I'm a psych major at a community college, getting my degree before I attend the Make Up Designory school. Makeup is my passion and my biggest inspiration is Kandee Johnson. I'm also addicted to music and kind of in love with Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem :)


18/F I'm a greeter at Wal-Mart, so I interact with a loooot of different people on a daily basis. Well this one time later at night, this guy who looked to be about 30 and frankly, like a wannabe gangster pot-smoker, came in. I turned around when I heard the automatic door opening and kindly greeted him. He gave me a slight smile and walked past me, but he turned around and said, "You know, you have REALLY pretty eyes. Just thought I'd tell you that." Stunned, I said "Haha, thank you very much! Have a good night." and he walked away. He comes in about 2 or 3 times a week, and ever since he said that, I'd always smile at him when I walked past him, or greet him all friendly-like when he walked in. I just thought he was a nice guy, and I greeted him just like I greet the old people that come in. WELL, tonight I was returning some garlic bread back to where it belongs, when I saw him. So I smile and give a nod as I walk past. Well, I put the bread back, turn around and there he is. He says "Hey, do you have a number I could have so we could get to know each other?" I've never been asked for my number before, and he was so outright, I didn't know what to do. So I said, "Uuuummm... I don't know... How about YOU give me YOUR number?" So he asked if I had a pen and some paper, I said I didn't, but that we might have some up front. I start walking, and he follows me across the whole store to the front. I give him some paper, he rips it in half, writes his number down, and says "Give me your number too." I panicked. I've never dated anyone, let alone been asked out before. He seemed like the type that would call me a ton. SO, I wrote down my dad's old cell phone number which doesn't work anymore. He then asked me if I liked cage fighting. I said "Uh no, not really." and he goes "Well I'm fighting at the arena downtown next week, maybe you can watch one of my fights." and I said "Um, maybe!" then he asked what time I got out of work, to which I said I didn't know. I DEFINITELY didn't want him seeing the car I drive, or possibly have him following me home. He lives in the area, and comes in all the time, and what's worse is I'm a GREETER, so I'd HAVE to talk to him again. I thought about it, and I feel really bad... I probably shouldn't have done that, but I didn't know what else to do! I couldn't just flat out reject him, I see him all the time. After thinking about it, I feel terrible. So I tried to call the number so I could say something like, "Oh sorry, I accidentally gave you the wrong number! Things are complicated, and I'm really not looking for a relationship right now..." or something like that, but his writing's REALLY messy, I can hardly read the numbers they're so squished together, and when I attempted, I got some lady's voice mail. I really wasn't trying to be mean at all. I don't know what to do, or if what I did is right or not... Please help me! Thank you for your time.

Remember that you are just working and have no obligation to do anything besides greet him. If/when you see him again, just greet him as usual. If he asks why the number doesn't work, asks for your number again, or tries to ask you out, just be honest with him. Something like "I'm sorry, but I don't think that's a good idea." You can make an excuse if need be- that you're too busy or have a boyfriend or something. But really, you don't owe him an explanation.

I work in retail as well (bagger at a grocery store) and I can tell you that older guys will try to do that kinda thing pretty often. They would never approach someone your age in a regular social setting- they are just taking advantage of the fact that you are working and have to be polite to them. Next time, a simple 'no thank you' will do, and if they are persistent, it's ok to ask them to leave you alone. Being too nice can be a bad thing sometimes.

-Krista, 21/f


I'm 19 years old and I've been out of a relationship for a while. I met this guy. From the moment we started talking, we hit it off and he told me he is 27 years old. I told him I was 19 and he said that he thought I was older when he met me. He thinks I'm too young to be with him. Do you think that a 27 yr old dating a 19 yr old is wrong?

I don't know about wrong, but I can tell you that it probably wouldn't work out. I dated a guy ten years old than me when I was around your age and it was a disaster.

You're in totally different phases of your life, so you might not have much in common and it can be hard to relate to each other with the generational gap. At his age he might be looking for a more serious relationship and possibly getting ready to settle down, while you might not even know what you want to do with your life yet. His friends may look down at him dating a 'kid'... It's hard to explain, but please trust me, it's not a good idea. If he says you're too young, you need to just respect his wishes and move on.


