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I didn't pass my exam this morning at university and I'm so depressed.Even though I can sit for it again in two months,I feel like my chance was today and I missed it.Any piece of advice that helps me feel better?Why am I feeling so sad?I feel like doing just nothing,I'm just lying in my bed. (link)
You need to know why you failed. Go through the process so you can learn from it. If you can, ask for your script back and ask a teacher to look for it. Sometimes you can do it, but you will have to pay.

Don't do this straight away though. You've sat the exam, and there's nothing else you can do now. However hard you worry, or think, it will not change.

So keep yourself busy, doing something you like! Watch a movie with ice-cream and popcorn, read a book, watch tv, go for a walk, see your friends, etc , etc. Just keep yourself busy so that you keep your mind off it. Relax.

When you can, ask your teacher about the script.

Good luck :)

female 16
ok so for colledge i really want to go to edinbourgh university in scottland. (i live in the us. but my grandparents are from scottland)so i have three questions:
1. what should i study most to get in to the university? scottland economicly good?
3. i think my mom would miss me but i really want to go what should I say to her? (link)
I'm from the south of the border to Scotland, but we have a similar education system.

It depends on what you want to study. Check the course's website out, and check their entry requirements. Contact them if you are still unsure. Like I said, it depends really on the exact course you want to study. Good options are always classic subjects, i.e. Mathematics, English literature, Sciences, History, Geography, and Languages. Good grades in these types of subjects can be beneficial for any university.

Scotland's economy is only as good as the UKs as a whole, and the UKs economy is not good. Unemployment is high, inflation is only just coming down, demand is low, and the deficit and debt is high. Scotland is more focused on the public sector, which is facing cuts at the moment. Dependent on the figures you look at, the rest of the UK relies on England, and more specifically the South-East which is the economic powerhouse of the country.

There many also be a possibility of Scotland becoming independent from the rest of the United Kingdom in the future- around 2014 - when there will be a referendum in Scotland.

Of course your mother will miss you: it happens to everyone. If this is something that you really want to do, then take a trip to Scotland with your mother, and check it out. Explain that this is what you really want to do with your future, and that going will be a good opportunity to check it out. Also assure her that you won't be alone, because where I live (Middle of England), there is a high American, Chinese, and Indian university population: people in the same situation as you.

Good luck. Feel free to inbox if you need more advice.

I am 17, female, moving into college next month. My mom made me sign a paper to disclose information at school. Grades and medical records and if I get in trouble at parties or something of the sort. I don't really want her to know everything like that but I couldn't say no because she'd be pissed. My question is, if I were to start birth control or anything, will my mother know about that? Because when I went to orientation, we broke up into groups and my facilitator said that those things are confidential but I don't know if that holds true once I signed that paper. Please no judging and thanks for your time. (link)
I really doubt they will tell her. You could ask your college though. I've never heard of this situation, but you could also ask your college to nullify that, and not to give out any information under any circumstances. You are an adult (nearly), and shouldn't have you disclose all that information with your mother. It's just not right for her to do that.

And anyway, an adult can't make a contract with a minor (you). It can not stand, because the minor is unable to make a proper decision.

I doubt you will get a proper and correct answer to this question on here, because this is not normal behavior (as far as I know), and so it is best to contact the college. They will help you out.

I am unsure if I am interested in law but my college doesnt offer any specific law courses. What courses can i take to see if i want to travel down that path. Would intro to criminology help? thanks (link)
Criminology may help, but it's more of a focus on crime and criminals, rather than the Law in itself.

You should see if there are any adult education colleges, or evening courses in community centres/community colleges etc that do an into' to Law.

You could also speak to people that have studied Law to see what they thought of it. Ask friends/family/check internet forums for students.

You could also do what I did: do some work experience at a law firm. It's someone to work that they don't have to pay, and you get experience which will help your college application. Keep in mind that a vast majority of prospective law students will want to get some experience in a Legal firm, and so apply some time in advanced. I was fortunate in finding a relatively new law firm. They did not have any employees, and so I was valued to do odd jobs. I also learned about the field. And now, I'm great friends with the lawyer. I pop in if i'm in the area, and she always tells me that after I finish college, a job will be waiting for me, and she would be more than happy to train me further. So it's also a great way to make contacts for the future.

