Im 15 female and ive never had a boyfriend before. Im not going to say im ugly becuase people will just say "youre beautiful inside" blah blah. But my question: Will a guy still want to go out with me if i dont want to do anything past makeing out? Well at least him doing to me..or until i feel more comfortable with my body.

So am i considered prude?
Will I ever get a boyfriend if i feel this way?

The majority of guys your age will probably think so, yeah, because let's be honest, most guys are horny assholes aged 15 lmao. But I know plenty of people (and I am only a year older than you) who won't go further than holding hands on a first date, and guys (guys worth bothering with anyway) respect them all the more for it. Decent guys, who will really love you and give a damn about you, would prefer you to be a 'prude' than a slut.


I have made my grandma a special memories book for her birtday with lots of photos and little anicdotes and things and memories i have of her from holidays, christmas, birthdays etc.
I'm just really stuck for what i can write on the front page.
i want to write something that xplains what the book is about and that its a special book for a special grandma but i really dont know how to put it and make i sound really good.
if you can help me i'd really appreciate it. thank you x

Have you ever seen those fridge magnets and things you can get that say 'anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad'? Perhaps you could alter that to say 'anyone can be a grandmother but only someone special can be a grandma'? Just a thought :)


Does anyone know the quote that says
,Do you see these tears?, as the first line?

I'm sorry, I don't know the exact quote, but I swear I've heard that line in a song somewhere. Go to a lyrics site where you can search for phrases in song (e.g. www.leoslyrics.com) and hopefully something'll come up :)
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!!


Hey, I'm making a CD of Christmas songs but from alternative, metal, rock ..ect. bands or groups. An example would be Thrice - Carol of the Bells.
Do you guys know any others? All answers are appreciated. Thank you!

Try the Punk Rock Christmas album :)
The Darkness also did an xmas song but I can't remember the name...something about the bells ringing out on xmas day?


OMG i just swalled a tortilla chip. it was half of a "Tortillas : Scoops!" and it got stuck in my throat. it didnt totally cover my pipe but i felt it got stuck. i think it ripped something on its way down and im really nervous. then i could feel it going down my body and it felt like it was ripping anything it passed. I'm so scared. What do I do? I already tried drinking a thick liquid. It's down my throat nd all so thats fine.

Don't worry. When I was about six, I did a similar thing and it felt like the thing was stuck in my throat. We got it checked out by a doctor and it was just scratched. In a day or two you'll be fine - the mouth and throat heal very quickly. Avoid hard or scratchy foods, make sure you chew properly and eat lots of protein rich foods (e.g. cheese, milk, meat, yoghurt) to help your body heal :)


Hey, i was just wondering if anybody knew of any reliable places where i could download free music..meaning they don't have spyware, and very little viruses. I tried limewire and it messed up my computer..Thanks!

Limewire could have messed up your PC because you don't have enough memory - that happened to me. Try Morpheus and Napster, and if they both do the same then you'll need to go through your PC and delete old files you don't use anymore, pictures you don't want, etc.


What are some fun/inexpensive ideas for celebrating a sweet 16?

Do something really fun and unusual! You could take one or two friends to a theme park, or bowling, or have a bigger party and rent a bouncy castle or something! You could also have a costume party (come dressed as a movie star, as somone from the 60s, etc).
Have fun!


My hamster died.:( I had him for like 2 years. Thats not the point though. I was thinking about gettting another animal but I dont know what. Cats,dogs,rabbits and any reptiles are just not going to work...should I just get another hamster but that seems like I am just replacing it. Got any suggestions?I love ferrets but I don't have the money for them.
I rate 5!!!!

ps this isn't Britt but she knows I am using it.

I'm sorry about your hamster :(
It's OK to get another one. You're not just replacing the other one - it's natural to want something in it's place, but just because you want a new hamster doesn't mean you'll forget your old one.
However, if you are dead-set against getting another one, I'd suggest fish, mice, rats, guinea pigs or birds.


