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hi; i'm haleigh and an eighteen year old college student at keiser university with a major in crime scene technology. i'm naturally blonde, i'm not super skinny, and i'm way too pale. i almost always screw things up and i'm nowhere near perfect. i've begun to accept myself for who i am and i'm not going to change for anyone. i was born in ohio and there are times that i miss it there. i love animals, i have four cats and two dogs. i hate spelling errors and chances are i'll correct you if you spell something wrong. my favorite television show is ncis and my favorite movies are rent, twilight, and jawbreaker. i don't read very often, but my favorite series is the twilight saga. i love the internet and i'm probably online more than i should be. i've been single for almost two years, and i hate it. my major celebrity crush at the moment is michael weatherly. i've been through more than anyone my age should have to go through, and there are very few people that i will tell about it. i can come off as a bitch, but if you get to know me and don't lie to me, i can be an amazing person. trust doesn't come naturally for me and it's hard for me to let people in completely. i'm just an average teenage girl trying to get by. if you want to know anything else about me, just ask!

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i have a question had sex the 1st day of my period was bad than the next day was brownish and than gone that night ? does that mean i could be pregnant? that has never happened to me before i usually will have it for about 5 days

I've had that before, as has my mother. So no, it doesn't mean your pregnant. If you're pregnant you WON'T have a period at all.

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I know you haven't been on in a while...But I was looking at my old column and I saw that we use to talk on it all the time haha. It was Princess_Brytt or something like that. Well, anyways my new column is LiLMAMAx. Nice to talk to old friends I suppose.

Hey [=
How have you been?

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Okay, so i have this boyfriend that lives in VA(virginia) when i live in CO(colorado) and we love each other a lot. There is one problem! My mom and dad don't like long distance relationships and want me to break up with my lover. I don't want to. Any advice?

Try explaining to them how you feel and why yuo don't want to break up with them. Or you could just tell them you did but that you're still friends with him and keep talking to him.

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Ok, I just found out that someone I knew was actually my half-brother. Before, I liked them...but now I don't know what to do or how to to react. Should I confront my dad? (Mom's dead)
What would you do?
Talk to him calmly, let off some steam...???

Thanks ;D

I'm a 16 year-old girl.

I'd definitely try calmly talking to your father.

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How do I show the guy I like that I'm interested and how can I get him to be interested in me without flat out saying "I like you do you like me?" He and I are friends and we have classes together the last 3 periods of the day and talk a lot during them. I think he might like me but I'm not 100%.

Honestly, my best suggestion is to just talk to him. I know it's easier said than done because I rarely talk to the guys I like about liking them, but if you're friends just try talking to him.

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I lost my virginity over the weekend. I'm not sure if he broke my hymen or not, it did hurt some but it was very very short.

It's been two days. It hurt a lot "down there" and for the last two days, it burns when I pee and sometimes just randomly. Is this normal?

He might have just tore some of your skin. I know the first time for me that happened as well. But it went away after a little under a week. However, if it's still bothering you after a week I'd definitely go to the doctor. But I don't think you have anything to worry about, it's probably just a scratch or the fact that your skin stretched and possibly ripped.

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I know I've heard this song in a movie or show but I can't remember and it's bothering me so much! It's "All of Your Love" by Hellogoodbye.
If someone can tell me, that'd be great! Thanks

That song is in a bunch of movies and television shows I'm sure, so it'd help if you could narrow the field down some.

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My wife and I had been married for over four years.
I have ADD and high anxiety which I'm not taking medication for.
I had a pretty good paying job but was laid off early 1n 2007.
My eyes started giving me problems before the lay off but I did get them checked out while I still had insurance.

Found out this year that both of my eyes have cataracts. I've attempted working at three jobs but my eye sight prevented me from passing the probationary period.

Here's my issue. I had a step daughter that had always found a ways into getting into trouble. Everything you asked her not to do, she went ahead and done. The computer she would stay on Instant messaging, My spacing all her friends till early morning.
I gave her so many chances but she proved to me she didn't care.
Her mother and I constantly fought about her because every time I tried to lay the Law down, the discipline was always to severe.
Even if it was just a few weeks without the computer.
Then she started on the phone..the same thing.

My wifes daughter wouldn't barely do any thing in the house.
And after her mother and I told her we expected more from her since she was 16, like washing clothes, doing the dishes...she made sure she washed only her stuff when begged, ( and if she washed three loads of clothes, it would take over three days and then you'd never find them put away) until I got so tired and fed up with her and the way me and her mother fought all of the time because how she ran the house, I made her move out when she turned 18 and graduated.
My step daughters every other word was profanity, and I don't think that she once told her mother or me the truth.
And Lord if you found her in a lie ( which was always ) she would cover it up with another one. She never admitted to anything she done. From bringing guys over when her mother and I were gone, to finding a ways to explain why she messed around with her best friends boyfriend.