Good luck! :)

I'm not from north america. That's for starters. I really wan't to be succesful in college and have a good life. But I don't know what I should study that I would like but that could also help me in economy. I LOVE to write and draw and was thinking about journalism but I like it better in English. Where I'm from universities don't cost as much as in U.S. but there is nothing that has to do with what I like AND in English. I'm 16 but tons of people keep telling me that I need to choose from now and I know they are right. It also scares me going to college and ending up miserable. (link)
Why not study English? It's much better and respected to get into Journalism from studying English Literature rather than studying 'journalism' in it's pure form which is often seen as a 'non-sense' course that is not taught properly. And studying English is generally a very useful subject. You can go into Law, Politics, Broadcasting etc with it.

And why not study abroad? The USA is not your only option. Europe is also an excellent option. Here in the United Kingdom, we have the best universities in the world. I.e. Cambridge is on the top of the world league tables.

Message me for more info if you need it.

Good luck :)

19 England

I hate uni, ive been here since sept, i just feel like im invisible especially in my block in halls (dorms) :(
i just hate it.
my boyf is in the same city which is awesome but, my family live a good 90 miles away.
but i do love the city im in.
i just dont like uni. my dorm friends. i dunno they just make me fell like shit and i dont think they know it.
I wanna know what to do about this. (link)
Hello. I too am from England. Nice drought we're having, right?

I had 2 friends that had the same problem. This is what they did:

Friend 1: Stuck at it. Found people she knew in the same city, and started to be friends with them. Eventually, she hated it so much, she dropped out after 4 days of being there.

Friend 2: She just got stuck in to the whole experience. She organised dinner nights with everyone in her halls, so they can all get to know each other. Maybe pop a dvd in, and ask if people want to join you. Go out with people from your halls that have no plans. And generally, go out and meet new people. Remember: Everyone is in the same position. Or they were, in the beginning. You are at a disadvantage, in that everyone has made their friends and so on. But it's not late. Just be friendly, and meet new people by joining clubs, societies, going out and so on.

Also, find people you used to go to school with, that may be in the same city. Meet them for a catch up.

Friend number 2, actually found her living arrangements of going out all the time, living in a party house to be *too* much. So she was asked to move to other halls, closer to the university. She doesn't know as many people, but she recognises the most important reason that she was there: To get a quality education. Ans that is why you are at university. People say, its great to make new friends, to have the best years of your life and so on, but you're really only there to get your degree. That is paramount, and everything else comes second.

The people in your halls may also be wierd about meeting new people or so on. So therefore, you need to do your best to come across as nice, friendly, and someone who wants to socialise with them.

Good luck, and enjoy your course! :)

Hi, I'm searching online for cheap textbooks for my classes and I'm having a lot of trouble finding reasonable prices. Ive been to abebooks, chegg, and a few other sites but the used books are still disgustingly priced, and I'm not interested in renting. Do any of you know any other sites that will sell books for CHEAP, and not just say they're "cheap". I don't care if the book is falling apart as long as I can read the print. I just cant afford anything else. Thanks.. (link)
1. Amazon is your best bet. Its the one stop shop for used books, and most people go here. Retailers know this and this is one of the first places they advertise their books. Chances are if you can't find it here, you wont find it anywhere.

2. Saying that, searches the cheapest establishment that sells you book you search for.

3. Check in your local used book store. Check in your local business directory e.g. yellow pages to find one near you.

4. Advertise on your campus to see if students that have these books and no longer need them are willing to sell them to you.

5. See if you can find the books in an e-book version. E.g. on amazon kindle. You don't need a kindle to read these e-books, just a computer and the amazon kindle software which is free and easy to download.

6. try checking on websites such as ebay and craigslist.

Good luck, and I hope I helped :)

Can you please help me out with this. I would really appreciate it.