I was just wondering if anybody knew some wonderful beauty tricks!? like how to get your hair shiny...non frizzy...how to get clear skin thats perfect please Ill take any advice!! wootwoot!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of natural remedies you can try. Putting a teeny bit of tea tree or lavender oil or chammomile lotion onto a spot will help to clear it up, but nothing can give you perfect skin :) Someone once told me that putting toothpaste on a spot helps it to dry up but I dunno...I don't much like the idea of putting toothpaste on my face lol so I've never tried it. I suggest that, if you try this, you do it on a spot that isn't in a really obvious place, just in case it scars or something.
As for your hair, it all depends on the colour. Look around the shops and try and find shampoo with a main ingredient (i.e. listed on the front) relevant to your hair colour. Hair-colour specific products are the best, but don't buy the John Freida ones because they suck.
Blonde -> look for shampoo with lemon, chammomile, honey or lemonflower in it to lighten the colour and make it shinier. If you have brown hair, you want something with horse chesnut, walnut, and or ginseng. For red hair it should be henna, honey or cinnamon.
You could even try henna shampoo to enhance your natural colour. I know the Bodyshop sells this so look for it if you have one of those!! It's basically dye that lasts for 10 washes absolute max and is designed to enhance the colour rather than actually dye the hair.
Frizz Ease is supposed to be good, and it adds shine too. Try and find Sunsilk shampoo too, they have a really great range.


ok, i have fat cheeks for some reason and i need to know is there anything i could do to make them appear less chubby? I have greyish-blue eyes, average sized lips, and my skin tone is a little darker than fair. thanks!

There is a fairly new product out, made by Rimmel, that can help to define your cheekbones, thus making your cheeks look less chubby. I heard about this on the TV a few weeks ago, and I'm not sure if it was actually out, or if just make-up artists are using it for now. Basically it's a light and dark double-ended 'pen' - you draw the dark above your cheekbones and the light below to make them stand out more. It takes a lot of practise though and will probably be very expensive, so I would recommend buying a light and dark shade of blusher - it's easier to apply with a brush than a pen anyway! Experiment with it, but remember to be subtle. It may suit you better with the dark underneath instead of the light. See if it helps any!


i have a peer leading group at my school. my school goes to k-8th grade. so i help little kids in the elementry side with there problems and this will be my first year. in two weeks i have a peer trip to get trained. it supposed to be so much fun its gonna be like a camping trip overnight and i can't wait. but now i relized my sister's confirmation is on the day! if i dont go to the trip, i can't do peer. and i worked so hard to get into, i really have to go. but i feel so bad about missing it. my sister said she doesnt care, but my mom is really upset. and plus i wont be able to see my whole family that is coming for the celebration i dont know what to do =[

You've worked really hard for peer, you can't just give it up and your sister wouldn't want you to! I think you should give your sister a special confirmation gift, ring her up on the day etc, do all you can to show that you want to be there and you know how special the day is for her, but still go to peer. You can't give it up when you've worked hard for it - you'll regret it for a long time. Your mum'll come around to the idea, and if she doesn't she's being selfish, especially as your sister doesn't mind!
As for the rest of the family, you could get someone to pass a message onto them saying sorry you couldn't see them but you're at a special peer thing. There'll always be another time too :)


ok, well every now and then i get these really really bad headaches, my eyes get very sensitive to light and even the slightest noise makes my head pound. Now iknow the cause of these headaches isnt from my vision, because ive had my eyes checked many times and i do wear glasses. What can be causing them? thanks 4 ur answers

I had the same problem. I had all these headaches and we had no clue what caused them, but my eyes kept getting checked out - to no avail. The headaches are horribly painful - I used to want to scream but couldn't because it would make it hurt more!!

Eventually we realised I had migraines. When you have medication for them, they can be completely controlled. Sometimes migraines will have side-effects too - I feel sick and dizzy and my vision fades out with mine. If you have any other 'extra symptoms', mention these to your doctor if he diagnoses you with migraines.

They also tend to come in clusters, so you'll get a lot for maybe three months or even three years and then they'll disappear for a long time.


im 13 and in the 8th grade. school is getting so hard for me! i have about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of hoework everynight. homework in every subject too. is there any way i can get it done faster or make more time for it? i recently switched to spanish becasue french was getting to hard too.

Try going to my school lol. At least five hours work a night. :(

There is nothing you can REALLY do to speed it up
significantly, other than not doing it right.

Some things that would help a little, though, are:
*Always working on weekends so you have no homework to do by the time Monday rolls around.
*Working as soon as you get home so you're still in a 'work mood'.
*Every half hour, take a quick break. Walk around, walk the dog, do something that gets you moving and your circulation going again!
*Have plently to drink. A 2% lack of water leads to 10% decrease in concentration!!
*Get a good night's sleep, and don't leave work til the last minute or you'll get stressed.

