You are not being banned. We are just letting those people know who seem to have a lot of "personal" type mail coming to their inbox, or those who are sending it to others.

Frappr! would be a good place to take the comments about how great everyone is etc. This site is for advice only.

The reject button can be used if you get a lot. If you know who is sending you the message, email them if you must respond.


I'm sorry..

♥ Kourtney


We have noticed you have a lot of personal chit chat on your column.

Please use your own email or IM account for talking with your friends. This site is for advice only.

This is the only warning you will recieve. If the behavior continues, your column will be removed and you will no longer be a member of advicenators.

Please respond and let us know you understand the warning. Not repsonding, however, will not change the outcome if behavior continues.

It's not like I'm the one leaving myself messages in my inbox.
I answer all the stuff in my inbox.
They usually are questions.
Or people just saying they've added me, or they like my advice, or some sort.
I didn't know people asking me how I was doing since I have a lot going on right now in my life, was a chit chat. My appoligies then.

You can see I've been here for a year and how many questions I've answered and how many people have rated me.

But, if you think that I'm using this column as a chatroom, alright then I can't change that, that you think that. Because, I don't, I just answer everything in my inbox.

EVERYONE is getting banned I've noticed.

♥ Kourtney


whyd kristen get banned? do u know?

She was telling everyone she added that she added them, like she was leaving them messages in there inbox. So, I guess it was "Spamming." I don't know it was for a dumb reason, a lot of people are getting banned.

♥ Kourtney


I ♥ Kourtney =)

Sooo..how are you feeling? When you texted me last night i was at this party & i was like "yay a text!" and i looked at it & it said what you said & i was like "Oh man..." so i hadda leave the party so i can concentrate into my texting hahaha =D. Luv ya Kourtney. Eat tamales. They make people feel better =)

Woah omg Kristen got banned? Dang that sucks. Everyone is getting banned!!!! =(

Luv ya darling! ♥♥

I ♥ you too.

I'm ... alright. I'm like the only one not crying.. 'cause I don't like crying in front of people. My dad's real emotional lately though, not like him at all. We already have funeral arrangements, so it's really hard. But, maybe, just MAYBE she'll pull through, she doesn't know she has only a couple days left though.

But who knows .. you know?

Aww, I'm sorry I text you when you were at a party. You didn't have to answer me!! I ♥ you for it though. You're seriously the best.

I'm just scared of word getting around at school, it ALWAYS does about me and my mom.

Yeah, I've eaten like all the tamales OOPS!! haha. We have like 2 left, my bad haha.

Talk to you later sweetie, thank you so much.

♥ Kourtney


what is love really about?

Everyone has a different definition about what love really is.

But, in my opinion its what my parents have. They've gone through a lot together and still love each other with everything they have.

They would do anything to be with that person, to make them laugh, to make them smile, and to make them the happiest person. And if they could, they would give them the world just to see them smile. They would give there shirt off there back if they had do. Drop anything they were doing to be with them. If they were in a crisis, they would be there holding them making sure they're okay. Seeing them smile, makes your heart drop. You can't imagine yourself with anyone else, but them. You could do anything together and still have the greatest time in your life because you were with that one person.

Love is about honesty and trust. They're each others best friend and can tell each other ANYTHING. To know each others flaws and STILL love each other.

That's what I think love is. My mom has cancer, and my dad took over everything in the house, the dad job AND the mom job, cleans the house, cooks like my mom, EVERYTHING. Even took time off of work just to make sure she was going to be okay, and at the end of the day, they still love each other. They tell each other everyday "I love you" with a kiss. They still hold each others hands in public, even if they're not a teenager anymore or they're the only older couple holding hands, they'll still do it.

I hope this helps you and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney



ahh im soo pissed off!
i got banned for "spamming" until saturday..
fucking idiots!

ahh i wonder what people will think now..i just started this and i already got banned..great..
i feel soo bad!!

well hope you have a good rest of the week since i wont be on..lOl

♥ Kristen


Oh my freakin lord, that is so ridiculous. Everyone gets banned for the GAYEST reasons, seriously. People need to GET OVER THEMSELVES.

Well if you need anything, just email me your screen name or something and I'll IM you. I think my email address is on my column.

♥ Kourtney


My friend Kim is really down because her mom just found out that she has cancer. I had her over to my house to make her feel better, but I don't think it helped that much. I don't know what else to do to make her feel better. What should I do?

I know how your friend feels. The only thing you really can do, is be there for her. Let her know if she needs anything, a shoulder to cry on, you're there for her. That if she ever needs to talk about it, that you'll listen and talk to her about it. Don't mention it too much around her though. But, if she looks sad or isn't talking that much, that's when she needs you the most.