Use estimation by rounding. Do not find exact value. Estimate the cost of new carpeting that costs $28.57 per square yard, if you want to carpet a room that is 14.7 square yards in size.
You really should be doing your own homework. Hence the term 'HOMEwork' and not 'GoOnTheInternetAndFindTheAnswerThusLeadingToAGenerationOfYoungPeopleWhoCannotThinkForThemSelvesWork'

Its pretty straight forward though. The logic behind it, is not to calculate $28.57 x 14.7, but instead either:

$29 x 15
$30 x 15

I say the most straightforward and obvious calculation is:

$30 x 15

I shan't give you the answer, its pretty easy now.

hey, I needed help with chooising a topic for a paper. I need to present something that has do do with environmental injustices, it can be anything.. I was just wodnering if someone would be able to give me a list of issues going on today, and I'll see what strikes me as interesting and go from there. Thank you so much. (link)
Here are some issues which may be of interest of you:

-Rich countries (MEDCs) being able to use more and more fossil fuels, whereas poor countries (LEDCs) can't afford them. This leads to social and economic problems

- MEDCs (More Economically Developed Countries) have already had their Industrial revolution where they went through tonnes of fossil fuel (which leads to Climate Change), but these same countries force LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries) to restrict their use of fossil fuels to help prevent climate change. This also happens with countries such as UK and USA persuading countries such as China or India to use less fossil fuels.

- MEDCs paying LEDCs to allow them to fish their oceans. LEDCs have no option but to agree. E.g.:

UK companies pay an African Government $10million to allow them to fish their oceans. The African Government accepts the money, as they are either corrupt or heavily in debt. The fishing company then overfishes the ocean and makes $100million. So not only do they increase there investment 10fold, they then leave the ocean empty of fish for the local people to eat.

- Climate change again, just generally i.e. governments not investing in more sustainable energy resources, due to political reasons etc.

- Disasters such as Chernobyl, the Japanese nuclear disaster, or the Indian Bhopal gas disaster.

Hope I helped: Theres a vast number of environmental injustices: All you have to do is look at the world around you. The internet has a wealth of information too. :)

So i have a question about homework. No, I'm not trying to get anyone to give me an answer.. I'm just confused as to how Karl Marx's theory of economic crisis affects us today. Ive been reading up on it for the past two days, even watching youtube videos and I still dont understand it completely.. My paper is supposed to have us explain how a couple of his theories apply to us today.. and I wrote about the economic recession we are in today and im trying to apply it to Marx's theory of economic crisis

Simply put, I wrote about how machinery (constant capital) is slowly replacing living workers in the workplace.. which reduces the amount of wages that companys need to pay their workers.. which increases surplus value... but i dont exactly understand HOW this increase of surplus value is bad for the economy. In simplest termsm, what causes the rise of profit to fall? That's where I'm lost.. I just need a general explanation but whenever I read up on it I get lost because I"m not familiar with all these terms...

can someone break it down for me please? ANd maybe give me some examples of whats going on in America today in relevance to his theory, in order for me to better understand it? (link)
I studied Political ideologies for 2 years at college, but I sort of skimmed over Karl Marx and communism because it was such a big topic! So I may miss the mark completely, but Ive seen this question up 4 times or so, so i thought I should give it a shot.

Karl Marx wrote mainly about capitalism, in the form of a critique. So if surplus value increased (i.e. profit) it doesn't so much affect the economy, but makes business owners 'greedy' so to speak. It also allows the capitalist owner to make more money by paying the Labourer much less than they could. These things can lead to bad decisions (Banks, greed, etc) which may in turn affect the economy.

Marx was also ahead of his time on issues such as Globalisation (UN, EU, world trade etc). He was also right with the issue of differences in society being based on economic structure. But be sure to also point out what he was wrong with i.e. he was over idealistic when it came to predicting the unity of the working class.

In reference to Marx + his theory of economic crises, there are many links about this. I googled:
"Marx economic crises theory"
...and got a wealth of information.