All of my friends are going to or in college.
It hit me really hard today when I found out the one other girl who I thought was in the same situation as me started taking college classes.

I'm smart enough for college (I graduated with multiple honors classes) but I don't have the money,time or transportation!

I feel totally screwed over and the more I think about it the more it angers me and I just feel like screaming.

I want to be somebody but my parents keep killing all of my chances! My father hasn't even visited me in 4 months and my mom only cares about money money money and to her helping me with college is a waste of time and money.

My brother offered a while ago to help me pay for it she told him not to and she tells him to stop talking about college around me whenever he visits and tries to tell her that I need to go.

Instead she's been demanding I get a job and to forget all about college so I've been looking for a job and I've filled out hundreds of applications but I haven't gotten hired anywhere.

People always say so take out a loan. What do I do when I can't pay back that loan? Loans just put you in thousands of dollars worth of debt.

I can't even get to a college right now. I don't have money to buy myself a car or to pay for car insurance. I live in a small country town that only has two community colleges and I can't even afford those!

My mom sits around with her iPad,macbook pro and her iPhone and it pisses me off...I love her but really she is ruining my life. I can't even date because I have no way to see anybody and I feel embarrassed saying at 18 I don't have a job or a car,I'm not in college or even going soon and I still live with my mom.

I don't know what to do I am so stuck. I sit at home everyday and do chores and look for a job and I'm getting really depressed. People tell me my resume is fantastic and then don't hire me because somebody with a college degree applied too.

I want to learn I want to get out! I don't have anywhere to go though or the money!

I know there's financial assistance too but how do I go about that if I can't get anybody to support me in going to college in the first place?

I have been in your situation- at 18 I had no job, car, and I wasn't going to school. It seemed like there was no way out. Now I'm 21, have a job and car and almost have my degree.

First of all, of course the most important thing is getting a job. Are you just submitting applications and hoping they'll call you? I can tell you from a lot of experience that that DOES not work, you have to follow up- either by calling or stopping in and talking to the manager. It's very important than you make a good first impression and that's a lot easier to do in person.
If the jobs you are applying to want a college degree, maybe you're aiming too high. A basic retail job (clothes store, restaurant, grocery store, etc) isn't the most fun thing ever but it will get you money.
And remember, you CAN work and go to school at the same time.
Save at least half of your paycheck every week. Make sure it's somewhere safe that no one else can get to.

Is there a community/junior college near your town? They can be a lot more affordable than you think. Look into it, and look into alternative methods of transportation- does your town have buses? bikes?
You will probably need to save up for six months to a year before you start, but it is doable, especially if your brother is willing help pay (if you need to go behind your mother's back to have him do that, so be it.) There are financial aid programs you may be eligible for as well- many people do that. A school counselor will be able to help you with that. Even if you just start with one class, it's better than nothing.

Best of luck and if you have any questions feel free to inbox me.


Photos of me: http://imgur.com/a/UtAqm
Obviously the second one is really bad quality but I took it with my iphone.

Today I went to Bealls and saw one of the girls from my old school (I graduated in June) there.
The whole time I was there I couldn't help but think she was so much prettier than me and I'm sick of just being "cute" or "normal" pretty.

She's the girl on the left: http://imgur.com/Rv1Pe

It's inspired me to make myself become more noticeably pretty. I'm deciding I've had enough with my bad habits like biting my fingernails. I'm stopping that once and for all tonight. I want long beautiful fingernails so I'm applying Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth nail polish.

I have sort of white teeth but they are a little yellowish so I picked up some maximum whitening flouride toothpaste and I plan on brushing them at least twice a day! I don't get acne but my skin without makeup is a little blotchy around my cheeks and the bottom of my chin, I also want gorgeous clear skin so I bought an $8 salycic acid maximum cleansing daily face wash and I'm going to start using it twice a day as well.

I'm about 4ft 10 in and 78 pounds so I am very skinny but I want to get rid of that "womens tummy pouch" thing. I've heard people say every woman has it but I know celebrities don't so tomorrow I think I'm going to start doing situps until it's gone.

I want to get tanner as well but I don't know how. I stay inside most of the time and we don't have a beach in my town and I don't have a yard since I live in an apartment. We have a balcony so maybe if I lay out there I can. I'm not going to use any of that fake chemically crap or go to a tanning booth though.

