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Is the amazon streaming service that comes with prime membership any good? Do they have enough things to make it worthwhile, or do you still have to buy most everything good? And what is the quality like compared to netflix or hulu that I am used to?

Thank you! (link)
This is a difficult question as it depends on the country in which you live, because of licensing. Here in the UK, Amazon's service isn't as good as Netflix, in my opinion. It does of course, depend on what you like to watch. But it's relatively easy to see what is available with Amazon's service. They usually offer a free trial, which I have taken advantage of but I cancelled it within minutes of seeing the limited choice (I should have given it a chance, I know!).

Hello! I have some scrap gold from an estate that I need to sell, but I don't know how to go about it without being cheated. I took it to two pawn shops and they gave me wildly different prices! Does anyone have experience with something like this? Thank you! (link)

You have four sensible options:

1. Go to as many pawn shops as possible and work out what the average price is. Obviously then, go to the highest bidder.

2. If you want to be sure to get the best offer, there is an equation you can use to work out the value of your gold. But this really depends on you knowing what carat (how pure) the gold is. Here is a website that outlines it:

Keep in mind with this approach that you have to leave space for the person who is buying it to make a profit. So get as close as possible to its worth when selling it.

3. Sell it directly to a refinery. They melt the gold down, removing the impurities. This cuts the middle man. But you will have to check if there is one close by.

4. If you are keen to get rid of it and need the money, sell it to the various companies that will now buy gold, you can search the internet for these companies, there are PLENTY. They often give you a low a price as possible because they are looking to make a profit, understandably. But I get from your answer that this isn't the approach you want.

I think the best option would be to calculate the golds worth, and go to as many pawn shops as possible to try and get as close as possible to that.

Good luck!

When do you stick your pinky out when you're drinking? (link)
You never stick your 'pinky' out whilst drinking.

I'm British, and many think that the English will stick their little finger out whilst drinking - No.

Nobody does it, it's pretentious. The tradition comes from the age of Empire. People would eat with their hands, getting grease and sugar on their fingers. Spices were extremely expensive and to prevent the taste from being clouded, people would keep their little finger out to prevent it from being covered with grease, etc. This little finger would then be dipped into the spice, and licked.

Of course, times have moved on since then, as has the need to keep your little finger out. Tuck it in.

Saying that, you are of course free to stick your finger out when drinking tea, or coffee, or beer or whatever. That's an individual's choice. But it's not the norm.

In my experience, the only people who stick their little finger out, are people who think that doing it is right.

Hope this has helped, best wishes.

Hi! I'm thirteen and homeschooled, and I usually get up around 7:30 or 8:00. I know it sounds late to most people, but I haven't really been needing to get up any earlier than that.
But for the next couple of weeks, I will have to get up at 6:00. . . . I'm not used to getting up that much earlier than I usually do.

If you guys have any tips on how to get up earlier, I hope to hear them. Thank you for any advice! (link)

The best thing really is to go to sleep early so you can awake feeling well rested. This of course is much easier said than done though. Here are some tips:

1. Exercise will use up extra energy so you don't lie in bed awake. Don't do it just before you go to bed though. And if you don't exercise often, start of simply, e.g. walking (great with other people or a dog).
2. Don't eat anything heavy before bed
3. Stay away from caffeine 8hours before going to bed. This includes Cola, etc.
4. For about an hour before bed, don't watch television, use a smartphone or go on the computer. The bright lights will make it difficult to sleep when you eventually do. So instead, read a book with the help of a dim bedside lamp.

When it's time to get up, be sure to use an alarm clock. I use 6...yes, 6. I need to get up at 8.05 at the latest. So I put alarms on for 7.40, 7.50, 7.55, 7.57, 8, and 8.05. This sounds crazy, but it works for me (it may not for you).

7.40 gets me awake, so when it is time for 8.05, I'm not completely asleep heavily. Then each one from then, slowly gets me waking up. I keep my 7.55 alarm across my room, so I physically have to get up to switch it off. This is good, because I'm already up and so the temptation to go back to sleep is not as great.

I also never use the snooze button, because I think "I don't need the snooze, I'll switch the alarm off and I'll lie here with my eyes open for a couple minutes." but of course, I end up going back to sleep. That's why I have several alarms.

The best thing really, is the second your alarm goes off, just open your eyes wide, and stretch your body as much as you can. Then jump out of bed and go on with your morning routine. The worst thing is when you decide to lie in bed "awake" for just a "few minutes" because that usually means you will fall asleep and be late.

So anyway, hope this helps, and good luck!

Hey if you're a guy and know anything what so ever about style or watches and you're somewhere between 17 and 23 and think you could help me pick out a good gift for my boyfriend please please help me! (link)
I fit the criteria. Unfortunately, this is a near impossible question to answer.

Each person is different, so their style and taste will vary. Your boyfriend may like plastic, bright coloured watches. He may only like silver, or gold. Or he may be allergic to the chemicals used in leather. And your circumstances will be different - you may have $20 or $2,000 to spend.

