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heya, well im female im 18 and im currently studying ... basically im so tired of being single i wanna be in love , want someone to love me truly..
im sick of waiting :/
maybe i sound too desperate but its how i feel , feel as if i aint happy that someone is mossing in my life.
dunna what to do :/ (link)
You should try to meet new people. Go out and do things you enjoy. You will meet new friends, and you will hopefully find a good partner for yourself.

It's as simple as that.

there is this guy i see from time to time over the last few months at first he would come by me all the time and look at me but never say anything then a few weeks ago he came up to and made some small talk with but it wasnt a long conversation i was surprised by it now when i see him he will say hi but the rest of the time he comes by he just stares at me without saying anything what is up with that and what should I do the next time i see him looking at me? (link)
It sounds like he has a crush on you! He also sounds quite shy. So my advice? Next time you see him looking at you, go over. Introduce yourself properly, and just make small talk. This will help him feel relaxed, and if he likes you, he will be more likely to ask you out (or you could ask him out) as he is relaxed.

Good luck!

hi. I use tampons and my bf has fingered me before so my cherry is deffinately popped but im wondering if having sex for the fisrt time will hurt. hes fingered me with 3 fingers before because i kinda like it rough and that does hurt but i like it so will sex feel the same??? (link)
It may hurt. Be sure to engage in foreplay, i.e. fingering etc, before sex. This will relax your body, and prepare it.

Use a condom, as it will prevent pregnancy, and also help the penis enter better. Use a lubricant also.

If you are fingered, the opening will be stretched enough to allow the penis to enter comfortably. But it may still hurt. Like I say, just relax.

Have fun!

I want to use a face primer to make my face less shiny and to help keep my makeup from coming off during the day. What is a good face primer to use? (link)
Here is a review of 12 face primers:

my body itchy me and there are red pimples (link)
You should see a doctor. It could be a skin infection or an allergy, or something even worse.

Good luck!

So, I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and when he was working, he paid for some of my bills. He quit his job about a year ago due to the stress of the job and hasn't been able to find another one since. Since then I've been paying for his bills including his car insurance, internet, and phone. People often tell me that I shouldn't, or at least should cancel the insurance and internet.

I feel like it's a loyalty thing. He paid for some of my bills when I wasn't working so isn't it the right thing to do the same for him?

Also, when I talk to him about it he gets upset because it's more stress that he can't find work, and feels that things will be tougher for us if I cancel some of the stuff or don't pay for it.

Any ideas as to what I should do? Should I keep paying his bills or is that wrong? Well, let me know what you guys think, and also what might be a good way to work this stuff out. Thanks! (link)

Surely, he can re-start his insurance if and when he gets a job?

And how far does he live from the library/you? Do you have a computer that he can borrow to do job applications? Can't he move closer to local amenities? Or walk? Abraham Lincoln walked 4 hours just to get to school, so it's not completely unrealistic.

What I'm trying to say is, when you're unemployed, you have to make sacrifices. When you're employed again, sure, go crazy. Spend it all if you must (of course a ludicrous idea, but possible). But until then, you have to tighten your belt. The whole world is doing it. It may be hard, but its something that is necessary.

Well, this is tricky. Can you afford to pay his bills? Could he afford to pay your bills when he did? If you can't afford it, then you simply shouldn't.

And why can he not find a job? Has he tried collecting cans? Has he applied at McDonalds or KFC? They're always hiring. They're not the most glamorous jobs, but when you have responsibilities, not job is 'not good enough'.

And why does he get stressed if you simply speak to him? He's stressed IN work, and he's stressed OUT of work? Is he always stressed? He may need to see a doctor.

And why does he need a car if he doesn't work? Cars, Internet - these are luxuries. It may not seem like it in the 21st century, but you can actually live without these things. Tell him to use the library computers, and use public transport. If you can't pay your bills, then you don't need these things.

And how, POSSIBLY would things be tougher if you cancelled things? Surely it would be less of a burden. Unless that is, he NEEDS the internet to survive. In which case, there is a serious problem there straight away.

