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hey everyone!
so i like this guy, and i think (not sure) if he likes me! i want to ask him out (yes, i am sure baout this)! so, i was thinking before asking him out i would say, "hey, if i asked you out, would you go out with me?" if positive, i'll ask him out.

however, if he says no, what are some good responses? also, cute ways to ask him out are good too, the more As the better!

thanks so much! xoxo hallagal

additional info: we're in middle school (i know its young, its a lighthearted relationship) (link)
There really isn't a good comeback to that, if you want to make it look like you're not interested.

My advice is to simply ask if he wants to do something out of school, e.g. go to get a bite to eat, watch a movie, etc. That way, if he says no, you can just make it look like you asked him as a friend. If he says yes, you can use that as a way to let him know you're interested.

But if you want to do the whole "if I asked you out..." thing, he's going to know that you're interested. Even if he says no, he will know. There are of course positives to that, because he know for sure that you like him. It can also make it awkward however, if he says no.

Hi everyone. I started junior high awhile ago and I just... I don't like my body! This guy (He has gone to school with me since 2nd grade; I was skinny, then fat, then now i'm a little heavy) always says immature things like "Miss Piggy" and all this crap. I'm getting tired of it!

Anyways, I just dislike my body. Not because people call me heavy, but i'm just not happy.

The whole "diet" thing doesn't work well with me. But I don't eat like a chocolate bar everyday or anything. I actually probably eat one every month. I know I should be on a diet, but I just think excersizing would be easier(believe it or not).

So i've been doing about 40 or 50 sit ups everyday but I don't think it's enough! I think I should do something else but I don't know what to do. Please don't say for me to do less or anything. I just... I need an excersize plan!

Thank you so very much and take care. Sorry if this was long! (link)

Firstly, you should tell a teacher or your parents if you are being bullied at school. That fellow is clearly an immature idiot, and so that would be the best thing to do.

In regards to diet, it's very important. Weight loss depends on both diet and exercise. 80% diet, and 20% exercise. So although exercise is very important, diet is too.

Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Also have some protein (chicken, turkey, beef, fish, lamb, pork, eggs, tofu, beans, etc). Reach for wholegrain carbohydrates rather than white, processed stuff (pasta, rice, bread, etc). Keep fat to a minimum. When you do, stick to healthy fats such as fatty fish such as salmon, and olive oil. Avoid junk food, fizzy, sweetened drinks, etc. Drink water when you feel thirsty. If you crave a snack, then have a glass of water first. The brain doesn't really understand the difference between feeling peckish and thirst.

In regards to exercise, you want to do plenty of cardio. This is anything that involves sweating. Doing sit ups won't make a difference if you have a layer of fat covering your mid-section. You want to get rid of the fat first, then tone the muscles. Do around 30 minutes of exercise a day if you can. Stuff like jogging, walking, running, walking the dog, riding a bike, swimming, etc. Don't do weight training as your body is still growing. Your bones can become deformed if you do weight training whilst still growing.

Because you're so young, you're still growing. This means that you must not starve your body of nutrients, and you musn't work out TOO hard. Just use common sense. 30 minutes of exercise is the recommended amount for people. And eating a healthy diet is just common sense. Just try to be as healthy as you can. And don't starve your body, or work it too hard, as you still need to grow.

So just use common sense.

Good luck!

Is it stupid for me to be irritated with myself that i still haven't lost my virginity at 18? I've only had one boyfriend, 2 years ago..And I'm slightly ashamed of that..not about not having sex yet, but It's irritating to me because I want to lose my virginity. Not just to some random guy, I want to find a guy and be in a relationship with him and have sex with him..I know it's not something you're just suppose to give away, but I've been wanting to have sex for suchhh a long time. It's like i'm sexually frustrated even though i've never done it before. I feel like masturbation is definitely not cutting it, or not getting the job done i should say. thats probably tmi but yeah...idk what im asking really. just want some advice.
-18 female (link)
This is perfectly normal, and admirable! A lot people are like rabbits: doing it like crazy for the heck of it. It takes something very special to control yourself.