Here is a wikipedia page, which i just found, and described what I did earlier, maybe more clearer though:

Hope I helped :)

For a very long time I have wanted nothing else but to go to college, then uni and become a midwife. All of a sudden, with like 3 weeks before i'm meant to start college I really don't want to go. I don't see the point in getting debts at uni so I probably won't do that and at college I have taken 4 subjects, 3 of which I don't want to do or care about. I've been thinking about acting professionally, but I'm not sure what sort of professional experience you need for that (all I have is an A grade drama gcse?). I'm getting quite upset about it, and I'm thinking I would rather get a full time job instead like one of my friends has done.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can either get straight into acting or find an education ish route that works for me?

16/f, just left school. Thanks :) (link)
Hello, I'm also from the UK, so can sympathise with your situation: I've recently finished my A-Levels.

I understand what you are saying about university: With the recent increase of university fees in England, It can put you off. However, you will not have to pay that back until you are earning a certain amount, and if you still have debts at 50, the Government will write it off. You will also be paying less than people do now.

In reference to college, My advice is to pick subjects that you enjoy, or are good at. Its completely up to you whether you want to go into work full time, or go to college. The only thing with work is: there's not much around. The government cuts and the current economic situation is making it hard for employers to hire people. Many people are also being made redundant: These people have been working all their lives. Now think of it this way: Would you rather employ someone who has 30years of experience, working all their life, or someone who is 16 and has no experience at all? Its hard for our age group to get work in this climate.

What do you really want to do with your life? Become a midwife? Or act?

Is there a local college that specialises in a course about becoming a midwife, rather that the tradition route of college -> University -> Work?

Maybe check around? In regards to acting: its not easy. You would probably have to go to an acting school, or study something like English, Drama, Theatre Studies etc, and then maybe study something related at university. Then you would have to see if there are any jobs for you out there: Local acting. Then maybe something big after a few years: It won't be easy to get the TV/Film sort of acting roles.

Also, do you have a connexions centre in your town/city? They tailor their advice to you, and see what the best option is. They dont push you, just guide you according to your interests: They helped me very much!

Here are some links from the Connexions website about options after year 11, and 16+ :

Here is a profile of the role of a midwife, and it tells you stuff about income, possible entry routes etc. Its very useful as it gives you advice on the best A-Level choices:

Also, the same for an actor:

Hope i helped, and feel free to ask a direct question if you like! :)

Yes it's utterly melodramatic, but I feel like I've lost my passion for life.

Back in High School I was a really bright kid and I loved anything creative. I had this weird passion in life and in pushing my potential as far as it would go. I think it was somewhat because people looked at me differently; I was a quiet, awkward teenager with a low self-esteem from a socio-economically disadvantaged family, and with divorced parents. Most people thought I was going to end up as a deadbeat drop out (and in the area I live in, it wasn't difficult to imagine).

I excelled in my classes and got into Uni. I've been in Uni for a year and a half now, and I'm just so unfulfilled and disappointed. It all started in my first semester. I had high hopes for myself, and ended up barely passing my units. I was going through some pretty tough times at home too, which didn't help the situation. For the rest of the year I just felt so stupid and worthless. Somehow though, I managed to go from barely passing to distinctions (75+). I've almost finished my first half of my second year and my marks are still increasing, but ever since that first semester I haven't felt that passion that I had in High School.

I wanted to go places, both career wise and physically. I had major wanderlust and confidence in the possibility of what I could achieve, but now it's gone. I still want to travel and succeed, but I just feel like I'm just not good enough anymore...

How do I get myself excited again about the world? I want to feel the way I did two years ago, just that drive and want that I used to revel in. If anyone has felt this way, it would be really great if you could give me some advice. (link)
you've went from the jubliant, happy, optimistic, over-eager environment of highschool... to the serious and strict world of college. It's normal. You graduated high school, and you thought that was going to be it. But then you started college again and realised, "wow, more school? Really?" I toally get it. But you must know something.
High school is actually worthless. Work in highschool means nothing, you are all doing it for COLLEGE. College work is where it really matters, therefore you should give college your all, because it is the most important thing in life.
From what i hear you are only 19-20 years old. You are young! Take advantage of it and hang with people and keep pushing further. You have endless opportunities and millions of chances to do things. You are young, enjoy it while it lasts, instead of feeling so sorry for yourself.

