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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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Is it okay to kiss my g/f on her forehead while we hug? Would she find that weird or ok? I love her a lot and want to show more affection for her. I don't want to make her uncomfortable or unhappy though. What are your thoughts on a guy kissing his girlfriend on the forehead? (link) boyfriend does it every once in awhile & i love it...its super cute. he does it when we're just like sitting on the couch or something like that too.
so i would say go for it :)

well i really wanna have my first kiss with my bf but like im scared and i dont wanna regret it or anything...but i really wanna kiss him....what should i do??

any advise on how to actually kiss? i have no idea how to!! help! (link)
Hey. First off. You're thinking way to much. Just let it happen and go with the flow. As long as its with your boyfreind, and you are sure you are ready to have your first kiss, there is no reason to regret it.

Kissing is easy. just do what feels right. dont try shoving your tounge down his throat, and don't be too aggressive. just kinda go along with things.

have fun!

How do you get your bf whipped? Or realllllly needing of the gf? like i guess... REALLY interested and wanting more and more!!?? (link)
well i dont suggest making him whipped, cuz guys hate that, and his freinds will talk crap, and it can lead to bad things. BUT. yeah you want to leave him wanting more. so as much as you might want to do with him...dont always let it go to far. make him work for things. just pretty much play hard to get it. dont be easy, and if really likes you it will make him crazy and he will just go crazy for you.

when me and my boyfriend talk i want him to hug me but he only hugs me or kisses me or anything if someone tells him. should i make the first move [ which im scared to do ] or wait. or have a friend tell him to make the first move ? helpss (link)
hey. so you're both obviously shy. but he might just not be making the move because hes afraid of you're reaction..and maybe that's partly why you're nervous too? i would say just do're alreay a step ahead of everyone else, you're his girlfriend, so he obviously likes you, so hes not going to do anything go for it :)

14/f In my town, there is a "nightclub" for teenagers to go to where people basically only grind and hook up all night. I've been there a few times, but I just do not understand how I can hook up with someone. Normally, I will just grind and then after the song is over walk away/grind with someone else. I really want to hook up with somebody, so how could I do it? Do you just turn around while grinding? Also, what if they don't want to hook up, then that is so embarassing! I would like any aadvice on how to hook up (with random strangers) while at a louuuud party/while grinding? Like is there a way you can let them know you want to hook up?

thats just gross.
down right slutty.
you're 14. you need to realize that.
"hooking up" isnt good at any age.
what's wrong with just dancing..that's what the club is for anyways...


hooking up is having sex...and you want to hook up with random people? thats skanky no matter who you ask. so dont be a bitch and rate people ones for saying that you shoudlnt have sex with random people, especailly because you can get stds, pregnant, and a bad rep.

i made out with my boyfriend last weekend for the first time and then i heard this girl using the term "french kissing" there any difference?

thanks in advance =] (link)
well when most people make out they frecnch kiss too. french kissing is kissing plus tounge.

so chances are you french kissed him

Ok this guy i kinda like has a g/f but we stil alot and basically hanf out more then they do cause we work together. He was feeling really down and i decided to tell him, how i felt about before to show him that life is worth it and that hes a great guy.

and this is what he answered:
thanks Tina. its really nice to know that i have friends that care bout me, that means really liked me?
if u asked me to come to prom i would have come, i actually kinda liked you.. hmm. thanks again for the support no 1 really knows whats going on in my life u and amanda are the only people that kinda know :> thanks

What does he mean with the "i actually kinda liked you...hmm"? That part confuzes me the most!