Now, if you are looking for a boyfriend with whom you can share your life, then there are a couple things you can do:

1. Go out and meet new people. Go out with friends, take up hobbies you enjoy, generally socialize etc, etc. You will find people you have something in common with, and that's a great basis to a relationship.

2. Ask friends if they know anyone that is single, and whether they'd be interested in going out.

Don't appear to be a sex starved maniac. You want to get to know the person as a human being first. Then, when you are both ready, you can take it to the next step.

Good luck!

I just adopted a year old cat from the humane society and took her to a free exam at a local vet.

She's completely healthy but the vet said I should bring in a fecal sample to test for internal parasites.

He really scared me with all the talk of how they can harm humans. But they're really expensive and with buying the cat and all her things I can't really afford that this month.

I would like some advice from experienced pet owners, please.

Do you have your cat tested for internal parasites even if they're completely healthy?

Are they THAT big of a threat to humans as long as you wash your hands after cleaning the litter box and before you eat?

I mean, people had house cats ALL THE TIME before things like internal parasite testing existed and I've never heard of the great blinding epidemic from house cats..

I'm worried... but I really can't afford it this month.


I'm going to address your question in points:

1. Of course you should test your pet for internal parasites, as although the animal may look healthy from the outside, you never know what is going on inside. Of course some pet owners will say that they've never had their pet tested and it's been alive for as long as they can remember. That's just irresponsible.

2. They are a threat. Some forms of media claim that some parasites can cause schizophrenia in humans. But of course different parasites have different effects. According to a study, cat parasites infect 350,000 people every year just in Britain!

3. Of course people have had house cats for many years before such technology became available to test for parasites. But people also only lived to 30 (if you were lucky) at one point.

And it's not only dangerous to humans. It can severely affect the cat, and parasites can kill them. That's more important than making sure it doesn't spread. Because if you can nip it in the bud by testing early, then you're okay.

Some parasites can also travel between any warm blooded animals.

So, you should ask your vet if they have some sort of payment plan. Get it tested as soon as possible, because it's the responsible thing to do.

Animals are very expensive things, and if you find yourself struggling, it may be the best option to re-home the cat so that it can live comfortably.

But of course, speak to your vet as soon as possible, and ask their advice. Going an extra few days won't be a huge problem. Just ask them if it would be okay to wait, and if not, whether they have a payment scheme whereby you pay a little amount every so often. I'm sure they will understand, because everyone finds them selves short of a few pennies before payday.

I always get cracks on my thumb nails. LIke on the outside about a forth of the way from the tip of my nail, there are horizontal cracks that go through my entire nail. This is constantly happening and if they break, they are really short and really hurt. So I was wondering if there's any way to patch these up so it can grow out without breaking. I've tried putting cheap drugstore fake nails over them to protect them, but I have really long nail beds so drugstore fake nails are too short. I've also tried super glue and a tiny bit of toilet paper as a makeshift patch but this is unsightly and doesn't hold very well. I'm looking for an actual product that was meant for this purpose. I tried searching "nail patches" on google but just found nail art patches which is not really what I'm looking for. Thanks (link)
What you need to do is to have plenty of protein. I know this isn't going to help your nails straight away, but of your nails are brittle, it could be because of a lack of protein in your diet.

A trip to the doctors will confirm this. But protein is found in beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, eggs, fish, tofu, imitation meat, beans, yogurt, etc.

Hair and nails are made of protein, and so making sure you have plenty of the stuff in your diet will help.

You can also buy hair and nail strengthening supplements in your local health food store.

Hello, I'm studying in England and doing Psychology and Criminology. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I loved Psychology and I thought Criminology would be interesting and good to add to it.

Anyway, in the first year we had a counselling class and I rather enjoyed it, but now I don't do any counselling classes, just basic Psychology and the foundations to Criminology. I was planning on being a therapist, getting a Masters in Psychology etc etc, but now I see I don't have a counselling class any more, is that going to cause me a problem?

