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I have been hearing that swimming is a great way to lose weight. I am considering learning to swim but the problem I have is since I am overweight will I be able to float and stay straight in the water like other people do? Also I am 23 years old (link)
Yes, you can learn swimming and it is good for you. It will help you to reduce weight naturally and fast.

I want to add bean bags into my room but I can't find and white one. Does anyone know where I can find cheap ones. My price range is $0-$20 per bean bag. Thanks for the help :) (link)
I think you should check amazon, ebay and etsy for nice quality and good discount.

What would cause chronic pain from head to toe (link)
It may cause due to the diabetes as body pain, Frequent urination, thrust and Surprising weight loss are symptoms of diabetes, you should go for blood sugar test and take good care of the body. Many good Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes are available for best diabetes control.

I have long, frizzy, curly, thick hair. I also have a few split ends. How many times should my hair be conditioned with my hair type? (link)
Do only one time as it may damage your hair, if you use conditioner more.

Ok, so its my little brothers birthday today. We're not that far apart, just about 2 years. He's turning 11 and the only thing he wants is a Pokemon game, but he's already buying himself that with his own $. If I tell him not to buy that, then he'll question. And I seriously can't lie. So can someone please tell what I should buy him! I'm serious, he don't want anything else than that. So can someone tell me a gift that is under 25$ that'll surprise him. None of my family members would help me.

Thank you guys! (link)
Buy any other game like Monster Battle Arena or try to divert his mind.

Hi, I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 20. He loves soccer. He's birthday is coming up and I don't know what I should get him (link)
Gift a nice T-shirt or shoes.

How do I lose weight from my legs? (link)
To lose your weight from legs, play some sports like football, basketball or badminton.

How do I lose weight? (link)
To lose weight you should eat healthy food and exercise daily.

Please what can I use to add more weight
To gain weight you should eat fresh vegetables, fruits, egg and milk daily. Do some basic exercise.

It isn't convenient for me to go to the gym & I am having trouble sticking to a workout routine. I thought maybe it would be easier to stick to a video guide? Looking for suggestions. Workouts that don't exceed around 30 minutes? Is that possible? (link)
Do cycling for 10-20 minutes and play your favorite sport daily. The sports such as Football and basketball are good for health.

Why does basketball is the best sports to make body fit and fine. so should we get Basketball Training? (link)
Basketball is the game involve your whole body parts like eyes, hands, legs and also needs your full concentration. So, it is really good to make body fit and fine.

Is the amazon streaming service that comes with prime membership any good? Do they have enough things to make it worthwhile, or do you still have to buy most everything good? And what is the quality like compared to netflix or hulu that I am used to?

Thank you! (link)
This is a difficult question as it depends on the country in which you live, because of licensing. Here in the UK, Amazon's service isn't as good as Netflix, in my opinion. It does of course, depend on what you like to watch. But it's relatively easy to see what is available with Amazon's service. They usually offer a free trial, which I have taken advantage of but I cancelled it within minutes of seeing the limited choice (I should have given it a chance, I know!).

Hello! I have some scrap gold from an estate that I need to sell, but I don't know how to go about it without being cheated. I took it to two pawn shops and they gave me wildly different prices! Does anyone have experience with something like this? Thank you! (link)

You have four sensible options:

1. Go to as many pawn shops as possible and work out what the average price is. Obviously then, go to the highest bidder.

2. If you want to be sure to get the best offer, there is an equation you can use to work out the value of your gold. But this really depends on you knowing what carat (how pure) the gold is. Here is a website that outlines it:

Keep in mind with this approach that you have to leave space for the person who is buying it to make a profit. So get as close as possible to its worth when selling it.

3. Sell it directly to a refinery. They melt the gold down, removing the impurities. This cuts the middle man. But you will have to check if there is one close by.

4. If you are keen to get rid of it and need the money, sell it to the various companies that will now buy gold, you can search the internet for these companies, there are PLENTY. They often give you a low a price as possible because they are looking to make a profit, understandably. But I get from your answer that this isn't the approach you want.

I think the best option would be to calculate the golds worth, and go to as many pawn shops as possible to try and get as close as possible to that.

Good luck!

When do you stick your pinky out when you're drinking? (link)
You never stick your 'pinky' out whilst drinking.

I'm British, and many think that the English will stick their little finger out whilst drinking - No.

Nobody does it, it's pretentious. The tradition comes from the age of Empire. People would eat with their hands, getting grease and sugar on their fingers. Spices were extremely expensive and to prevent the taste from being clouded, people would keep their little finger out to prevent it from being covered with grease, etc. This little finger would then be dipped into the spice, and licked.

Of course, times have moved on since then, as has the need to keep your little finger out. Tuck it in.

Saying that, you are of course free to stick your finger out when drinking tea, or coffee, or beer or whatever. That's an individual's choice. But it's not the norm.

In my experience, the only people who stick their little finger out, are people who think that doing it is right.

Hope this has helped, best wishes.

