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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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OK this may be a dumb question, but just need some answers. I normally sweat a lot more than most girls, I am 21 years old and a college volleyball player. I am not in perfect shape, but I do work out a lot and would like to think im overall pretty healthy. However I feel like lately I have been sweating a lot more, like all over my body, even from my arms and legs. It has been very humid could that just be it?
Is there anyway to stop sweating from my face and head/neck as much? it gets really bad even if im just sitting outside when its hot (link)
I know sweating is a good thing and im not the kind of girl that is like ew sweat. I am a senior in college on a sports team, i know what its like to work hard and sweat, but i'm saying i sweat EXCESSIVELY compared to everyone else.

Well ima go to a basketball camp tomorrow and I need advice on how to look pretty while I'm playing ball. Its because my boyfriend is going, I guess I'm alright at playing ball but the thing is that I turn red instead of sweating...... how do I look hot while playing? Thanks for your responces I really apriciate you reading this (link)
I know this is way too late, but in playing sports the girls that try to "look hot" aren't the ones getting attention. Honestly, you will get great attention from your boyfriend and others if you learn to play well. Sports are meant to be a work out, not to be looking sexy. Just throw your hair up in a pony tail and put on some mascara. The redness is going to happen, but the moer natural, just worked out look is a good one for guys too.

What are the foods you eat that will my butt get bigger? My butt is too small! Help! (link)
Anything fatty, and unhealthy...if you want a bigger butt this way you have to gan weight...a better way of doing it would be to do some exercises like lunges to build up muscle in that area instead.

me and my bogfriend had sex today and yeaterday twice and he came in me each time . is it a great chance i will be a soon to be mother ? Or are my chances slim ? (link)
if you aren't on birth control, then your chances are very high.

Ok, So... i have a large labia. it hangs outside of my outer labia. It looks like a purplish-peachy set of lips that can stretch really far but i have a boyfriend and ... he wants to finger me and i want him to. BUT i am so self conscious about my labia. My vagina is shaven, and does not smell bad at all. The only negative thing is my labia. Every time I don't let him go down on me or finger me he asks why. i just say i'm nervous cause i'm two years younger and i've never done that stuff before but he has. with his ex gf. he always says how his ex's vag smelled really bad and it was gross. so then that makes me self conscience and I never take off my underwear. My sister's make fun of it and call it "The penis." Sometimes even in front of him my sisters joke around and whisper "DID YOU TELL HIM BOUT YOUR PENIS YET?" and I don't think he ever hears them but on the phone i was about to tell him and he was like can i ask you an honest question?.... do you have a penis? i was like NO! and he always talks about how gross his ex gf's vagina was and he loves the fact that i tell him i shave mine.. he's one of those guys that actually care what the vagina looks like! i think that he figured out why i don't show him or let him down there because he's always like "You know that you can tell me anything, I won't care. You can tell me anything." He keeps reassuring if i'm hiding anything from him. ugh. How do i Tell him??? This can't go on forever he eventually is going to find out. My close guy friend told me not to mention it cause then he'll look for it. but my girl friend's think i should cause he'll probably be like wtf and shocked when he starts doing stuff to me. but he's one of those guy's that care about vagina's i think! so what do i do? or say? help me please thank you(: (link)
I agree with the other answer. I would just not tell him. if you don't make it a big deal..chances are he won't either. He might not even notice that anything is different. Just like everything else humans are all born uniquely so he cant expect you to look like his ex..and it sounds like he wouldnt want you to anyways. This will be a positive change for him. I would listen to your guy friend, because afterall, he's more likely to think similarly to how your boyfriend will. if he really wants to be with you he should really care about you, and this won't even be something that he notices.

I way 117, Im 13 and five foot three and a half inches. I know Im not overweight, but i feel fat, I want to know how I can get down to 95 pounds. Thanks any advice will help, thanks!!! (link)
If you "feel fat" one way to help that is just by being active. This may also help you lose some weight too. One thing it will do for sure is tone your muscles, which often will give you a slimmer look. Working out a few days a week will help you feel loads better. at first it may seem like a pain and you wont want to do it, but once you get moving it'll feel good

So I recently went to Planned Parenthood and got put on Loestrin 24 Fe, my first BC pill ever. I thought the nurse told me to take it on a Sunday of my choice, so I took my first pill this morning (Sunday, 11/28) but I've been reading the little instructions that came with the pills saying I should start it on the first day of my period or on the Sunday after my period starts?

I'm not on my period and I don't know when I'll get them because I'm irregular. Is it bad that I took them today although I'm not on my period? Will it reduce its effectiveness? How long do I have to wait before I have sex since I didn't start it during my period...? (link)
I accidentally did the same thing when I first got on BC, and I think I actually started with the same kind as you. If i were you I would stop taking the pills right now. Wait until you have your next period and then start taking them on the sunday after you get off. Really you can start taking them the next day after your period stops, but doctors usually tell you sunday because that is the day that most birth control packs start. I would suggest stopping taking them right now because you might mess up your cycle, and start having spotting when you dont want to. The pills will be trying to stop your period, but since your body isn't used to it yet it will still try to have your period, so it will be all messed up. you can have sex when ever you want, but usually I think you need to be on BC at least a month or two before your body starts to get the effects of the pill

Im a girl, are there any meals or exersises, too help me loose weight and look great? (link)
to get the flat stomach, and abs that you want you need to do cardio & ab work outs. You can do as many sit ups as you want, but if you have a large layer of fat on your stomach you wont ever get the look you want. Running is a great way to get cardio in, or I really like swimming. On top of this do an ab work out, like sit ups, crunches..those kinda things..good luck!

