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When it comes to relationships I've been through a lot. I used to be so desperate to be in one I'd get myself in the worst situations, but no matter how bad things were I got through them and now I'm in a loving, caring relationship and have been for almost two years.
I like to give honest, blunt advice and I won't write a book for an answer that can be summed up in two lines! I don't care about my rating, so I'll tell you the truth rather than what you want to hear. So if you don't like the harsh reality of what I'm going to tell you don't ask me private questions.
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mmk welll you said to shave your vagina a lot so it wouldn't grow back as much but wouldn't u think that it would grow back faster if u shave a lot? (link)
It grows back, but you don't get as many ingrown hairs if you shave it all the time than you do if you only shave occasionally.

alright so my boyfriend comes over here like everyday and i love it because i get to see him everyyyy dayy and thats just fine with me but sometimes when hes over here and im in the shower i get out come to my room and hes on myspace writing someone or reading someones message to him but once i really get in the room he closes out of it really quick and this has happen twice. idk what to do because if hes hiding something i need to know but im scared to ask him because i dont want us to start an arguement. what should i do????? (link)
You have to ask him. It's him that's doing something wrong not you, so why should he get mad? He wouldn't get mad and it wouldn't cause an argument if he had nothing to hide. He's probably chatting to other girls on there which is why he keeps closing the screen when you come. It might not be something as bad though, like he's just embarrassed about a conversation he's had with someone... but you'll never know if you don't taslk to him about it.

it burns when i pee and it feels like i always have to pee. could it be a yeast infection? (link)
No, a yeast infection has nothing to do with your water works. It's probably a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), which is an infection in either your urethra, kidneys or bladder. Go to your doctor immediatly.

How do you prevent razor burn from your vagina? (link)
Use lots of shaving cream and shave in the direction the hair grows, not against it. Use a sharp razor so you don't have to go over the same spot again and again, and exfoliate the day after, regularly. I also hear that putting roller ball deoderant on stops ingrown hairs, but I''ve never tried if for myself. The more often you do it the less you get it, so if you keep shaving as the hair grows in you on't get it as much.

I have only had 2 guys finger me before, but when both of them have done it, it didn't feel good at all. It actually hurt. I have fingered myself before and had an orgasm. I talk to my friends about being fingered and they all say they have orgasms from it. So is there something wrong with me? Please tell me what you think. thanks (link)
No, if there's something wrong with anyone it's the two boys that fingered you - their technique. They're probably using two many fingers or not hitting the right spots or being too rough. They don't know if they're doing it right or not unless you tell them, so let them know gently if it doesn't feel good or if it does and guide their hands to the places that feel good, they'll probably find it a turn on.

So I have this good-looking next door neighbor, and yesterday my mum and I went to give him back a DVD we borrowed of his because he is going away. Well, I stood there with her and she was speaking to him, but he did not even look me in the eye once! It was almost as if he was avoiding my gaze. I felt very stupid about this. Even if my mum was speaking about me he would not look in my direction. I'm not really sure what I could've done to offend him. I've liked him for quite a while but only seen him a few times.
In case it matters I'm 17 and he's 25.

Am I looking into things too much, or is there a reason he was doing this to me? I felt really embarassed and unwanted being there.

Thanks. (link)
Maybe he fancies your mom! I think you're looking into it too much. Maybe he just wasn't paying attention to you like was too busy talking to your mom or just didn't care to pay attention to you because you're much younger than him. Sometimes older people do that to teenagers, it's so annoying and ignorant. I'm 20 but people always think I'm a lot younger because I look like I am so I get ignored a lot!

my friend has a verizon camera phone and she doesnt ahve internet access or text messageing.. the thing is, we took a really cute picture of us and i really want it but i dont know how we could get it.. anything that you think we could do?? (link)
Maybe you can upload it to your computer? You can get USB cables for many phones and they're dead cheap. If nothing else works I guess you could try taking a picture of the picture on her phone? It probably won't look so good though.

