask him not to, or tell your parents.


Me and my guy friend have lockout (no class) twice. each class is 1 hour and 8 minutes long, so that is about 2 hours and 20 we minutes we have together everyday.. does anyone have any suggestions on things to do? I don't want it to get boring really fast. We can't leave school, and we will work on homework if we have any, but we still have a lot of free time and i dont know what to do during it. any suggestions will help (:

We're 17.

You could take some plain paper and do some sketches, or write stories, or other types of crafts. you could set yourself up a personal project to learn something you really want to that isn't offered by the school. You could take a book and read. If you have access to the internet during this time then your possibilities are limitless.


Hey there i have a laptop and i want to use the recovery disc what does it do?

Also i want to get rid of some of the unwanted programs but i cant do it through the control panel and removing them that way. whats another way of doing it?

Thank will rate high

It's probably not a good idea for you to use the recovery disk if you don't know what it does.

Basically it'll make everything like new. All your files, settings, programmes that you installed yourself, will be gone forever.

Of course this does have the advantage if your system is over-run by malware, but it shouldn't be used if you haven't back all your stuff up first.

As for removing stuff - see if the programmes you want removed have uninstall files. These you can usually run and the progamme with go away. But It's really safer to do things like that via the control panel


Recommend me good books to help me build knowledge, please? I am not very smart so no hard novels like Shakespeare. Thank you!

You could always try the 'for dummies' series, or the 'teach yourself' series. They are very good and easy to understand.



What are some easy dishes to make that doesn't really include specific amounts of ingredients? For example, chicken noodle soup? I can't think of anything right now. Well, thanks a lot!

My favourite is Shnmep and riceables. It's very good for if you're running out of food and need something to keep you going for a while. [Warning, you probably need a large non-stick pan or wok]

Basically, you take most of what's in your cupboards and frige, sling it all in a pan and let it heat up. Then you put rice on following the instructions on the packet and put in any veggies you have that need to be boiled, like carrots.

Personally, I put in coarned beef, tomatoe soup, chopped tomotoes, hot dogs, cheese, ham, pak choi, mushrooms, spam and leaks.

You can season it with whatever you want as well, I tend to use a lot of worcestershire sauce and herbs.


Sorry if it's not in the right category.
For my theatre program I'm in, my music director taught us a warm-up that goes (and this spelling might be wrong): pamininy pamininy pamininy po, bully bully bully bully bully bully bah, digeree digeree digeree do, hamininee hamininee hamininee hah. If anyone knows the song, the show its from, or who wrote it that would be beyond spectacular, but if not does anyone know of any way I can search the internet or a lyrics site with just knowing some of the words. thank you so much!

It's probably not from anything. Most warm-up songs/ chants are made up to get one to practice diction, vocalization, projection and breathing. This seems like quite a good one actually.

As for the search, usually you can put a line followed by 'lyrics' into any search engin and get some results back.


Which books can I best learn psychology/sociology terms? I want to take this Human Behavior class next year and now get a jump start.

There are an awful lot of text book for this kind of study. However most of them are very large and expensive. It also depend on what aspect you want to learn the terms for.

I typed 'psychology beginner' into amazon.com and got quite a few useful looking books that didn't seem to expensive [mostly around $20], so you could start there.


I know this sounds really dumb, but I was wondering how to tell if my laptop has a built in microphone? I have a Dell Latitude D610 and I know most laptops have built-in mics, but I don't know if mine has one. I've tried recording stuff but the computer didn't pick up on any noise.
Thanks so much in advance :)

Well, I did a quick internet search and it seems that no, your laptop does not have a built in microphone. However, it does seem to have a microphone socket, which means you could buy an external one if you really wanted.


ok i just got a digital camera and i uploaded some pictures to my computer. I am trying to put some of them on my myspace, but the file size is too big. They say to download a program called "irfanview" to resize the pictures. Im a little doubtful about downloading it because i dont know if it will work and if it will hurt my computer. so my question is, does irfanview work, is it safe, and if not is there another program [BESIDES PAINT] that i can use to resize my images so they will fit on myspace.

The GIMP [http://www.gimp.org/]. It's free and easy to use, though if you do need any help there are tonnes of tutorials, or you can contact me.


How can I track down a person's email? I've exhausted all of the traditional searches, and have no idea where to go next. All responses appreciated, even the sarcastic ones.


Do a websearch for their name and see if it comes up with any forums/ profiles they belong to/ have. You usually have to submit a working e-mail to forums and it may not be hidden.

Also, some IM clients have profiles of people that may have an e-mail address on. Or if you have mutual freinds with them, try and get the info that way.

Hope that helped some.


im vegan. i have no clue how to make tofu. or prepare it. or what to prepare it with. Tips? rate 5's and feedback

Tofu is pressed bean curds. I expect you can make it yourself, but it'd be so much easier just to try and buy it in your local supermarket.

