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I fell in love with PSY's pink suit he wears... does anyone know where you can buy it?? (link)
I don't think Psy or many people in that position will wear off the shelf suits, i.e. they don't come already made. He probably has them made for him, in that style which is instantly recognizably with Psy.

You could approach a tailor, although this may be expensive. Alternatively, check ebay, where there are many Korean sellers who may sell something similar, or close.

I have Windows 7 and I wanna check my computer specs to see if my computer can handle Skyrim, how can I do that? (link)
I'm not sure how useful my answer is, as you don't say what specs you wish to find out. But click the windows icon, then right click computer, then click properties.

A window with your computer spec will pop up.

how long is orentation at mcdonalds and is it boring because ive heard its boring as hell !!! (link)
I can't answer how long it will be, but it may well be boring. But that's the price you have to pay sometimes, when it comes to employment!

My niece is 5 years old and she is mixed with hispanic and black. Her hair is very thick, curly,frizzy and no one knows what to do. It won't stay in a hairstyle. We've tried braids and everything. Her hair just curls up and gets frizzy right after it's done. Is a texturizer good or anything else? (link)
She's just a little child. Let it be frizzy - my hair now (21) is different to my hair at 5. It's something that changes with age. So leave the poor child alone, don't pump her with chemicals, and let her be her, instead of giving the impression that the way she looks is more important than how intelligent she is.

I am currently using a Samsung galaxy s2 on the THREE network and as part of my plan i have unlimited data, I was thinking of buying an unlocked Blackberry 9900 and using my THREE sim with it. My question is can i use all of my phones features (web browsing, facebook, twitter) without any data charges? (i am somewhat confused about weather i need blackberry data or indeed fully understand what it is.)

Thank You

Hyde (link)

You will need a BB data plan to get things to work. Without the data plan, it doesn't matter if you have unlimited data. Saying that, it's only £5 a month on THREE (3). It's really worth it, because the BB Data plan means you are able to use BBM and Push Email - the two best things about a BB smartphone. If you don't mind so much about email or BBM, then it's probably best to go for another phone.

So in short, a BB data plan is needed to access the internet (even if it is just twitter, etc).

Hope I helped!

My boyfriend currently has a smooth black leather bifold wallet. I'd like to buy him a new wallet but I'm not sure if I have to buy one identical to his old one. What do you think? He will also be going for important job interviews. Is a brown leather wallet too casual?

Thanks! (link)
A brown wallet seems like an excellent idea. That means he has one wallet of each colour. The brown goes well with a navy, or gray suit. The black with blacks, gray, and navy. But if he was wearing brow shoes with his blue suit, then the brown wallet will be the obvious choice.

It also depends on the condition of his wallet now. Is it worn and time to throw it away? If so, then maybe another black wallet is best, as it's more versatile. But if his current wallet is fine, then getting him a brown one will give him the option of which to use.

My everyday wallet is brown. It's amazing, and versatile, and I work in a professional environment. So a brown wallet is generally okay for any type of atmosphere.

P.s. Bi Fold is usually always the best option, so try to stick to that.

So Valentines Day is coming up. I'm starting to think of some ideas of what to do for my boyfriend. I was thinking the usual kind of thing like candy and a card, and some other little things a long with it. Then I saw the cute idea of the 52 reasons why I love you on a deck of cards.
I'm not sure what else or if there is anything better to do for him. I googled a little but not much was that great.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
We've been together for over a year if that helps. (link)
I always feel these types of occasions call for something personal and from the heart. So why not get a shoe box, or something similar. Decorate it how you will.

Fill it with all sorts of personal stuff. Things like:

- The 52 reasons I love you thing
- His favourite music on a CD
- Your songs, e.g. the music on your first date/dance, etc.
- His favourite candy bar/drink/etc
- A sample of his favourite Eau de toilette
- Cheap DVD of what you two enjoy watching
- A little time-map of where you both began and where you are now, e.g. at 4 months you said I love you, at 7 months we did this, etc.
- Photo's of the two of you, made into a little book, or in a frame.
- Things referring to personal jokes you have going on
- Home baked cookies/brownies/etc
- A home made card/or a shop bought one (I usually spend a bit of extra money on a nice shop bought card, especially as the whole gift is already home made

As you can see, the list is endless. Just think about it, and fill it with tissue paper, and little things that'll remind him just how amazing you are!

Good luck :)

Hi there, my friend said you gave them good advice so I wondered if you could help me?

Basically, there is the guy I really like, we get on really well - I consider him to be my best friend - but I'm afraid to tell him how I really feel as I dont want to ruin our friendship. Yet, I feel he might like me back. But then again, he might just see me as a friend. I'm not sure what to do, should I risk it and tell him how I feel, or just leave it so I dont make things awkward?
This is risky. Obviously, the problem is whether he does, or doesn't like you. Do you have a general idea, as to whether he likes you? Any clues? Any hints?

