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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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ok well my girlfriend and i were ina movie theatre she gave me a handjob and i cummed. then about 10 min later i went to the bathroom and washed my hands and the about 10 min after taht i fingered her im really worried she said her stomach hurts and her boobs are hard let me know guys (link)
yeah. 99.9% sure shes not pregnant especially if you washed your hands. but anyways. she is probabley just worried. its happened to me before too. just tell her to relax, and if she has any other symptoms then maybe take pregnancy test.

but i rreally dont think you hvae anything to worry about. and it could just be her period?


what can i do to undamaga my hair? dont tell me to stop straightning it bcus i always want straight hair and i have naturally curly and wvy tangly hairr. is there anything i can do/use?

and what other straighteners that cost about 100 dollars are good besides chi straighteners? (link)
WEll. there are tons of products that you can you.

what i do is this.
1.take a shower and use that pink sunsilk stuff for dry hair. when you use the conditioner...leave it in for like 5 mins.
2. i have brown hair so i use brilliant burnette straightening balm because it makes my hair easier to blow dry my hair straight.
3. take a flat brush and get your hair completely dry but straighten it as much as you can while you are drying it
4. if you have done things right your hair should be kinda straight, but maybe kinda frizzy and poofy, so just straigthen it to reduce that...and you can you a heat protectant like....herbal smells really good too!

good luck :)


does CHI strightner damage hair? especially hair thats alredy damagaed?!? (link)
yeah. for sure. maybe not as much. but its 2 hot plates on your hair. no matter how expensive a straightener is it will still damage. for hair that is already damaged it wont make it better or anything.

What are the pros and cons of slavery? They can be personal, but please add some historical ideas, thanks! (link)
if you knew what you were talking about...whyd you ask the question?

honestly. i kind of hope you're kidding.

you should at least know the basics.

slavery was AWFUL because the southerns treated african americans as property, and tossed them around like they were nothing. Slavery kept black people from having any freedoms whatsoever. Though the north didnt have slaves, the northeners were still very racist.

the only plus side that i can think of is that the southern plantation owners didnt have to pay for workers.

simple questions,
what are senoirs and junoirs(what ages are they and what grades) and who goes to prom; all of them?

what grades are in high school, middle school, and elementary school students? (link)
okkk. so seniors are in the 12th grade, and they are usually 17-18. Juniors are in 11th grade, 16-17. and sophomores are 10th grade, and freshmen are in 9th grade. Most high schools have 9th -12th grades, middle schools have 6th-8th and elementary schools have kindergarden-5th grade.

Prom at most schools is a junior and senior prom, meaning that only juniors and seniors can buy the tickets. but say you were a could go to prom with a junior or senior date.

what is 4/20...i keep seeing these surveys where they ask..."do you celebrate 4/20"? and i'm like what is that??

haha thanks (link)
its something along the lines of the police code for smoking or having pot in your posession. lol
so april 20 (4-20) is like national smoke pot day.

Hey I am going clothes shopping tomorrow and I don't have that much money. Any recommendations as to where I can go for clothes that are cool and fashionable for the winter but don't cost that much. Even if it's an expensive place with great sales or clearance. THANKS! (link)
charolette russe. realllly good prices. and like kohls or something like that. just go to the mall and just look at all the smaller stores, a lot of times their stuff isnt too badly priced.

I want to dye my hair blonde. Right now, I'm a brunette, and I am SOO scared that I won't like it!!
I was wondering --> If I dye it blonde, and I don't like it, can I just ask the hair dressers to dye it back, or would I have to pay more? (link)
yeappp you sure do.
thats exactly what happened to my freind.
not only do you have to pay for your hair to et syed twice, but it probabley wont be very dark and it will get reddish brown. the bleach stuff thats in the blonde dye is hard to cover up, even with dark brown dye.