My advice is to see what kind of style he likes. Is he a professional? Then a silver or leather watch would suit him, to go with his suit.

Does he play a lot of sport? Then think about something waterproof, and durable.

No point getting him a Rolex if all he does is swim all the time.

Check his existing collection of jewelry etc, and get an idea. Possibly even go "window shopping" and see what catches his eye. This really is the best option to go for.

If he were like me - a 20-something professional who spend most of their time in a suit, I would opt for something silver, or with a black or brown leather strap. I prefer chunkier faces, as opposed to small. But like I say, each person is different.

Good luck, and I hope I helped :)

I am a loving Christian girl and I have always wondered one know how the Bible says in heaven you can't cry simply because you have no reason to cry.....Well I've been wondering....Can you cry tears of joy in heaven? The book says you wont show sadness but what about happy tears? Please tell me what you think the answer is to this question, or give me a few verses to look at that might be helpful. I would REALLY appreciate it! God bless :) (link)
I'm not of your faith, so I'm not speaking as an expert.

But from a "Man on the street" perspective, I can't see why you wouldn't cry tears of joy. Crying is usually reserved as a term for crying out of sadness. And The reference is probably to sadness.

Tears of joy would be very possible I would think.

What can I make at home to make me go pooh? For example laxitives.
Like u know you can mix lemon juice and water? Stuff like that but to make u go to the bathroom if that makes sence
So like what home remidies can I make to drink that works like laxitives?
Thanks (link)
Drinks are difficult, because you usually need fiber, which is found in solid food. Stuff like wholewheat bread, rice, pasta. Apples contain fiber. As do pineapples. Prunes, and prune juice (albeit not to everyone's taste) are good for such a problem.

Search for high fiber foods, for a more exhaustive list.

I have a question for my homework
Does anybody know if the people in Germany trust their goverment or are they suspicious about it? Like, In general?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no one will do your homework for you. That's the point of homework - it allows you to further your knowledge outside of the limits of the classroom.

What you ask is relatively easy to find. Try googling Germany opinion polls, and you will see some info.

My dog is a Whippet and she is 10 years old. Last night she threw up 8 times for no apparent reason. After the 8th time she tried to throw up again but nothing came out anymore. Tonight she just threw up again. She just had a vet appointment last week and everything was fine he said but why is she throwing up all of a sudden? We havent changed her diet in any way that would cause this.. (link)
Only a Vet would know. Call them up, and ask if they think it's anything specific. If not, as to take her in, and get her checked out.

It's the only way you can make sure she is OK.

Good luck!

What does reentry offer in the. uk ? what is it? can u get qualifications from it? ~ UK WOLVERHAMPTON (link)
I've never heard of it, but I searched for it, and it looks like a charity that helps young people get back into the education system. It doesn't look like they teach, or give awards, but instead helps the young people by giving them someone to talk to, support, etc etc.

They do however provide some courses:
-ASDAN awards
-Art Award
-Sports leadership

Here's the website I found - you may wish to contact them directly.

I want a sesh with my friend it incolves alchol and drugs (legal in my countrie) and need some advice on how to make the night a good one we are staying in and just chillaxing but want some drinking games or drug games we can play any ideas i am 25.and responsible for my actions so don't argue with me about the drug thing i kno w things can go wrong but i have friends that will be there if anything goes wrong so yea and tips thanks (link)
First, saying you are a drug user, and wish to play games that involve you taking copious amounts of drugs and alcohol is responsible, makes no sense whatsoever.

Second, I don't really understand what you are saying. Therefore, I cannot help you.

Sometimes I sign up for monthly subscriptions such as Netflix. And occasionally I am charged before I get my next paycheck. Or itunes will charge me 10 days after I make a purchase and I won't have the money for a day or two.

Does this harm my credit?

Also, what's the best place to check your credit for free? (link)
I got a 30day free trial with "creditexpert".

Saying that, I'm from the UK, ant I don't know where you are writing from.

So, im super excited. I just ordered my first home brew kit today!! My boyfriend and I have been talking about brewing our own beer for a few months now and we decided to go ahead and make our first attempt.

We've come up with a few ideas, including (but not limited to) Ginger, sriracha, bacon and maple...and we wanna incorporate alot of different herbs and fruits as well. But after our initial mind explosion of ideas we've hit a bit of a wall.

I dont know if anyone on this site is a beer enthusiast, but if you were going to try an interesting and unusual beer what flavor would you be interested in trying? Any different ideas? (link)
Any fruit will work well, although it's not terribly unusual. Berries will be good.

The you have chocolate, and possible chocolate combo's, e.g. pepper and chocolate, chocolate and mint, chocolate and ginger, etc etc.

One of my favourite beers is flavoured with coriander - the seeds are added during brewing. But I feel the flavour is never strong enough. A real coriander kick would be good!

