the bruuunettte.. i am 18 years old. i have been through plenty for my age, so i know what pretty much everything is like. i don't care about ratings, i will answer your question completely honest, and if you don't like it && rate me a 1, i will laugh. it does not phase me. if you're not serious, please do not waste my time. if my advice is not something you like to hear, well too bad, you asked me and that's what i had to say. i am a really [[nice]] girl. i promise. i can give really good advice or really stupid advice if you give me a stupid question. but i guarantee i can help you. just ask! =]

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Okay so, basically, I have braces, but I really want a monroe. But I'm scared that A. it won't look good and B. it won't work real well with my braces. I need some opinions on this.

Okay so i disagreeee with what everyone said.
First of all, when you have your monrow pierced, the inside of it is not even close to where your braces are. and it is only a flat piece of metal. really small. i have had my monroe pierced before, so i know. and just because you have braces doesn't mean it won't look good. you'll never know until you do it right? i think all monroes look cute.
hope it works out for you :)


So basically one of my eyebrows is smaller than the other, by...i dunno. not totally noticeable, but it bothers me. So there are these little hairs above my eyebrow (where the eyebrow looks smaller) but theyre lighter so you cant see them. Is there anyway I could darken them and then reshape my eyebrow? What about hair dye? Is that a stupid idea...I don't know.

you could use an eyebrow pencil to kind of reshape it since one looks smaller than the other. or you could pluck the eyebrow that looks bigger to even it out with the smaller looking one.. but if you don't want to do that, just buy an eye pencil that you can use on your eyebrows..


What is the difference beetween gel nails and acrylic nails? Which one is better *lasts longer, looks prettier, which one is worth my $*

gel nails are definately better. they last longer, and are definately worth the money. they are a little more expensive, but worth it.


My boyfriend and I were fooling around last Thursday.
I gave him oral sex and so consequently got some semen in my mouth.
We kissed after that, so maybe some sperm got in his mouth?
Then I received oral sex from him when he licked me around my vagina.

My question is, is it possible that I got pregnant if the sperm traveled from my mouth to his to my vagina?

umm. most likely right after you two kissed it probably wasn't STILL in his mouth. he probably swallowed his own jiizz. it's really hard for people to not swallow for a long period of time..


i like that song bat country, but dont know any other songs by avenged sevenfold, and i want more to download. so if you have a favorite, or best songs by them please tell =b

I would have to say Unholy Confessions.

That is by far a reallllyyy goood one.

It's one of my favorites by them.



Okay so i was getting out of my car to get the mail and it was like 9:30 and it was really dark and a big african american came toward me and started touching me so i screamed and he hit me and covered my mouth. He dragged me behind a big van and took of my pants and panties and raped me in the butt after he was done he hit me again and ran. I was so scared i couldn't move and i felt some liquid drip down near my vagina and i was wondering if there is anyway i could get pregnant because i haven't had my period in a while and i'm about 3 days late.

Please answer thanks

well this question seems fake.
but no you aren't pregnant. don't stress your period EVER, no matter what it is, because that may cause yo to be late.


erm i feel lyk killin ma self plese help

dont do anything stupid like that.
it's not worth it. AT ALL.
but maybe you could be a little more detailed as to why you feel that way?? i'm afraid i can't help you with the info you gave.


say it was 3 thin layers of clothing. He did ejaculate and I noticed that there was a wet spot on my shorts around the top of my private area, I am not sure if it went through my underwear or not, but my underwear was also wet, but that was probably my stuff. I am really scared that I will get pregnant. I will get my period approximately around Feb 9 so that is where I stand. I am really worried, what can I do?

if it was not intercourse then you are not at anyway pregnant.

end of story.


Well .. i know this is kinda nasty but im old enough believe me because if i wont then i wouldnt ask this .. well nobody ever talked to me about sex but like i know about it .. but i was wonderin does a guy wont it shaved or hairy .. like not alot of hair i dont know help!!!

most guys like it shaved but thats your decision.
dont do it just for a guy if you feel you dont want to ...
xox hope i helped


Hey. Is it true that guys won't have sex with girls if the don't shave their vaginas?

