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My mom and I spent the whole day together. That's not the point. We went somewhere to visit family and when we came home, I went in my room to get away, to relax. So she goes in the living room and sits down on her fat ass.. and conviniently starts ordering me to do things. I was sitting her, we had gotten home like 15 minutes prior to this. I told her I would do it in a bit but she proceeded to yell at me to do it. So the very last time she yelled at me, these were her words: "If you're not fucking out here in 5 damn minutes, I'm kicking your ass off the computer." So in return, I told her to shut up. Not even yelling, it was to myself, and she overhead. So she came to take my danm cellphone, the phone I bought with my money, and pay for with my money, and for some reason she believes she has owenership over because its in her name. BULLSHIT. I'm so pissed I'm hitting shit now.. I want to hit her. Please help. (link)
your a spoiled brat just try talking to ur mom and if that doesnt help try talking to ur skool guidence counselor thanks i hope i helped love ya

okay i have a guy friend...hes nice and sweet but not liked very much at school...tonight he threatened to kill himself. im really scared b/c im not around him much at school and never after school...i care about him alot but sometimes dont show it very well. Should i bring our IM conversation to the councelor tomorow or something else...talking to him doesnt help...he doesnt listen.
please help...i rate hight
-x0x- (link)
Hey maybe u should try talkiing to him, if that doesnt work tell an adult like a guidence counselor thanks hope i helped

ok.... well i have gone out with this guy 4 times and every time we brake up it is because of other girls!!! now he wants to go back out with me. he is always sweet and always says i love you to me. he always holds my hand and is always there for me.but the real question is ... should i go back oout with him or not? plz answer!!! (link)
Tell this guy that u love him and that if he breaks up with you again there will be consequences if this doesnt work try talking to a trusted adult thanks

what should i do to get abs? i mean, im very skinny, but i just want to tone my stomach. what is the quickest and most effective way for me to accomplish this? please be specific. thanks (link)
Hey try working out an eating healthy foods if it doesnt work contact a parent or trusted adult and they may have some better advice 4 u thanks:)

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