i met this guy ages ago through a friend on msn...hes really nice and everything but i want to start flirting with him, as i really like him and he really like me..but the problem is i dont no how to! does anyone have any tips?
thanx a lot xxx

Why on EARTH would you ever meet someone through MSN? You`ll probably get raped by a 50 year old guy in the end so good luck.


I've had a crush on a boy since I was in third grade. Now I am going into sixth when school starts again. I asked him out in fourth grade and he said "Yes I will go out with you." Everyone found out thou. A month later he came up to me and said "You know we are just friends." Then I would say "Ya, I know."
I love him not like him. He is a christain (And I am supposed to marry a christain). And I was going to go up to him and say," Why did you say we were just friends when we were going out and if it is because everyone knew then we can go back out starting now and no one has to know.
But I don't know if I should.

First off, why on earth would you ask out a guy in 4th grade? I mean come on! And also, when you go out with someone, everyone will know, duh. So if you aren`t ready for people to know then you aren`t ready for a relationship which is obvious since your 11 or 12. NOT 13. I hope your column gets deleted. So don`t ask him again because if he remotely liked you he wouldn`t say you were just friends.


Ok so i have been being ask by like a TON of boys to go all the way and like they say they like me but where only 13 && 14 and i think there only saying they really like me cus they wanna get laid basically or get a blow job or sumthingg but i dont know what to do cus i really like one of the kids who wants to do that stuff but i donnt know

please help
what do i do
help me
before i make
the wrong

Whatever you do, don`t do it. If they cared about you, they wouldn`t pressure you or just say they care about you so they can get laid. Forget those boys. Your better off with someone who will repsect your wishes.


for my past few periods..right after my period is over..my discharge gets an unusual odor..like dirty fishtank water..yes i know it's gross..and it's really strong..no matter how good i clean with soap in the shower..my discharge will start to smell a few hours later..i know it's not good to dousche but i'm wondering if maybe thats my best bet? thanks!

I think you should go see your doctor, because you may have an infection.


15/f...well here goes..

there's this guy i like who supposedly likes me. we've been talking for over a month,(i've known him for a few years though) but he has yet to ask me out. i asked him about it, and we argued and to sum it up he pretty much said forget we ever started talking, which wasn't what i wanted to happen. so we started talking again that day, once we both calmed down, and we somehow decided that we would be better off just friends with benefits for now. i'm not sure if that's what i want, but i think that maybe if we do that a relationship could develop. i think i may love him, which doesn't seem to make any sense, but i wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it.
then there's this other boy, who i've fooled around with before, and i've known him forever. i know i love him, but i don't know if it's the same kind of love, he's kinda like a brother? i dont know, it's hard to explain. but i think he's wants something with me (relationship-wise).. i just don't know what to do, because i care for them both. i would just like someones honest opinion on this, like, what would you do if you were me?

Friends with benefits is never a good idea. He will just hurt you in the end. I`ve seen it happen with myself and my other friends. So forget the first guy. You guys can be friends, but if that means you will still be attracted to him, then maybe your better off as not friends.

As for the second guy, it seems like you care for him as a friend which is good. But you might want to stop fooling around with him because it will give him the wrong impression.

Try to meet new guys. You will be much happier once you can find someone who will want to be committed to you. =)


I like my ex boyfriend again and he told me he likes me but he's being annoying. all he's talking about is sports and he's not interesting me. why? i guess it could be because he doesn't wanna get hurt but i dont know what to do about it. it's really getting annoying. should i give him another chance or what? please help

I believe that when people break up that they shouldn`t get back together. There must have been a reason, and a good enough one for them to break up. I would suggest leaving him behind and finding someone else.


14/f...are there any ways to make your hair grow faster? i've had medium length hair for most of my life and i want a change. i want my hair to be longer for when school starts again. are there any tips/tricks or even shampoo or hair products that will help my hair grow faster and longer?

There aren`t shampoos or hair products, but eating healthy, exercising, and not blow drying your hair too much, helps it grow faster. =) Hope I helped!


I've had the same hairstyle for a really long time and I really want a new one. I'm trying to grow my hair out to like 2 inches past my shoulders, so I don't want to cut it too much. I was thinking like side bangs but not exactly side bangs. I've seen like people who part their hair on the side kinda and on one side they have like really short layers like bangs kinda. That's what I want but I don't know how to explain it to my hairdresser so I need a picture. I was looking but I can't find one. If anyone can find one for me that would be great. lol sorry if what I'm asking for is kinda confusing. well thanks :]


Hope that picture helps! =)


why do guys lead on girls one day then the next flirting with 3 or 4 other ones. i really thought this guy and i had something. i truly did.