Some guys don't care.
And some do. The ones who do are stupid. Because it's your body! shave it if you want.. dont if you dont want to.
But Anyway, you shouldnt do the shit with him if he is going to disrespect your body. (im saying if it ever happens to you)
hope i helped.


okay well. first of all; you are gorgeous. =]
well i was wondering.. i have pretty straight hair, and i want to make it wavy. i know you can get stuff at the stores.. but do you know like anything that waves your hair [ curlers or whatever] that wave your hair better then braids? thank youuu ♥

Hey thanks!
Well you can buy hair utensils such as like wavers or curling irons. if you go to like walmart or target or a hair place.. you can go down the isles and it has alot of tools.. im not sure what the brands are called! but anyway.. i know of revlon which is pretty good.. so yeah sorry this isnt the best advice... im not having the best day... actually its the second worse day of my life. lol im sorry but ask me anything else..! xox


Okay I know this guy named bobby(18), (im 16) and we had sex without a condom. My ex-boyfriend and him are good friends, and awhile back my ex told me that Bobby had an std. I asked Bobby about it and he said that he got tested and didnt. I dont know what to do. Im not showing any signs of an Std but you can never be sure! What should I do. I dont want to get my parents involved!

this bobby character could be lying.
im pretty sure no one wants anyone to know if they have a disease or anything like that. anyone can say that they were tested and are fine... you never know... maybe you are the one who should go get tested and see if you have an std and if you do then you will know if he had it or not. (well if you lost your virginity to him) but still if you didnt have an std before bobby and then you get tested and you have one then you will know...and your parents dont have to be involved.. you just go to a clinic and everything is confidential. so yeah...xox


My boyfriend and I were fooling around, we never had sex and my hymen isn't broken. Things got a little carried away and we were rubbing our "private" parts together, but my stuff never touched the top of his. Is there any way I'm pregnant? I've been freaking out because my period is late, but I am so irregular that I normally miss a few months anyway. I'm just worried, so any input would be great.

well the only way you could be pregnant is from one way and one way only... SEX
and since you have never had sex then you yourself should know your fine because you are the only one who knows if you have done it except for the person(s) youve done it with or if you told people.. and you say u have never so you shouldk now your fine babe!
dont worry


Hi, i was wondering if it it possible to miss a period? Ive been very active in sports this month and im a week late on my period. Thanks

yes its possible..

because sports and sex both can mess up your cycle inside and your period could be irregular amd come late.


hey i just wanna know if iam not a virgin will my husband know on the wedding night??? is there a way for him not to know?

no theres no way for him to know unless you tell him. which you probably should.



Is giving head considered Anal Sex?

no its oral sex.
anything involving the MOUTH is oral.

anal sex is when you have sexual intercourse in the butt.


Does a condom still work ok if you're doing it in the shower?

it will work if you know how to use it properly in the shower. just be careful.
sex in the shower or water PERIOD, can be very unsafe because condoms slip off, they break, and so forth. just be careful..


This is not the kinda question i should be asking, but im curious. (dont get grossed out)
Im a guy who is very sexually active with one partner, my question is the following..my girlfriend hardly ever gives me head not because she doesnt want to, but because for the last 8 months or so, ive had this very bad odour comming from my penis. The thing is im the cleanest person ever, i shower everyday and pay extra attention to washing my penis properly, however 10 or 15 minutes later, the smell is back. Ive gotten checked for all stds many of times, and i know for a fact that im my girlfriends first and only lover. Any body have any ideas as to why this odour keeps on destroying my feallatio fantasies?

male yeast infection.

looks like the first columnist who wrote was right. she did give you a little present. but its right theres much that can be done.. .google it.


this may seem like a dumb question but i heard someone talking about it.

lets say you use a public bathroom & you're a girl. if there's sperm anywhere near the toilet, on the seat, in the toilet itself, is it possible to get pregnant?? if you were juss using the bathroom??


NO you can't.

There's been so many questions like this. People freak out. You can only get pregnant IF sperm gets into your vagina..
So basically sexual intercourse.
If you were just using the bathroom then theres no possible way of getting pregnant because the sperm was not inserted INTO your vagina.
And plus sperm dies once it hits the air.
Hope I helped.


should girls shave thier pubes? and if so how much? and how are you saposed to get the hair wwaayy down there.. since its pretty much.. surrounded..?

Shave all of it.
Well I think you should because nobody likes a bush. And plus the hair absorbs scents and thats what makes it smell. so shave it and you will feel so much more cleaner. trust me. but you know its up to you. your choice sweety.


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