Other things I want to get rid of are:
Wearing sneakers, I think that's a big no-no because they aren't cute or classy they're just like lazy shoes. I really need to buy a pair of flats. Right now I have two pairs of boots (both high heels),two pairs of sneakers that I normally wear out,one pair of sandals and two pairs of heels (one stilletto) and obviously I'm not going to wear heels 24/7. I don't want back problems so I think my only choice is to get a cute pair of flats.

Pants: I AM SO SICK OF WEARING PANTS! I get so mad at myself every time I look in the mirror and my skinny jeans look faded or just bad. They are really starting to drive me crazy! I want to wear skirts and dresses but obviously I don't have a ton of money so I can't go and buy a whole new wardrobe so this one is going to take a lot of time and money to get right.

Makeup: I think I need to start buying more high priced makeup. I used to like my makeup but I hate how my mascara seems to dry out and flake or look kind of clumpy and how my foundation starts fading and looking powdery about 6 hours in. Or when I have to reapply lipstick every hour. I usually spend $7 on mascara,$7 on foundation and $5 on lipstick but it isn't working so I think I need to start saving up to buy the more expensive stuff like Urban Decay or YSL.

I'm also going to regularly dye my hair a reddish brown so it looks vibrant and not so dull like in the second photo.

Does anybody have any other ideas? I don't usually wear my makeup that bright as it is in the photos so that's not a problem.

Honest opinion? I think you're way prettier than that other girl. You have way prettier features and I'm not a fan of the fake blonde with tons of eyeliner look.

Definitely stop biting your nails- maybe even try a vitamin to make them grow faster?

Also, do NOT use that face wash- salicylic acid is extremely harsh, meant for acne-prone skin, so it will just make your blotchiness worse. If you want your skin to glow, try something like Aveeno Positively Radiant with a matching moisturizer. And make sure you exfoliate your face 1-2 times per week.

Here's a really great workout to tone up your abs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoeE9VTxvHY (there's a printable version)

Don't worry about being tan, it isn't worth the damage to your skin and being pale looks good on you. You could try a gradual self-tanner lotion- i think Jergens makes one.

Payless has cute flats and I'm pretty sure they're having a buy one get one half off sale right now. It's ok to wear pants sometimes, but dresses and skirts (with tights, too) can be just as comfy. Since you have a small budget, try places like Forever 21 and TJ Maxx.

Makeup: You don't necessarily need to buy a ton of high-end makeup. I'm a freelance makeup artist and I use some really great drugstore stuff sometimes. In particular, there are some great drugstore mascaras- try Maybelline the Falsies or Revlon Photoready 3D Volume. Avoiding clumpiness is all in the application, and make sure you're not putting on too much. (And always curl your lashes first!)
Brown eyeliner/eyeshadow will really make the color of your eyes pop. If you want to invest in some nice makeup, try the Urban Decay Naked palette- tons of gorgeous colors that will compliment your coloring and eyes.

A good primer can make all the difference in your foundation looking nice. I swear by the Too Faced Primed and Poreless- it is a little pricey, but it lasts forever and makes foundation look so much better.

To make your lip color last, start with a liner, then lipstick, then a gloss on top. Or just buy a lipcolor specifically designed to be long wearing.
I learned a lot of what I know about makeup from Youtube tutorials, you might wanna try that.

Good luck!


I want to use a face primer to make my face less shiny and to help keep my makeup from coming off during the day. What is a good face primer to use?

I know a lot of people that swear by the Smashbox oil-free photoready for oily skin.
That being said, I have very oily skin and I refuse to use anything but the Too Faced Primed and Poreless- it makes foundation look so much more smooth and natural and keeps my oil under control decently if I use a good powder (the Maybelline Dream Matte is amazing).

Everyone's different and it may take some trial and error to find the right one for you.

-Krista, 21/f


I saw this wrap around towel in a tv show and it looked like it buttoned or velcroed or something to hold it up so it doesn't fall down while you are running around the house in it. Where can you buy a wrap around towel? I called places and they were like: "Well, uh, take a towel and wrap it around you..." I think they thought I was playing a joke on them or something! :(

Did I imagine this or is there really such a thing?

