My name is Holly, I'm 15 years old, and I currently live in HollyWood California, kind of ironic, eh? I'm a very sociable person so I'd like to meet as many people as possible, the more the merrier - just as long as you're respectful and nice!
I'm a very honest, kind-hearted, sweet person who likes helping others, learning new things, giving back and being able to relate to others. I consider myself understanding, passionate, sensible, dedicated, easy to get along with and a good listener = ].
Rude, mean & conceited people. Fakes, lies, back-stabbers, hatred, discrimination and war.
* chewing gum.
* music.
* dressing in sweat pants and a hoodiee.
* make-up.
* when people need my advice.
* my family & friends.
* any kind of neon color.
* any kind of dancing.
* I like to lay on the carpet and play board games.
* being silly.
* eyeliner
* perfumes.
* party time.
* singing
* long lasting relationships.

total picture whore

I am great with fashion and make-up questions. I know a ton about both. I help out with my sister at Sephora - it is an awesome make-up store. I do know a lot about it, so feel free to ask me anything on both subjects, I'm sure I can help out in some way = ].

I will give you my best and honest answer, when helping you out. Please feel free at any time to leave something in my inbox, I know I'm new here, but I can help. I have had 2 different adivce columns on 2 different sites, I'm here to help!!
ASHllYN_FAME is my bestfriend :D.


Is it slutty to give your boyfriend a hand job and letting him finger you when you're only 13?

In my opinion, yes, because you have no idea what you are getting into and you need to understand more about the situation before going that far. But I also know some 13 year olds who have done more then that. You need to slow down and start acting like a kid again, don't grow up too fast. And if you keep doing what your doing, soon you will regret it.
//X0 H0LLY


im going to six flags/hurricane harbor on friday in chicago. its going to be hot out so im planning on wearing my swimming suit, but i was just wondering what to wear over that..i was thinking soffees? but idk, ive never been there before. also, do you wear flip flops or tennis shoes to a place like that? thanks in advance for everything!

I think the bathing suit idea is good. Maybe just a t-shirt over that. Flip flops will be fine too.
Have fun and wear sun block :D.
//X0 H0LLY


can you give me a few ways to start conversation?

-starting it

how can you talk to someone thats walking?
[i see people i would like to talk to but they're walking =\]

You can go up to them, or walk next to them and say something like "I love your shirt, where did you get it?" Or "Really cute shoes, what store did you get them from?" and so on. Try not to ask questions with yes or no answers. You just have to be confident and friendly.
Good luck, and if you need anymore help don't be afriad to ask!
//X0 H0LLY


whats the difference between phone sex oral sex and normal? please help i am soo confused

Well there is a big difference in all three. Phone sex is having sex over the phone, talking sexual to someone over the phone. Oral sex is doing sexual things with your mouth, including blowjobs. Normal sex is actually having sex, the real deal.
I hope this helps you.
//X0 H0LLY


How do you apply eye shadow. Well like I know it's just does it go from darker to lighter or the other way around? Thanks so much. I'm sorry if I worded in weird.

Well it really depeands on the look you want. I usually do it from light to dark. But it can go anyway you want it. There is no right or wrong way.
//X0 H0LLY


You have really pretty eyes and hair...haha sorry I'm just really strange like that but I think you do.

Aw thanks!
//X0 H0LLY


Does Bare Minerals work good?
Is it worth paying $60 every two months?

It does work extrememly well. But you don't have to pay 60$ every 2 months to get it. Wal-mart sells it, but with a different name, I think it's called Bare Escentuals. Sephora also sells it, just ask the employees and they can help you find it, the name is also Bare Escentuals. Or you can look online at sephora.com.
Good luck!
//X0 H0LLY


You wear makeup & it looks.. in plain words AMAZING.

How do I put on make up. Odd question I know, but my mom doesn't wear it, so it would be pointless to ask her for help. I don't know how to pick it out nor how to put it on.

I'm not even sure of what colors would go with my eyes.. yes sad I am 15 years old, and don't know how to wear makeup.

I don't need foundation (spelling) I'v been told I have a perfect complection. I just need help on the eyes & the other fun stuff.

I have dark brown hair & this is the hard part.. my eyes change color. They can go from blue to green to brown. Sometimes one is blue & one is green. Can you please help me.. ♥ ♥

Haha thank you. But trust me, it takes awhile for me to put all of my usually make-up on. Here is a site that may help you: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elfshop/looks.asp
When you go on that link, if you look to the far right, it says Alternative looks in red, just click the links under that and it will help you learn how to apply the make-up for the look you want, and what make-up to use.
I love, love, love make-up, so I tend to apply a lot, but only when I'm in the mood for a lot of it.
Here are some color eyeshadows that would fit your eye colors.
Copper, Bronze, Champagne, Golds, Soft Picks, Browns, Beige, Khaki Greens, Royal Blue.

Brown, Apricot, Purple, Plum, Forest Green, Gold, Lime Green, Bright Purple, Sky Blue, Plum, Coffee.

Taupe, Gray, Violet, Purple, Deep Blue, Gold, Brown, Silver, Turquoise, Fuchsia.

And the fun thing about eyeshadow is that you can apply it however you want to! I'm not sure if this helped..so if you need anything else just ask! And I'm sure your friends could also show you and help you.
Don't be afraid to leave me something in my inbox : ].
Good luck!
//X0 H0LLY


What do most people define as "hooking up"?