My advice? Stop paying the bills. It sounds like he is making excuses and freeloading. Don't get me wrong: I've been through that long period of unemployment. I know it can be demoralizing and hard to find work. But this "stress" of not having the internet seems bogus.

Speak to him. You are not obliged to do anything. If you can't afford, or are struggling with his payments, then you have to ask him to cut down.

But try to speak to him rationally about it. Without the whole "boohoo, If you cut my internet then our relationship will become strained and I'll become more stressed". Tell him to read a book whilst taking the bus.

Good luck, I hope I helped!

P.S. let me know how it goes? :)

Hi, I am in an interratial relationship and it's proven more that once to be a hard one. Not becuase of the race difference as such but the challenge is in the type. He is Indian and they are known for their jealousy and infidility. The one I am dating, well, I am not sure if he is just being that,a hypocrite, narsisitic, selfish or a womanizer or all in one. He pretends to be something he is not with other women, yet back home he will be abusive, mentally and thank goodness for long now not physically. He drinks only over weekends and then all is said, he admits he makes me feel small, provokes me, say things to hurt me but it is to keep me on my toes. He has met 3 women,he chats on a social site with another 20, he sent nude pics, they sms and call. He accuses me of doing the same. He is allowed to make assumptions but not me. I am not allowed to chat on social sites with other men. When we go out he watches me like a hawk and will say men talk to me to get to me. I am not cheap or easy. I told him I am stronger than him because I allow him to control me while I pretend not to know all his scemes, vain excuses and pretentious ways. I know this is one of those pack your bag and dump the duchebag situations. I do love him though. He knows and admits that he uses me at times and preys on my kindness. He is manipulating and controlling but I know and see all this. When I tell him who and what he is he gets angry. When he picks a fight like now I know it's because he did something wrong and wants to fight and put the attention and blame on me for what he did. I know he won't change, I give him the benefit of the doubt and he knows that. He demands trust and honesty but he lies about things, hide them and acts dumb when confronted when I do find out. How do I handle this man? How do I make him see that I am not the enemy but he is. All I do is be good, be quiet, be faithful and loyal...he does not say thanks you or please. Today he told me to take my words, make them into a stick and go f... myself. He does not even bother to buy chips or juice or do anything I want to do, yet he will offer ,then the offer turns into options, then the options turn into he's preference and then we do what he wants to do. He wants me to tone my legs and get my body into shape but he never give me any support or comfort in any situation, like the two miscarriages I had. He was having a phone fling during the first one by the way. I am just so confused, I read up as much as I can about his personality but it seems he has too many. He does whatever he wants too but I am not allowed to do what he does yet he accuses me of it...thank you for reading me out.

"I know this is one of those pack your bag and dump the duchebag situations"

You've hit the nail on the head there, my dear. So, the inevitable question is, What's taking you so long?

Usually, I will go into the detail of why this person is not right for you. But you have already done that for me. You've picked out all of his bad qualities, and so it's clear you're not blinded by love.

Do you watch Judge Judy? She has a saying, "Don't try to teach a pig to sing. It doesn't work, and it annoys the pig". I.E. Don't try to change someone. They won't change. I hear of people going into a relationship, wanting to change their partner. They think that they have the ability to do that. They don't.

Why would you waste time on trying to change someone to your image, when you can find someone who fits your criteria, and tops it? Why stay with a jerk, when there is someone out there who will love you for you, and cherish you?

I don't know. Maybe it's this "love" thing. You must be a saint to love him. But it's clear he doesn't love you. He may say he does, or you may think it. But that isn't love.

So what now? Speak to him. Tell him how you feel. Then, if he doesn't listen, leave.

That is your only option. And even then, I'm not sure about the speaking to him. If you've already explained how you feel to him and it hasn't worked, then it won't work again. So your only option may be to leave. Leave while you can. One day, he may get physically abusive. Then it will be too late to leave. Saying that, you may leave: in a stretcher. Do you want to see that? Of course not.