And how close friends are you? If you occasionally see each other, it's won't be as bad as if you see each other every day.

Saying that, I think the best option is to say how you feel. And then, if he doesn't want to take things forward, stress that you still want to be friends. But don't just say it. Still be sure, and make sure you remain friendly.

But brace yourself. You may not (or may, even) hear what you want. Not because he does not like you, but maybe he feels the same as you - maybe he doesn't want to ruin a good friendship. That can be just as risky.

Good luck, and hope I helped :)

anyone post here or link me to the lyrics of do it better by philthy rich ?
thank youu (: (link),mod=4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Im 14 years old and from and a girl have unofficially started dating.she told me that she would give me a handjob and blowjob if i want but i have a 4" erect penis and a tight foreskin which i can only retract about a centimeter or maybe two scared she will laugh or tell people about my penis and will pull the foreskin too far far back does the foredkin go during blowjobs?anyway i really want to do this but am i too small or will my tight foreskin get in the way?thans for your help;) (link)
Hello. Here is some help:

1. Don't tell her how you feel. 14 Year olds are immature, and she is unlikely to take it seriously, even though it is

2. You shouldn't rush into these things. You're only 14. You have plenty of time to be an adult.

3. 4 inches is not a problem. No size is a problem, because there is nothing you can do to help it. It's just something you have to embrace, and accept. You may have not developed fully also, as you are still a child in puberty.

4. In regards to your foreskin, you should try retracting it a little every day, whilst in the shower. This is because the hot water, moisture, and heat will soften the skin, making it more elastic. It is then much easier to retract it. Do it as far as is comfortable, everyday until you can fully retract it.

5. If this fails, you may wish to see a doctor.

How can I call 911??I am a Pakistani and I am in a big danger.I am 12.Please help me.Please.......... (link)
What country are you in?

Just pick up the phone, and dial:

911 - USA
999 - UK
112 - Pakistan, as well as many other countries.

See this article to see which countries use 112 as their emergency number:

18/f. I've stumbled upon somebody talking about guy and girl friendships. I read it and I disagree, due to personal experience, of course. I have two best guy friends. I hang out with the one more than the other but I can talk to the other about everything. I'm told all the time that I will wind up dating one of them. Some say that about the first guy, some say that about the second guy but everybody and I mean EVERYBODY thinks that I will date at least one of my guy best friends.

Anyway, the saying is "A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point, they will fall for each other.. maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe to late or maybe forever."

The gist of this is basically: what do you think about this saying? Can guys and girls be just friends? Why? Why not? (link)
Many of my best friends are girls. Weirdly, they became my friends because I was once attracted to them, and wanted to pursue something 'romantic'. Then, once we got talking and got to know each other, we just became really good friends.

I too had the whole "are you two going out?" and "you two will get married to each other by 30, I'm sure of it" thing.

But I think guys and girls can be friends without there being anything there. I cannot possibly ever imagine being anything more than friends with one of my female friends. Not anymore, anyway. There's no particular reason - she's attractive, and is generally a nice person. It would just be odd though.

Sometimes it's easy for people to say things like "they can't be just friends" if they've never been in such a relationship, or if they've never experienced something like that. But once you've been in that situation, you can see why it is possible.

So in conclusion, I think men and women/boys and girls, can be friends with one another without romantic feelings taking over at any point. Maybe romantic feelings will be the reason why they are friends in the first place, but can you really count that? Because it was before they became friends.

For a few months now I've been unable to click the buttons list on Youtube:

-Thumbs up/down buttons on both video and comments
-Share button
-Add to button
-My channel button on the upper right (UNLESS I'm on the Youtube homepage. If I'm at someone else's channel or video I can't click on my channel without first going to the homepage.
Comments section, I can't click the box, it will not allow me to type any comment in any video.

I want to say these problems started when Youtube changed it's layout to that terrible new one a few months back but I'm not entirely sure. I just know this problem has been going on for at least 3 months.
I ignored it at first and thought it would go away but my patience is at it's limit. I tried contacting Youtube about a month ago but (shocker) they haven't responded.

I use Google Chrome as my default browser and I'm not willing to change it. My flash is also up to date, I update it every time I get the notification so I would this if the flash was the problem, it would be fixed by now. Can anybody help please?

I don't have any clicking issues like this on any other website, just Youtube. (link)
Have you tried using another browser to see if it is a browser issue? I too, use Chrome, and so I understand why you wouldn't want to switch. But see if it works with Firefox, Opera, or most likely Internet Explorer. Then, at least you know if it's a browser issue or not.