I want to do international relations when I'm older. I'm 16 and its summer vacation, so I want to do a job or community service thats relevant to where I want to be. Would it look better if I did community service or got a job, too? And what kinds of things could I do that would be relevant. Trying to create world peace? lol. When I was younger I did a People to People Ambassador program but they are expensive so I can't do them every year. Should I try and form a Student Chapter in my area, or what?

Also, would it be impossible to make it into Oxford University if I am applying from America? I was thinking about doing the PPE course there. I have British citizenship as I was born there, if that helps. But I'm confused on what I'd need to know in order to go to a school abroad. I'm sure there's different procedures. What should I know ahead of time? Do I need to take different tests?

And my freshman + sophomore years haven't been that great. How much would that influence getting into a great college if I can turn it around and get straight A's in the highest ranked classes at my school for my Junior and Senior Year?

In the past, I've been in regular classes and generally got A's and B's. I nearly failed a few classes, too. It wasn't cause I wasn't smart enough.. the its cause I had problems with procrastination that I've delt with for several years. I was able to get away with pulling allnighters when I was younger but with more work in high school and everything, it got to a point where I couldn't do it anymore and I had to make a lifestyle change. I'm still in the process of getting where I want to be. Next year I'm taking the highest ranked courses I can take - all Dual Credit and Honors. (it's a new school in Texas with no AP. Is AP the same as Dual Credit?) So I have to really be serious about getting work done.

So would I still have a chance for Oxford if I could really change things around? And what do I need to know about applying abroad for college? What kind of community service/paying jobs could I do around Dallas, TX? Its not exactly Washington, DC hah. What are websites that have programs perhaps, in this area, aside from People to People?

And are jobs in International Relations hard to come by? And do you think its worth it? How much money do they make anyways? How often do they get to see their relatives if they're always traveling around? I mean I'm very interested in doing the job but I'll want to see my family for vacations and stuff, even if I have to travel by airplane.

What language should I learn next? I know English (obviously) and am currently learning Spanish. I want to add a third to the list.. I was thinking French, but idk.

Sorry this question is pretty long. Thanks for the help! (link)
Im in the exact same position as you...the only difference is, that i live in england. To answer your question about Oxbridge- its EXTREMELY competative to get into either of them. I know a girl who had straight A's, and she still didnt get in. She was the perfect candidate - studious, extra curricular activities were present, but still nothing. This is partly due to pressure from the government to allow fewer students, and a couple years ago, universities over enrolled, and this meant the government had to fork out more money, and because of the budget deficit the UK government has, even more pressure is being put on universities to prevent excessive enrollment. And i dont think its a hard choice for OxBridge uiniversities, as 14% of students now achieved the highest possible grade, and so they have a big pool of students to choose from.

I really am interested in the voluntree/community service aspect of your question, and so ive saved this question as a favourite, and hope you get some good answers. Maybe we can trade ideas at some point :)

I am a high school senior and im stuck about the obvious problem all seniors face...what college is right for me?

Heres my problem....I am a pretty talented wrestler, not amazing, but talented. I am ok at school not the best. My dad really wants me to go to a 2-year school that already has an interest in me to wrestle for them and he thinks it will fit my academic abilities better. But i really have a good 4-year school picked out im already accepted, and i have friends that go there. and they have a very competitive wrestling program I love wrestling it was basically my life in HS...but i probably wont start actually wrestling for them for a long time, I even went through the thought of just ending my wrestling career, I ended high school on a good note...maybe it is time to end. I feel like with wrestling gone I could focus more on school and maybe some things i couldnt do since I was so committed to wrestling. I love the 4-year, even without wrestling, but it is really hard to let go of wrestling.

