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im karlyn.
i love volleyball.
and soccer.
and my boyfreind.
people tell me im good at giving advice.
so i joined this page.

ask any questons you have. cuz i will answer.
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I'm a college student, and I lost my virginity while at college. I lost it at the beginning of the school year, and I kind of slept around a lot (I used sex as a way to feel better about myself) the first half of the year. Now I've changed, but my past comes back to haunt me, because it is a small school, and a small isolated town, and a lot of people know about my past. How do I move on from that? It seems like no one will ever forget and move on with their own lives. I've made that my past, I'm not like that anymore, but others still haven't. And to be honest it wasn't even that bad, I haven't really been with that many guys (many girls here have twice that number, easy, and yet they don't seem to have that reputation).

Thanks! (link)
I think that you have already done all that you can do. You made mistakes in the past, just as everyone has. As long as you have learned and moved on you're already on the right track. I don't think there is anything that you can do to change people's minds quickly. Just keep up what you are doing and eventually people will see that you have changed. I hope this helped, and keep in mind that you are not the only one who had some crazy times in college. :)

Okay so my state (TN) has decided to mandate that every student K-12 get 90 minutes of excersize a week. Well they are using our homeroom time at my school to do just that. I think it is incredibly stupid because its not the school's responsibility to tell us what to do as far as excersizing goes. It is so damn retarded I can hardly stand it. I HATE coming to school now. OMG as if it wasnt bad enough LETS THROW IN SOME EXCERSIZE!!! Plus my homeroom teacher is strict with the rules, so if we dont do these excersizes every morning, she will write us up. I dont feel like I can talk to her because she wont understand. And I cant sit there and object while everyone else is doing it because that will draw negative attention to me. I get enough attention as it is for being fat. And thats not the reason I dont want to do the excersizes. It's just that 15 minutes is a long time for someone who is as heavy as I am and its embarassing to have my fat jiggle around for the whole freaking class to watch and laugh at. I would much prefer to excersize in PRIVACY where I dont have to worry about what I look like. High school is bad enough as it is. I think this is pure torture and I really want to refuse to do it. But I dont want to bring negative attention to myself. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? and what is your opinion on our new state law?? (link)
personally i think its a great idea, and i wish they would do it where i live. its a short amount of time and after a while it will get easier and easier. In today's world there are a lot of kids just sitting around watching tv or playing video games, which has a very negative effect on their physical health. I think you should learn to deal with it, as it doesnt seem like its going away...and just learn to have fun with it and ignore the laughing...they are just fools.

So me and my bf have sex alot and just about everytime he cum's in me but if i dont cum can i still get preg.? (link)
yes definitly.
you dont have to cum to get pregnant, when he does there is sperm inside you and you can get pregnant.

How much every day should a boyfriend and girlfriend talk on the phone? We go to different schools but live 10 minutes away. We're 16.

Thank you. =) (link)
haha wellll.
that just depends. i mean me and my boyfreind tlak on the phone every night for at least a half hour. and we see eachother everyday. its just a matter of what you like.

last year, i was a freshman, and this kid was a junior. we talked a lot and started to like him, but i knew nothing could happen. we stopped talking for a little over a year. now im a sophomore and he's a senior. we we started talking again last week. there are 15 school days left. and i think i like him again. he's leaving for college in the fall. and i probably won't seem for 5 years or so. what do i do. i highlu doubt he thinks of me in the way i think of him. but i'm not sure. what do i do? (link)
OK. well you might not my answer, but it will work i promise. Just talk to him. Its that simple. SO he's going off to college after summer. If you really like him a lot and he likes you a lot, why not try and have a summer long realationship. If things go good from there...keep talking while he's at college, have fun while your still in highschool, and see how things go after hes done with college.

but first things first. find out what he thinks of you and the idea of you and him being an "us"

Is it good or bad to be sensitive? (link)
well if ur a guy then u dont want to seem like a sissy bein sensitive all the time, but u would want to be somewhat sensitive. btu if ur a girl, all girls are sensitive at some point in our life, so um yes it is good to be sensitive, but it can get annoying sometimes
~hope i helped

does anyone kno any sites where u can make ur own profile like somethin like that cause im lookin but i cant find any..... (link)
i have tried many and i think that is the best

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