Hello. My name Is Solemnstar.
I'm a fifteen year old (assumed) male-to-female Transexual.
I want to help, plain and simple.
I like plain and simple, I like to catergorize people, ptu them into nice little boxes in my head.
and I LOVE figuring out the ones that don't fit.

Chatspeak annoys me, It takes an extra two seconds to type the real words.

I don't anwser advice as often as I should. Mainly because of School.


How many small squares will be in the 100th diagram?

it starts off the first diagram has one square, second has 4, third has 7, 4th has 10, 5th has 13 and so on...3 squares are added to each one.

i'm stuck. please help!



anybody have any good advice on how to wake my self up before i go to school?

Ps. dont say to take a shower or to rub a hot rag on my face

Most people Who wake up with Difficulty In the Morning I find are waking Up at the wrong time. I wake up at 7 Normally. I am groggy tire,d and not awake until about 9. But if I get up at 5:30-6 Am. I am fine, Not drousy at all. This is because People's sleep works in 2 hour cycles. when you wake up tired, you are entering a cycle, and so want to sleep more. when you wake up leaving a cycle, you are refreshed.
I would reccomend changing the time you wake up. it also (assuming you decide to wake up earlier) gives you much more time to prepare for the day.



When a guy eats a girl out, is it supposed to be more pleasure for the girl, or the guy?

It is for the Girl's Pleasure.



ok what are the chances of a condom to break? and why do they break?

well. I can't really give you the chances. but i can tell you, there are onyl 3 reasons i can think of that a condom would break:
1. It's faulty, made too thin, or wrong.
2.(the MAIN reason) people misuse it, wearing mroe than one, or not putting it on properly.ect.
3. It's past the expiry date. Yes, Condoms DO expire.



my boyfriend found out i cheated on him. he broke up with me. i miss him alot. i dont know what to do. i regret it and everything. i was just wondering if anyone as been in this situation and got their boyfriend back some how. please help me please

I have been in a situation like this, and you ahve to understand all the things it can mean to your BF.

To you, You made a mistake and regret it, you wish you had never done it. But you should learn to accept that you did, and ask him to know that you do still care about him. you made a mistake.
But to Him, It can say so much more. That He was not a good enough boyfriend to keep you interested, that you never cared about him and he was just a boy-toy. You have to understand that this seriously puts his confidence in himself to doubt.

Explain to him that you did that with no intent to harm him, but only as a mistake on a whim.
But don't deny that you cheated on him.
You did, and you have to accept that, you made the error, and this is your fault.
He may accept you back, but if he does, his trust in you will be shaky,so you have to do anything you can to make him comfortable in that he can trust you not to betray him again.



Well recently a little error has been coming up on iTunes lately it says "iPod cannot be synced" and I thought it might be because I didn't have the latest iTunes so I downloaded it and restarted and it still comes up...

It comes up everytime I'm listening to music on my computer from my iPod and because it can't sync I can't put new songs on or delete old songs :(

What can I do it so it will sync again?

You acctually do not Need to sync.
You can just rightclick and delete the songs in your Ipod Menu In Itunes, and Drag and drop them over the Ipod From your Library.

I would first try Making sure that you are'nt playing music FROM the Ipod, because to sync, it deletes everything on the Ipod, then replaces it with all the things in your Library.
So Trying to delete it while using it cannot be done.

IT seems to me like that is your issue.
Try to sync when your Ipod is not playing music.



Before reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I wanted to reread Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. However, my brother lost it. Can anyone brief me on the 6th book? Aside from the major points, do you think there are any minor parts I should be reminded of before reading the 7th book?

Not just of the sixth book, but of a few others too

Of book 1:
Dumbledore's defeat of the Dark Wizard Grindlewald
Dumbledore said that in the mirrior of Erised, He saw himself Holding wooly socks
We don't find out Why Dmbledore Had Harry's Fathers Invisibility clock, if he can Make Himself Invisible without one
Of book 3:
Wormtail still Owes Harry a lifeDebt

Book 4:
Voldemort's wand and Harry's share a core, so harry has a shield against voldemorts spells
Victor Krum's wand was made by a man Named Gregorovitch

Not sure, or Book 6:
The ring of of the Gaunts (one of voldemorts Horcruxes) is missing, as Dumbledore never told harry where he put it

THose are some MINOR plot details that turn out to beVERY important


I saw you answered a question about lip piercing and was wondering do guys find tongue piercings attractive

This is just my opinion, of course. It does'nt bother me, but i would think it might bother them during Make-outs.
It's not attractive or unattractive. It's just what the person chose to do with their bodies.
I personally don't mind piercings unless the piece being worn is very large.
Hope that helped



i'm a girl, and i was wondering if guys though that lip piercings we 'hot'. not only like punk guys, but more guys in general. i know that every guy has different opinions, but if you're a guy or you know what a guy things, do they think they're gross on a girl? or not?

to me, it has two factors. the number, and what it is pierced with.
a small gemstone, I have always found can be attractive. but large, overly colourful piercings are annoying.
and more than 1 lip piercing i find.. annoying.
Just my opinion



So my name is Rebecca. People always ask me which name i prefer so what do you guys tyhink is the best?