Late last year I mustered up the courage to see a gynocologist because my period is unhealthily sporadic. One of the questions they asked before the check up was "Are you sexually active?" At 15, I don't think it's appropriate to have a partner. However, I would like to know if they ask you the question because the office needs to know if your hymen is broken... or if it has to do with something else. In my case, my hymen is already broken, but I haven't had sex with a partner yet. What should I answer in the future? (link)
No, they don't really care if your hymen's broken they just want to know so they can get a good idea of your sexual health. If you'd said yes they'd probably have gone on to ask about protection and what not. Just tell them the truth, that you're not sexually active. You'll probably get asked everytime you visit a gyno.

Hey my name is Rachel and iam a 17 year old female and iam babysitting this 15 year old kid with autisim from 10:00pm to 2:30 am in the morning How can I keep this kid occupied for that long since I have no exsperince with babysitting autistic kids? (link)
You should't really be expected to babysit an autistic kid when you have no experience at all. I suppose it really depends on the severity of their autism though. He/she'll probably already be in bed when you get there but if not putting their favourite movie or something they like to watch on keeps them quiet and calm for a while and during he/she might fall asleep. If they're really badly autistic they'll probably have toys and stuff they'll play with to keep them occupied, if it's not so bad they'll be able to do normal stuff like draw and write. Autistic kids can be very brainy so little games like noughts and crosses'll keep him/her entertained for a while. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

I was shaving my legs last night and I got to the back of my upper legs (between the back of my knee and my butt) and it hurt for some reason. It felt like a sore that you've scratched so much its like raw. Well it wasn't really hurting when I went to sleep but all today during school its hurt like when I sat at my desk and stuff and I don't even know what it is and it swelled up. It basically looks like a sore that you've scratched so much and now its in the form of a bump. But I've never scratched there or anything... (link)
Maybe you shaved a small, thin layer of skin off? I've done that before... really painful! don't worry, it'll heal.

Hey, the past few days (about 3-4 days) whenever i eat i feel really sick and like thowing up. and the thought of eating makes me sick. but do eat, could this be a sing of early balemic or anorexia? or what could it be.

thanx alot to anyone that helps

-Me (link)
No, you probably just have an upset stomach. Anorexia and Bulimia are mental diseases not physical ones. Bulimics make themselves sick because they can't bare to gain weight and think they're ugly and disgusting and fat, even when they're not. They don't feel sick just because they've eaten.

hi there, well there's this girl i like. she has a boyfriend and she usually comes to me for help. we have lots in common and she has said to me that she wishes she had a boyfriend like me.. well recently i told her how i felt about her.. i dont know if i should of said this because im not sure things will be the same. she says its ok and she still loves me. but it feels like im in an awkward kind of position. any advice would really be appreciated, thanks. (link)
Act like you never said anything. Just act like you did with her before you said it. Maybe it'll be awkward the first couple of times you see her but if you push it to one side things should go back to normal. Your friend might say things like that but the truth is that if she was single she probably wouldn't go with a guy like you. You're too much of a friend. Girl's might say they want a friendly good guy as a boyfriend but she just thinks she does, when it comes down to it she'll go for just another asshole and turn the nice guy down saying she just wants to be friends.

ive been w/ my bf for about 8 months now .. and i love him soo much. When i hang out w/ my ex bf and see him w/ his new gf i get kinda jelious, but i dont like him like that. we're best friends and hes like my brother but i dont no what to do. I feel like i might have feelings but i dont no. (link)
That's natural. Most people are like that, even when they have a new boyfriend. You two were very close at one point and it'll get to you seeing someone else in your place. You may still have feelings for him deep down that you don't realise. But remember not to let those feelings of jealousy get in the way of your friendship and current relationship, and remind yourself that you have what they have but with someone else who's better. In time you'll probably start to get less jealous it just takes time, especially if you were in love with him.

Im a 16 year old boy who doesn't want all i have a girlfriend and i guess she expects me to be perverted maybe because her other boy friends were. Im a virgin shes not.She be offering me oral sex but i don't want it.then she calls me gay and all these other homo names.