Thanks! (link)
I think it depends on your major. At my school they typically make you graduate as soon as you have 120 credits which would force me to graduate a semester early, but since I’m double majoring I won’t have all of my requirements satisfied until the end of 4 years. My roommate is going into her 4th year in the fall and will have enough credits to graduate by december but she wants to stay for her super senior year and will be allowed to by the school because she’s an engineering major and they are allotted 5 years.

ok so im bearly going to highschool and im already worying about collage! i dont think im going to make it! i always end up going with the crowd by not listining in class and skipping! i dont want school to be boring but at the same time i want to do good in school! what should i do? (link)
hey hun :)

this hits close to home because i went through the same situation, i always ended up following my friends by skipping or not listening or getting sucked into all the drama that was going on, but eventually i learned to buckle down and stopped worrying about how people would perceive me and started doing what was best for me,i grew up i stopped focusing on what others were doing and started living my life, and thats the advice i give to you do your own thing, because if you continue skipping and not listening you won't make it which would be unfortunate because you CAN make it if you just focus, and start paying attention, hitting the books, and you can always have fun on the weekends or join a club at school. :) i hope my advice helped and keep me informed on how everything went if my advice helps you in any way :)

How would I go about getting a scholarship to Drexel University for fashion design? (link)
well I am not exactly sure you can get a scholarship for fashion design, but you can join a sport get a scholarship that way or join band or choir and you can still go to college majoring in fashion hope I hekoed :)

okay, im in highschool right now, nearing college! I am super excited about going to college. I still have a couple years but I am already preparing.
My dream is to be a radiologist! I've researched the career, and I love it! I know all about the job but how much would it cost to go to med. school after college? What should my major be in college, and how much will this cost? (link)
it depends on the college you choose, for harvard it ranges from 50 g- 150 g per yr. or semester, if you are going more local probably 50 g - 75 g

i won the election for president of 2010 for my uni.i really want to make this work and become a president that people will really like. i dont wnat anyone who voted for me to regret voting for me.
what i want to ask is..well does anyone have any ideas for social events that people will go to.i mean if your a student at uni what type of social events would you wnat to go to keeping in mind that theres a budget. i mean what types of things can i do to improve my university so that its less stressful and a better place where people socialise and have fun...
i want to organise a prom/ball
and we already have pubcrawls
what other ideas are there lol i wnat to start from now about thinking of ideas to improve taking this position very seriously
thanks in advance (link)
the only piece of advice i can give you my PLEASE...dont let the power get to your head! our president has let it...he was a nice guy...he still sort of is. But is a bit stuck up, arrogant, and thinks he is above everyone. :)

i live in london (kingston), and i wanna leave my school at the end of year 11. i go to an all girls private, rich schhol, and i hate it. i wanna go to a normal, mixed school college. and i prefer a college, because i'm sick of being put in a sick institution where i have to wear a stupid uniform and do subjects i have like p.e. anyway. if you r thinking of kingston college, then don't bother, because i'm in a great posistion where i can really go to school anywhere in the uk as long as i don't have huge complications like going to ireland. also i only speak english. i'm planning to move to the US after college. the subjects i would like to do (although i'm flexible)include media studies (no previous gcse), economics and pyschology. i wanna work in media when im older and could use any tips at all. PLEASE don't be short if you have ANY advice. all i wana do is leave this stupid life behind, and i wanna make sur i do it. please, please help me. (link)
i realise that this question has been here for a while. I say, what you do is stick to london to be honest. People VERY RARELY leave their city for college/sixth form. I have to go to another village an hour away from me. But...if you stay in london, you have a lot of variety, because its so big. If you go on the ofsted website, you can see which college is doing good in london? any more help? just ask :)

hey i am smart but my grades arent that great.

i have a really low gpa its like a 2.8 and i have no idea what college i should go to.

i want to go to north eastern or bu but i know i cant get into that.

what college shoudl i look into? (link)
well if you have a 2.8 than you probably have less of a chance to get into really hard schools like harvard, yale, standford, and so on. But if you say u are smart, think about it, are you artistic? creative? Find some school of the arts, or fine arts school, or stuff like that.

you can try to apply to northeastern. WHO KNOWS?
u might succeed. i hope u do :)

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