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My favourite things in the world are chocolate, ice cream, stilettoes i can't walk in, the blow torch my dad can't hide, my phone that i cant use, the drums that I can't play, and my BED!
I love chatting to people on msn, poking people, and watching stupid and mildly offensive flash animations on the internet.
I also really like playing my music at ridiculous volumes and going to concerts - so far I have seen: Green day, Blink 182, Evanescence and Delirious?.
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how can i make myself orgasm? my boyfriend can do it but i cant. thanks:) (link)
Firstly, figure out what you like about what your boyfriend does. Try it on yourself - and try a few different things, until you know what feels good!
Secondly, don't put any pressure on yourself to orgasm. If you're continually thinking "am I going to come yet?!" then the chances are it's going to take you a hell of a lot longer. Relax!
Finally, orgasms aren't the be all and end all. Relax, enjoy what you're doing to yourself, and if you're going to come, you'll come. Sometimes the journey there can be just as fun as the conclusion!

i am a 13 year old girl and i feel like a freak! none of my friends masterbate and they think its groos and weird! i havent told anyone though and i plan to keep it to myself! OMG i feel like a freak!! is it normal??? i do it daily in my bed and rub the leg of my stuffed animal on my vagina!!! is that normal! help me and please dont say mean things!! (link)
None of the girls I know admitted to masturbating until we were about 16. Up until that point, they had always sounded "appropriately disgusted" by the idea. Then it turns out that all of them had been masturbating since at least 14 (some as early as 11, myself included!).
Girls rarely feel comfortable admitting these things, but that doesn't make it any less normal! This is something that is personal to you, and you shouldn't feel any pressure to tell anyone what you're doing. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is completely natural and healthy.

Lately I have been under a lot of stress from finals and other things. In the past two weeks I have passed out 4 times. How much blood do you ussually have to lose before passing out and what could be other causes of this? I'm 14 and relatively healthy. (link)
hey i passed out quite a bit around my exams. Make sure you're eating enough, stress can make you skip meals and that really isn't good for you. If you don't eat enough, your blood sugar levels will drop and this can cause lightheadedness and fainting. Make sure you're not dehydrated as well, you should be drinking at least a litre of water a day. To be honest I never manage that but make sure to drink SOME!
If you're studying hard and that's causing your stress then make sure you take breaks.
Don't put too much strain or pressure on yourself, make sure you just take some time out and chill, go see your friends or whatever.
I'd still go to your doctor about it, he can check for any underlying conditions that could be causing this. When I used to collapse it was a combination of things - including low blood pressure so when I stood up too fast the blood drained from my head. Make sure you haven't got anything wrong with you!
Hope I helped!
Vic xxx

ok i have stretch marks on my legs (15/f) and i was wondering how the heck do i get rid of them? summers comming up and i dont want to be seen in a swim suit with stretch marks on my hip/legs...
please help i rate high (link)
There is no really quick way of getting rid of stretch marks, but I'd get some vitamin E cream or something like that, and just rub that into your skin.
It's meant to be good for repairing your skin so it should work on stretch marks!

Ok I've been out with this lad 8 times, and he kept using me but then the 8th time i went out with him he sed he'd learnt his lesson but then i found out he fancied my best m8 and when he was with her he'd flrt with her and when he was with me he was really romantic we had our first snog then our second and it felt so good but then the next day i fell out with my best m8 and he dumps me over falling out with her and then they both ept being nasty to me and calling me nasty names and i end up geting really upset and then the teacher makes me apoliges to them when they've really upset me but I still madly in love with my ex and now I feel really depressed what should I do?? please help me i'll rate anyone who does 5 (link)
The guy is an idiot. Honestly. EIGHT TIMES? You can't trust this guy! Stay away from him - and if your friends calling you names as well you should stay away from her too.
You can do better - there are other people to be friends with and other guys to date.
It may take time for you to get over your ex but just focus on what an idiot and a user the guy is and it should make it easier for you :)

My mom tells me I'm fat. A lot. She's constantly telling me I need to lose weight, and though she tries to do it in a gentle way it still hurts. And it's not that she's telling me I'm fat and I'm not. I really am fat, but I have a tendency to be stubborn, so when she nags me to do things I never want to do them. And half of me wants to be skinny, and half of me doesn't, so I end up getting lost in the middle, getting stressed, eating more, and having my mom tell me I've gained weight. Thanks mom. But I don't know what to do. She thinks it's for my own good that she's telling me this, even though I've told her countless times that I KNOW it's not something I need to be reminded about. And she has her own weight issues that she should worry about. She's a lot heavier than I am and at more of a risk of health problems than I am. Not that I'm comparing myself to her, I just wish she'd focus on herself instead of me.

