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IM SHELBYYY. Im 15. Cheerleadinggg is my lifee and it has been for 7 years and i LOVEE it :] I like answering questions and helping people. So askkk maynee.

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Hey i am 18 and i am looking for a good workout program. I was wondering if you could give me advice on a decent workout timetable. like do this for this long and so on. I want to work my arms and where my six pack should be(lol)
Any help would be appreciated
i dont have a lot of equipment just a set of weights and thats it really gonna get more equipment after christmas

Cardio: 45 minutes a day, for at LEAST 3 days a week (Running, Walking, Elliptical..)
** Cardio is necessary to burn the fat around your belly, which in turn allows the underlying muscle to show

Weight Training: For your stomach area, do exercises from this website:
For your arms, push ups are a GREAT and simple exercise. For more info & other ideas:

ALSO: A healthy, balanced diet is VERY IMPORTANT. So many people underestimate the impact their diet has on achieving any kind of results via exercise!

Good luck!


When I do my splits my back leg bends a little. Is that sopposed to happen? If its not then how can I fix it?

No, it's ideally supposed to be flat on the ground. Keep stretching daily.. flexibility is the kind of thing that can only be improved by constant stretching. Also, don't forget to point your toes (on both legs)!


i was in my friend msn and i was cheking his mail because he told me to. i was scrolling down and clicked on the mail and i saw 3 pictures of a girl with bras and panties only...if i report that what can happened?

Don't bother reporting that, it's his personal business and the pictures aren't harming anyone... so act like you didn't see them and let your friend do what he wants (even if you don't approve of it)!


My boyfrend thnks I'm cheating on him.
I'm not! I shall say I'm attractive and a lot of guys like me, but i only have eyes for him. I'm also friends with mostly guys and I told him that when we first started talking and he semed to understand...

but I've told him everything imaginable how I felt and how I wasn't lying. I've even asked him if he's the on cheating and he says he's not. Today, he told me he's going to find out that I am some kind of way and I said I did not care because I'm not cheating.

& I always let him go through my phone & I go through his.

soooo... Wat can I do to prove to him I'm not? I'm sick of him saying it!

Unless your boyfriend is crazy, he has to have a reason as to why he believes you could have cheated on him. An attractive girl with mostly guy friends is a warning sign right off the bat and although he shouldn't be making assumptions when he has no reason not to trust you, he's only human. So my advice to you is to ask him what exactly you do that bothers him and how you can fix the situation. If he doesn't cooperate or things don't change, you did your part and it's up to you how much longer you want to handle the accusations.


Me and my girlfriend are 20 years old. We been going out for 2 years and 10 months. But on our anniversary I found a text message in her phone from another guy which called her babe and if he could call her at 9.15. I broke up with her and I don't know what to do.

She told me that she met this guy once before we started going out, he lives in LA but I don't know what to believe, she also told me that she's never done anything. And doesn't plan to meet him. She said she doesn't talk to him all the time, but its only been about less than 1 month that he started talking to her.

I don't know what to do. I love her. But I don't know if I can forgive her. What do I do?

Having been in both shoes, I don't think it was fair to her that you reacted the way you did. You have no proof that they have ever been anything more than friends and all you can do at this point is trust. Don't end your relationship of almost three years because of a silly text message that could mean absolutely nothing.


I kinda have a moustache and i like this guy and i think he likes me but whenever he gets close to me to talk or whatever, i don't like him looking at me because of that. I don't want him to see it because he might not like me or want to go out with me and i can't bleach it or anything. I have no confidence. What do i do?

Waxing is definitely your best solution. If you don't have the time or money for that, just put a little shaving cream on and gently shave it. I know it sounds weird, but it takes like two seconds and costs nothing!


does anybody know a website that you can use to burn music on for free and you dont have to use money

Limewire is definitely your best bet.

Other websites are:

But again, I highly suggest downloading Limewire. As for the rumored viruses, I've had it for almost 4 years and I haven't had ANY problems with viruses or anything of that sort. It's greeat!


i had sex with my boyfriend yesterday and then a little bit after he put it in my unprotected was inn for like about 5 seconds and i told him whattt are we doing take it out!! so i was so nervous he did not cum i dont even think he was hard but anyway i took the morning after pill(plan b) today what are the chances of prenancy??

The morning after pill has a high (in the 90's) percent effectiveness rate AND he didn't cum inside you, so with both of those facts, the chances of you being pregnant are VERY slim!


What's the difference between an ipod and a Zune? I'm thinking about buying either one but I don't know what's the diffrence? Like how are they diffrent?

I've had both and for one, Zune is for Windows computers ONLY, while iPods work on both Windows and Macintosh. Also, Zune's feel larger/thicker than iPod's. For more information, go here:


out of opinion, would you say that 5'4'' was tall or short for a 15 year old girl?