Well, My father and mother passed away with cancer. And I made sure that no body smoked in the house. My wife and I don't smoke.
My wife invited her brother over ( or he invited his self ) and in both houses we used to live in, he smoked in each one, not caring.
And my wife let him and to this day, if he wanted to visit...I'm sure the same thing would have happened.

Well again, on Christmas eve of 2007, her daughter wanted to spend the night with us, to be there on Christmas. She smoked.

When I went down to visit my family in Alabama, mysteriously as it sounds, my wife let her daughter move back in knowing full well we never got along. Knowing full well her daughter never listened to one rule of the house, never helped out.
Then one day out of the many fights that broke out in the few months her daughter stayed there, my wife asked me to leave. And I did.

Amy, was I asking to much? Showing respect seems to be a thing of the past in today's society, but the way my wife handled each situation, and the way her daughter and her whispered and told there secrets, was it fair or justified at the way things were handled?
It seems as though the many things I accused her daughter of doing, my wife finally told me that yes, she did smoke pot, yes she was smoking in every room in the house when she ( her mother ) was in the hospital, yes, she fooled around with boys when we weren't there.

But instead of digging in deep and finally sticking up to her guns
and giving discipline to her daughter, it was easier to let me go.

What are the parameters of a marriage? Just because a person has children, does that erase the morality or any since of any opinion I may have had? I love her mother very much, but would I be asking for more heart ache if I tried pursuing this marriage. I don't want to walk away from this marriage. To me I think the Lord gave her to me, I'll get counseling and change anything I can.
But if I'm going to be the only one who'll attempt to change, will
this be visible?

Thank you

Put yourself in your wifes shoes. It's her daughter, and she's going to be willing to do anything for her because she probably feels she'll lose her if she doesn't. Now I understand that you don't get along with her, but honestly? Get over it and try to bond with her. But personally, I think that your main concern right now is getting your cateracts removed, getting a job, and working on your marriage, and THEN you can work on your relationship with your step-daughter.

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The topic that I just read by the girls saying that the male body part is ugly,while the female body is so pretty.We are what we are.Why did the good lord put it on the outside,probaly so we can do the job that you are unable to do yourself.You can stick all kinds of objects up there but that won't give you what you want most.When you get ready to marry,who do you come to,us.When you want to have kids,who do you come to,us.Who is going to support your butt the rest of your life,who is going to pay for the home your going to live in,in other words,let me think,oh I guess it us.If you think the male organ isn't worth playing with,have fun with your tooth brush honey.You may be ashamed of showing yours but at least we are out in the open and proud of it.I do realize that at a very young age if you saw one for the first time your scared but remember that many girls still don't know what there's look like still.I like this site but some of the questions are from girls way to young to be thinking about sex with boy friends.At pre-teens you should be out there having fun in groups.Where are your parents?Do they know that there 13/14 year old are thinking of,let alone doing? Grow up first.There are enough Britney Spears out there,give yourself time to know what the world has to offer you and what you have to offer it.

All I have to say is, other than the whole "guys have to support women, etc" part I agree with this.

There are way too many kids on here that are wanting to have sex at a super young age, and that's not right in my opinion. & like you said, there are enough Britney's in this world.

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Hi!! I just got a cartilage piercing A YEAR AGO and like for 1 month now i have a ball at the side of the piercing.Do u think that i should go to a doctor because i am really getting concerened is it normal to have a bump? Wat i reely want to know is if it infected can u please help me??? PLEASE IM DESPERATE

After I got my cartilage pierced that happened to me, I changed the earring to a small hoop instead of the stud they gave me and instead of any other stud. Since the hoop didn't have the "back" like studs do it gave the bump time to be aired out I guess, and it went away. So I'd try that, and some neosporin or peroxide and if that doesn't work, then I'd definitely suggest going to the doctors.

Good luck!

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hi im a girl cant say my name sorry but i love this guy rite lets call him jake and hes popular but i dnt kw if he loves me and hes sooo cute i and can you please give me advice how to tell wheather he likes me so i can look out for though hints and some moves to get him to but not too ovious that i m crazy over him but just enough to show him that i care and 1 other prob my m8ts wont understand once i told them they broke out laughing and i said im joking because that was the only way out and how do i explain to them and do you kw what about my parents they will be mad if they find out i like someone or im going out plz help and please can you tell me what fingeimg means and vagina im only 10

Well, at your age I'm not really sure what would work for guys your age. Basically just be friendly to him and just get to know him and all that, then tell him how you feel. As for the friends, if they act that way about it, maybe they aren't the kinds of friends your looking for. Now for fingering and vagina, well you're only ten so honestly, I don't really feel comfortable telling you this, I'm sorry.