I seem to recall the last time I went to a japanise resturant the put little cubes of tofu in the miso soup and that was really nice.

I think you can fry it in cubes or slices [tofu on toast?], and mix 'raw' tofue cubes with a salad. You can probably stir-fry it as well. Maybe put it in a marinade and fry it.

It's not very nice on it's own though, it's very bland and some can be salty, so it's always best to add some kind of flavouring to it: herbs and spices, garlic, olive oil, marinades. Just experiment with flovours and recipies you know you already like.

Hope that helped some. Happy cooking :)


i've had this bump behind my right ear/on the back of my head for a really long time. i'd say a few years. the thing is, it hasn't gotten any bigger, it's hard, but stayed the same size & it's actually pretty small. it doesn't hurt when i touch it er anything. do you think it's something serious?? any ideas on what it could be??


I had something simmilar about a year back, but it went away in about a week. The next time I went to my doctor I mentioned it and she said it was probably just a gland getting a bit blocked and swelling, so not to worry. But since you say you've had yours a while, I'd go and see a doctor about it.


I'm 17 and I'm going for my first job interview. I've never been employed before. It's for a big store that I usually shop at, and I'm very nervous. Does anyone know what kind of questions the interviewer will ask me? What kind of clothing should I wear to the interview? I don't want to seem desperate & I don't want to say anything wrong.

Look smart.

As far as I'm concerned, being yourself is alright, but when you answer questions make sure you anwers as them positivly as you can whilst still being honest.

Usually interviewers will ask why you want the job, if you've ever done anything simmilar. If you hand them a CV they might ask questions related to that, like why did you chose to do xyz course, or why you like any of the hobbies you've put. I've always found that interviewers like to get a feel for the type of person you are, if you're reliable and what motivates you.

Sometimes the interviewer will show you the sort of stuff you'll be doing and ask to see you do it. Thats really mean I know, but it gives them an idea of how you cope under pressure as well as how suitable you are, so try and play it cool.

Try to relax, and be confident in yourself and what you can do, and always try to make eye contact when you're speaking directly, face to face.

Good luck!


I ordered a ring tone from mediaplazza.com if that matters but it just sent me a wedsite to go to and it said 1. In the principal menu of your mobile, select "Wap", "internet", OR "Internet service".
2. Select "Enter URL", "Enter adress", "Links" OR "favourites".

well i have a cingular x427m
and i was wondering how i get to the principle menu of my mobile.

thanks ♥

The principal menu of your phone would be the one that comes up when you press the 'menu' option on your phone.

For example, I have an LG KG225. At the bottom of my screen I have two options 'menu' and 'messages'. I can select the 'menu' option by pressing the button on my keypad that is directly under the 'menu' option. Once I've pressed this, I get a load of icons on my screen that I can scroll bewteen and select. Some phones just have a text menu to do this. Beacuse my phone is operated by T-Mobile, I would chose 'T-Zones' to access the internet.

You should be able to follow a simmilar path to my example. If you are still confused, you should probably go to http://www.starbatteries.com/sasgciowmaus3.html which has a downloadable pdf version of the manual for your phone.


well i'm not to good with computers, but i know a little about them. i have a farely new computer (maybe 2 years old if that) and i just started noticing a problem with it displaying pictures. i have only noticed it on myspace. i have two animations on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/musicxdance if you want to look) they are a picture slideshow, and the little picture that shows the title and artist of the song playing and lets you play and pause the music. both of those animations show up at red X's on my computer, but they show up fine and work on my sister's computer and my family's computer downstairs. so i think it has something to do with the internet on my computer but i don't know how to fix this and it is really starting to bother me

if you need to contact me further please e-mail me at nobodys_listening_xx@yahoo.com

It probably depends on what browser you're using. Since you can't get Flash 8, I wonder if you're using firefox because it does have some issues with flash 8 I think.

Or it could be that someone has fiddled with your settings. You should be able look atthe prefrences in your browser and check that what version of flash you have and if it's activated.

Hope that helps some :)


I have this project for my summer algebra class and part of it is using a graphing calculator, the TI-83 plus. We have to graph the flag of a mathmetician (I have the Netherlands). We have to use the draw program and I don't know how to shade it so that one of the stripes is lighter than the other. If anyone knows how to use the draw program and knows how to shade (its not in the shade section, you have to type something but i cant seem to figure it out). I have checked the manual and it talks somethinga bout patres but I don't understand.

Well I found a couple of help sites on Google, but since I don't really know what you're doing I can't give you any specific help. Have you tried asking any of your fellow students or your teacher for help?