Saw something like that at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day:


So I'm 17 and have been searching for weekend jobs for as long as I can remember.

I have an interview this weekend to be a room attendant. What clothes would anyone suggest I wear seeing as its not like applying to work in a bank or anything? Thanks :)

In general, for interviews, it doesn't matter where you are applying, you need to dress nicely and conservatively. No jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, sneakers, etc. It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Assuming you're a girl, go with a nice blouse, slacks or a minimum knee-length skirt (possibly with pantyhose), and flats or low heels. Minimal jewelry, hair pulled back, subtle makeup. Nail polish should be light or clear- remember they are looking for someone that looks responsible, mature, and reliable. Not too much color or pattern, not too much skin showing.

Here are some examples:

Hope that helps!


I am 17 years old & I have small breasts. Like, they look like they belong to a 14 yr old...& I was just wondering if there were any ways to make them look any bigger??

Here's some help:

Make sure you have a good bra, too, of course- padded pushups can work wonders :)

Hope that helps.
-krista, 21/f


My boyfriend and I have decided that we would like to start going jogging together in the mornings. For the past year or so, neither of us have done any sort of significant physical exercise, maybe a bike ride once or twice a week.

Are there any experienced runners or joggers out there that could give us a few tips on how to get into running again. Naturally it is not as simple as just going out and running.

Considerig we're quite out of shape in terms of stamina and endurance, what would be the best way to start?

Any information would be much appreciated :)

I used to be where you are...in high school PE, when we had to run the mile, I would just walk it...couldn't even run a quarter of a mile.
Now I run 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week.
And honestly, it is as simple as just going out and running. Just do it...it's hard at first, but it's worth it.
That being said, some tips:
- Start small and set goals. A good starting point is a quarter of a mile. Once you're comfortable with that, half a mile, etc. Once you reach a distance you like, you can also start improving your time.

Another way to start: pick a distance- maybe a mile. Run as much of it as you can and then walk the rest...each time, try to run more until you're running all of it.

If you have a newer ipod, the Nike+ app is really great- tells you how far you've gone, how fast, how many calories you're burning, etc. If not, see if there's a track (often high schools have them) anywhere in your town or just measure out a set distance with your car in your neighborhood.

- Make sure you're well hydrated before you run- I like to drink a huge glass of water as soon as I wake up. Might be personal preference, but I also run better on an empty stomach. When I go more than a mile, I bring a bottle of zico coconut water or activate electrolyte water and drink it while I'm running- I find it really helps my endurance and makes it less painful. (The potassium in the coconut water helps with cramping, too.)

- Stretch before and after you run, no matter how far you're going.

- Having good, comfy shoes is SO important. Worth the investment.

- Music always makes a run go by faster.

- If possible, avoid roads with a lot of traffic- when I run on main roads, it's really hard to breathe because of the exhaust of whatnot.

The first time will be hard, but as your body gets used to it, it gets so much easy, and can even become enjoyable eventually.

Good luck!
-Krista 21/f


But how long will the koolaid stay in? And what color will it turn out to be for different types of hair?

Koolaid can permanently stain your hair, to the point where you'll have to wait for it to grow out for it to be gone. My cousin's (light brown) hair turned a weird green color and it took years to grow out. I don't recommend it, just try a temporary or spray-in hair color or colored clip-in extensions instead.


My stepmother and my father have been married for awhile now. She's the classic evil stepmother. She made it so we hardly see our father, he is wipped. She targeted my sister when she was my older 16 (awhile ago) when we didn't call for Mother's day the first year they were married. It was messed up but we were really polite. She emailed my sister mean messages, my sister was only kind back, she got my father to take her of of his insurance once she was 18 (when it would have been FREE to have her on until she's 26 because of the family plan and she's in college). She yelled at my father's sweet mother, threw a present at her head, is really mean to my whole father's side. There is something wrong with her I think, my mother took her emails to a therapist and she said that she is unstable and dangerous emotionally. Now I'm 18 and about to graduate. My father wants to bring her and stunned I said I would try to get her a ticket. Now she emailed my sister saying she "wants to rebuild their relationship" which has happened with my Grandmother in the past and my Grandma would apologize and then my stepmother would do something outrageous and hurtful again.

