ayee, i'm michelle, get to know me :]


Okay, so I have braces, and my guy friends play around with me and call me meat grinder. Is it true that you could cut their penis? And I know you use you lips, but I;m just courious:)

i wouldnt really call it cutting, but you can feel the grinding, especially if you have the big big bands in the back.
just open your mouth a little bigger ;]


so i got tanning prob like 2 times a week but my body get so dark but my face NEVER DOES it get very little. what can i do to get my face tanner while im in the tanning booth??


well, if i was you i would use Jergens Natural Glow, because that helps you get tan FAST! just get the moisturizer ad just put it on your face at night.
it works miracles :]


so recently my myspace songs havent been working,
when i choose the "hide" option.
and when i use the "show" option, it works fine, so it cant be the player or the song that's wrong.

the reason i want to hide it is cause people steal my songs a lot.

so what could be wrong with it

if you're using myspace 2.0 thats why.
no one hasnt figured out a way to make the code to hide the music and make it play at the same time :]
it happened to me all the time


i know with verizon blackberrys, you have to pay an extra 30 dollars a month for email becuase its a smart phone and whatnot. the omnia has alot of the same capabilities as the blackberry, but im not sure if it has email. would i have to pay the extra 30 dollars a month for email if i get the omnia? thanks!

yeah, you would.
you would have to buy pretty much the whole data plan package because the omnia is considered a smart phone :]


i feel really bad. today my boyfriend came over and we were making out and he started kinda fingering me over my pants..i didnt let him go in them..but hes never done it before and it HURT! at first he was gentle then he started like jamming them and his nails were hurting me and i was like whoa stop be gentle and he stopped and then a few mins later he started doing it again and i didnt wanna hurt his feelings and be like IT HURTS! because that would make him feel REALLLY REALLY guilty because he cares about me alot. i'm crazy about him but now my crotch is really sore its like the right inside part of the lip is hurting so bad and i dont know what to do or how to tell him next time. also, i feel that things are happening too fast. im waiting to have sex, thats not the problem, its just htat i planned for all this to happen way later on and i know he loves me for who i am thats not the problem i just wanna start spending more time actually talking to each other and cuddling rather than always ending up doing this. (not that i dont like it but you know) sorry this is kinda 2 questiosn in one but any help is needed.

Well. You have to tell him somehow. The next time he does kinda just guide him to it. Tell him to be more gentle. Or like tell him to rub it first nd when it gets wet tell him to stick one finger in but go slow. Now on the other question if you dont wanna start doing that just tell him. Dont be scared. Its your opinion nd if he just doesnt get that you wanna wait a while then hes not the right guy you should be wit. I hope i helped! :]


okay,i'm confused about a few things.
me & my boyfriend don't do much,
but we want to.
but we can't until i know a few things that i'm confused about.
i don't know how or when to get him hard.
like,all we've done is makeout & he fingers me,
and ik he wants a handjob,but i don't know one thing.
this is gonna sound reallly stupid,but he has to be hard before i give him a handjob or blowjob right?
i just don't know how to get him hard before i do those things,or when.
please don't say "if you don't know these things you shouldn't be doing them" or anything,
i really just need help.
thank youuu.

Well, my boyfriend usually gets hard by like us making out. Or I'll sit on him sexually. Like straddle him. And when you two are making out try like grinding on him. And well if hes not hard by the time you give him a handjob then just kinda rub it and he should get hard by the time you actually start giving him an actual handjob.


ok i have been dating this girl for 6 months now.
i really like and she really likes me and we love to make out but our parents don't know we are making out and if they catch us, we basically will never get to see each other again. also we are having trouble hiding it from them. what should we do

Well, I think your parents have a feeling you're making out and if you think about it they must have done that stuff when they were your age too. So i wouldnt really be scared if they accidently walked in. Like they cant just tell you that you cant see her anymore because they were doing the same stuff. I'm not saying to just come out with it tell them. It's just that if they walk in they walk in. It's not as bad as them walking on you while you're having sex. So dont worry.


Well every guy i date wants to have sex with me
but im really scared and want to wait till i find the right guy or im married and they dump me should i just give it up to them?

Don't give it up to someone unless you are truly ready. If those guys really did like you they would give you time to get ready to have sex and they would still be with you. They're prolly just trying to get some. So wait until you're ready


how do you give oral sex when the guy is wearing a condom?
oh andd what if his dick.. goes up the wrong hole, all of this is so confusing! like how do you make sure its in the right one


Just give the guy like a regular blowjob, but be careful not to accidently use your teeth. Because that can rip it. Im pretty sure you cant get someones dick in the wrong hole because i know the peehole is pretty small and a dick wouldnt be able to slide in it. And if it slips into your Butthole then you'll know because it kinda burns.


me and my boyfriend talk everynight on the phone but after a while we can't seem to fine anything to talk about...so what should me n him talk about..