What should i do? I still like this guy (link)
hey well obviously if he has a girl freind you cant do much about furthuring his and your realtionship yet. and i dont suggest trying to break them up because that just leads to drama and no good things in the long run. I would talk to him more and just get to be really good friends, and in the end all you really have to do is wait for the right moment.

oh and as far as the "i actaully kinda liked you..." thing. I think that he might mean something along the lines of...well maybe he liked you when he started dating his gf, but now obviously cant really further that with you.

good luck

Okay, so I'm 16 (female) and my boyfriend is 22. We've known each other since this last summer and we started talking more once he gave me his screen name.
We've liked each other for about 2 months and hung out a few times. We just started actually dating a week ago.
We make each other really happy. We argue about who likes and misses each other more. We have these deep conversations that end up confusing the hell out of us.
When I told my best friend that I was dating him, she flipped out and said "Ewww, that's disgusting." I guess she doesn't approve over the whole age thing. In my eyes, age is nothing but a number. I just wanted some opinion's.. whether it be good or bad. What do you think of the age gap? (link)
I think that our age (i'm 16 too) age is made out to be a huge deal, but if you look at many happily married couples they are several years apart. I think that 22 is fine, you might get some people thinking that it is wrong, but seriously, as you get older age isnt that much of a big deal.

me and my bf have been dating for 3 months today! and i love him... i really do! and he loves me too! we pretty much been each others first for everything! first real love you know? and well we talked about having sex tomorrow and i really want to but i want peoples oppinions! i'm 14 and he is 16 but we are both fish in highschool!

also how much does it bleed when a boy "pops your cherry"?! (link)
Ok wow. first of all hun. I think no matter where you live...that's illegal. And if you're asking people's opinions on here, then you're obviously not 100% comfortable with what you're doing, which means the timing definitly isn't right.

Trust me, I'm 16 and i still dont even think that I'm old enough, because I think of it this way, I mean, if you have sex now, then once you get married...What is there to look forward to?

I would say don't do it.

i had sex for the first time today
it was hard for him to get it in for a while cause im pretty tight i guess
he got it in and it was okay
but we didnt do it for long

after i realised i bled all over my bed
more then i thought i would
it was horrible
but i covered it up well!

is this normal?
its like quite a few hours later and im still bleeding a little bit
is this okay?!?!?!!

hey hun.
you dont have anything to worry about. you just "popped your cherry" which is basically like tearing a thing layer of skin, so theres obviously going to be some blood. it might bleed for a few days, but you really dont have anything to worry about unless it goes on much longer than that...

What's the differnce between french kissing and makeing out? Cause people always say there's a differnce, but I see them as the same. Cause they don't they both involve tongue? I don't know, I'm confused. What's the differnce?! (link)
i think they are basically the same thing. but people just refer to making out more. and i think that when people think of making out they think less tounge but thats really not true.

so technically, im not having too many troubles.but i can never think about anything to talk about on the phone iwth my bf.we just started going out and on the phone, we're always silent.i get the feeling im makin him bored when i dont talk.we get into subjects every now and then but on for a few minutes.and im always thinking, "should i talk to him about my day?maybe i should ask him random questions?" and its so confusing.i hate my self for being shy (link)
hey dont worry. you just started dating. things are gonna be weird at first. it was the same way with me and my boyfreind. just talk about eachother. you learn soo much about your boyfreind, and then he will learn about you, which in turn brings you two a lot closer, tell him how your day was, tell him anything. just be open with everything. hes your boyfreind, im sure he has things he wants to know.

14/f =]
so, im having my boyfriend
over on saturday so we can
exchange christmas gifts and
maybe watch a movie? i'm not
sure what movie to get and what
other things we could do. also,
i need conversastion starters so
things dont get awkward. i hate
that =/ i know, i sound pathetic
but i've been spazing for the
past week about it. also, im baking
him cupcakes and making him a huge
card out of poster board. i was
wondering should i get something
else? if so, what? (link)
hey hun.
first things first.
hes your boyfriend already. you got the hard part over with. he oviously likes something about you. so just be yourself. dont stress over what movie to watch. just go to blockbuster and pick out a few of the new releases or something like that.