So I need to know what to do about this. My idea was to tell my Dad that if she comes she can't speak to my mother, sister, or younger brother (not my Dad's son). And that she also can't email my sister. He will probually think I'm being disrespectful but to condone his and her behavior would be the real disrespectful thing to do. Any suggestions?

Here's the thing. She is a person with free will, and neither you nor your dad can stop her from speaking to whoever she wants. You have no way to enforce that.
I don't usually recommend lying, but you could just say that you were unable to get a ticket for her. Or just tell your dad the truth...that you aren't comfortable with your stepmom coming and would rather it just be him. At worst, he'll just refuse to come...and ya know what, that's his loss, not yours.
You and your sister (and other family members involved) need to stay strong and ignore her attempts to suck you back in- you already know what's gonna happen, so why bother? People like that just don't change (at least without therapy), so just do your best to distance yourself. Maybe even change email addresses so that she can't contact you anymore.

-Krista 21/f


What is your input on tipping at restaraunts? I tip when I eat out but I also feel 'why tip when they are paid by the hour?' I understand that waiters/waitress make little but when one pays for their meal I do get why it is expected.

Example: Why tip a pizza boy when they are paid minimum wage hourly? Why tip a barista?

I am looking for inputs on how people feel, I feel both ways. We shouldnt have to tip... We pay for our food and we pay for good services.

You answered your question yourself- they make hardly any money (in some states, it's legal for them to get paid under minimum wage), and so they are pretty dependent on tips rather than a paycheck. It's also a hard job that requires a lot of patience, I know I couldn't do it (just working in retail is bad enough!). If a waiter is rude and doesn't do a great job, I wouldn't tip very much, but if they do a good job, why not? Being rewarded keeps them motivated to keep working hard, which is good for everyone.
I work at a regular per-hour job, and it can be very frustrating and demotivating knowing that no matter how great or bad I do I still get paid the same. If I was allowed to be tipped (in fact, I can get fired for accepting one) I think it might make a big difference.

-Krista, 21/f


I really need to tone my thighs in 20 days. I am going to be in a swimwear fashion show so this is crucial! I specially need to target my inner thighs and right under my butt! Please help!

Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up have a really great youtube channel with workout videos and healthy recipes (and often the workouts have printable workouts, too). This one is really great for your butt/upper thighs:
Printable version here: http://toneitup.com/blog/?p=5142

And of course, lunges and squats are essential for thighs.


If you use or used MAC and/or Sephora (

Depends on what you are looking for, no one brand is great for anything.

Make Up For Ever makes the best foundation, period. It's used by tons of pro makeup artists. Their HD foundation looks nearly invisible on the skin yet makes you look flawless- I lovee it. If you have oily skin, I also like their Mat Velvet+ foundation- great at controlling oil and for slightly heavier coverage.
If you like bright colors, they also make great eyeshadows (#92 is very popular), bright lipsticks, and super waterproof eyeliner.

To be honest, I don't use a lot of Smashbox...I know that they have good highlighters and I've heard a lot of good things about their BB cream. (If you like a more natural look for your skin).

MAC is awesome for some things, but I'm not a big fan of their foundations...tend to break people out and/or oxidize (turn orange/darker). They have a lot of really great eyeshadows, as well as lipsticks and lipglasses. (lipgloss). If you like glitter I recommend their dazzleglasses. Their blush, eyeliners, mascaras, etc are just ok, not really worth the money.

A great site for MAC (and some other brands) is temptalia.com. She's a beauty blogger that reviews tons of products and provides swatches (pictures of how the product looks on the skin/eye/hand). You can look up individual colors or go to her Swatch Gallery and sort it by brand. Really great tool.

I've found with makeup, it's best to mix and match from brands based on their best products and what suits you. Remember, you don't have to pick just one :)

-Krista, 21/f, makeup artist


alright so... i don't have the best skin. it's oily as hell. and the pimple... i'm not worried about that it's the blackheads. the makeup i use doesn't cover them nor the bumps they have NOR the holes they leave when i pull them out. and i'm not sure what to try now. i mean i'm cheap so i use drugstore, walmart type store makeup like maybelliene and covergirl... but i've been looking at MUFE, MAC, Smashbox, and other stuff...
but before i buy them i want to be sure they'll work because they are so expensive. so if you know any makeup good for covering blackheads or can find out some.. or even can find me a good article on this or a internet makeup tutorial please tell me.
and don't give me a lecture on how makeup won't help it, i'm not a retard i know that. but i would appreciate the help, not a LECTURE.

