Hello. My name Is Solemnstar.
I'm a fifteen year old (assumed) male-to-female Transexual.
I want to help, plain and simple.
I like plain and simple, I like to catergorize people, ptu them into nice little boxes in my head.
and I LOVE figuring out the ones that don't fit.

Chatspeak annoys me, It takes an extra two seconds to type the real words.

I don't anwser advice as often as I should. Mainly because of School.


my boyfriend's internet was down and he didn't call me for 3 days so i was wondering if he was no longer interested. i checked his myspace page and found that this girl left him a comment saying "i'm talking to you on the phone right now. i loveee youuu" that got me pissed because i didn't know what she meant by "love". i asked her if they were going out and she wouldn't answer me. so then my boyfriend calls me 3 days later and he asks me if we are still going out because he said he's not going out with that girl and he said he's really sorry for everything. my friend had a feeling from the beginning that he was a cheater and a player so we put him to the test. i made up a new screen name and pretended to be one of his friends and here is our conversation

his friend - heeeeey its _____
my boyfriend - heyyyyy =)
his friend - i have something really important to tell you
my boyfriend - kay go ahead
his friend - well your not gonna believe this but i like you.....
his friend- more than a friend.
my boyfriend- oh really ??? =)
his friend - yeah are you going out with anyone?
his friend- on you dumped that girl?
my boyfriend- yeah she was weird
his friend - did you ever like her?
my boyfriend - no i liked you

^^ that was me talking to my boyfriend who really thought it was his friend

so then i told him that he had been PUNK'D and i saw the whole conversation and i said "if you were so sorry why would you cheat on me?
his first reaction was "i think im gunna cry for the first time in my life and i cant believe this"
and then after he was done being shocked he was like oh my god im soo sorry. he said "i KNEW it wasnt my friend the whole time so i was just leading them on" and i go "uhm yeah right"

and now he tells me he STILL loves me. how can i believe it??? he'd probably cheat again

i haven't broke up with him yet but i'm really really mad and i just can't trust him. what if he was going out with that girl on myspace but just lied so i'd think he's single?

is what he did considered cheating?

what should i do?

Girl, you did the best thing you could. Yeah it was considered cheating in my opinion, the guy claimed to love you, and could'nt even be faithful.
Get rid of this guy, get him out of your life. you can't trust him.
He's just trying to save his own butt by saying he still loves you.



I just got a new dog, and I named him Theodoric, the- (like in theatre) ah- (like a scream) door- (like what you open) rick (just like it sounds). I don't mind calling him the full name in the slightest, but I want him to have a cute little nickname. Any ideas?

If thats not cute enough, and an ey to that


okay so i am going to be getting a kitten soon and i need to know some information

about how often do you need to buy kitty litter and change it
[is it expensive?]

what about food
is there anything in particular i should buy thats good for them?

whats the earliest you can get a kitten because i know they have to spend time with their mother but i dont want it to be too old i want it little lol

lastly how do i train it, like not to pee and poop everywhere but to go in the litter box or will it know?

sorry if i seem clueless

TO get the GOOD kind of kitty litter, it is pretty expensive but you will only have to change it once a month. otherwise using cheaper stuff, i'd reccomend once or twice a week.
Most cats i find know where to go.


Can anyone tell me a website that has a career aptitude test...that is accurate, because i have no idea what i want to do when i get older (i'm 16 now)

Also, can anyone tell me a test that tells you which college you should go to?

Thanks soo much!

yeah acctually:
just google it

the user name is manitoba760
the pass word is career


my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex tonight but he did not cum in me...five hours later i started my period...could i still get pregnant?

technically it is possible because the sperm can live in the vagina for about.... a week was the msot i heard.

I'd douche it if you want to be absolutly sure.
even if he did'nt cum in you, the precum is still enough.