Hi.. I'm 19 years old and I've been sexually active for approximately 6 months now. In this 6 months I took the morning after piLl thrice already. I know it's not a form of contraception but my boyfriend hates having sex with a condom and there's no way I can get the pill or be on the injection without my parents tripping. I was just wondering what's the worst that could happen if I keep using the morning after pill this much... Will it affect me trying to fall pregnant in the future? (link)
The morning after pill is the only emergency, in the case if your condom got broken, or something like that, its not an every day pill, no way. Taking it too often (more than once a month) might cause serious metabolical malfunctions. It will barely affect your fertility in general, but might mess up your health which is bad. If your sexual intercourse is regular and you're confident in your partner, then just take contraceptive pills on the regular base. If you dont want your parents to find out, to mess up with the insurance, to run to a planned parenthood, and etc, just order pills online, its a good anonymous solution.

my boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months, he just turned 18 and I'm almost 16. before we had sex we went through all the smaller steps, which was good, and we've had sex a few times now. I'm not on birth control and I've tried to go on it for other reasons but my mom and doctor didn't think it was necessary unless I was sexually active which at the time I wasn't but now I am. we use a condom every time, I wouldn't do it any other way and neither would he. should I be taking a form of the morning after pill or something? I just don't want anything to happen. please any advice helps, thank you! (link)
The morning after pill is the only emergency, in the case if your condom got broken, or something like that, its not an every day pill, no way. If your sexual intercourse is regular and you're confident in your partner, then just take contraceptive pills on the regular base. If you dont want your parents to find out, to mess up with the insurance, to run to a planned parenthood, and etc, just order pills online, its a good anonymous solution.

I just recently began taking birth control because I am becoming sexually active and want to be responsible about my choices. I am 18 years old and on insurance that my mom gets through her job. My doctor told me that because I am now a legal adult I do not need to tell my parents that I am sexually active or on the pill. I am not telling them but it occurred to me that because I am getting the pill through my parents insurance and not planned parenthood that they will probably find out. Does anyone know how this works? I know it will not say what the drug is on a statement but it will list that I am getting something and then the questions will start. How often do insurance companies send out information like this? I would have no problem telling my mom that I'm on the pill if I was in a committed relationship, but because I just have a casual thing I can't tell her. She would never approve of it and would probably never let me out of the house for the rest of the summer. Thank you for your advice! (link)
Yes, you can try to do what you've been adviced in previous post, or you can get pills anonymously, for example, online.

15/f almost 16 I cant see myself waiting another year or so to lose my virginity and I don't even have a boyfriend soon on one hand I thought that would be kind of silly to take bc everyday for something that might just happen once or now and then, but then again im like paranoid of getting pregnant and I know they can help with cramps,mood,and breakouts which is good. I have asked my mom if I could and shes just like no you don't need it its not good for you. she hates prescription drugs and just thinks they are bad overall and she is really stubborn. and we don't have a lot of money so she needs to know that its necessary because in the past I said I wanted it for my horrible cramps and she said no. im very open and mature with her so I don't know if I should just lie and say im already having sex or im going to soon becasuse I don't really see any other way becasuse she doesn't understand and thinks im too young when im very mature and responsible that's why im trying to sit down and talk to her about getting me on bc. so how can I convince her to get me on it? also do not tell me that I can ask my gynecologist for pills im not doing that and im not going to planned parenthood either im broke and have no way of getting there.i don't want to go behind her back we already have trust issues (link)
So, what is your major problem: no trust with your mom to convince her to get pills for you, or lack of money to order them, for example, online which might be anonymous?


I've been having sex more often and I thought the best thing to do was to get on birth control to be safe.
I just feel uncomfortable talking to my parents about it. They've both asked me because I've been with my boyfriend for two years.
I was online scheduling an appointment to see my doctor and my mom was telling me what to fill in. Birth control was on there and she was like, "There's not need for that, you're not having sex right?" I knew that would've been the easiest way to say it but I said no. Then she proceeded on about how I was a good girl and stuff.
So I don't want to tell her because I don't want her to see me as a "bad girl" now.

Anyways, I know I can see my doctor by myself but I'm afraid it'll show up on the insurance. We have Kaiser and I can see my families medical records when I log on so I'm afraid that if I go, they'll see mine too. Is that the case? What should I do? (link)
Did you find the way to get your pills already or still didnt?

Hi! I'm thirteen and homeschooled, and I usually get up around 7:30 or 8:00. I know it sounds late to most people, but I haven't really been needing to get up any earlier than that.
But for the next couple of weeks, I will have to get up at 6:00. . . . I'm not used to getting up that much earlier than I usually do.

If you guys have any tips on how to get up earlier, I hope to hear them. Thank you for any advice! (link)

The best thing really is to go to sleep early so you can awake feeling well rested. This of course is much easier said than done though. Here are some tips:

1. Exercise will use up extra energy so you don't lie in bed awake. Don't do it just before you go to bed though. And if you don't exercise often, start of simply, e.g. walking (great with other people or a dog).
2. Don't eat anything heavy before bed
3. Stay away from caffeine 8hours before going to bed. This includes Cola, etc.
4. For about an hour before bed, don't watch television, use a smartphone or go on the computer. The bright lights will make it difficult to sleep when you eventually do. So instead, read a book with the help of a dim bedside lamp.

When it's time to get up, be sure to use an alarm clock. I use 6...yes, 6. I need to get up at 8.05 at the latest. So I put alarms on for 7.40, 7.50, 7.55, 7.57, 8, and 8.05. This sounds crazy, but it works for me (it may not for you).

7.40 gets me awake, so when it is time for 8.05, I'm not completely asleep heavily. Then each one from then, slowly gets me waking up. I keep my 7.55 alarm across my room, so I physically have to get up to switch it off. This is good, because I'm already up and so the temptation to go back to sleep is not as great.

I also never use the snooze button, because I think "I don't need the snooze, I'll switch the alarm off and I'll lie here with my eyes open for a couple minutes." but of course, I end up going back to sleep. That's why I have several alarms.

The best thing really, is the second your alarm goes off, just open your eyes wide, and stretch your body as much as you can. Then jump out of bed and go on with your morning routine. The worst thing is when you decide to lie in bed "awake" for just a "few minutes" because that usually means you will fall asleep and be late.

So anyway, hope this helps, and good luck!

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