1. Rebecca
2. Becky
3. Becs
4. Becca

well, It depends. from teachers and such, I would prefer Rebecca
for people I just met, Rebecca
from friends of the gender i am not interested in, Becca
and from close friends and people i am interested in, Becky



Did anyone finish reading the book? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

I need help! I can't rest. I must know what other people feel about it because I'm divided. And I can't find any sites that have been recently updated about HP & the Deathly Hallows!

I loved it. The darker tone is much appropriate and the death of two main characters in the first 4 chapters really wakes you up to the fact that Harry's Childhood is over, there is a war going on, and he's got a mission.

I have one major complaint. the onyl thing we see ginny do is kiss harry, and J.K said she'd show off ginny's power!


okay well i cant exactly read
i have ADD or something!
so i am not going to read the new harry potter book: harry potter and the deathly hallows
since i have only read the chamber of secrets

okay so this is the question that everybody is asking
this is to people who have already read the book:

thanks in advance!

I'm sorry to all whom I amke spoiler for

Hedwig the owl
Madeye Moody
Remus Lupin
Peter Pettigrew(wormtail)
Dobby the house elf
Colin Creevy
Nymphadora Tonks
Fred Weasly
Rufus Scrimingour
Severus Snape
Tom Riddle (Voldemort)
Gregorovitch(a wand maker)
Bellatrix Lestrange
the Teacher of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts

There are alot of others, but those are the only people I remember off the top of my head

I got it opening night, and was done by 5 am


my boyfriend's into bondage and i'd be willing to do it but i dont know how to get into it. like i dont know what to do to make it sexy or dominating or whatever the point of bondage is. any tips?

Well, See. it depends on where youa re going to be in it.
Dominant or Submissive.

The Dominant is the one holding the whips, So to speak. This one inflicts punishment, and makes the other feel worthless, or w/e the fantasy is about. they are in charge. period. in the acts, never show care or compassion in this role, that is not the point.

The submissive is the one in chains. they are to be at the Dominants mercy, to resist then be broken. they are the victim, helpless and tortured, with no way out or to escape.

Doing this is all about trust.
The submissive must trust the dominant enough to hurt them, but still not truely. and the dominant must not abuse that trust. For some, it is purely abotu feeling pain, or inflicting it. But that is not what this should be about. Show your partner how much you trust him, but make sure he knows that if you are'nt comfortable, you are willing to try, but he should not pressure you if it is not somethign you enjoy.



kay i guess these are typical highschool questions but PLEASE answer them.
- what should I bring on the 1st day?
- Should I carry a backpack or a messenger bag type thing?
- Is it easy to find your classes? If not, any tips?
- On the 1st day we have lunch. Should I buy my lunch or bring it in a paper bag?
- Where should I sit at lunch cause I DONT KNOW ANYBODY!?
- I am taking a sort of remediate math. What are the people like in remediate classes? Are they all druggies and such?
- For the 1st sememster, are your classes the same, in the same order, every day?
ok, thankyou.

Ah the first day of highschool. it was alot easier for me because alot fo my friends came to the school I went to.

On the first day, Bring anything you'll need for classes. Pencils, Paper, pens, calculator, Ruler. you won't need them, but they make you look good to the teachers, and trust me, if they like you, they mark a bit easier on you.
But on my first day, we only met our Homeroom teachers.
I would have some sort of bag to carry around with you, to make yourself look organized.
Lunch is all up to you, what ever you like, on my first day, they gave us a BBQ, but i dunno what other schools are like.
Sit in an area that makes you feel comfortable. If you want to make friends. you haev to talk to them. Be friendly, polite, but don't stick to the sidelines. Get involved! Thats jsut a good tip for enjoying highscool in general. put some really interest into whatever you do, don't jstu sit around and get thigsn done jsut to get them done.
I took the lowest level of math My school offers too. and jsut like in anyclass, you find all sorts, if you don't like the group of kids, It's jsut one class and i would'nt worry about it. You'll find kids who care nothign abotu school and thats why they are there, or good kids who jstu are'nt good at math.
at my school, there are 2 school days, so it goes 1,2,1,2,1,2,ect. day 1 is always the same, days 2 is always the same. if none of your classes are half credits, usually day one and two are the same. but it depends on the school.

