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okay. just a few for you sexually educated people out there... hehe.

1) how do you know when you are having an orgasm?

2) if you masturbate frequently, is sex less likely to hurt?

3) is it illegal to finger someone if you're under eighteen?

wow. that was very awkward to type out. anyhow, thanks a zillion!
[: (link)
1) you just kind of know when you are (lol that really helps dont it? :P) ok, well when you're having sex or foreplay or w/e it starts feeling more n more gd and when you have the orgasm its like a sudden huge feeling. have you ever had that (sorry! i'm not a perv but its just so you know if you have had!)

2) it probably is as then youre more used to having something inside you, using sex toys can help as well but i'd steer clear of usin a vibrator much because apparently it desensitizes you.

3) i havent heard any laws that say that. the only sex related regulations i know are that in the UK it is illegal to have sex under the age of 16 and i think its illegal for an over 18yr old to do anything with a minor.

i git really bad cramps at school from my period.
what can i do? (link)
There are loadsa products you can use to help lessen or even get rid of your cramps. I always find putting some heat on your belly n relaxing really helps. Have you heard of those microwavable wheat bag things? Once i had a really painful period at a mates n i basically couldnt do anything so her mom heated up a wheat bag and i put it on my belly and probs after about 5 mins the pain was totally gone! Plus they really smell nice so if you feel sick with the pain then that helps too :)

Okay well there is this boy named Luan and i really like him,He iss soooo sexy and his smile is the best thing in the world,but then again there is this boy named lany that likes me alot but wont tell me so like im confused,I like lany i used to like be in love with him but he was a jerk to me so i juss forgot about him, but now lany likes me but dont really like him as much as I did,soo what do i do?? (link)
Lany seems a bit of a confusin guy if i'm honest. I'd say go with Luan but if you're still having doubts about this then spend more time with each of the guys and decide :)

sperm cant travel through clothes can it?
like..if you "dry hump" with just underwear on it cant travel through the clothes right?

because i heard it could but i think its just a myth.. (link)
oh don't worry about it, theres no way sperm can travel through clothes. It just doesn't shoot out with that much force. Hope that helped :)

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