So don't hesitate. Don't put off talking to him.

Good luck!

I'm an 125 lbs 11 year old. I'm 5 ft 7 inches. How can I loss weight? I want to be slimmer before school or at least on the road to be. I don't want to be skinny but just a healthy weight. Help! (link)
You're very young to be worrying about your weight.

You shouldn't diet, or do strenuous exercise, because you are still growing. Your body needs nutrients, and you shouldn't starve your body of what it needs.

But you should still be healthy. Remember, avoid fatty, sugary, junk foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Don't forget protein and healthy carbs too. And do plenty of exercise. Remember, around 30minutes a day. Take a walk, walk the dog, run, jog, skip, play sport, etc.

But yes. Be healthy (common sense), but don't do anything dangerous!

Good luck!

I was just wondering, how much looking would be considered over the top in a realtionship? Because my boyfriend is very attentive to the way other girls look physically. He told me he likes to "appreciate". At first i was like, he's a guy. Obviously he is going to look. But he was full out staring at all the girls in their bikinis when we went on vacation together. I love him with every aching bone in my body, and I know he would never ever cheat or do anything to hurt me. But the way he stares like that can be really suggestive sometimes and might give the wrong idea. He recently went off to college and he has been making a lot of friends that are girls, and i just asked him how much looking he actually does and he told me openly that he does it a lot. We are best friends as well, which is why he tells me all these things haha. But i still can't help but feel like it's a slap in the face to my self esteem. It's not like he would ever do anything, all he does is look. But sometimes he even does it in front of me and i have to admit, it really hurts. Sometimes he'll even talk about it, which is kind of worse in a way. I understand he's comfortable with me, as i am with him. But even though were close doesn't mean i want to hear everything. Some things are better left unsaid.
I just need opinions on whether what he's doing is over the top or not. Thankyou! (link)
How much is over the top? As soon as it starts to bother you.

There is no scale. Sometimes, it bothers people. Sometimes, it doesn't.

But if it bothers you, then speak to him about it. Communication is key, and although it sounds like an awkward prospect, it has to be done.

Just sit him down, and explain how it makes you feel.

Good luck.

17/f. I've always been attracted to girls, for as long as I can remember... But I never realized it was sexual until I became a teenager. I have never acted on these feelings. I think I'm finally ready now... But how do I find other girls like me?
How will I know what to do once I do? (link)
This is really difficult, because it depends on how comfortable you are with your sexuality.

If you are open about it, and have told friends, you can ask them if they know anyone. Do you have any friends that have said that may be curious?

One good way for adults is gay bars/clubs. Either that or dating sites. But bars/clubs are usually people just looking for sex (both straight and gay), and online dating can be a bit risky, especially if you are meeting them.

But the best way is just to take up hobbies you enjoy. You will meet people who have similar interests, and of course make new friends. Then, eventually, you may meet someone.

When you find someone, just ask them if they would like to go out. You will be able to sense it, if it's right. It is of course difficult to know whether you are out as friends, or on a date. But that's something you just pick up through experience, the atmosphere, and language.

Good luck :)

Hello everyone.
I am from India.
I am 40 years old and have 3 kids.
I am in deep love with a girl who is also married. I love her so deeply.
Our relationship has been very close and we have had sex very often.
I very sincerely love her to the extend that if she talks with a young male or shares a laugh with a guy I am very much annoyed
I am quite sure that I am wrong. I know very well that she doesnt belong to me. One day or other we have to depart.
But I cant forget and cant give up her for anything. She is my collegue in our office.
I have been deeply loving her for 1 year. Now she realises that she is wrong and she believes in sentiments and she thinks that if she continues our relationship god will punish us by doing something bad for her kid. She too has a daughter.

But I can never forget her. But my inner consiousness says that if our relationship continues, then it is too difficult for us to get seperated.

So I very badly need an advice (link)
The only thing you can do is go cold turkey.

Don't speak to each other. Don't meet. Avoid each other.

You are both married. You both have families. If you really want to be together, then you have to leave your respective partners. And you have to deal with divorces, and make arrangements for children.