Is there any way you can think of that I can ignore her nagging or get her to focus on herself instead of me? (Or both????) (link)
My mum does exactly the same thing. I think you should talk to her about how what she says damages your self esteem. Tell her that you don't like it when she tells you that you're getting fat, because it makes the problem worse. Try not to get upset while you talk about it because that won't help.
I definitely agree with the other answer because if you both did something together about your weight you focus on yourselves.
Don't IGNORE her nagging - talking about it with her will hopefully make her stop.

i like this boy but he has a gf. He flirts with me all the time, more than he even talks to her. The girlfriend is also my friend so i wouldn't want to hurt her but he is so cute and funny. I'm attracted to him. He calls me hobbit because i am exactly a foot shorter than him. he's 6 ft and i'm 5 ft. Whenever we are talking and flirting we have fun but then his gf comes along and he stops. Once we had this chatroom thing with me, him, and his gf (i'm friends with tho) and it was one of the most awkward thing for me. I don't was fun and we were alltalking but at one point it was all me and him and it was so nice. Please help-i can't tell him that i like him tho cuz he does have a gf and she will get mad at me and not be my friend even tho she suspects and it and all her other friends do too (link)
If this guy flirts with you when he has a girlfriend, whats to say he wouldn't flirt with other girls if he went out with you?
And if its your FRIEND that he's going out with - well how would you feel if your boyfriend and your friend were flirting, which you knew about, but then they went out?
I think you are at risk of damaging your friendship with this girl. She obviously suspects something which isnt good - but you shouldn't betray your friend.
If I were you I would stay well away.
This guy sounds like trouble - for you and for your friend.

A friend of mine started to like me a while ago. We have been friends since about 2nd,3rd grade. He has gone with my ex-bestfriend 4 times but they aren't together anymore and she has a new man anyway. But the other problem is that he is best friends with my ex-boyfriend (who goes with my ex-best friend). I like him back and we flirt non-stop but what if it doens't work? I think me and him are good friends but we are always playing and making sexual passes at each other. I feel bad and down when I don't see him and I accept him as he is (cute, tall and kinda smart), but his friends an I all have some sort of history. What to do, his friends are all giving us the look and I don't wanna risk their friendship. Should we stay flirty friends or go for it? We are both 15 and close will this affect us if we go for it and it doesn't work out? (link)
Your ex best friend is with your ex boyfriend, who is best friends with your guy right? And your guy went out with your ex best friend?
Well I don't think she'd see it as a problem if you went out with the guy - she is going out with your ex after all.
And about the guy - do you like him in that way? Do you think you could make it work? If you think you could stay friends if the two of you broke up, I think you should go for it.
Rejection hurts but you'll never know if you never try!

Ok i like have a b/f that i really like but im not acually sure if he likes me. I mean like my friend like told him to like me but im not sure if he likes. I think he does bc he's always like looking at me in algebra and all the other classes we have together. But i'm like afriad to ask him if he does like me. Like plzzzzz help me! Before April 11th or I'll go like CRAZY!

love and adore,

like soo confused
He's your boyfriend. If he didn't like you he wouldn't go out with you.
And trust me, if someone's always looking at you then its highly likely that they're thinking of you.
And your friend told him to like you? Is your friend able to make certain people like you? Id it an ability of hers?
Honestly, I think you should ask him if you're really that worried, but I don't actually think theres anything to be worried ABOUT.
Hope I helped

I havn't worn my retainer for a LONG TIME, about 2 years, and my bottom teeth have moved, just the 4 in the frontish, and well, i was wondering, if i started using my retainer now...and delt with the pain, would my teeth move back into place?? (link)
Well I lost my bottom retainer a little while ago, and within 2 months my teeth moved out of place. I have been wearing the new one ever since, but my teeth haven't moved back.
Any movement will be small, and probably uncomfortable.
I think you should really talk to your orthodontist