also besides movies...maybe since its like christmas you could make decorate cookies or make a gingerbread house? just something that you two can do together. and ps. frosting and boyfriends are fun. just have fun with whatever you do.
play games. just hang out and talk about anything. christmas, new years, sports, school, friends...just whatever is on your mind

have fun:)

i love him but its time i let him go we been messin around 4 yrs,when you say dont mess with him its really hard
hey im kinda in the same situation.
its hard. but just give it time. slowly pull away from him. dont "mess around" so much and just dont be so close, thats most likely keeping you so attatched to him. just work towards just being freinds

it'll be hard. but stick with it
hope things go well :)

okay..well im a female 14 and i went overr my friends house yesterday and we invited over her bf and our guy friend jake( (link)
hey things happen.
i mean dont plan on him dumping his girlfreind or anything like that for you. personally i would get over it. because he probabley doesnt think anyhting of it. it was just cuddling.

I'm a Guy, and for some reason I'm attracted to the opposite sex. I don't think I'm gay because I would never have sex with a male, but I can't stop looking at guys. Whats wrong with me? and is this Normal? (link)
hey there. i dont think you have anything to worry about. your young im guessing. so your curious. you want to know what other guys have compared to you. girls go through the exact same thing. and hey. you never know. maybe you are gay. who cares? maybe things will be a little differnt but if it feels right it shouldnt matter

Okay so I'm going to the movies with my boyfriend tommarow and I decided that I thought it would be cute like if when we were hugging i whispered something sweet in his ear. I dont really wanna say I love you but i dont kno. Any ideas?
Thank you soo much!! (link)
just say anything that comes to find had fun tonight
or liked..holding hands. whatver.
you liked spending time with him
or that you wish you could spend more time with him
or anything simple

Ok so theres this guy where not going out but we have had sex and i love him very much i dont think he feels that way about me. But he's kind of a man whore...but hes says im different from everyone else. I dont know what i should do because the last couple nights he's been going over to this girl kelseys house and she gave him head and god knows what else. I dont get it because i thought he thought i like wasnt good enough for him but that chick Kelsey is a total downgrade from me. Im thinkin since when is he a chubby chaser cuz shes definitely not skinny. What should i do? (link)
Well. Hun, you gotta learn something. I'm guessing your in highschool, by the sounds of it. So. well you need to learn that guys lie, along with the rest of the world. Even though he said that you were "different" he's probabley used that line many times other than to just you. Trust me. I've been in your situation. hes not going to change his ways of hooking up wtih a ton of girls jsut for you. nothing against you at all...but thats just how he is.

My advice...go find a nice sweet guy that will treat you right and wont make you have sex with him until you really want to because you love him.

ok so here is the deal i am 15 and a girl. me and my bf have been going out for a year and we love eachother dearly. we were sleeping together but then we stoped because i was uncomfortable and we told our family about it. now he is jealous of his friend because they can go do stuff with their gfs and he cant with his. he says i am cheating him out of the realationship because all he ever does is make me happy and i dont in return. i would willingly do whatever to make him happy but have sex. i dont know what to do.

welll if he thinks that he just wants to be with you because he wants to have sex with you then.
a. he most likely doesnt "love you"
and b. he is probabley only in it to get some.

sit him down and make him realize that you will not be pressured into having sex with him until you are ready, which may be in a long time. Let him know what you are willing and not willing to do. this might be hard. but after you do it, it might make him realize that hes not gonna "get any" from you, or he might come to his senses and not be a jerk and actually be a good boyfreind.

hope things work you

OK so my bf is my neighbor, wait scratch that we arent rly going out PUBLICLY, so its GOTTA BE A SECRET. We need a place to make out but whenever we r together it is at my house or his and his sis is my best friend... so when she spends the night i tell her to call him and say she forgot her toothbrush or something and then he walks over and we JUST talk... its kinda wierd like that... where is there a place where we can be truly alone w\ out like, being in public? *open to any suggestions (link)
well. first i suggest that you just tell people...but thats just me i guess i dont know the circumstances. but if you dont want to do that. just go out for like a walk in the neighborhood. and you 2 could go to like a park or something. you probabley wouldnt see to many people that you know there. and i guess if it comes down to it. you can always just havve him over when no one else is home?

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