hey!..my friends tell me im pretty good at giving advice so i decided to make one of these lil things..im 16 and live in new york..i love to shop and go tanning..i love the summer and boys and chillin at the beach with my girls..i have a crew who i chill with..the fine 9;)..love you girls!..

..i love going to parties and drinking..bad i know but heyy girls just wanna have funn!..i love shopping at abercrombie and hollister, dior, chanel, prada,louis vuiton..i love my purse collection!..currently at 32!!..hehe shoes are the love of my life!..well not mentioning my puppy louis..shes a maltese and i love her!..some people think im a lil stuck up but thats alright cuz i know im not!..

..i have a brother and a sister and live with my mom and dad..

..i play lax and im on the varsity squad for football cheerleading!!..

Loves:..boys, hockey, hockey boys, shopping, drinking, partying, new jersey nets, manicures and pedicures, my puppy louis, my girls


Ok so I JUST turned 13 and I want to wear makeup. But I was wondering how can I put on makeup so it actually looks pretty, not slutty or trashy lol? I want to wear makeup for back to school. What kind of makeup should I wear and how should I wear it? I have light brown medium length hair with highlights in it from going in the sun, I have gray-ish blue eyes, and pale skin. Please tell me good makeup ideas!

alright for your sking use clinique. its a bit expensive but the ladys at the counter will help you. or just you maybelline dream mousse. its cheap and works great. just go match your skin to it.

then i use maybelline dream mousse blush.

for eyes get eyeliner from MAC. i use black most days or if im going out i spice it up with some colors.

then use a good mascara and use it with an eyelash curler.

then pick an eye shadow you like.. neutral colors make it look pretty and not too trashy for school.

top it off with a cute lip gloss from MAC and youre all set :)


Is there anybody on this site who can tell me their story about losing their virginity when they were young(12-15)and not regreting it? It doesn't have to be first hand accounts either, it may be stories you heard from other people too.

i lost mine when i was 14 with the love of my life. it was thanksgiving break when i was in 8th grade. the funny thing is he had a girlfriend the entire time me and him were talking. i'd known him for 3 years before that and he was good friends with my brother. i just got back from being out of town with my family and he came over and we were sitting in his truck on my road cuz i live on a dirt road and idk it just kinda happened. we dated and broke up but we've never gotten over each other. and now hes leaving for college tomrw and its sad and all but i dont regret it at all.


ok is it ok to have sex when your on your period?

its perfectly fine. it gets a little messy but it still is fun.


Is mastrubation a sin? (religiously)

of course not.


My hair is naturally straight with a kink in it but not wavy.
I'd like it to go wavy sometimes.
How do you scrunch hair? I've heard of it but i dont know how to do it.
Also, i know you have to do it when your hair is wet. But when my hair is wet, if i dont tie it up it goes frizzy. So is there any way i can stop it from going frixxy when its down?

well in the shower dont put conditoner in it. then when you get out towel dry it then put it extra hold mouuse. scrunch it up with your hands. it works better if you flip your head down. then use the extra hold gel (not a lot). then use hairspray too. finish with diffusing it with ur blowdryer. :)

i use herbal essences.


hey! i was just wondering if anyone knew any great sites to order belly button rings off of .. i looked at body candy.com but i cannot find one that's just a plain hot pink crystal.. i reallyyy want one! :) lol .. i'd be great if someone could help me out! thanks so much :)

and theres some links off that one.


Theres this boy i hardly know because i met him on this internet game! He gave me his email address! He showed me a picture of him and i liked him so much! I didnt get to the stage that i could express my feelings about him (Because i was kind of shy). And now all of a sudden he told me that he has a girlfriend! Im so upset and i want him to be all mine! I Love Him to bits! What do i do?

hun im not gunna try and be a downer.. but you dont hardly know this boy! and he could actually be some weird stranger i know hard to believe but just try and forget about it and find somebody else. commercials make online relationships seem like they'd work.. when in reality 5% of them barely do.


Hey. I like the whole preppy look. So anyone know some stores that aren't expensive. Thanks! Rate 5's.

american eagle


Does any bodyd knwo nay really good face products??? Beside proavticte...and that they worked for you?

i use clean and clear and hardly ever get a zit!


ok i was just wondering if anyone knew of any hair products that will make your hair straighter...
i used to use an iron to straighten my hair but that REALLY kills your hair....so now i use remington wet 2 straight hair straightener...it makes my hair puffy and frizzy...
does anyone know of shampoo that straightens your hair...or a GOOD hair straightener...
i just dont want frizzy hair...so just ANY hair products that doesnt make your hair frizzy...and makes it straighter...

please and thank you!!!

okay what ever you do dont get it chemically straightened. my friend did and it RUINED her hair. i use frizz ease shampoo and condionter or biolage. those help control the frizz. then i put in aussie anti-frizz // leave in conditoner and blowdry my hair. after i put in chi straight serum and straighten it. if i still have a lil frizz i'll put in aussi frizz control. hope i helped!!