Boys are stupid. =) Find someone better. He's out there somwhere.


i need some good creams or something to get rid of zits!!! i broke out today adn my forehead has like tiny little zits allllllll over it. i hate it. the only kind i know that works is proactiv...which is on the expensive side..and i only want to buy that as a last resort!


Hey, I just got proactiv for my birthday (which was on tuesday) and my facde is already clear. It works SO well, and was the answer to my prayers. I`ve had acne since i was 11, and now I am 13 with clear skin at last. It is worth the money.


I cheated on my boyfriend yesterday, I don't know what made me do it. I was really turned on by my ex boyfriend he was grabbing me and flirting with me and I just grabbed him and kissed him. I stopped and walked away and started crying because I AMMMMM happy with my relationship, crazy happy but I just really felt a strong horneyness

You seem VERY sorry and upset about what you did, so I think you don`t have to tell him. Just keep telling yourself that it will be OK, and let yourself move on. I think you should also distance yourself from yuor ex so you don`t act on impulse again. I hope this works out for you. =)


Hey i am really skinny but the thing is I eat properly (vegetables, meat etc)n sometimes induldge myself with chocolate or chips or anything i can find but i never get fat. Its damaging my self esteem and I dont dare to wear short sleeved tops or a bikini or anything.

Is there anything that can help me be more evenly proportioned- Ive heard of fattening milkshakes but I dont know how they work or if they work..

ty luv rach xxx

I know how hard it is, but just be patient. If you eat all these fattening foods, it will catch up with you later in life, and you will be overweight. Embrace your figure! I would love to be thin. =)


heyy. ok so i play traveling softball and its me LIFE. i love it more then anything

You should transfer teams. It`s not fair for you to quit something you love just because you have a crappy coach. Hope I helped. =) xoxo


I have been with my boyfriend for bout 9 days and he already seems serious. not in a sex way like he is already talking about the future (like kids, marriage, and life altogether) thats not bad I guess if I was older but the truth is I'm only a 15 yr old freshman and he's a 17 yr old junior. so should I be glad he's planning ahead and wants to be with me or should I worry.
please help
wanna love

You should try talking to him about slowing down. He may not realize what he is doing is upsetting you. If he doesn`t stop, then you should break up with him. You are only 15, and have plenty of time to worry about thatn stuff later in life. =) &herats; Julia


what song has the words:
goodbye is the hardest
thing to sayy . because
you walk away with only
memories ' & memories;
well .. they fade away..

and who is it by?
ill rate 5's

is not a song just a quote


okay so yesterday i got highlights [bleached] and i wanna go underwater in the pool.. would they turn green or sum,thing go worong if i did?

no, but the bleach makes your hair come out easier, so try a dye instead of a bleach=)


I've always had long nails but they've always been shaped roundly but now I changed my mind and want them to be more square.
Loads of people have told me that if you want your nails square it's better to have acrylic nails then your real nails.
Is that true?

No, it's not true, unless you have thin nails, cause then they'll break easier. But otherwise, no, my nails have always been square, and i don't have acrylic nails, and there fine=) ♥


ok i have a xanga website and whenever im making a new weblog entry it says that im writing in "rich text" but the toolbar thing doesnt come up so i cant underline, bold, itilicize, make bigger or a different font of my words. does anyone know how i can do that? and if i cant get the toolbar what are some codes for making text bold underlined itilicized and bigger and stuff???THANKS

an easy way is it press crtl b for bold ctrl i for italics and crtl u for underlining


Last night I did this really hard aerobics class at my gym and i am sooo sore that it hurts everywhere everytime i move...is there anything i can do to make the soreness go down?...thanks

yeah, when i have pain i take motrin=)


breaking up with your boyfriend for his best friend...?


still going out with him because he's a really good guy and you're afraid to break his heart...?


what should I do, because my boyfriend is the most amazing guy ever, and he'd cry and be depressed for months if anything happened. But I just don't have feelings for him anymore, and his friend and I like eachother... help!

Maybe you could dump your boyfriend, but not be "going out" with this other guy, because your boyfriend would get a feeling that you only dumped him for his best friend. So just like eachother until your b/f is over the breakup, and then hook up=)


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