Highschool is still just school. But you haev to work now, you HAVE to study, you have to really think abotu what you want after. There is'nt much time left. I'm going into 11. thats jsut this year and next one. and they years FLY right by. It's not long. Don't think for one minute "well, exams are at the end, i don't need to study now" cause you will seriosuly hrt yourself. it won't take much. jsut 10-15 minutes of each class each day. jsut to keep it fresh. write a sheet of ANYTHING that seems important for eahc class, and keep all the best info on jsut one or 2 pieces of paper. makes it alot easier.



how come it is worse for girls to do it than for guys? why is the double standard that way

We live in a society where Men are supposed to be dominant, strong and in charge and Women are seen as the parents, and sexual objects.
in short:
Men: In charge
Women: Sexy, and parents.

BUT, sex is also a Taboo. It's aqward to talk about for many, and people just dislike when people are open abotu such things. So the we also have a second opinion of it.
Men are supposed to father a child to carry on a bloodline, going far back into the past, the need to reproduce to survive.
Women are supposed to remain "pure" and virgins, because sex was just not talked about. but they were still sexual objects.
We See the girl as Impure for giving up her virginity, because they are supposed to just be mothers, never have sex for Plesure.
the Male, is seeing as being dominant, obviously, as that is how it's always been.
The double standary is that way because girls are always seen as more pure, so there is mroe of a taboo of them having sex. and men, are supposed to eb dominant, and darker. sex to them is to say "yeah, that girl is mine".
it's cruel and wrong, and thats how it is. And in my opinion, that will only change once society as a whoel accepts sexual feelings and it becomes acceptable to speak of them. and then Perhaps peopel will Once again understand the sacredness of Virginity, and why it should only be given TO one who understands truely what you are giving to them.



soooo iv been suspended from school tommorow.. is there ANY way i can get out of it.. like my mom was planning on talking to my ass. pricipal...
.. oh and the reason iv been suspended is for talking in class/being disrespectful? but iv only had one dhall ever so i dont really have a bad record.
theres alot ridding on me missing school tommorow.. like i might have to go to summer school because of it..
has anyone ever gotton out of a suspention the day of it??

Sorry, You made this happen, You were talking in class, you were being "disrespectful"(Although some teachers seem to take just about anything as being disrepectful) Whenever you make a chocie, even one that does'nt seem lie ea big deal, if it is aginst the rules, and punishment they give to you is fair, and you need to learn to expect that, and it does'nt matter if you have a good record or a bad record. They would'nt let you off because it was the first time you killed a person, would they?
You would have to take your parents, talk to the prinicple, or vice priciple, and ask if there is some alternative punishment, or a way for you to make up anything you would miss that day.



Well, I find I am very odd. I always feel depressed when i'm not with my friends. Most of the time I feel like there blowing me off everytime I want to do something with them. I'm wondering if there is something mentally wrong with me :S

There is nothing wrong with you. Everyone wants to feel accepted, and when you are'nt with your friends, you obviously feel that you have not been accepted by them.
What I reccomend is thinkign about it, do your friends ever really just blow you off?
Often it's jsut a misunderstanding or over reacting.


I have a question dealing with Legal Guardianship. My girlfriend lives with her mom, step dad, and brother and sisters. She always lets her step dad walk all over her. Making her do every single thing and not even bother caring. He keeps her in the house a lot too. Shes a pretty good person; doesnt get into trouble or anything.
I was wondering; since he never adopted her or her older sister (the bother and younger sister are his kids from her mom) does it make him a legal guardian that she has to listen to? Or not! Please answer back!!!

Because Her stepdad Is Married to her mom, He has legal Guardian ship over her, Yes.
How ever, if anythign he does could be considered Child abuse, GET HELP for your friend.


in school of rock, when jack first teaches them how to play guitar, what is the song called that they play? like he teaches the one boy part of it, then he goes off in a solo? its driving me crazy haha i cant figure it out. thanks!

"Iron Man" Is the name of the song.
They also perform "it's a long way to the top" later in the movie


does liking a girl when u're a girl too instantly means that ur gay or bisexual?


Everyone gets a few homosexual crushes.
I've had one. But everyone else i've ever had intrest in was a Girl.
the point is, people when they are teenagers, experiment, because it's a part of a quest for identity.
So no, just liking one does not make you Homosexual or Bi-sexual.
but for instance looking for relationships only in same-sex partners would make you homosexual. Make sense?


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