This is how I feel (and I want to know if any one else feels the same way) Lets say you post something on this site and you get seven answers, however, you only like five out of seven you should ignore the two you did not like and I feel this way because we really dont know each other (personality wise or looks wise).

soemtimes i'm jsut looking for what i want to ehar mroe then real advice. if you're talkign about not knowing each other, odds are you won't "know" msot of the peopel here,a dn we just coem to seek advice liek everyien else here.

wow... that was a flurry of bad spelling... so sorry.

if you are truly seekign advice you will read them all and tell the people who gave bad advice that it was bad advice.IT helps raise the quality of this site.


any cool ones u know????

hmm... I'd keep an eye out for "vangard"
and WoW is pretty Popular.
and that final fantasy onliue came is pretty good.


ok....how do i get i tunes on my computer??
also does it cost anything to just have it??
i know the songs cost money but im talking just about the program itself Whelp thanx

Itunes Is completly free.
IT orginizes your music for you, even the stuff thats already on the computer.
I'm not sure if it recognizes Mp3's that are not Ipods though.


What is fear? What is courage? Are the two related or not? How do you overcome one to gain the other? And what causes fear and what makes you couragous?

wow... I haev found not just one but TWO brillant questions today.

Well then,
Fear is the lack of willingness to take an course of actions out of the theorys on the consequences.
Bravery is knowing the conseqences and takign action regardless of a negative consequence.
Fear is caused by negative experiances,
while bravery is formed by positive.

just my views:


Is love a feeling or emotion? Why do people fool in love and why can't i find love?

Love... IS i think a feelings mroe then an emotion. peopel try to fool around in lvoe because they all want it, and you can't fidn love perhaps because you spent time asking us this.
Go out and enjoy life


i met this guy like 4 months ago and no we are not going out but we have gone and dates and i also lost my virginity to him. The last two months i have found myself so caught up in him and im falling so hard for him. We dont talk on a daily basis maybe 4 times a week.

A month after i met him i really liked him and i told him that and he called me clingy and we got in this argument and stopped talking for three weeks. I dont want to repeat that but i really need him right now in my life.

Im the type of girl that only tells a guy i love you if i truely honestly mean it. And i really just want to tell him but how do i tell him with out him leaving?

thanks guys.

Guys need space.
They really do. they hate if anyone tries to chage them, or if maybe the hold on too tight, because they are afraid of losing the freedom being single has.
you need to let him have his space before you tell him.
You need him to see that you love him and trust him enough to be a little looser in terms of clingy-ness
When he sees that you trust him, you can tell him.
I'm glad you've found someone who you have such strong feelings for.
Best of luck in your future


My ipod says its locked but its not! its like frozen ? and i can only turn it on by plugging it into my computer ! everything was fine! It has the locked button on the screen but nothing is wrong with it! And eventually it just turns off and i can't start it again,the battery is CHARGED. and when it is on,it doesn't let me move anywhere!! PLEASE HELP!!

alright, i've had this happen

push the lock button on and off.
the hold the play/pause button and the center button for about 10 second it'll reset it. you'll still have all your songs and everything. what happened was that so much happened at onetime with low battery power it was unable to process it.



lately ive been just down. durning cheerleading practice (im very involved in cheerleading,its pretty much my life) im not doing as good and I feel fat because i am the biggest flyer and weigh just as much as the girls that lift me. other than that, i get realy stressed at school because my one teacher sucks at teaching. then my family just bugs the shit out of me alot too. also with my love life ive been threw alot and now i dont think my heart can fall for someone the same since what happened to me before. and i get so self conscience and i try to work out but let myself go and its just really stressful.

i just think i would feel 10 times better if i had someone to talk to besides friends. but i dont want people saying "i.m me" blabla when they havent experianced stuff that im going/gone threw.. which is sex, heartbreak, being used, multipul mood swings, unable to like someone for real, cheerleading stress (or anything with weight).

i apperiacte any help what so ever and i have my own column but can't figure out my problems. all you columists keep up the great work.

You want to talk?
if nothing else i can listen. you may feel uncomfortable talkign to someone you don't know anythign about. I can understand that.
You seem liek a very nice person, one who does'nt deserve all this stuff thats going on. Just keep in mind that the things that have happened to you have made you who you are, and that's something beautiful

I know most of what you've gone through.. execpt for the cheerleading stuff, but i'm physically male so... yeah..