Some of the sites I found:
http://www.atomiclearning.co.uk/ti_84 [you have to subscribe to this site, but it was the best I found]

Hope this helps some :)


ok well, this is kind of a retarded question but ill rate 5's for honest answers.

so i was talking to my friend bob on the phone and he told me to three way my bf mike and so pretty much they did ALL the talking and left me out of everything. then I was like "well, im leaving" and hung up. then mike called back and was all like "hey whats up? when you hung up it hung up on both of us so ya" and then i was like "call him back" and he was like "i dont want to" then bob called on the other line and mike was like "ok thats him" and then we said goodbye to eachother. now its been about 15 minutes now and i miss him and i want to talk to him but at the same time i dont want to let my guard down. as you can see im a very stubern person. anywho should i call him back or let him talk to bob? and also sometimes i feel as if im the only one that cares about "us" and i want to talk to him about it but i dont know how...any sugestions??? thnks sooo much!

Humm, I've had this a couple of times myself. I personally think it gets easier as you get older. But what I do is think 'Well, I know he wants to talk to the other guy, so I'm going to go re-arrange my books/ re-design my website/ go for a walk [etc] for an hour or so and then when I come back I'll call him and make him pay attention to me.'

If you ever got into that sort of situation again, then you should try asserting yourself in the conversation. For example, if my boy and someone else are talking about, say, computer games, I wait for a break in the conversation and interject with something like, 'oh that game reminds me of a book a read, it was a really cool book'. Or try asking a question about said game or something related like graphics cards.

As for the whole talking about 'us' thing. Find a time when you can be alone in a relaxing place, and broach your fears and explain your feelings. I know that guys tend to not care as much as girls do, but it's still a good idea to try and get him to understand. However, it's always been my experience that he'll either say 'I don't know what you're talking about, we're fine' in which case it might be a good idea to relax and trust he's right, or he'll say 'yeah I see what you mean/ I've been feeling like that too/ I'm sorry' sort of thing, in which case it's probably a good idea to talk about it and suggest ways that he can make you feel better or that you can get to spend moretime together or something.

I hope some of this has helped :) [And good luck ;)]



i am a student of india and i want to seek a master in computers specializes in software
in ENGLAND. actually i am not sure which course is best as for as my future i.e internet or in software so i am in confusion so please help me
out please suggest me which is the best 10 universities in england for computers study and also which is the best course or module that has best job oppertunites

Well I can straight away that Reading university is one of the top ten for do anything involved in computer sciences, physics and pure maths.

However, any more than that I don't really know. You would be better of going to http://www.ucas.com - the website for our Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. There you should be able to do a search for a range of courses in your chosen field and then look up those universities websites, or at least get contact details for a Dean of Admisions to write to and request more details about the university.
I think that there are also other places on the net [for example, broadsheet newspapers Like the Observer and Independent, or The National Union of Students] that may offer more impartial advice as to which Unis are better than others.

I hope this helps :)


I've never snogged anyone before and I really dont know how to do it.I go out with someone and I really want to snog him. Can u give me any tips on how to snog boys.Please??????????????????????
(Im a fifteen year old girl)

Well, it depends on your definition of a snog. Do you mean a French Kiss [full mouth on mouth with tongues] or just full on mouth-to-mouth?

Well, I guess my tips could apply to either. I personally think it's something you need to build up to, ie start with little kisses then give yoour partner some clues that you want to get a bit more full-on by opening your mouth wider. Hopefully he'll get the drift and follow suit.

That pretty much all there is to it. It's something that only really take practice. Good job most of the practice is pleasent ;) But don't forget, he may not get it right away and you'll probably have some fumbles, but don't worry, that can be almost as much fun :)

Of course, since you're only 15, I have to say this - don't let it get any furthur than the kissing. You arn't leagal anywhere other than France that I know of. And if you really have to break the law, make sure you're protected!


I'm interested in making a website. This website will be made for a certain company.

My dance studio is interested in creating a website to host information on it. How can I go about making one? It needs to be absolutely free. And preferably no ads.

I need something that will help make it look professional.

*websites teaching me how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Well, there are loads of free servers, however to keep them free most have a ton of adverts, so really it's just a case of searching. However if you want a domain name rather than a subdomain [ie, myname.com rather than myname.freeserver.com] it's going to cost you. 123-reg.com has the chepest I've seen - around 25p for a .com for a year.

As for learning html, xhtml and css, I recomend http://www.w3schools.com/. There are also loads of tutorials out there helping you learn how to make really basic sites, and help you learn about web design.

To get you started:
http://druidx.co.uk/blogs/index.php/Prose?cat=35 - some tutorials
http://www.csszengarden.com/ - some sample sites made only with css. Good for getting ideas
http://www.phoenity.com/newtedge/ - have to do stuff with css
http://spacefem.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12274 - a basic website tutorial


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