Keep that in mind, every time you are tempted.

But you just have to go through it. Discuss it with each other: how you will avoid each other.

But that's all you can do. Take lunch at different times and placed. Keep to your own circles of friends. Delete the numbers from your phones.

I'm 11 and I have big boobs already! I'm pretty sure I'm A 38 or something like that. My mom has really small boobs so I'm skeptical. My dad does no have boobs of course but I was just wondering if by this rate I'm going to have big boobs? I started wearing a bra in 4th grade but... I'm just hoping to know if this will unfortuntly lead to big boobs. Reply soon? (link)
There is no way of telling! Some will develop early, and stop developing early. Others will develop later, and they will carry on developing at that rate.

So your breasts may not grow anymore now. Or they could carry on growing. There's nothing you can do, except wait until you're 18-21ish (when you stop developing and growing), and so the best thing to do is to embrace it.

I am 13/f and I have been a vegitarian for almost a week now, but I havent told my parents... Whenever they have a meal containing meat, I tell them Im not hungry or just eat whatever they have with the meat like potatoes, corn, peas, ect. I dont exactally know how to tell my parents I want to be a vegitarian though. PLease help (link)
Being a vegetarian is not something serious. It's not as big a thing as, for example, coming out as being gay.

Next time your family go shopping for groceries, say 'don't buy meat for me, I thing I'm going to be a vegetarian for a while. But can you pick me up *this*'

The reason the grocery shop time is the best, is because they know what to pick up. If you mention it 5minutes before dinner, then your parents have to figure out something for you.

But like I said, just tell them straight up. It's not a big deal these days.

Good luck.

okay, so when I hit the shower, it hurts in my arse crack, like a sharp sting. It's been going on for quite a while too. But it only hurts under the shower. When its dry, I don't feel it. I also have alot of hair back there. This is a serious question, its not normal to have a crack that hurts in running water. (link)
This may be because of a dry skin problem. Check it out in a mirror, to see if the skin is broken or cracked.

Visit your doctor, as there may be a serious cut or tear. Remember, that your doctor is a medically trained professional, who has seen much, much worse. Because of this, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

im 16/f, ive noticed i have always have a overly high blood pressure... what could be the cause of this? and what are the effects? do i need to see a doctor? (link)
You need to see a doctor, who will be able to help.

We are not doctors.

Dear Sir/Madam,I am 37 yrs old female working my preiods comes always near every 25th of month,from August 2012 my period still not started.we brought pregency kit for testing that showed negative.what will be the reason.pleas (link)
See your doctor.

I've made the decision for myself to choose to eat as healthy as I possibly can, and eat the foods that are most pesticide-filled as organic.

I started experimenting with healthy and organic things a few months ago and of course my Dad protested it as being useless, and a waste of money, and not of his "ways"and that I'm only following the "white men". Whatever the hell that means.

I'm taking it more seriously and I've made a meal plan with exactly what I will eat for the week, and what I'm going to make so I can only buy what I need from the store. Nothing more, and nothing less.

I asked my dad just about 10 minutes ago if we can go out grocery shopping so I can pick up a few things and he just blew up on me and starting screaming that if he lived like me, he would get nowhere in life and that I'm not some rich person that can buy organic food and do whatever I want.

Then he started telling me about all the food he has bought that has gone to waste because it has gone bad. And that he doesn't want ME wasting his money anymore on groceries. And mind you, it was everything I told him NOT to buy because I told him specifically that no one would eat or drink it and it would go to waste. Why did he buy it? Only because it was for sale.
Honestly, I don't understand it.

Talk about being frugal gone wrong.

Anyways, to make things clear. My Dad does NOT pay for my groceries. I pay for ALL and any of the groceries I choose to purchase whether they are organic or not. So the issue is not on if HE can financially afford my diet since I pay it for it myself.

Anyways. I just want some sort of advice or a view point on someone who is not in the issue so that I can understand it. I probably can't understand his mindset right now because I'm
on the opposite side.