Hi everyone, I'm 14/f and I was j/w if it would be bad if I eventually went out with a 19 year old guy. I'm going to be 15 in May. I've been talking to this guy for a year now. He seems really really sweet, but we haven't met yet. I just feel like I'm starting to like him now. We were going to go see a movie one time, but we didn't end up going because it was really late. I decided not to go. He always used to say I'm too young and everything, so he was afraid to meet me, but then all of a sudden that one time he was going to go somewhere with me. He doesn't seem to care about my age all that much now. I'm not sure if he likes me or not, but I'm just saying if we met and everything, would it be wrong for me to be going out with a 19 year old? In my opinion, it's not that bad. I know we could both get in trouble, but he's really sweet. I've talked to a lot of people that I don't know on the internet, and he doesn't seem like one of those guys that only cares about sex. He never tries to talk about it with me like other gross guys do. I was also wondering how I could maybe hint to him when I'm talking to him on the internet again that I like him. I'll probably be talking to him tomorrow night. If we ever met also, what are some suggestions as to where we could meet and hang out since it'll be the first time. If anyone can, please answer! I just want a few suggestions. I'm soo very sorry that this question is so long. And I also know that you'll probably tell me it's a big age difference, but age shouldn't matter if you really like someone right? You could always keep the relationship a secret, and not do anything illegal with that person until your old enough and you know you won't get in trouble. If your nice when you answer, and you give good advice I'll rate you a 5!!!! Thank you so much again, and sorry about the length. :-) (link)
OK, well this is kinda tricky.
I mean, do you have any way of knowing for certain if this guy is who he says he is? Its dangerous to meet up with someone you don't know from over the internet.
If you are very certain that he is who he says he is, and he isnt dangerous, and you would definitely, no doubts about it, want to meet him, then you should always make sure someone knows where you are. Bring someone with you. Meet in broad daylight in a public place. Don't go anywhere secluded.
This may sound paranoid but it could save your life if the worst comes to the worst.
Secondly, about the relationship thing - I really do think you should get to know this person as a friend. I know you have done online, but if you are gong to meet this person meet them as a FRIEND first.
If it feels right, remember that it is illegal for him to have sex with you. Older guys may want to do more in a relationship, so don't do anything if you feel pressured.
And definitely don't keep the relationship a secret. Bad things have a tendency to happen in those circumstances.
I hope I helped and didn't sound too preachy!

i was wondering does any1 know any fitness exersises to get abs?im a girl and want to have abs. also a butt workout!! I really need to lose weight and how can i get motivated to lose weight? i am 130 pounds at 5'2 female.
Thank you in advance
I reckon you should go for sit-ups. Try and aim for a certain amount every day, then up the amount as you become more capable.
Also try lunges - feet about a metre apart, then bend one leg until the thigh is parallel to the ground. Straighten leg, and repeat on other side.
Do however many of these a day and you should tone up.
Yoga is very good for toning, its also very relaxing and makes you more flexible. You can get a book with a basic workout cheaply from most bookshops, or search on the internet for a basic guide.
Try not to focus on losing weight, according to the information you gave you aren't actually overweight. Focus on toning up and becoming healthier.
I hope I've helped,

My school doesn't do work experience but I need to do a two week work experience placement to get onto the childcare course I would like to study. So, I'm trying to organise it myself and writing letters to all the nurseries in my area asking if they can help me.

My questions are:
*Do you think they would prefer handwritten or typed letters? (My handwriting is neat)
*What goes after 'yours' when you don't know the name of the person you are writing to?
*I am studying for 21 GCSEs. Do you think I should mention this or would it make me sound like I'm showing off?
*Should I mention any of my GCSEs? For example, I know that I have to gain good qualifications in English to be a Nursery Nurse, so should I mention that I'm studying English?

Oh, and I've been to Connexions, if anyone was going to suggest them to me, and they were absolutely useless, so I'm doing this myself.

xxx (link)
1. If your handwriting is neat and legible, it gives the impression that you have put more effort into the letter, and are therefore hardworking
2. If you want to say 'Yours' at the end, then the correct one is 'yours faithfully', but its also good to add in 'thankyou for your time' or 'i hope to hear from you soon'.
3. If you are studying for 21 GCSEs, it would be good to give an example of some of the grades you have been predicted in relevant subjects. If you need to gain good qualifications in English, then it would be useful to give them your predicted grade. If you haven't been predicted grades then try and mention how you think studying for a certain GCSE could benefit you if you were to do work experience for them.
I hope all that made sense, and good luck finding your work experience!

how can you find your bra size? like is there a way to measure yourself? maybe with a tape measurer or something? (link)
Most underwear stores offer a free measuring service.
You don't have to take your bra off or anything, they measure over it.
It's really not embarassing, and they are trained to do that so their measurements will be accurate.
It doesn't take very long either, a couple of minutes max!
Hope this helped

plain and simple my girlfriends mom hates me dad likes me please help (link)
The thing with girlfriend's mothers is: they like nice boys.
1) Always, ALWAYS be polite around her
2) Do not swear
3) Do talk to her - I have known so many people get annoyed because their daughter's friends just don't talk to them
4) Try and figure out why it is that she doesn't like you - try and solve the problem
The fact that her dad likes you is always good - generally girlfriends fathers are the worst. If you can win the father over its only a matter of time before the mother comes round.
Hope I helped!

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