I think I can swap over easily enough because the first year didn't count for anything apprently, and since Psychology is my core subject they don't mind (unlike Criminology where I wouldn't have any common knowledge) Somebody who maybe is in the field, or understands how jobs work could you please help?

Thank you x (link)

Adviceman49 has hit the nail on the head really. I can't add much to it. But here are a couple things you can do:

- I'm from England too. Try popping in to your local connexions centre if you have one. Either that, or see your careers adviser. 'Next step' is the name of the service for 19+. It's just like connexions, and I have to say, they have been SO useful and friendly towards me. Even when you're down, they're willing to spend hours with you to help you, and make a plan.

- Check . It's a great website about university study, careers, etc.

Good luck!

Male/17. I have never had sex and have never done illegal drugs. I went to urinate a little while ago and it had a slight burning sensation, after that I took a look at the hole, and pulled out a small sample of white goo. It's a little thicker than semen. I usually would mastrabate once or twice a day. But I stopped for a few days then mastrabated about 7 times yesterday. I did not mastrabate today at all. I'm worried that there might be some infection or rare STD being transmitted without sex or drugs. The ONLY sexual activity I have done is mastrabation. What is this goo? And what should I do? I don't wanna tell my mom, and I'm scared to pee now. This has never happened to me before. I shower daily, all I've had to drink today was one can of ginger ale and a lot of water. I don't want any problems with my area down there. (link)
"I'm worried that there might be some infection or rare STD being transmitted without sex or drugs"

- By definition, it is no longer a sexually transmitted disease. The "S" in STD stands for "sexually", and so if you haven't been having sex, it's probably not an STD or STI.

It sounds like an infection. But the only way to tell is by visiting a doctor. It may seem embarrassing, but it's the only way to know what it is, and to be sure. For all you know, it could be something VERY serious. Only a doctor knows.

Doctors are medically trained professionals. They don't judge you. They have spent a lot of time and money learning how to help people. They've seen MUCH worse, and they've probably seen more penises than you can imagine. So call your family doctor as soon as possible to get it treated!

Good luck.

I am a 14 year old girl born in may and i am a freshman. i am about "5.2 or "5.3 and i am probably 115 lbs. i am all muscle and im lean. i have A32 breasts and i started my period when i was 12 in February of 7th grade. my dad is "6 ft. and my mom is about "5.2 i was wondering when i will most likely stop growing according to all of that info? and how tall will i most likely be?? my feet have stopped growing and i am a 7.5 shoe size.thanks! (link)
Unfortunately, there is no way to tell really. You just have to wait for your body to stop growing when it does. I stopped growing when I was 16, but even then I was 6ft 1.

Your body usually stops growing around 18-21.

You can have a test done with the doctor. They do x-rays (I think) and measure how much space there is in between your bones. But you will be exposed to rays and it can be very costly, especially considering that it's quite unnecessary as all you need is a bit of patience.

Everybody is different, and different parts develop and grow at different rates.

So just wait and see! The surprise and wait is all a part of growing up.

so im a virgin and my boyfriend is a virgin but we have fooled around. we have been together for almost two years and i just found a bump on my vagina. is there something wrong. do i have something. i have polysystic ovarion syndrome but i dont know if its from that. should i be worried. should i go to the doctor. if so what doctor? (link)
It really depends on what kind of lump, where, size, etc.

But of course, going to the doctor is the best option.

You should book an appointment with your gynaecologist or with your family doctor as soon as possible. Your family doctor may be able to refer you.

Good luck

can you get pregnant by fingering your self & making out a lot?!?!?!? (link)
No, of course you can't.

You only become pregnant by sperm entering your vagina. Sperm is released by a penis, both during and after sex.

Fingering yourself and making out do not increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant.

Like a narrator?

Is this a compliment? Does this mean my voice turns him on or something? Or it's nothing? Apparently it's something to do with my accent, cause I've lived in various places around the world and he's only lived in the midwest. cause I was joking around and pretended to narrate something IRL
Don't read too much into it.