I'm 15 and im 5'4"
and i think its normal.
and my doctor said it was too.


13/f .. This is my 8th grade year of cheerleading , but we don't have to try out to be on the team or anything , but I would like to make LaSalle Cheerleading, and you have to be required to do some flips and toe touches. I would like to know how to get a toe touch down , like a good one .. I got one year ... And would I look incrediably stupid if I decided to start gymnastics? I'm not flexiable at all && I can't even do a kartwheel. Thankss =)


ok, for the toe touch :
-stretch EVERYDAY. sit in a straddle and go to your right. then your left then to the middle. each day push yourself further.
-do crunches/situps. these will make your ab muscles stronger [and you'll get a nice looking stomach ;) ] You need strong ab muscles to jump higher.
-use correct form in your jumps, for help on that :

for the tumbling :
Find an allstar gym that has tumbling classes, and join. If you can't find any tumbling classes, your local gymnastics gym should have a tumbling class.

goodluck! :]


well I have this big problem that I flirt whenever, because I was just talking with this person that I don't "like-like" he's just okay, well anyway I realized after that I was sorta flirting and I realized I do it a ton, with out trying, and I am sending those people the wrong message, can someone help me with my problem, is it normal, I am way confused, thanks

haha i have the same exact problem!
what I do when im in this situation is i try to ask, "so how's your love life" and they will say something, then ask you the same question back, in which case you say "im kind of talking to someone" so they get a hint that you arent exactly available, even if you arent talking to anybody. it works everytime! good luck =]


can sum1 help me with adding a picture to my advice column its not workin!!

you don't have to make a photobucket, that takes too long.

-go to
-upload your picture
-copy the DIRECT LINK
-paste it in URL OF PICTURE [in profile settings]



I tried to upload a picture on my advice column but it said it was over 15kb, how do you make a picture smaller?

-Go to
-Upload your picture
-Copy the URL of the picture
-In PROFILE SETTINGS, insert the url in PHOTO URL.

if that doesnt work, try making the file smaller or ask me if you need more help! :] goodluck!


ok. ive been wanting to download FREE songs for a while now. does anyone have any idea where i can download absolutley FREE songs? ive tried limewire and bearshare, but whenever i try to go on search for those, is screws up. so i kinda need some step-by-step instructions and a website to download free songs. thanks!!!

those should be great,
but if they don't work, i suggest trying limewire again because i have it and it is so awesome, unlike these sites it has every single song you want. just mess with it and make sure your internet connection is working.

go here for help :

yaay good luck :]


I was browsing people's columns today and looking at the feedback I saw one that was rated a 1 and the person wrote your wrong he aint a pedophile your a bitch or something along those lines. I read what was wrote to her and she answered the question being asked very good. Why do people rate you a 1? I can understand if it is BAD advice, but when you ask for advice and rate a 1 most of the time it's because its something that they just didnt want to hear. 5's and feedback coming your way if you give me your thoughts on this.

i completely agree !
some people are just stubborn and dont like hearing things they don't like, even when its great advice!

yeeahawwww :]


Okay im 14 years old and i have had my period since i was 12... today i invited some people to swim at my house and i went to the bathroom and i saw that i started my period.... i really want to go swimming but im REALLY afraid/scared to use a tampon cause i have never used one before and its scary to do it..can anyone tell me what to do or give me tips or anything.=( like im really scared to do it... im afraid something will go wrong

When you buy the tampons, it will come with illustrated intructions of how to use them! If not, use this website for detailed help

Be calm, it isnt scary at all! :]


What are some good 14/15 year old girl movies that is pg-13, pg, or g??

Odd Girl Out
She's the Man
Cinderella Story
Mean Girls
Ice Princess
Never Been Kissed
She's All That
Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
13 Going on 30
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Bring it On
All of the marykate and ashley movies!
Big Fat Liar
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
10 things i hate about you
A walk to remember
weird science

yaaay i love all those movies!
have fun :]


I have cracks on the ends of my lips/mouth. how do i get rid of them?

those two links willl help you a lot!

buy chapstick and use it everynight and morning too
goodluck! :)


Okay. so my hair is really straight. and when i say straight i mean straight. There is no wave or curl to it whatsoever. My question is how can i make it curly. Do perms turn out okay? i dont want it tightly curled just like loose curls. Help!! Ill rate, i promise. =]

I would suggest buying Wash n Curl []

Or, if that doesn't work for you, I would suggest using hot rollers or a curling iron! :]

As for the perm, my friend got one and it ended up looking gorgeeeeous. So look into the cost of that and if none of this works then consider getting a perm!

goodluck! :)


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