I wouldn't recommend MAC, their foundation tends to clog pores and it would probably make your problem worse. MUFE Mat Velvet+ really changed my life (as much as makeup can, anyway haha). It does a great job of controlling oily skin and gives awesome coverage. Definitely worth a try (and Sephora will let you return it if you don't like it).


I have to write an article over a journal on the internet. I picked Classical Conditioning.

I have to answer 8 questions which are listed on the class syllabus. I'm kind of confused on what a couple of questions mean. If you guys could explain what it means so I can finish my paper, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I tried asking my instructor, and he said if I don't know what it means than I should drop his class??


1) Where is the abstract located?
*What in the world does that mean??

2)What is the general purpose of an abstract?
*Again I'm lost. I have no idea what abstract means; if you guys could help me out, I can finish the rest. THank you so much!

The abstract is a part of the paper/psychological study you're reading. It's generally at the beginning and kind of a summary of all the information.

More info: http://psychology.about.com/od/apastyle/ht/abstract.htm


I'm being pissed off because of my oily face I wash my face using dove soap so of course the oil will gone but in few minutes the oil is there again and the oil on my nose never gone even if I wash it with soap. I also get painful bumps around my nose and chin and I've used every acne product you can think of even from my dermatologist.

Your skin is producing oil to make up for how dried out it is from washing it. As someone who has struggled with really bad acne and now has clear skin, I don't recommend using Dove on your face. It's too harsh and the scent could be irritating your skin.

What helped me was getting into a regular skin care routine, morning and night. Nothing too harsh, often simpler products will work better. I use a tea tree oil bar soap, the generic version of Sea Breeze toner (helps with the oil), and a plain Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with some SPF. Then spot treatment can be applied to problem areas.

It might take a while to see results (about a month for me), but it's well worth it. Also, if you wear makeup, make sure it's not clogging your pores. For a long time, I was wearing cheap, greasy L'oreal or Revlon foundation with thick maybelline concealer, and once I stopped using that, I saw a huge difference. Even if you can't afford expensive makeup, Neutrogena Healthy Skin or Skin Clearing foundations are really great and won't break you out.

Also, most major makeup brands (MAC, Urban Decay, etc) make a mattifying or oil-control gel you can try. Some drugstore brands even have oil-control moisturizer. Might be worth trying.
Good luck.
Krista, 21/f


How long does koolaid stay in you hair when you dye it

It actually doesn't wash out, even on dark hair...my cousin has brown hair and she had to wait for it to grow out. It took years. (And it turned this weird greenish color, not the color she wanted).


My bf's birthday is coming up and I want to get him a scent that will just make me want cuddle up next to him or jump his bones lol like the sort of scent worthy of spraying on my pillow or on tshirts that I wear around the house to remind me of him. He's in his early 30s and I have no idea what kind of scents I like on guys so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sephora has these really awesome sets, they come with a bunch of sample sizes of different colognes and a voucher for a free full sized-bottle of any of them, so you guys can decide what you like. I've given it to a few guys and they really liked it.


My boyfriend loves sex! I do to, don't get me wrong, but it's hard to enjoy it when it's so painful, and sadly my boyfriend loves the painful stuff. We did anal one time and I was practically screaming in pain and crying the moment it started. Not once, even when I was crying and trying to hold in the screams of pain did he stop or ask if I was alright. After that he promised he wouldn't put me through that again, but we've done it twice since then and it was the same everytime.
Then there's the "Blowjob"... I throw up every time. After he's finished I run to the bathroom to throw up what he's done to me, and he just watches me throw up from the bedroom like he's watching tv and my pain is nothing to him. I love him so so much but I don't want to have to be in pain to please him.

Don't ever think you have to be in pain to please him. If you don't like those things, DON'T DO THEM. Think about it- if there was something you liked that hurt him, he wouldn't do it, right? There are so many other things you can do, especially since he's being so thoughtless. Don't sacrifice yourself for him, not worth it.


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