Hey. I was wondering: How much money are Chanel sunglasses (The big black ones)? and Where can you buy them? If you could give me a store name and/or a website I would be truly grateful. Thanks!

i got a cute pair of dior sunglasses for $250. so im pretty sure chanel ones would be around there


Hi everyone,
I'm 15/f and I'm going into 9th grade this year. I was wondering what I should shop for when I go clothes shopping. I'm so used to wearing spaghetti-strapped shirts with jeans since I wore stuff like that over the summer. It's just that spaghetti-strapped shirts aren't allowed to be worn unless a hoodie or zip-up jacket or something is worn over it. I don't wanna have to wear a lot of hoodies this year, because I wore them a lot during 7th and 8th grade. If anyone can, please let me know what stores sell cute long sleeve shirts that would look good with jeans. You can also let me know what stores sell cute short sleeve shirts. I usually shop in the mall like at Deb, Aeropostale, and G&G. I also like to go to Kohl's a lot. I don't want shirts that are going to be really expensive. If you can, please help me out. Does anyone know where they sell some cute purses right now also? I really need a new one! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. :-)

hey! get some cute graphic tees from a store like hollister or abercrombie. american eagle has some cute shirts too. i like the purses from pac sun and aero. just ask if you need anythign else


Okay. I just got a Myspace & I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out with it. I want to know how to make paragraphs on my "About Me" section. It's just because I write out something with paragraphs then when I go check out my page it's all together. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks so much you guys :)

sure. if you want give me ur sn and i'll do yours for ya. i do um all the time!


okay, i use tampons during my period, but im nervous to go swimming with them in. Im afraid the water will soak the string, making the blood travel out trhough the tampon string. Does this happen or am i worrying for nothing?

awh dont worry. i swim all the time with tampons in and nothing like that has ever happend to me!


my hair is kinda frizzy. I dont usually blow dry my hair and i use herbal esscenses (sp?) shampoo and conditioner. What are some ways to make my hair less frizzy without getting that frizz ease stuff or blow drying (that takes a long time. i have a lot of hair)?????
i'll rate 5's for good answers!

blowdrying makes some peoples hair wicked frizzy. so use the frizz ease shampoo and conditioner set. not just the styling product. or you could change how you blowdry your hair. i use aussie calm that frizz styling creme and i really like it. look at your local drug stores for other products


how do i find the right girl to be my girlfriend without getting hurt real bad, like cheated on with another guy?

well in life youre gunna get hurt. your gunna get cheated on. and your not gunna always find the perfect somebody. trust me im an expert when it comes to getting hurt. my advice is to wait to ask somebody out until you know them well. make sure you trust them. they have to be able to make you laugh. need anything else just ask


Ok i just made a myspace and i dont know how to...
-Make a backroud
-Have music play
-Or put pictures up
can someone explain how to this thanks so much!!!

yeah sure. if you give me ur aim sn i'll IM you on mine and i'll walk you through it. its real simple after you get the hang of it!♥


i need some suggestions on how to earn some extra money. I don't really like to babysit but i do anyway and thats not really cuttin' it. I really want to buy a few new things, but i don't know how i can pay for it all! any suggestions?

get a job?


I need a site that has `Do it for the kids` by Velvet Revolver..It needs to be a code so it will play in my myspace.

try going to hotcodez.com thats where i get most of my music codes for myspace. if that doesnt work you can always go to google and search for music codes on myspace! hope that'll help♥


ok, i have to choose between two schools. so you read this and in your answer, put which school you think i should go to. ok, the first one, i already found transportation to, but its far from my house, so thats a problem because ill have to use a fake address. this is school 1. the other school is closer to my house, but i havent found transportation yet. i could always go live with my aunt because she lives in front of the school. if not, i could take public transportation. this is school 2. anyways, my parents CANT take me to school...not even the first day....help!

gawsh i have like the same problem!! i switched schools this year from a school that ive been going to all my life with some of the greatest people i know. im going to a MUCH bigger school now and i really like it. but my friends miss me and theres a guy there i like. theres nothing stopping me from going back but im not into all the drama! find out what kinda people go to each school. but school 2 is soundin pretty hot. fake adresses and fake people are LAME♥


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