I had sex one time
and it didnt hurt or bleed.Ive also been fingered.
I exercise alot but i dont play any sports.
I dont use tampons
is my hymen broken or not?

thnks! (link)
yeah it probabley is.

its really nothing to worry about either way


i love him but its time i let him go we been messin around 4 yrs,when you say dont mess with him its really hard
hey im kinda in the same situation.
its hard. but just give it time. slowly pull away from him. dont "mess around" so much and just dont be so close, thats most likely keeping you so attatched to him. just work towards just being freinds

it'll be hard. but stick with it
hope things go well :)

okay..well im a female 14 and i went overr my friends house yesterday and we invited over her bf and our guy friend jake( (link)
hey things happen.
i mean dont plan on him dumping his girlfreind or anything like that for you. personally i would get over it. because he probabley doesnt think anyhting of it. it was just cuddling.

how do u know wat size tampons u wear (link)
it's not really what size you are, its basically based on how heavy your period is. But, especailly if you havent had sex or have gotten fingered or anything along those lines, you might have to use smaller tampons, so they dont hurt when you use them.
you just really have to test each out and see what works the best for you. also when you're on your period you might have some heavy days and some light days, so the kind you use can switch.

i ahve had sex and i've never bled. i havent unusualy bled other than having my period. so does this mean my boyfriend hasnt poped my cherry? (link)
no. what it means is that you probabley already "popped it" it happens to a lot of girls when they play sports, or even just using a tampon when you're on your period. the same thing happened to me. the first time i had sex i never bled.

i really want to start babysitting, but i dont know what to do. do i need any type of paperwork or something. there arent really any kids in my neighborhood,,, so i dont know how to like tell people that im available or whatever. please help me! (link)
well there isnt anything required that you need for babysitting. but a lot of parents when you have a basic knowledge of first aid and cpr and stuff. at my school they had a short class that you could sign up for that was like 2 days long or something that taught you the basics of babysitting and what to do in an emergency and all that jazz. and you get a certifticate.

now for actually getting jobs. in my town and the surrounding areas theres this thing call the "mom's club" and its basically a lot of stay at home moms who every so often get together with out without their kids. but i just gave my name to a few of them and then my name kinda just got spread around.

soo i would suggest looking for something like that

I didn't know what subject to put this under so yeah. I have to go to the ob-gyn and i shave already down there but I don't know if i should shave or not before I go to see her. I don't want to look stupid or for her to be like eww you're hairy or dang you shaved too much. I know she's mature about it and won't say anything, but I don't want her to be thinking this. (link)
ok think about this. you OBVIOUSLY arent the only person she's checked out, theres probabley been hundreds and its part of her job. so shes probabley not going to think of anything no matter what you do

so i would just go with what feels more comfortable for you :)

I'm a Guy, and for some reason I'm attracted to the opposite sex. I don't think I'm gay because I would never have sex with a male, but I can't stop looking at guys. Whats wrong with me? and is this Normal? (link)
hey there. i dont think you have anything to worry about. your young im guessing. so your curious. you want to know what other guys have compared to you. girls go through the exact same thing. and hey. you never know. maybe you are gay. who cares? maybe things will be a little differnt but if it feels right it shouldnt matter

I'm skinny...I'm like 5'8 and 127 lbs. but like my stomach has a lot of fat on it and no matter how many sit ups and crunches and all that i do it will not go away!!! Last year I was around 115 and my stomach was soo flat. I want it back! (link)
okie doke. heres the thing. you could do like 1000 crunches a day and you will never get a flat stomach. you need to lose some of the fat that is on top of your abs. so you need some cardio work outs. go running, biking or swimming or something like that. do it like 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes

okay so my boyfriend wants to finger me and so far hes felt me through like sweatpants.. but next time we hang out.. he wants to go in my pants and i dont mind.. except.. what does he expect to find as far as pubic hair goes? we never talked about it because i dont want to bring it up.. should i shave it or trim or what???

16/f. thanks (link)
heyy ok.
well it is up to your boyfreind but most guys i know like it clean down there.
yeaa. like completly shaven. but its TOTALLY up to you. i would say that if you dont want to shave it all off then at least trim it and clean it up down there.

and heres a hint if you do shave it verrryyy careful. and trim it down as close as you can get before you actually shave against the way the hair grows.

I'm 14 just got my license I live in ND so we can get them earlier then most. anyway I need a car but i dont know what kind. i dont want a small cars like the ford focus or anything that smallwhat would be good? thanks (link)
thats so cool that you only have to be 14.
any ways.
i have a dodge caliber. and its not like a huge suv and its not a car. its in between and i like it alot.
it gets good gas mileage. and yeah
i dont know i guess ask if you wanna know more. :)

What does Bite Me mean? (link)
hah theres no real meaning
its just like you know what i dont really care.
like its just something to say if you really dont have any other come back to say

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