I saw where you advised a young lady regarding a Minor in Possession citation she received. I also read where you received an MIP in Michigan. My 20 year old son received an MIP just last Saturday night. I was just wondering in which county you received your MIP in Michigan? We are in Kent County. (link)
I was in lapeer county

I'm going to my boyfriends brothers wedding this saturday. They're definitely really country kind of people it's going to be very laid back, I'm not that way at all. I bought a simple black beachy-looking dress. I have very cute black and brown heels that look perfect with the dress, but I'm definitely not wanting to look over dressed. I also have very cute cheetah print flats that look just as good so my question is, which should i wear? also if i wear the flats what jewelry should i wear? (link)
Though they may be really country it is still a wedding and most people will dress up for weddings. I think that even if they are really country as you say you wont look over dressed wearing heels.

i need a good summer diet.

i need to loose 20 pounds by august 29th

ive been doing

breakfast: juice from a juicer like beets apple carrots and an ice coffe
lunch: small froyo or eggwhite omelet with veggies
dinner- a protein

but i need more options

what u think..

any easier way to loose wight (dont say exercise) (link)
well since you're against exercising the only thing you can do is not eat as much. you really can lose weight by eating almost anything, as long as its all balanced. its not a bad thing to have something sugary,as long as its in moderation. you can mix your diet up and eat lots of different things as long as you're not eating too much. one good tip though is to get rid of the empty calories. for example if you eat some chips they are going to have a lot of calories, but no nutritional value. so instead eat some fruit or something that provides the vitamins and other things you need daily.

good luck!

akward and i dont want to ask for a doctor.. but im 16 and iv had skin cancer, i have regular doctor visits for severe head pain can that link to cancer at all? cancer but no headaches runs very greatly in my family iv had all my cervical cancer shots but the last three or so months iv had maybe a nearly 2 inch long yet inch thin maybe growth down in my vagina. gross sorry. but i dont wana go to a gyno, can it be cancer or what else? how can i tell? plus that whole area hurts, but i finally got my period from over two months late. iv waited long and it hasnt grown too much. help (link)
I hate to break it to you, but you're probably going to have to go to the doctor. With your history of cancer especially you want to get things checked as soon as possible. The pain could mean many things, and since you missed your period this could also mean other things as well. In the end, no one on here is going to know exactly what you're going through. I know it sucks, but going to the doctor really doesnt have to be that bad. Find a doctor that you're comfortable with, even if it means meeting with a few ahead of time. I hope everything works out!

the college (Stony Brook) I'm starting next fall gave me a full scholarship.

A week ago, I found out I also got the national merit scholarship at $2000 a year. I got the college-sponsored scholarship, meaning it was awarded by my college after.

What happens? Do I get to keep the extra money or what? I tried looking it up but couldn't find it. (link)
it depends on the school sometimes..but this is my experience. I got a full scholarship from my school for volleyball.. but i was also awraded some academic money as well. so, the volleyball scholarship money covered what the academic money didn't. I would imagine your situation would be similar. your school will cover what the 2000$ doesnt. OR another possibilty is that the 2000$ could go towards your books, or housing, or something school related that your full scholarship doesnt cover.

i would suggest calling your school's financial aid office and asking them :)

I'm a college student, and I lost my virginity while at college. I lost it at the beginning of the school year, and I kind of slept around a lot (I used sex as a way to feel better about myself) the first half of the year. Now I've changed, but my past comes back to haunt me, because it is a small school, and a small isolated town, and a lot of people know about my past. How do I move on from that? It seems like no one will ever forget and move on with their own lives. I've made that my past, I'm not like that anymore, but others still haven't. And to be honest it wasn't even that bad, I haven't really been with that many guys (many girls here have twice that number, easy, and yet they don't seem to have that reputation).

Thanks! (link)
I think that you have already done all that you can do. You made mistakes in the past, just as everyone has. As long as you have learned and moved on you're already on the right track. I don't think there is anything that you can do to change people's minds quickly. Just keep up what you are doing and eventually people will see that you have changed. I hope this helped, and keep in mind that you are not the only one who had some crazy times in college. :)

I'm on my first week of birth control pills.

It says to take it at the same time every day; I took it an hour late. Does that make me any less protected or is an hour still an okay range? (link)
you'll be just fine...but because you just started the pills you wont be as protected as well as you will be if you continue to take them


I found two pieces of jewelry and one pair of sunglasses that I'm in love with.

Heres the problem: They're extremely expensive, and I will be using my own money to make the purchase.