Try inviting her over and watching a funny movie, to make her laugh, make some popcorn too.

Or take her out to dinner or something. Try to get her mind off things for awhile. But, don't do it too much, she needs to spend some time with her family too. But, when it feels like she needs to escape from things, tell her that she can come over when she needs to.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney


well im not a very outgoing person..what are some cute/sexy ways that i can flirt that might turn a guy on or something? lOl sounds weird i know..but like when im about to leave somewhere i always wanna give a guy a hug but i dont know how to go about doing it..i cant just do it..they will be thinking WTF? haha any suggestions?
i will RATE HIGH!

Just smile alot at people and when you see someone you know, smile and say "hey" and if there with someone you don't recognize introduce yourself, smile and be like "hey I'm _____" That way you'll get to know more people. Just smile so people know you're friendly and stuff.

When you're flirting with a guy of course smile, don't frown, you never know who's falling in love with your smile. Make sure you giggle and laugh so they know you have a sense of humor.

Of course hug them, so they know you're not afraid to, guys like that. I hug people when they're too afraid to hug me. It won't be dumb, trust me.

Touch there arm and stuff when you giggle, but don't do it too much. Just stuff like that.

I hope this helps you and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney


what is something fun i could do for new years? im not invited to any parties and i cant have a party lOl and none of my friends know of any parties and it sucks that i cant drive anywhere or either can my friends..if i dont find something to do i think i might have to go to my grandma's with my family..but i DONT want to do that. please list some suggestions! i will rate 5's =)

Have some friends come over and all hang out.
Get some party stuff, like silly string and hats, listen to music, stay up late and stuff like that.

Or go to a friends house and do the samething.

Just make your own little party with your friends. That's what I would always do when I couldn't drive. It's so much fun. Just stay up all night, get some sparkling cider and watch movies and all that stuff.

If it comes down to you going to your Grandmas, bring a friend or two along.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

Happy New Years! && hope you have fun.

♥ Kourtney


Kourtney im about to shoot someones head off! maybe i am not right for this advicenators stuff..its getting way too outta hand already..maybe im already ready for a break or maybe i should just quite? i hate drama no matter what it is!! i get enough of it at school and i dont need anymore of it on here =(
♥ Kristen


What happened sweetie.
Whats wrong?

♥ Kourtney


Where can u buy cute trucker hats for girls? Like Von Dutch or something.. I rate!

Try this:



Or you could always try going to the mall and looking for some.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney


I've been looking for a new CHI hair straighter, but I'm having a hard time trying to find one.

I would prefer it would not be one from a "no-name" dealer, or off e-bay.

If any one knows any stores or trusted websites where I would be able to get one would you please tell me where I can find one. Also if you have one do you have any complaints about it?

My sister just got one from ULTA. Here's the website for you, all you have to do is just look for you one you would like and order it.


I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney


Does anyone know a specific place where you can buy grey leggings? Websites would help me out a great deal. I know they had them at Abercrombie kids but they're backordered. At A&F they don't carry grey. Help?

I've looked everywhere for grey leggings.

Abercrombie&Fitch has them in Grey, but only in Mediums or Larges.

Hollister is out of Grey, but have them in Brown.

But I found some on eBay for like 8 dollars!:


I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney

FEEDBACK: No, I looked for Hollister Leggings and Abercrombie leggings and that's all I found was the link I gave you. You can try looking for other brands if you don't want to get the small. If you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.


okay i asked a question about being on advienators, people have been saying thing that i didnt find appropiat. Well...people answered the question i asked...they didnt answer it very nicly, most people called me bad things and it hurt my feelings but one person gave me really good advice about it, his name was dangernerd. he helped me relize this site is NOT for children i am 13 and i should be mature enough to handle it, so i am really sorry to anybody i affended, but i still dont know if i should stay on the site, because, now everybody hates me. i need help, what should i do? please i need answers. Merry CHRISTmas!

"kiss kiss"
ps. sorry agian

Hey sweetie.

Merry Christmas to you, even though it was yesterday haha, I'm answering it a day late.. so.

I'm sure no one hates you, just sometimes people leave mean answers for some reason. I don't know why. Some people are smartasses about it also. You just ignore it if you don't like it. You'll soon get used to it, trust me. So, just join the site and answer the questions as best as you can! =D

&& if you people leave mean stuff in your inbox, psh ignore them!

I hope this makes you feel better and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney


Hey. Well, I'm going shopping this Wednesday, and I was wondering if stores like Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, Aeropostale, Charlotte Russe, etc. have sales by then because of after Christmas or upcoming New Years, etc. Thanks!