It just means your voice is soothing.

Soothing - present participle of soothe (Verb)
Gently calm (a person or their feelings).
Reduce pain or discomfort in (a part of the body).

i did'nt had intercourse with my love but i just touched my penis near her vagina & some fluid came out from her vaginal part which touched to my there is any chance to get pregnant??it happened after last day of her much % chance of getting her pregnant..plz tell me how should i stop this contraceptive pills...within how many days..should start giving her pills..
does pills have any side effect.. plz tell me.. (link)
I think you've asked a similar question.

What pills are you thinking? Birth control? You shouldn't give her any old pills. You need to check with the certain specific pills. And I'm not sure what country you are from, and so it depends on what contraceptives (brands) are available to you.

The best thing you can do is to ask her to take a couple pregnancy tests, two weeks after the incident. She may not even be pregnant, so you seriously need to calm down.

It's improbable that she is, but there's no harm in being sure.

So calm down. See a doctor if you must, for relevant contraception. Side effects depend on the pill.

That's all the help I can be.

Hi i had sex with my gf for the first time about a month ago we weren't protected but i pulled out extra earl so wouldent get her preggo she took a test about 2 weeks later to she if she was preggo and it came back negative we had sex after that but protected this time this was about to weeks ago. she was taking BCP, she was complaining of head aches like 2 weeks ago and today she said she didnt feel good, and that she was late on her period, is it possible that she got pregnant even though she was taking the pills and i pulled out early. i also read that after being on birth control for a while can screw up your period is that true? and maybe she just didnt feel good or nerves from missing her period. if she pregnant her parents will kill me, whats the best thing to do? (link)
The best thing to do? Firstly, educate yourself.

The pulling out method doesn't work. The penis releases pre-cum, which is a natural lubricant. This lubricant contains sperm. And so she can still become pregnant, even if you pull out.

So now, the symptoms. She could just be getting these because of the birth control, and also because of stress.

The best thing she can do is to do a few pregnancy tests. So if one isn't working properly, she has a few. And don't buy $1 pregnancy tests. Buy the best you can afford.

But if she is still worried, she should see a doctor. It's illegal for the doctor to tell her parents, or anyone else for that matter. And so she shouldn't be worried.

So yes. For next time, please use protection - for your sake.

Good luck!

How to tell someone you want to have sex with them? (link)
It depends. Is this a girlfriend/boyfriend? Or a complete stranger?

Girlfriend/Boyfriend:- You speak to them. Tell them that you are ready, and just wanted to put that out there. Explain that of course you will wait until they are ready. Just discuss it. DO NOT force them if they are not ready, or if they don't want to. That's rape, and you can be sent to prison.

Stranger:- You don't just walk up to a stranger and tell them you want to have sex with them. If you like them, ask them out. Get to know them. Build a relationship of some sort, and then go ahead with the above.

i did'nt had intercourse with my love but i just touched my penis near her vagina & some fluid came out from her vaginal part which touched to my there is any chance to get pregnant??it happened after last day of her much % chance of getting her pregnant..plz tell me how should i stop this contraceptive pills...within how many days..should start giving her pills..
does pills have any side effect.. plz tell me.. (link)
Yes there is. The penis releases 'pre-cum', a natural lubricant that contains sperm. And only 1 sperm cell is needed to become pregnant. So if 1 got in, she could in theory become pregnant.

Ask her to take a couple pregnancy test 2 weeks afte rthe incident.

Next time, wear a condom, or leave your clothes on.