I just want to know if what I am doing is wrong or if my Dad is just over-reacting (which he tends to do a lot). (link)
It does sound like your father is over-reacting. But that is because organic food is expensive. If you don't use chemicals, then food is more likely to not grow, or go off. Because of the waste from this, the farmers have to add it to the good food to make up for it.

My advice? Speak to your father next time about your choice. Explain to him why you're doing what you're doing.

Be sure to tell him exactly what you want though. For example, some things, the whole household will need. This includes simple things like bread, milk, etc. Tell him that you will eat these, but not to get anything else for you.

Could you not go grocery shopping yourself, or tag along with him?

Also remember that there is no solid evidence to suggest that organic food has more nutrients that non-organic food.

You could also find a batch of something that is organic, and tastes much better that normal food, and ask him to try it out to see the difference? For example, I find organic carrots to have a much better flavour than non-organic carrots. Next time he is cooking with carrots, ask him to try organic so he can see the difference.

But really, he just thinks it's a profit seeking fad (which, to some extent, it is) and does not see it to be useful. You just have to calmly try to change his opinion. He's just looking out for you, making sure you don't waste your money.

Hi My gf is a virgin and yesterday we fooled around so my penis was brushing around her vagina but i was inside of her at all. she was holding it as i was brushing around it ,

i did not cum inside at all

could she be pregnant if

- i cum around her vagina opening , even if she is pregnant

- i cum outside and far from her vagina

she is a virgin


timtim (link)
Yes. In theory she could be pregnant. Sperm cells are very small. So small that you can't see them. All the body needs is a single sperm cell to get in to the vagina to become pregnant. So if one cell got in, then it could be a possibility in theory.

Practically, it's improbable. Not impossible.

Your best bet is to ask her to take a couple pregnancy tests a couple weeks or so after the incident.

You also place particular significance on her being a virgin. That doesn't matter.

But more widely, Timtim, why would you be so stupid? I mean, what possessed you to be so idiotic to do such a thing? If you don't want babies, then use protection. If you don't want babies, and don't want to use contraceptives, then keep your penis in your trousers.

im willing to go to all costs to set up a rehabilitation for penguins in my local zoo. They have the encosure i have the skill but theres only 5 penguins and need to know where to buy more from for a breeding and releasing scheme (link)
You want more penguins? Best bet would be to contact other zoos in the country and ask if they have some.

can u ejaculate anauly (link)
"The anus, particularly the anal sphincters is richly supplied with nerve endings.
The prostate, which can be felt as a nut size structure just inside the rectum is also sensitive to gentle stimulation.

Often men will seek stimulation of the anus/prostate while also enjoying stimulation of the genitals and will then ejaculate in the usual way.
This nonetheless is not the same thing as orgasm by anal/rectal stimulation alone.

Some users of prostate stimulating devices such as the "Aneros" report orgasmic experiences not involving genital stimulation and which are said to induced solely these devices. The overwhelming nature of these orgasms has given rise to the popular term "The Big O".

Other men take anal/rectal exploration further and insert larger objects in the rectum and even in the lower colon. In such cases it must be assumed that the pleasure arises from the "full" feeling rather than the stimulation of nerve endings, because the higher one goes in the rectum the fewer nerve endings there are to stimulate.

A practice which has become relatively common in recent years is anal fisting or handballing, which involves passing a hand through the anus and into the rectum and higher.

Fistees commonly report orgasms that are qualitatively different from those obtained by genital stimulation. Furthermore the orgasm is not followed by a refractory period and the fistee may a experience a number of orgasms on after the other.

The anecdotal evidence for such orgasms suggest that other mechanisms come into action during fisting (and big dildo play), possibly involving the muscles of the pubo-rectal sling and the nerves of the autonomous nervous system. "


The above is from Wiki Answers. See how easy it is to google a question and find an answer?

Whilst on the matter of Advicenators Etiquette, can you ask questions properly? Proper spelling and grammar costs nothing. A bit of courtesy wouldn't go amiss either.

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