I was raised on not being able to see people kiss at all if i said sex i was slapped,and i never seen a womans vagina ((Porn)) until i was 15 and I gagged when i seen it.Is this normal? am I gay? (link)
That's not normal but it doesn't make you gay. It's probably got something to do with your upbringing, which is sad because sex is a natural, beautiful thing when done with someone you love. Not something to be feared.

Your girlfriend was probably mad when you didn't want a blowjob because she felt rejected. Tell your girlfriend that you respect her and that you think she's beautiful and sexy but you'd rather wait to have sex and don't want to rush it, and if you feel comfortable about your upbringing to help her understand. It wouldn't surprise me if she only wanted to do it because she thought that was what she had to do in a relationship because so many of her other boyfriends have expected it before. She'll probably be understanding about the whole thing. But if not most girls your age will be thankful for a boyfriend like you, so perhaps you should rethink your relationship.

Don't just rush into sex when you're not ready just because you feel pressured. If you take things slow and at your pace you might be able to overcome how you feel about sex.

would you consider "to hell with it" to be vulgar? as in cursing? (link)
No, but I'm not religious. Even if I was I probably wouldn't think so though. Though it might be hurtful to someone who cares a lot about whatever you're saying that about.

my boyfriend and i had dry sex, though im just the only one having my undies. i just want to ask if i can get pregnant doing dry sex. also, accidentally, mine and his came into contact but it was very quick. there was no penetration. can i get pregnant by that? im really confused and i really dont know what to do. please help me. thank you so much. (link)
No. Well, it's possible but very very unlikely, about a 1 in a million chance. Don't worry. If he cums on your panties though, you should change them straight away in future.

i have known my this girl ashley since like 1st grade we were like best friends up until the summer going into eigth grade we had so much fun together we never stopped laughing and with my other friends we grew apart but nothing wood ruin are friendship or atleast thats what i thought during the summer going into 8th grade we had a HUGE fight like it was crazy but the weird thing is i dont remember what its about or who started it but it was big so big that its almost then end of 8th grade and even when i walk by her in the hall there is anger in are eyes we havent even talked since the fight and were going to high school next year and i really wanna just be friends again but i dont no what to do i refuse to talk 2 her because then it would be to acword so i need to no what to to 2 be friends with her again other then some cheesey answer like talk it out should i even try to be her friend anymore idk please help!!! (link)
You've just got to bite the bullet and confront her. Say, "Listen, this is pointless, it's stupid just to end our friendship over some daft argument, can we just be friends again?" Do it over the phone if it's easier. Or get mutual friends to tell her you two should be friends again and that you would like to be. There's no other way and if you don't solve it now it'll go on forever and get worse and worse and you won't even know what it's over but you'll be fighting in school over it in 2 years time!

whenever im at school, i dont look good and whenever im outta school i look better.. why is this?! (link)
Maybe school is getting you down? Or you're more relaxed out of school? The lighting could be bad at school? It was always the same with me when I went to school, mostly because school was depressing and I never had enough time to make an effort in the morning.

Okay, one of my friends are bypolar...but i have no clue what that means. I know when he gets really mad, his eyes turn like, blood red and he shakes, i don't know if that has anything to do with him being bypolar any;thing....

i'll rate 5 for good answers (link)
Another word for it is manic depression. His moods change suddenly and frequently and are always at extremes. When he's feeling good it'll be amazing, but then suddenly he'll feel bad and it'll be hell. The way he is when he's angry will probably have something to do with his disorder.

i want to get rid of the flab underneath my arms and what i do is called a Dip. i found it here.

but im doing like 200-300 a day. should i do more. and doing 200-300 dips a day how long do you think it will take to see reslts so i can feel confident wearing shirts to school instead of sweatshirts.
Increase the amount as you get used to it, maybe by 50 each week. You should start to notice a difference pretty soon if you don't give up and don't miss days if you can't be bothered. Often people give in when they don't notice a change straight away, don't do that. Some people recommend you only do it every other day so your muscles get a rest and chance to repair themselves but if you don't want to do that make sure you have a day of rest at least once a week.

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