This is really embarrassing & I'm not totally sure how I can describe this, but I'll give it a shot. There's something wrong with the small patch of skin between my breasts. It's gross. I'm not quite sure how to describe it but I suppose the best way I can put this is that is basically looks dirty. it's darker than any of the rest of my torso (& no, it doesn't just appear that way because of a shadow or tan). It's even kind of almost wrinkly-looking. It's NOT dirty because due to this issue, if anything, I scrub that area harder & pay more attention to it than the rest of my entire body when I shower, but it's been the same way for years now. It's really embarrassing; mind you, I don't even have to wear something slutty for it to show -- I have to make sure any top I wear shows NO cleavage, because even if you could see just the very top, it looks gross. Kind of the way that area would look on a much older woman or one with larger boobs, but I'm young & only a B-cup, so I don't understand what this could be... does anyone know what it could be? Or what I could do about it? (Scrubbing and exfoliating does NOTHING).
As you might be able to guess, it's kind of hard to ask about this because of the area, it's embarrassing, I can't exactly show you any pictures, & needless to say, Googling "dirty cleavage" wouldn't bring up the results I would hope for. :/ (link)
This could be a number of issues. My best advice is to see a doctor. It could be some sort of treatable skin issue, such as an allergy or pigment problem. So seeing a doctor would be helpful. Don't be embarrassed - doctors are medically trained professionals who have more boobs than you an imagine, and have seen much worse than this. So definitely see a doctor.

In the mean time, darker skin can sometimes be a cause of a lack of Vitamin K. You can take supplements, or have dark leafy greens such as kale, which are good sources. Google "vitamin k sources" for more.

Hope I helped! :)

so I bought my fist glasse and I was wearing it in school only when I was at grade 6
and now I got more blind so I should wear it all the day ,but when I wear it all the day my eye
I have wrinkles under my eye and it's black (grey)
and I decied to have eye sugrey to fix my eye vision when I finished my education

but the question is will those wrinkles will gone by time when I don't use the glasse again

sorry about this bad English :).I am 16 (link)
They probably won't go, but you may wish to see a doctor if you are really worried, because it may be a skin condition. Eye glasses don't usually lead to this. You may be allergic to the metal, or they may be too tight, or sometimes, dark circles are a sign of an allergy to air pollution. So a trip to the doctors won't hurt.

Here are some things you can do in the meantime though, to help with general dark circles and wrinkles:

-Drink plenty of water. This will hydrate your skin.
-Get cotton pads, and pop them in cold milk. Then, shake off the excess, and put them on your eyes as you die down. This will help. You can also do used teabags (cold), cucumber, and cotton pads dipped in rose water
-Use an eye cream specifically for eyes
-Wear sunglasses/use sun lotion
-Eat a healthy diet of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, but also fatty fish.

There are tonnes more tips on line. Just google "dark eyes and wrinkles" .

Hope I helped!

So, im 20 f and my boyfriend is 21 m

My boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 2 years. I love him the death. Recently i havent been happy. He moved out of his house and money has been a huge issue. I do EVERYTHING for him. i do the dishes, i do his laundry, i clean everything, i mostly pay for A LOT. i understand he doesnt have money because hes paying for rent and tv etc. but i dont have the money either figuring im only a waitress. i pay for a lot of grocies and anytime we go out, i mostly pay.. So i was kinda getting fed up with it figuring i want to be his girlfriend not his mom. Our realtionship was PERFECT before he moved out. So since i was unhappy i wanted to tell him how i felt. i went to his house, he couldnt give me the time to sit down and talk about things, i started off as im tired of worrying about him before i worry about myself. I hate how i feel guilty going out because he is on his own for dinner. He got mad and walked now im sitting here on the couch about to leave because i came over to talk. So i went to leave and he was like your really going to leave? and i was like yeah, i dont understand why you are being so cold. i honestly think we need a break from each other so we can appericate our time more. His response was honestly, i just dont want to see you at all. (that HURT my feelings so bad!) so i was like well if you change your mind, call me. This was the other day. Legit i have been crying my eyes out im depressed, he wont answer my texts. i dont know what to do. i feel like if i was ready to move on i wouldnt feel like this. did i make the right decision? i dont know what to do. i dont want to move on and im not even thinking about being with other people. i dont know what to do :( i am so regretting telling him my feelings. what hurt the most too, was when i left he didnt even run after me. didnt even want to save our realtionship i feel as if it was on a thread and he just cut it off... any response to this? thanks (link)
I think you should give him time.