Finally, if it's really stressing you out, talk to your teachers about it. If you often finish your work early in class, you could ask do be allowed to start doing your homework as extension work. Just speak to them and see what they can do about reducing the work load!

Good luck!!


ohk .. so my boyfriend is having problems with his dad at home.. and he calls me up sometimes so upset crying.. or just pissed.. but idk what to tell him to make him feel better,,?? i hope you can answer this as soon as possible its a HUGE issue..
hope yah can help

Put yourself in his shoes - what would you WANT to hear if you were him? Don't worry about it sounding cheesey; if he's upset or angry he won't notice that.
Some general ideas are:
Tell him how unfair his dad is being, how you wish it could get better for him. If you love him, tell him so (but don't over-use 'I love you' or it'll lose it's specialness :D). Suggest ways he could make it better. Tell him it's not long now 'til he can move out. Encourage him to stay at your house or at a friends every now and then.
I hope I helped! :) Best of luck!!


Okay i need the answer to this riddle please!!

You are stuck in a room with no windows or doors. a solid room. Only things in this room is a mirror and a table. how do you escape?

It really got me thinking and i can't seem to find out the answer. If i think you got it right then i`ll give you a 5. but if you try i`ll give you a 5 also!! =D thank you

I've never heard the riddle with a mirror before. I was told you had a table and a saw, and the answer is: saw the table in half, put the two halves together to make a whole, climb down the hole, yell yourself hoarse and get on the horse and ride away!
Sorry, that didn't answer your riddle but I thought you might like to hear the other :)


First of all, let me clear the air. Im a sexually active 20 year old, Ive never been married, and I personally see nothing wrong with premarital sex, or sex in general.


I have many friends who are Christian or Catholic, and they are (in my opinion) anywhere from sexually repressed at best, to afraid of and disgusted by sex at worst.

I cant really talk to most of them about it, simply because its a very uncomfortable subject.So I pose the question to the masses. For those of you who are religious, what are your views on sex, and why?

Thought provoking answers might get my screen name for further discussion, if you like. Any answers that sound something like

"ur crazy! Sex is uber cool! I LOVE SEX AND THERS NOTHIN WRONG WITH IT!! hope I helped plz rate"

or outright flames will get a 1.

- Stumbled upon your question :)
I'm a Wiccan. Wicca doesn't have a Bible or any other equivalent so therefore say anything about sex, except to very losely suggest that it should be special and the people should love each other. The only thing it says about love is in the Wiccan Rede: 'true in love ever be, unless thy lover's false to thee'.
Even if I wasn't Wiccan, I'd believe that. I think that, no matter what your religion, if you love somebody and are comfortable having sex with them, go ahead. And that you should always be faithful :)


Hey im agnostic, a pretty strong agnostic i guess... which might seem weird cuz when i was younger i was the most religous person in my family! None of us ever went to church but i really wanted to and stuff, and then as we got older everyone except my dad whose athiest got big on religon, except me, who just stopped believeing. I dont know why i just started to really think about it, and ask myself questions about it, and i just couldnt believe it anymore. Then later on i became wiccan for awhile, but i went through depression and stopped believing again. I think mostly religon is something that people really need to hold onto and believe in, and so they create it. I totally understand that religons tend to be good, and they have good values and things like that, but i dont think they're true. im not likely to change my mind [and yea i HAVE been to church], but i figured id give anyone a chance to explain to me how they know their religon is true... please don quote the bible unless ur gonna tell me how you know the bibles true too. And dont say you just KNOW, because people always tell me that they just KNOW that their god is the real one and not someone elses, and then that person comes up and tells me the same thing.
Dont be stupid. I rate high! Thanks...

I'm a Wiccan, and I DON'T know that my path, or God and Goddess, is the right one. I grew up a Christian (not a practising one, mind, but in a Christian society, celebrating Christian festivals) and then converted. I'm often scared I'll go to hell or something because I've chosen the wrong thing.