I define making-out as hooking up. Anything along the lines of making-out and so forth is usually what hooking up means.
//X0 H0LLY


okay, so this is just a simple question. but do a majority of girls shave "down there?" like i'm afraid when it comes to when i become intimate with a man that he'll be turned off if its shaved or not? so, what do most girls do? shave, or not?

I shave "down there". It's not for guys (since I'm not very intimate with them), it's for me. I don't like a jungle in my underwear. I just keep it nice and trimmed. So it's your decision. If you don't want to shave it, then don't. But if you decide to shave it, remember to shave THE WAY THE HAIR GROWS!
Good luck : ].
//X0 H0LLY


do you think that the song "Daughters" by John Mayer is a good father/daughter dance song for the father/daughter dance during a wedding reception?

opinions are much appreciated!! thanks!

Yes, I think that would be a perfect choice. It's really sweet and cute.
Good luck : ].
//X0 H0LLY


my boyfriend is wants to have sex, and, im cosidering it. im 15, am i old enuff? i know about being safe and all, and i dont need to be lecture about how its not right cause the bible says its rong, im not religiouse. i just dont know if im old enuff to be having sex.

If your ready then sure, but to me, if your questioning it, then no you should wait. 15 is pretty young to loose your virginity. Because once you loose it, you never get it back, and it's something you don't take lightly. If both you and your boyfriend are ready for this, then you go ahead, but you are very young. Maybe talk to your mom about it, or think through it with your boyfriend. And remember, condoms do break.
Good luck, make the right choice.
//X0 H0LLY


17/f i was wondering when people usually celebrate their aniversery.. is it the day of your first date or the day the guy officially asked you to be his girlfriend?

I think both would be considered days to celebrate it. But it's up to the couple. I think that the day they officially were a couple is a better day, but they both should decide it.
//X0 H0LLY


ok so i always wear pretty much the same color make-up every day and i really wanna try something new does ne one have suggestions? like what color eye shadows and eyeliners would look good? thanks

i have light brown hair and light green eyes if that helps = ]

For eyeshadows try Brown, Apricot, Purple, Plum, Forest Green, Gold, Lime Green, Bright Purple, Sky Blue, Plum or Coffee. For eyeliner, I think a brown would look nice. I'm not sure what you wear everyday, but those are some tips. If you need anymore, just leave it in my inbox.
//X0 H0LLY


which colour eye shadows suit green eyes?

Brown, Apricot, Purple, Plum, Forest Green, Gold, Lime Green, Bright Purple, Sky Blue. Try our Non Stop Eye Color in Nouveau Neutral & Brightening Eye Liner in Plum or Coffee.
That site can help you a lot.
And you can buy make-up for only a dollar.
//X0 H0LLY


okay. im 14/f.. is it weird for best friends to like cuddle with each other , hug each other,say thta you love them and she like strokes my hand or rubs my back when im upset. she says sh doesnt mean it in a weird way though.. so is that okay?

I guess so. I cuddle with my friends when we sleep. I mean if you don't take in that way then it doesn't mean anything. She is just trying to be a good friend. If it bothers you, then tell her you don't like it.
//X0 H0LLY


why do thongs go up girls butts?
please answer
thank you

It's so it doesn't expose the panty line in tight clothing. Not for a sexual perpuse.
//X0 H0LLY


i'm thinkin aboout being a foreign exchange student but i don't know anything about it! i need all of anything you know about it! please help i'm desperate. i also was wondering if you knew if the programs you go through will check out the family you are going to see and see if they are ok if you know wat i mean?

I'm sorry but I really don't know anything about it. Try looking on peoples pages for they're favorite category and see if they have one that fits your question. Or make your question public.
//X0 H0LLY


I planned on having sex for the first time a few months ago with the amazing guy i was dating. He is 16, im 15. Neither one of us have ever had sex. The time came and we messed around a little (fingering and handjob) and then we tryed to put it in and it didn't fit, like at all. Me and him both were surprised and a little embarressed. Him and i still talk about hang out alot but we only kiss now we have never tryed again. I have been masturbating with a toy alot since then to try and make me loosen up. Do you think that since i have been masturbating alot that it will help us when the time is right?

I'm sure it will fit a lot better now. It should be more loose. But make sure you use protection, and make sure you are absolutely ready for it.
Good luck.
//X0 H0LLY


my name is kelsey and i am 13 years old....ive been a cutter for as long as i was 11 or so. i cut for many reasons...my moms ex....was a mager alcohalic..and one night he cam into my bed room..and he was toaching me in ways i didnt like..i was only 8 years old...and lots of times he would beat my mom..and i waould hear her screams in mybed room...one day it was so bad i had to whatch i didnt no what to do....but the neighbors caled the cops..thank god..and my mom was taken to the hostbital. she was sent to a place so she could recover but she ran away...i had to stay with my grand parents for a week. when my mom left him 3 years ago i was so happy...but i still cut my self becuz i think of how how so many kids get a normal family and have a great child hood.but i dotn get to now.and now she has a new bf i will admit i love him hes very nice but some day i hate him with a pasion..please help me i dont want to cut anmore but i still love the pain....my mother knows i cutshe found out twice but doesn do anything about it...i dont think she loves me....please help me!!!!!

PRAY about it! Nothing else will help as good as praying.


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