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hi this is reiley im 10 years old and i give great advice!

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my friend wrote this in an advice collum ----

I have a friend and she is one of my best friends but lately she has been so concentrated on boys.....boys other than her boyfriend. She wears clothes than aren't meant for her to wear (shorts skirts and waaaaay to low pants) We have known eachother for a reeeeeeeally long time and we are best friends but she seems.....distant and we fight a lot over stupid things. Sometimes she gets annoying because she goes out with a boy and then doesn't like him the next day.....! Some of her other friends agree too. So what do I do to get her to realize hoe she is acting witout her getting mad at me?

what do i do if my friends think of me like that!?!?

well maybe you should try to hang out with other people and if she still does it than shes not really a true friend unless she comes begging back then make a decision you think will be best for the both of you


this uy asked me and my friend is going out with him what should i do


well you should tell you friend that he asked you out and see what she does then maybe she will break up with him but dont tell her to break up with him let her make her own decision


this guys at my school is so cute and funny and really awsome and nice, and i really like him.we're like best friends and people think he likes me which is great cuz i like him so we cold hook up or something...anyways the problem is i don't know how to tell him how i feel because i'm afraid he'll react badly to the situation and get all weird with can i make sure none of that will happen and still know if he likes me?

well what i would do is ask to talk to him in private and ask him not to freak out and tell that you like him and say that you think he likes you because everyone says he does


ummm my friend is kinda rude and she ignores me and my other friend all the time and i dont know what to do

sincerly bummed out

well try talking to her and if she still ignores you and your friend shes not a friend you want to be with if she ignores you guys


Hi rEiLeY!ThIs Is ArLa! GooD lUcK w uR sIte :) LovE yOu LoTs .:*aRLa*:.

thanks i love you toooooo i cant wait to see you again byeeeeee .:*rEiLeY*:.


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