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would anyone consider smoking marijuana a drug problem. Not heavy smoking like everyday. but like maybe a few joints a month. they can go without using it for a a few weeks, so yeah, is it a drug problem? thanks a bunch y'all :D

Yes I think it is, because you're eventually going to get hooked and then it will become a serious problem. Plus, using any illegal drug is a drug problem in my opinion.

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when would be a good time to put up a christmas tree? i was thinking firtd day of december, but thats a little early isnt it?

According to my Mom the day that you traditionally could start putting up Christmas decorations is the day after Thanksgiving.

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can someone PLEASE tell me the true definition of Anorexia?

Can a 14 year old girl, be 5'2 and weigh 70 pounds, and her BMI was low and she was named 'anorexia'

is that anorexia?
when a person just starves themselfs?
i'm so confused, and i've always wondered, thanks!

Anorexia is when a person just starves themselves and always thinks that they look fat no matter how skinny they are.

Here is a link that tells you more about it.

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Im a 13 yr old girl, and my boyrfriend is 15 and turning 16 soon. we really like each other and we connect so well. and ive already talked to him about respecting what im comfortable doing and stuff. but i feel like he is just waiting. and some of my friends who are friends with him said he isnt a virgin. and that kinda bothers me. but he is so sweet and honestly i love him. but i feel kinda bad that he wants to finger me and stuff but i wont let him. and because he is older then me he has done alot more stuff that i havnt, which makes me feel really in-expierienced. and i worry that if i do something im doing it wrong. he hasnt said anything about wanting me to do more with him but i think im getting some hints. like he is always going up my shirt when we are making out and stuff, but i always stop him, and then it seems like he gets a little frustrated because he just wants to move on, but im not ready, and he said thats okay, but im not sure that i believe him.. PLEASEE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!


Keep trying to talk to him about it and tell him it makes you feel uncomfortable. Also, when he does do it, continue to stop him. If he does truly care then he'll respect what you want and he won't do it. So if you're not ready then you need to talk to him about it because you shouldn't do something that you don't want to do because you might regret it later. Plus, if you're doing it when you don't want to it's probably not going to be special. Plus, I don't see why lots of young people these days are having sex. I'm sixteen almost seventeen and I don't see the need to risk my future for a stupid guy.

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A friend of mine's brother recently past away. The wake is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. We're having Thanksgiving, and my mom's pretty stressed out, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to buy an outfit for it. I don't own a pair of blank pants. What can I wear instead? Or, if I can get a pair of black pants, but else should I wear? Thanks!

Do you have anything black? It doesn't have to be pants, (it could be a dress/skirt if you're a girl that is). Could a neighbor maybe take you to get some black paints and a black shirt? Or maybe borrow some from a friend.

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the otehr day one of my best guy friends brother told me that he liked me, not the brother. my friend. we get along really good, and we easily talk to eachother. but, he doesnt come off to me as a guy i would date. i mean, we get along great but i like our friendship and i dont want that to get ruined but i also dont want to hurt his feelings.
don't answer this by saying, "tell him you admire our friendship and dont want to ruin it by going out" i've heard that too many times and don't need to hear it again. i just need things to do or say to make him relize that were better off friends.
thanks in advance.

Honestly, the advice other people gave you is the probably the safest bet that you'll still be friends. However, if the friend hasn't told you himself that he likes you I wouldn't even worry about it right now. Now, when the guy tells you himself that he likes you then try telling him that he's like a brother to you because you're such good friends and you don't want to ruin it by dating him.

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does anyone know where i can get costom guitar picks? mostly stores in the 48178 zip code area. but any internet souces or anything?


Search for custom guitar picks in your zipcode, if there are any it should show up. might look slightly confusing upon first opening it up and searching but if you mess around with it you'll probably find what you're looking for.

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i have to write a research paper for my english class. the topic i chose was gay marriage and i'm for it. does anyone know any sites i can go to to look up information on this?

please & thanks :]

Have you tried google and Sometimes you just have to search a bunch of different places for it. But you also have to remember though, that anyone can publish a website on the web and I'm sure your english teacher went over what websites are good etc.

I'm not quite sure if there would be any particular sites dedicated just to that so you'll want to try a bunch of combinations when searching.

For example, search for "gay marriage" "for gay marriage" "against gay marriage" and even though you are for it, you'll want stuff about people that are against it.

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here's the thing,
i realized i was bi a while ago but i still can't get up the guts to tell anyone. my ex boyfriend knows but thats about it.... i'm scared i will loose friends and be looked down on by family...i do have one trusting friend though.

should i come out???

Well, I'd say go ahead and come out about it to your friends, if they are truly your friends you won't lose them. If you're family is the supportive type, then go ahead and come out to them. But to be honest, I'd say just come out to your friends.

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