Well, have you all ever played that like 20 questions game. Where each of you take a turn at asking eachother questions. And these questions can be about ANYTHING! That game is a huge conversation starter. Me and my boyfriend play it all the time.


how to get a girl to know you

Well, theres different ways to get a girl to know you. And im not really sure if u mean to notice you out of a whole bunch of guys but whatever. I think the way i get to know guys is just sitting down with them and just talk to them about anything. Make this girl laugh. Make her feel special. I think a girls favorite thing to is laughing so do that alot lol. But dont be telling jokes the whole time. You have to be able to show them a serious side. so Just be yourself and tell her a little about yourself. And if you all hit it off then ask for her number :]


What are some really good sites where I can get layouts for my myspace (im a girl)

i'll rate high.

&& thats all i can think of!
Hope i helped!


I'm 18. I'm not sexually active but I would like to be and I think it would make relationships a hell of a lot easier. The only problem is that i'm really afraid of the result....meaning....the pain and initial hymen-popping and whatnot. I've done everything sexual other than sex but I have NOT been fingered nor have I fingered myself or used a tampon. I'm uncomfortable with anything being inside. I'm worried that this will make sex completely unattainable.

Is there any way I can "train" my vagina to be a bit looser? Anything!

Well, sometimes being sexually active does make a relationship easier. But first you can try using a tampon or fingering yourself. It doesnt really hurt when u try fingering yourself its just a different feeling.


So my boyfriend and i started have sex a few months ago, and we have only done it 4 times. The first time, it hurt bad enough that we had to stop. The second and third didnt hurt as bad, but it didnt feel GREAT. Then the last time, it hurt REAllY bad again... there was about a 2-4 week period in between all these encounters. So im guessing he got bigger..but when will it feel good?

Well, my first time hurt a little and maybe it would help if you all tried foreplaying first (fingering, etc.) and it wont hurt as bad. And afterwards it will prolly feel better, and wont hurt as much


i am 14. my boyfriend (also 14) has felt me up. we've made out. and i've given him a handjob.

a) opinion: am i too young for this?
b) opinion: should i slow things down?

we aren't going to have sex or anything.. i just don't know if we're already moving too fast compared to other kids my age. i can't very well ask other kids my age. it would just sound so odd: "hey, have YOU given your boyfriend a handjob!?"

i don't know.
amateur experts: help me out!

thanks a zillion [:

In my opinion I dont think you're too young at all, because im pretty sure there are teenagers your age or younger that has done far more things that feeling up,making out, and a handjob. And if you were to wait to awhile to do that it was bound to happen.
The second part of the question is that it just depends on how long you two have been dating.


Ah...my boyfriend and I have been dating for 14 months this month and he has already got my valentine's day present all lined out...he's writing me a poem-type thing (lol dont know what its really called) and he's writing it in calligraphy and framing it...well, I honestly didn't think he was all that into v-day cause last year all he got me was a teddy bear...so I was just gonna make him a lot of candy and stuff and then write him a letter, but now I'm thinking that's not gonna be sweet or sentimental enough. and I really dont want him thinking i didnt put a lot of effort into his gift. So...any ideas? Thanks so much :)

Well try getting him some candy and write him a letter like you said wanted to do. Then you should go buy a dictionary and highlight ALL the words that describe him. I think that would be pretty cute :]


ok...so, like, i was thinking the other day, when your cherry is popped does that mean your virginity is gone?

and i dont mean gone by sex. like maybe by tampons or masterbating or fingering? like if its popped because a tampon did it or something and someone says "are you a virgin?" do you say "no, because i have never had sex." or do you say "yes, because my hymen is gone?"

im a very random person and this has been annoying me, so yeah.

Technically to still be a virgin you havent had sex, so since your hymen isnt broken by having sex you're still a virgin.


ok well when my boyfriend tried to do this pretty much all he did was do what he would do with his finger when figuring me and i guess it tasted HORRIBLE and i even washed and scrubbed down there and what not and it didnt feel good isnt he supposed to like lick the rest down there? cuz ya what he did didnt feel good and idk if i will let him do it again because it tasted that bad. so ya is he doing it wrong if so what is he supposed to do?

I don't think your boyfriend is doing anything wrong, because my first time being ate out was pretty bad and i hated it lol. But have him try it more on you and he may just get to like the taste of it. All guys are different, so he might be the one who hates eating a girl out because of the smell or the way it tastes.


ok so ive had sex many times before adn ive already been popped and yet everytime i have sex or masterbate i bleed as if i was a virgin. does anyone know whats wrong?

I do that every now and then, but i think its normal. One of my teachers told me that sometimes when you have sex or you have sex, your cherry can be popped more than once. So maybe thats what its doing.


my bf and i have had 'dry sex' but only for a short amount of time and not even rubbing all that much like i rubbed up on him but his penis wasnt like on my or pushing up against me and only for like a min or two or w/e so is it bad? cause its kinda the movements of sex and we havent been dating long and im really catious but when we did it i didnt even know it was dry sex and i liked it but it totally didnt seem that bad to me or that sexual. thanx for the help :)

I don't think it's bad, because i think all couples go through "dry sex." I think it's pretty fun hahaha. but as long as he didnt get anything on you down there, because sometimes it leaks and well that can get you pregnant but be careful!


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