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There is a guy I like that we have been talking for a while now and normaly he would call me and when we talked he was real sweet we acted like we went out but now he has stopped calling and I haven't heard from him in like 3 days.I really like him I've called him but when I do he's not home or he is busy.I don't really know what to do or to think plz help??What can I do to fix anything? thanks an advance (link)
heii look, don't worry!! maybe he has been busy!! give himm a couple more days to call!! don't give up on him!! if you really like him then you will wait a while!!

does anyone know of any good s/n ideas. i'm looking for a new screenanme and i was wondering if people could just give some random ones. i asked beofre but people only gave ideas like "pick something that is your fave and some of your numbers before and after it".... well that didnt help to much. so please and thanks. (link)
my suggestion is to make a s/n that has the nickname that your friends call you and then the nubers after it can be like your b-day!! that is just my opinion, that is how i did mine!!

This is gunna be really long, im sorry. but thanks in advance to anyone that helps! ok, so last night i was hanging out with my boyfriend of almost a month, and we were drinking but neither of us were even feeling a buzz. well one of his friends touched my stomach, and my boyfriend is extremely protective of me and got really pissed. he was trying to calm down and was shaking, he kept telling me he was gunna kill him, so i told him not to worry about it that his friend has no chance with me and i said 'your all i need'. right after i said this he got the sweetest lok on his face and said the 3 words i would of never thought would come from his mouth- "I love you". this caught me by complete surprise, i didn't say anything back, i just kissed him, well throughout the coarse of the night he told me he loved me 8 times. each time i said nothing. We've only been going out for almost a month (will be a month this friday) but have been really close and flirtly for 3 months. i finally gave in and said i love you too one of the times he said it. I do care for him soo much, just for me its so hard to believe in the word and meaning of 'love'. But yet i said it to him, and i think that was a mistake on my part. but i couldn't just not say something. But i want to talk to him about it and tell him i dont want him to say those words until he is sure of what hes saying and when he means it. but how am i supposed to talk to him about it? (link)
i think that you should tell him that you think love is a very strond word and your not sure if you love him yet!!

ive been going out with my boyfriend for a long time. he never pressures me or disrespects me. but the other day in the movies he started touching my boobs which is really unlike him. then apologized throughout the whole movie for doing it. we went out to dinner and i flipped out on him and he started CRYING. this morning at school he decorated my locker saying "im so sorry i love you" with hearts all over it. i found out that he stayed up all night making it. he was crying all day in school, and he wrote me a long apology letter. everyone says im overreacting. should i get back with him because i really want to... (link)
yeah i think you should forgive him maybe he was just horny!! if he apoligized so many times, then he was just in a horny mood!! fogive him!!!!! if he had never done it before, then he was really horny!!! i think you should forgive him!!

my boyfriend cheated on me with another girl .. we have been goin out for 2 1/2 monthes now .. he says he loves me, but i dont see how you can cheat on somebody you love. he didnt have sex with the other gurl, but they kissed. so i then broke up with him and that same day i broke up with him he kissed another girl .. im so confused. should i stay with him ? i mean we are both only 15 years old . so maybe it was just hormones. but do you think he loves me. he treats me really good, hes boughten me a gold ring and big teddy bear when i was sick he (link)
i think if a guy cheats on you he really dosn't love you if he did he would have a relationship with you an only you!! i would never give him another chance!!

well im goin out with this guy my mom hates and i mean she really hates him.... and she wants me to stop seeing him but i told her no and i got into this big fight with my mom but i really like this guy but my mom thinks hes not right for me.......what should i do??? ive already tired telling her how i feel about this guy but she wont listen (link)
i think you should show your mom that he is realy a nice guy!! if you like him that much then tell her she should give him a chance!! but don't ruin your relationship with your mom over a g uy!! no man is worth that much!!

Alright, this is sort of a random question, but I'm cleaning out my closet today, because I have WAY too many clothes. It's hard to find anything to wear because I have so much STUFF that I simply never wear...does anyone have a solution to this problem? Like, can you list out what a good amount of clothing to have is? For example, how many jeans you should have, how many tee-shirts, how many skirts, etc. Also, what's the remedy to this? I have so much clothing-but nothing to wear! Should I limit where I shop to like...2 or 3 certain clothing stores? HELP! (link)
i don' think having a lot of clothes is bad but there is a point where its just to much!! i think that you should limit the times you should go shopping.. like only go shopping every 2 o r 3 weeks and only buy what you need. like if you need to buy a shirt to match a certain pair of pants, but only that shirt. don't buy clothes you don't need!!

I'm 13 and I need some help with my friend "Kelly"* I've been best friends with her since 5th grade and now we're in middle school. She has always been a very competitive person but lately she has been plain nasty. She insults us and makes comments that really hurt. She has even said something insulting about my mother. She always likes to win and makes sure she is right in everything. She is pretty self-centered and thinks highly of herself. I've been her friend too long to totally drop her but both of my other best friends agree she has been acting really horribly lately. What should I do?
*Changed name for privacy. (link)
i think that you should drop her!! if you have been her friend for so long, she should not be treating you like that!! even though you think that you have been friends with her for so long so you don't want to loose her, well it might end up getting worse!! just think about it before you tell her that you don't want to be her friend if you think it is the right thing then do it but if you think you will regret it later then don't do it!!!

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