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Some of my friends tell me that I shop at expensive places. I pretty much shop at Abercrombie, American Eagle, and sometimes at Express. But there's more expensive stuff that I could get. And they say that I'm ubsessed with Abercrombie because I have lots of stuff from there. Is this true?? (link)
some people are just jelouse of what they want it's not that they hate the clothes it is just that they probably want them. But in other words it does not matter what you wear. It just is ur persinality no one can take that away from you.

ok there is this guy that i have been like making out with over this pass summer! now he hangs out with at lunch and it is really werid! i mean i don't like him but i still mad out with him and yeah i am just confused on what i should do! (link)
Well ok I would get to know him as a friend and not as a boyfriend or a guy you mad out with

You know who I was talking about right?? (link)
Yes Melissa

Hey It's Tori! Omg Their is like this gurl down my street that is a real big fat a** and I hate her! Yeah Her!! Um.. what should I say to her because she have a very oily face? haha to much coverup! hehe she uses the whole bottle on her face! (link)
Tell her how you feel at the time!! Call her a fat a** if you have too!

Ok I asked that questin bwfore but u didn't answer my question! I want to know what to about the awarkwardness (link)
what was the ?


I don't know Megan just maybe someone ::wink wink::

~*Tori*~ (link)
you freak... I hate you sometimes

ok there is this guy that i have been like making out with over this pass summer! now he hangs out with at lunch and it is really werid! i mean i don't like him but i still mad out with him and yeah i am just confused on what i should do!

-Help Me PLEASE- (link)
Well appeerance is not really importsnt if you like him on the inside then you can love him on the outside!


yO mEgAn what's up girl? well this is Tori by the way but I was just wandering if you still needed a boyfriend cause I might have found someone!

TORI (link)
YES I DOOOOOO! Who are you talking about? please w/b now!!!

Sorry... this is a sex question and there are somewhat graphic content. Not really bad but if you're young, you might not want to read this. Please only OLDER columnists answer this. I don't want advice from an inexperienced 13-14 year old. Someone who knows what I'm going through would help. And so... here's my question....

Hey, I'm 14/f and my boyfriend is 16. Yesterday I was at his house and we were doing sexual things and then I told him to go get a condom. (he uses them normally for self pleasure so it doesn't get anywhere...) So he went upstairs and got it but when he came back down I was crying. I don't know why I was crying. I really feel like I'm ready to have sex with him. We've been together for 2 years and we love eachother very much. It's weird though, I know that I'm physically and emotionally ready to do it it's just that, whenever we are about to, I get scared. Is this normal? Can anyone help me out?

PS- I'm a virgin and so is my boyfriend and we both want to lose our virginity to eachother. (link)
Well I dont know if you should listen to me (13-f) But I have almost donethe same things... You could wait or just do it even if you are scared and get the experiance. If not then wait till you are phisically ready even if it is a couple of days or months It depends the person.

Ask Me Questions or write back cause I dont know how I am doing!

Hope I helped

hey what team r u on again?
haleigh (link)
Lynx, and thNK YOU for asking Ask Meg your very Wise question!

hiii...umm, can anyone help me? i need to train my jack russell terrier (hel be one year on the 22nd) to stay away from my dad. every time he gets close to my dad, hell kick him, or hit him, or punch him, etc. I've watched this for too long and I can absolutely take it no longer. i mean like, my little dog means the world to me! i just love him alot and i want him to be happy. last time my dad hit him he stayed in the other half of our house in the corner all day, and he was crying. it will be hard to train him to stay away and this is gonna be hard. jack russells are very active, and mine loves everyone, unfortanitly. :-\..does neone have any advice? thank you (link)
My Friend has a JRT So She will answer it:

i kinda have the same problem you see my dad is allergic to my pup so never have your dad yell no or the dog will just cower and try to get closer so whenever your dog goes near yur papi just grab the dog and put the dog in your room or sumthin its very difficult to get a JRT to obey you have to know what yur doing they r very hiper dogs my dog still goes crazy when she sees someone on the street walkin and shes 4 (28 in dog years) havin a pup is the worst part.just keep trying and it'll get a little bit better after a while.

Well, I've hardly been eating ANYTHING lately. And when I do, it's small doses of like...carrot sticks or something. I've been loosing weight and everything. I don't think I'm fat and all that, I don't even want to be on some stupid diet. I want to eat, but everytime I try, I get sick if I eat too much. Should I see a doctor? Or is this normal for a girl my age?

13.f. (link)
Well I am 13 and I say that I have personaly tried that just keep adding a little bit more food each time you eat it will get better. It also depends on how much you eat if u eat a little and get sick then you need to see a docter.

i'm having trouble popping rainbows with a soccer ball. any websites for tips or any advice? i can hit the ball up to about my upper back, but just cant seem to get it over my head in front of me. thanks, and have a nice day (link)
keep practicing

If your a virgin (( girl )) then how can you get pregnant? (link)
you cant unless you lose your virginity

i used tO like this bOy and now i dont like him anymore but NOW he like me,and iam goin Out wiith him but i dont feel nOthiing for him,and i told him but he said to lets try to see what happend but i dont want tO fall in love wiith him again cuz he hurt me... iam confused..!!what should i do (link)
Dump Him... Because he hurt you and you dont want that so trust your heart it will lead you the right way!

Ok there are two really really great guys at my school who I hang out with everyday at lunch and We all walk to class together And they both like me. What They dont know is I like only one of them David! And I found out that Sean is going to ask me out! I mean Sean is a really nice guy but im just not into him and Me and David like eachother and I want to go out with him but how do I do that without hurting Seans feelings??
ASk David out before sean asks you out so then he will think you dont know he is going to ask you out!

okay theres this boy i like and i asked him out and its been like a week and he hasnt answered wat should i do ?!?
Just keep waiting anoter weeek if longer than that think no but dont give up hope!

There is this one kid who goes to my school and his name is Jamie. He's been at my school since second grade and I have always just thought he was kind of an annoying and weird kid. He used to like me and he still flirts with me but I have always sort of acted like I hated him (because i thought i did). Anyway I figured out that all this time I have liked him. It seems like a good thing (because he might still like me) but there is a problem...He's moving to Hong Kong in January! He's kind of a geek in my grade but he thinks he's really popular and stuff and I was going to tell him right away that I like him but then I decided that it would be really weird if he didn't still like me too and then he would tell everyone that I like him and then I would be thought of as a loser for the rest of my life at school. So after that I thought that maybe I would tell him on his last day of school but I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do....Please help me...SOON! (link)
Why bother... Work with the people that are not moving away

Hey...I'm not sure how to say this but I will anyway...I want to start dating but I don't know If I can build up enough courage to ask my parents if I can have a boyfrined. They are the most protective people in the world sometimes the don't even let me go anywhere with my frineds. I do have a guy and we're frineds but they get suspicious of him...I do like him but they don't know that
Do you have any tips for me to ask them if I can ask him out?

It aould be appreciated
Just be honnest to your parents and see when you can have a "Boy friend" or you can be like me and say dating and a boyfriend are two different thing either worked for me! Or you could just have a boyfriend and not tell your parents like my friend.

When you get your first period is it normal if it just lasts for 2 days? (link)
I personally Think it is fine because that happened to me too!

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