It was the best thing to do, to speak to him and explain how you felt. A relationship is about being equals. You should both be allowed to express how you feel.

He was hurt, but maybe mostly embarrassed.

You should both be allowed to communicate with each other, without the other blowing up.

But like I said, just give him some time to think. He is probably hurting as well , and is contemplating what to say or do.

However, did you mean what you said regarding taking a break? If you didn't, then maybe you should contact him*. If you did, then maybe it is time for you to both take some time to do your own thing.

*If you do want to contact him, write him a nice email/facebook message/letter. Explain to him how you have been feeling. Tell him exactly why you did what you did. Don't sugar coat it. Explain that you didn't mean what you said (only if you didn't mean it), and that it would be really nice to meet up for a drink when he's free.

Let him mull over what you are saying. Don't keep texting him.

But you should keep in mind, that if he meant that he didn't want to see you again, then you may need to start the getting over him process. Keep yourself busy, go out with friends, and meet new people. It won't be easy. But don't make excuses. It's going to take time, and it may be very hard. But again, just keep yourself busy.

Good luck!

Hi! i dont have a serious problem, but i'd really like someone's opinions on this.
I've always become the third party for my friends. Whenever one of my friends hang out with their boyfriends, they will always bring me along. It is okay if it is just one of them, but i've had this problem with nearly all of my friends, i greatly dislike this.
I dont mind hanging out with them, since i do get along well with the boyfriends (im a girl, btw) but it always happens like this. they invite me, pick me up from my house, insist i come, then ignore me the whole way through to be all lovey dovey towards each other.
i have never given the impression that im upset if they don't invite me or complained that i dont go out alot (i prefer staying at home actually). in fact, i berate them for always making me the third party, often jokingly so they may not take me seriously.
i just dont understand why a lot of my girlfriends go out of their way to invite me to hang out with them and their boyfriends alone, when they much prefer to spend their time alone. it's seriously AWKWARD for me.
*sorry, i am ranting because this has happened soooo many times and with different set of couples.* (link)
Well it could be because they THINK you may feel left out and lonely. They make think, that you get the impression that they are doing things without you.

It may also be because they don't feel comfortable alone with their boyfriends, especially if you are all young.

It may also be for someone to be there, so they have someone to speak to.

What should you do? Speak to them! Nothing serious is required her, but just a "You know, I've always wondered, wouldn't the two of you rather be alone? I don't want to intrude, or feel awkward or anything" or something similar.

Just let them know that you don't mind if they do things with their boyfriends. Say that you don't mind going, but surely they would want to be alone?

Speaking to them is the only way to solve it. Either that, or you could out right refuse to go. But then, you'd never really know why then always ask you, and they may get offended.

Good luck!

About 10 months ago I started seeing this guy. We had a "thing" for awhile and eventually started dating. We were only together for a couple months. He didnt treat me very well and actually did alot of really douchey things. I was really upset one night and brokeup with him in a text message. That was about 8 months ago. This guy is a huge jerk. He's extremely full of himself, he isn't very attractive, and he doesn't have very many friends. But for some reason I can't seem to get over him. No matter what I do I can't stop thinking about him and when I see facebook poasts about him and his new girlfriend it hurts so much. I know I shouldn't want to be with him but I cant help how I feel. I also have to see him frequently because we go to the same highschool. I don't know how to get over him. It's been 8 minths since we broke up and I still can't get over him. Any advice on how to get over him would help. Thanks! (link)
There is really only one way to get over someone.

That is to keep yourself busy, and meet new people. Well, two really. But they need to be done together.

Keep yourself busy by doing what you enjoy, i.e. hobbies. Read, exercise, write, take up a sport, study, etc. This will keep your mind off him.

Secondly, go out and meet new people. Spend time with your friends and family. Go to parties, clubs (night clubs and social clubs), etc. Make new friends. Eventually, you will find someone else. Someone who is much better.

But that can't happen unless you get over him. So do it. It won't be easy, and it'll take him. But it can be done!

Good luck!

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