However, when I first found Wicca, it was different. Something inside me clicked with it. I understood it, I WAS it. Straight away I knew this was the right religion for me because I agreed with so much of what it said. It's only doubts AFTER this realisation which make me wonder if I'm doing the right thing. The hardest part for me is actually going from one male God to a main female GodDESS as well as a God! It's a big adjustment to make, mind-wise. Did you ever get to that stage? I know I'm supposed to be giving the help here, but if you did, any ideas? :)

A big part of Wicca is trusting your instincts, remember? Trust yours! :) Research loads of religions, and when you find one that clicks...you know you have it.


Im not anti-christian, infact im christian myself but, why do christians think that witchcraft is wrong? Its another religion just like Buhdism and christianity itself.

Well, it's not quite like Christianity. It's a polytheistic religion, meaning it has more than one God. The Bible says that any religion that does not believe in God is ran by the devil, basically, so they think all witches (which was the main other religion around the time the Bible was written) are evil. Exodus also says 'thou shalt not suffer a witch to live'.
Basically, the men who put the Bible together were terrified of witches. They also needed someone to blame when bad things happened. Pagans became the scape-goats. The prejudice has carried on *shrugs*.
It's nice to see a Christian who doesn't think badly of witches though!!
In actual fact, it's not Christianity that is at fault. Witches and Christians shared many of the same beliefs at one time (i.e. reincarnation). The men who put the Bible together knew they would have no power over people if people realised there was life after death - the death penalty, and therefore the fear of death, would cease to exist. They took whole books on reincarnation out in order to keep people afraid of death afraid. I just find it ironic they failed to take the biggest image of reincarnation and ressurection out - Jesus returning from the dead! :)


I was looking through a few questions on religion (Not a darn clue why, I just was) and I was reading a question about a girl who wanted to become Buddist.

An answer she recieved made me a little upset. This person that answered kept saying how she was choosing the wrong religion and that being Buddist is wrong.

I've noticed things like this before, strong Christians (yes, it is mostly Christians) criticizing other religions. They will rant on and on about how it's the wrong religion.

What is so wrong with believing in Buddah? Why do you have to criticize people who do not believe in God? We have the right to choose our religion and the right to choose no religion at all.

Why do you believe that your religion is the only "right" religion? This has been bothering me for a while.

I really don't want any Christians on this site to feel that I am directing this ONLY at you. But what I've seen on this site about 90% of the people criticizing people for their religion are strong Christians. So, I'm just basing my question on the majority.

I'm sorry if this question has offended anyone.

*Smiles sadly*
I am a sixteen year old Wiccan, and so many people in my faith ask the same question that you just did. I want to thank you for not actually putting down any religions here. So many people who claim to be open-minded ask this question and slate another religion at the same time, so I honestly respect you for being so TRULY open-minded!!

The thing is, wouldn't it be rather hypocritical if you belonged to a religion that said all people from other religions go to hell, this is the only true religion, etc, and then fully accepted and condoned other religions?

I do think, however, that people who believe that should keep it to themselves - it's fine to say 'I have full faith in my religion and I believe it's the only true one', because chances are so does the person you're talking to. It's just that when people start saying that other religions are WRONG...

I think you've placed the wrong word when you say 'strong'. Any strong believers will understand how beautiful, magical, strong and powerful faith is, and they will never underestimate that, or a person's right to faith, even when the person they are talking to/about puts their faith in a different deity.

So many young Christians are misguided. So many of them think that preaching is a part of faith. It's the same in any religion - in Wiccanism we call people like this 'fluffy bunny Wiccas'. There is a LOT of discrimination against them, something I'm really not happy about, because many wonderful Wiccans start out as fluffies, just as, I'm sure, many Christians who start out preaching will eventually become wonderful members of their religion.

Don't judge all Christians on what is actually the minority. On here it may be the majority, but very few Christians you encounter in the 'real' world will act like that. Even someone who believes their faith is the only one understands that everyone has the right to believe what they want.

May I ask what religion you are, if you have one?

Blessed Be xxx


Some of my friends are smoking (cigarettes). I'm really worried but I don't think they'll listen to me if I ask them to stop. Should I stop hanging out with them or what? I'm afraid of being pressured by them.

If you are really against smoking, you won't be pressured into it. If they are really your friends, they won't try. It's as simple as.
For now, give them the benefit of the doubt. Don't tell them to stop because they'll just smoke more, but hope it's just a phase and that they'll soon give up. Make it known you don't approve but don't try and stop them because they'll only start getting grumpy with you.
If they start pressuring you, though, walk away. You can do better than that.


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