13/f. I study in an exclusive girls school and i'm thinking of getting my classmates little gifts. First of all, I'm wondering if i should get ALL my classmates gifts. Second, i'm not sure of WHAT to get them: should i give chocolates or something else? And there's this special friend of mine, I also want to give her something nice. Any suggestions? Help appreciated.

Advanced Happy Valentines!


I'd reccomend getting for everyone in your class just to be fair.
and get your friend somethign special as well somethign relating to the friendship, maybe make a collage of pictures?
maybe chocolates, i agree would be nice.


This question is mainly for guys but if your a girl and you have an opionion thats welcomed to:)

Do guys think belly button peircings are hot?

P.S- i'm blonde 5'8 120 pounds and have told i should be a modle many times oh and i'm 14. If those help any

Thanks soo much

me personally, no i do not.


i love getting high.Because i have alot of stress and depression but i dont tell people about it.So i get high to help me out.If i dont have pot i'll freak out an i'll act like im bipolor.What should i do?Should i just get help?Or should i get high anyways because pot doesnt really hurt me but just controll myself?????

that freakign out is addiction.
you detox, your body NEEDS it now.
And the drugs do seriously hurt you,in a few months you can cause irreversable brain damage.
It would seem to me you shoudl seek help for your addiction.


How do you START a fight to END a friendship?

I've written many questions about one of my "best friends" on here, and i've come to a conclusion (please don't try to talk me out of it.. i think this is the wisest thing to do) i need our friendship to end, and the only way to end it is by having a HUGE fight.

Only problem is, she would NEVER pick a fight with me, no matter what i do wrong, so she needs to do something wrong that i could "not forgive" her for.. you know? but its not like i can GET HER to do something wrong, is there? and if so, what?

i know it's supid, but seriously.. my question is.. how can i pick a fight with my best friend that could end with me saying "shut up, you annoy the hell out of me..bye" or something along those lines???

I had a friend like that.
with people like this you need to be simple and final
"get out of my life"
thats what I said.
afterwards, you will likely fidn yourself regretign it or likely want to go apologize. don't.



okay me and my boyfriend were at church a few nites ago and we were gonna go down the stairs. okay there's this little space beside the stairs where two people can be alone and he pulled me in there and kissed me. he didnt talk about it for the rest of the nite but i know he's gonna bring it up next wednesday. i mean, it's not like i didn't enjoy it or anything, but i don't know if i should take it a step further (as in having sex) or keep it like it is.help?

Sex seems a little extreme.
I think it should stay as it is.
Sex seems too early, but it depends. if you think you are ready for it, then go for it.
But it's probaly best if it stays liek it is


My ex is almost $4000 behind in child support. The child support enforcement agency sent him a letter saying it will take his liscence in 10 days, will they do that and how long will it take? Also what will the next step be if he still doesnt pay? He is living off his welfare girlfriend in her house, while I have a son who is chronichally ill (7) and a daughter who is 10 who he tried to choke to death, this all started with him being convicted of domestic violence on her, so yes I want him punished, any info would be most helpful, i am 29yrs. old by the way,Thanks, the struggling mommy.

While I don't agree with his actions you have to remember
1. he has his own life to pay, food,house,car(if he has) and 2. he can't pay you if he does'nt have the money.
I cna understand you wanting that payment, especcally with what happened. but whatever the step is, they can't take money he does'nt have.
KEep that in mind.
the next step would likely be them directly taking the money as he gets it out of his account


Okay, so I like, well not like but LOVE this guy named Jake. He is sooooooooooooooooooo cute. Here is the problem, he is shorter then i am! Everyone is so short! I'm begging for help. mainly because he is comming to my house to finish a project and i don't know what to say!

could it be that you are SO tall?
Thats just physical, It should'nt matter, You should'nt liek someone just because of how cute they are.
But people are like that.
Decide If your really want to miss out on someone just ebcause their short.
It seems stupid to do that if you ask me.
As for Not knowing what to say, I'd talk about the general stuff, Music, movies, What you look for ina relationship, that kidna stuff.



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