Ring - $110
Watch - $110
Sunglasses - $275

I have the money (I have around $700), but I'm not sure that I want to spend $500 dollars of my money. I recently got a job, though, which is why I'm even considering it. The job starts in September, and I will definitely have the money back by November. Depending on how much I work (I have very flexible hours), I could have the money back by October. Also, the only things that my parents make me buy with my money are expensive jewelry, and electronics (ex. an ipod).

I'm definitely willing to spend up to $400 dollars, but its the $500 that's bothering me.

What would you guys do in my situation, and which ones would you buy if you didn't splurge and buy them all?

Thanks :) (link)
In my opinion I would narrow it down to maybe one of the three things. that way you are getting something that you want, but you aren't spending so much money. in the long run you'll probably be happy if you didn't spend all that money at once. its alwasys a good idea to save money for things in the future, you never know what may come up.

i'm 19/f, going into my sophomore year of college. last night 2 of my friends & i got a minor in possession charge at another friend's house in the small town where we live. the guy's house we were at is of age and his dad was home so we were on private property. there were several people there drinking but most were of age and it wasn't anything crazy, just people standing around drinking beer. the cops rode by and heard music playing from one of the guys trucks. we all ran in the house but they came in the house & did search and seizure. they IDed everyone and the ones over 21 they let go. my friends and i got breathalyzed and cited. i blew a .007 [i had less than one beer all night] and none of our cars were there so we weren't planning on leaving. we have a court date next month and i'm curious as to what could happen. i've looked up stuff online but most of what i could find is about minors who are driving while intoxicated. this is our first offense. i'm expecting fines, but what about probation or all that? is there any chance they'll go easy on us since we blew so low? my one friend blew a .01 something and the other a .022. any advice here? the guys house we were at is well known in the county so they're trying to help us out, but i just don't know what to expect and i'm scared =/ (link)
this is what happened to me when i got an mip...but mine was in michigan so i'm not sure what could happen exactly to you, but im assuming it will be somewhat similar.

my situation was kinda the same when i got the ticket, and i really don't think it matters whether or not the guys dad was home or not, because your ticket is for just drinking? and not being on private property im assuming? any ways. I had to go to court and talk to the prosecuter. basically what they did was either give you the option to pay a fine & plead guilty & have the mip go on your record, or go with the other plan to get it taken off because it was only my first one. i didnt want it on my record so i took the other route, whcih most people do. this included being on probation for a year, meaning i could not get in any trouble. I also had to do 12 hours of community service & go to one drunk driving class. (the class was dumb just because like in your situation no one was planning on driving.) overall i don't think it was that bad, but if often depends on the county you are in and the judge you get, because i have friends who have gotten an mip & had it a lot worse. you can either get reportive or non reportive probation, and if you have reportive you have to meet with someone once a week.

again, it just depends on your judge & the prosecuter, normally they have a pre set plan that they give everyone. but wehn you go talk to them make sure you are apologetic, and say that you know what you were doing was wrong & you've learned to make better decisions since then. don't go in there acting like its not a big deal & you shouldnt hvae gotten a ticket.

good luck, & let me know if you have anyother questions!

My school is holding a car wash and I told them I would help. The girls are going to be in their swimsuits but I don't know what a guy like me should wear and be comfortable in. I know I'll be washing cars too, probably, so I figure jeans would get too wet and heavy during the day. What are some good ideas to wear to a car wash? (link)
if girls would be wearing swimsuits i would assume guys should too...especially if you'll be washing cars. at least that way if you get wet it wont be a big deal. you could also just wear some gym shorts or something like that instead. and probably just a tshirt or maybe a sweatshirt too if its cold.

how do i get a bigger butt (link)
do exercises like lunges, these will build up butt muscles :) haha

Hey everyone,

I'm an 18 year old female weighing about 190 lbs. Even though I don't look morbidly obese, my weight does bother me, and I'd love to lose a bunch of weight, especially for the sake of my health.

At school, we have a gym. Most of the machines are broken (elliptical, bikes with no resistance) but you can still use them. There's also a treadmill, which I love using.

So, here is what I've been doing lately. I use the treadmill for a good 35 minutes, with in incline of 10% and speed of 5. Is that good to lose weight?

I hate the elliptical because it's so tiring, but I love it because it helps lose weight. So I usually do about 10 minutes on it (unfortunately)

And although I don't like the bike because it has no resistance, I use it just for the heck of it, to about 10 minutes as well.

I don't do weights because I'm afraid my already big upper body will get bigger.

So if anyone can help me plan out a regimen, I'd really appreciate it! (link)
What you've been doing sounds pretty good. With weight loss work outs cardio is very when you're doing the treadmill, elliptical & bike you should be doing all these things at a pace that gets you breathing hard & blood pumping faster. For weight loss especailly it isn't such a bad thing that the bike doesnt have resistance. the resistance will build up muscle, which isn't a bad thing, but like you said, you don't want to gain more..i'm going through the same thing right now

it really doesn't matter what you do, just have a routine, and you need to work at most days of the week. if you have any more questions let me know...i hope this helps :) and good luck!

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