Saying all of this, I'm not much of a beer drinker. But just think of tasty food combo's - something really simple that you eat everyday may be the key, because as a beer, it would be different.

Good luck!


First off please do not tell me about how it's unhealthy and stuff. I already know this, please answer my question. Thank You :)

I have had an Ecig for about 2 weeks or 3 weeks. At first I would hit it and be fine and stuff. This last week I have been waking up with an upset stomach. I have missed 3 days of school and done 2 half days. I have been on antibiotics for a week or two.

I know the medicine can cause it but normally I do not get upset stomachs from them, i have had these antibiotics before it is to stop a cut on my mouth that the doctors aren't sure why i have but they seem to work so i take them when needed.

Before taking these antibiotics I did not have stomach aches and diarrhea. I have been off the antibiotics for a day now and I still have an upset stomach this morning but have not needed to go to the bathroom yet... just lots of gas.

I also read nicotine overdoses have the symptoms of up upset stomachs so i was wondering if that is what it is too?

Any info is helpful! What can I do?

Also I am going to take a break from the ecig to see what happens to my stomach. (link)
Hi. Firstly on the antibiotics note, only stop if you have finished the course. If you still have some left, contact your doctor. The reason for this, is because there may be some remnants of the illness left, even after you feel OK. So people usually stop taking their antibiotics. The last few pills/doses are enough to fully kill the bacteria that causes the illness. If you don't finish, then it provides an opportunity for growth, and it will be even worse than the first time because it has gained an immunity to the antibiotics you were once taking. So then you will need stronger ones. If you carry on, you could possibly, eventually get a very bad illness that there are no antibiotics for.

Now, onto the ecig! A stomach ache from a nicotine overdose is usually temporary, and fades within an hour, max in my opinion. It's also a sharp, cramp like feeling you usually get. And ecigs (at least the good ones) automatically cut out after a long hit, to stop it from over heating, but also to stop nicotine overdoses.

If you have an upset stomach, accompanied by wind, it may be something else. A bug possibly, something bad you ate, etc. But the best thing would be to go to your doctor again, and tell them that you've got the pains and the gas, but also that you're on the e-cig.

My friend told their doctor that he was on the ecig, and they were surprisingly OK about it - the doctor told him to continue as it's so much better for you than smoking (although it's not completely healthy, of course).

Anyway, once again, as per usual with this type of question, I recommend that you see a doctor as they are a professional that can fully inspect your body to see the problem.

Good luck!

I like text books and doing the questions/exercises in them. Where would I get some free ones? New text books cost a lot of money. (link)
You could check classified sections of newspapers/websites. Ebay may have a whole lot for really cheap.

Also, ask around campus/school, put an advert up if you can, ask friends and family, and check garage/junk sales too.

I fell in love with PSY's pink suit he wears... does anyone know where you can buy it?? (link)
I don't think Psy or many people in that position will wear off the shelf suits, i.e. they don't come already made. He probably has them made for him, in that style which is instantly recognizably with Psy.

You could approach a tailor, although this may be expensive. Alternatively, check ebay, where there are many Korean sellers who may sell something similar, or close.

I have Windows 7 and I wanna check my computer specs to see if my computer can handle Skyrim, how can I do that? (link)
I'm not sure how useful my answer is, as you don't say what specs you wish to find out. But click the windows icon, then right click computer, then click properties.

A window with your computer spec will pop up.

how long is orentation at mcdonalds and is it boring because ive heard its boring as hell !!! (link)
I can't answer how long it will be, but it may well be boring. But that's the price you have to pay sometimes, when it comes to employment!

My niece is 5 years old and she is mixed with hispanic and black. Her hair is very thick, curly,frizzy and no one knows what to do. It won't stay in a hairstyle. We've tried braids and everything. Her hair just curls up and gets frizzy right after it's done. Is a texturizer good or anything else? (link)
She's just a little child. Let it be frizzy - my hair now (21) is different to my hair at 5. It's something that changes with age. So leave the poor child alone, don't pump her with chemicals, and let her be her, instead of giving the impression that the way she looks is more important than how intelligent she is.

I am currently using a Samsung galaxy s2 on the THREE network and as part of my plan i have unlimited data, I was thinking of buying an unlocked Blackberry 9900 and using my THREE sim with it. My question is can i use all of my phones features (web browsing, facebook, twitter) without any data charges? (i am somewhat confused about weather i need blackberry data or indeed fully understand what it is.)

Thank You

Hyde (link)

You will need a BB data plan to get things to work. Without the data plan, it doesn't matter if you have unlimited data. Saying that, it's only £5 a month on THREE (3). It's really worth it, because the BB Data plan means you are able to use BBM and Push Email - the two best things about a BB smartphone. If you don't mind so much about email or BBM, then it's probably best to go for another phone.

So in short, a BB data plan is needed to access the internet (even if it is just twitter, etc).

Hope I helped!

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