Well, they should. I hope so, because I'm going shopping soon.

I know Express is having a sale, jeans are $30 dollars. Lucky Brand is having 50% off. BEBE, I think they're still having a sale.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

Have fun shopping =P

♥ Kourtney


I just ordered a pair of 00 jeans offline from American Eagle. I'm pretty skinny for my age (not bragging, just a fact), and whenever I try on regular 0 jeans there the length is fine but it's a little too big on the butt. Does anyone else out there order 00 from AE or know of anyone? Typically, how much do you have to weigh to fit into them?

If you're not sure about every single question here it's fine, but the more info the better.

I'm underweight for my age and height too. I eat all the time, but I have a fast metabolism. I'm 5'5 and 105 pounds, I wear a size 0 in American Eagle jeans. I normally just wear a belt, try wearing a belt with your size 0 pants and see if that does the job for your butt (if you already don't wear a belt). For the 00, American Eagle says that the waist is about 24 inches. You might fit into it, but it'll be really tight around the waist. It's not always about weight to fit into a size, it's about your waist area. For example, for a size 0 your waist is about 25 to 26 inches. If the 00 pants don't fit right, just return them and get a 0.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.


Lately ive been feeling really..just plain ugly. i mean sometimes i look in the mirror and im like wow im kindA pretty. but then like sometimes its like i see something totally different. i feel really self-conscious about myself when i go to school games. like hockey and basketball games. i feel like when people look at me..their lookin at my flaws. i know most arent lookin at me because they think im [pretty] well i shouldnt assume but you know. i hate looking at the super gorgeous girls..it just makes me really jealous..but then again when i see other people im that that i look the way i am. i mean i cant take what i have for granite. but i dont know what can i do to make me less self-conscious. and less shy and more outgoing and not care what people think of me.

thanks alot

I'm sure you're a really pretty girl! You really just can't care what other people think about you, because you could be this super model girl, making all this money, dressing all nicely, dating a hot guy, and someone is going to say something mean about you. Why? Because you have something they don't have.

You can't compare yourself to girls in a magazine or on TV because in a magazine, the girls really don't look like that, they fix that on a computer, by making them look skinnier and fixing there make up, they have professionals who fix them up, do there hair and make up.

Girls, are just mean like that, they like to bring other girls down to feel better about themselves. Boys, they do it to look cool or thats there way of flirting with you.

You just can't pay attention to the mean comments you get from people, you're going to get dirty looks from girls because girls are like that, trust me. They do that because they're usually jealous of you.

When you see people you know at school, the mall, anywhere you go, just be like "Hey! How are you?!" and just go up to them and if they're with someone you don't know, introduce yourself, be like "Hi, I'm _____" that'll gradully get you to be not so shy.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney


can powerade like stain your teeth? because i dont drink pop since it stains your teeth..and i have been using this whitening stuff..and i havent drank pop since..and it seems as if my teeth dont look so white anymore..and the only thing i drink alot of is powerade..well thanks!

Here I looked something up for you:

Milk is the least harmful substance out of the five tested for your teeth. Highly acidic substances, such as vinegar and Berry Blitz Powerade, causes tooth decay. Artificially coloured substances, such as Coke, stain your teeth.

I hope this helps and if you needa anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney


hey beautiful ♥

have you ever heard or smelled of the perfume from victoria secrets called "very sexy" for her. i want the boys to be attracted to it and like it! haha i just want people to think i smell good :) just wondering your opinion! and also..how many sprays do you think i should do..because i want people to smell me..but i dont want it to be too strong!

well thanks
your my fav.

Hey =)

YESSS!!! I ♥ that perfume. My dad actually has it for HIM.. of course haha. It smells so good. I've used it before actually. I used like 1 or 2 sprays on me. Like, spray up and then down. Then your whole body smells like it =) BOYS WILL BE GOING CRRRRAAAZZZAAAAYYYY haha.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

&& you're my favorite now too!!

♥ Kourtney


well im not exactly gonna do this but just in case..

im 15/f
and i usually have alot of discharge..like everyday of my LIFE. it sucks! and i already have gotten my period so ya. just the FYI on me haha.

well im just wondering if a boy fingers me..there its gonna be all wet then..like his fingers *embarassing* because of the discharge right? so do you think i should never get fingered or what? well thanks hunnie!

No, it's okay! This actually happens to a lot of girls. Plus, a guy likes it when that happens to them because they feel like they were really good, haha boys are weird. That's what I've heard though.

But, if you're not comfortable with getting fingered, then don't get fingered. But, just wait for the guy that you're most comfortable around if you want to!!

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

♥ Kourtney


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