Apart from that, I can't be of any more use to you.

can i bleed again during sex after losing virgine. (link)
when you "pop the cherry" or break your hymen you do bleed. some more than others but it is supposed to be very little with some minor pain.

I've been dating this guy for nearly a year and a half. We have a great relationship. But what really bugs me is his mother. Now,I'm not stuck up or arrogant or whatever,but almost every adult I met says I'm a genius. I'm a graduate of Medical school and aiming to be a doctor someday. I'm one of the best students in my school. So yeah,I've got brains. And I've been recognized for that. But she,his mother,is the only one who thinks otherwise. Not just that,she never misses any opportunity to indirectly insult me. In a way that I can't exactly call an insult,but it's still pretty obvious. I'm really good at pretty much anything I set my mind to. And if I don't know something,it's because it doesn't interest me. Yet she always implies that I'm uneducated. She never even finished college and is unemployed,so if she's so educated and all,why didn't she? I have NEVER done anything to cause this behaviour of hers. If anything,I have always been really nice to her. What is her problem? Maybe someone can explain to me,because I just don't understand. (link)

Often, this is almost just jealousy from the mother. If your boyfriend has been close with his mother, or if she 'mothers' him, she may think you're 'taking him away from her', and that you're 'not good enough'. That's because often, no one will be good enough for her baby. You can try a few things:

1. Speak to your boyfriend, and see if he's noticed it. Is this just the way she behaves? What does he think you should do?

2. Speak to her. This will be awkward, but it may be necessary. Be careful though - if it gets unpleasant, your boyfriend may feel the need to choose between you two.

3. Spend some quality time with her. Get her to like you by doing things you both enjoy. Go out to lunch. Go shopping. Go watch a film. Something, where just the two of you can spend time together, talk, and just relax. Maybe, she will say something about how she feels.

But yes, they are the 3 obvious choices for you. I think the 3rd is the best.

Good luck!

could you please temme that? itll really help me in appriaching a guy who is 5 11. plleasse? where do you reach him? (link)
I don't understand your question. What do you mean, "reach" your boyfriend?

I'm 15/f.
I want my ears gauged,but my parents will say no if I ask them.
I'm thinking about doing it anyways,since I know how to do it.
How do I get my parents to agree,and let me gauge my ears? (link)
They won't agree.

The reason they are not letting you get your ears gauged is not because they want to be mean, or because they just don't understand what is cool. They're doing it because they know what is in your best interest. And having a huge hole in your ear, that flops every time you move, from the ages of 15-83 is not in your best interest.

It's not very professional looking. You will struggle to find a respectable job with that type of thing in your ear. It's a shame, maybe. All people should be treated the same, irrespective of the way they look. But in the real world, it's not like that.

So don't get it done. If at 18, or 21 you still want to, do it. It's won't be the best of ideas, but you'll be old enough to do what you want. So wait until then.


Why are thirteen year olds allowed to use this site when over 50% of the questions are to do with sex and intimate sides of peoples relationships.
Sureley it's not right that someone who's 13 (or in some cases younger) is exposed to the kind of stuff you read on here at such a young age.

Seeing as it's not fair to not help these people when advice givers like myself have been up to now, I think the age limit should be increased, cos it's not fair kids learn about that kinds stuff off of strangers on here. Does anyone agree? :) (link)
umm fuck no. okay, kids as young as like 3rd grade know all the shit about sex. this is a soght for advice. the ONLY way you can see sex questions is if YOU look them up.n13 year olds ALREADY know about sex. i dont knowwhat effin generation ur living in, but at age 9, they know bout dis shit. there isnt nothing we can do about that. ok? 13 is a teenager, so geez. when do you expect your kids to learn about sex? 30?? i think 13 is actually reasonable, or if anything, late. i think this site should be open to anyone who has access to it, because some people have questions that they might not feel comphertable talking to their families about. or someone in their family. it is much easier to talk to someone who doesnt know you, and you dont know them.

Ok. I'm Male/17. And today my friends were being D-bags. And because of this I ended up setting up a movie date this Friday. I don't even know this girl much, I met her today. She's kinda cute etc. So how can I make sure it goes well? I don't want any weird/awkward feeling. Plus I've never really been on a date before. (link)
do all the things that ali022 said and girls love it after a date; a kiss on the cheek.

ok i am a teenage girl and me and this guy have been making out, he was my first kiss, and i even noticed that i am a bad kisser. we have had like three make out sessions but i still cant get the hang of it. he is much taller than me and that might be some of the problem, but what can i do to improve my make out ability's in general? (link)
you can practice on a mirror, or you both could sit down and you could ask him how bad you u sucked and if hes got pointers, get a friends advice, or a friend to “help” out. or something along those lines

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