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Heyy my name is Jennifer but my friends kall me Jenn i have had alot of problems with friends nd so have MY friends nd they always ask me for help when they duhn kno wut to do nd i help resolve wutever problems they have that they cnt resolve nd itz also fuhn =] i can help u out with ne problems u might have ..i kno it says i mostly help with families love life nd friendship ..but i can hlep with other things nd situations u might be in nd u duhn have to put ur name or age or that kinda stuff if u duhn want to i hope i can help u with ur problems so juzz rite me w/e problems u have then it'll go to my inbox nd i'll get to u as soon as possible nd try to help u out tha best i can ..sum stuff if u want stays confidential nd ihope i can make everything better for u

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For anyone who actually reads this, thanks.Well, I had a boyfriend, we'll call him "Tod". We went out for about 3 months. Well, all these people were coming up to me and saying, "OMG!Are you going to be okay?!" Honestly, I had no idea what on earth they were talking about. So, I asked "Tod" and he told me that he kissed another girl on the lips! Me? Upset? Yeah, but I could deal with it.I told I didn't care. He told me that he couldn't stand to hurt me again, so he said it was over.Well, about 2 months later, he asked me out again, and I said yes. And just recently, we broke up. Everyone was telling me that he told them it was "another girl". This time, I had it with him. I was through with getting hurt because of his freakin mistakes when I didn't do anything to hurt him! So, I'm never going out with him again. But..I think that there might be "another guy" for me. We'll call him "Justin".He's one of my friends ex-boyfriends.They have been going out on and off like me and "Tod".And my other friends are telling me to not go out with him because she might get pissed at me.Well, first of all, I know she will, but I think I really like "Justin" and just the other day, I told him that I really like him. He told me that he really likes me too. But we're not going out. Yesterday, he was talking to my sister, and she asked him if he and I were going out. He said "yeah" and my sister said "since when?!?!". Then he said "since now". But I asked him if we were really going out, and he said he doesn't know! What's that supposed to mean?!Sorry it's soooo long! -Alex (link)
ya thats rele confusing but..if ur friend is a good friend nd u duhn wanna lose her then..u rele should choose her cuz she'll be with u longer nd besides if "justin" cnt make up his mind or confront u then he's juzz being lik a lil boy nd should tell u himself instead of talking 2 ur sister..hope i helped =] -XO0H JENN

I really liked this guy,and he asked me out.Acually we've been goin out for 3 months now.Just yesterday i saw him kissing another girl(at school)But i don't wanna dump him , but i don't want him to do that again(he doesnt know that i know)What should i do (link)
well thatz tough..but if u think u shouldn't break up with him then duhn..but then again he might be cheating on u so u can wait a lil while to c wut happens nd if he ever does it again then u probably should dump him nd fine sum1 new cuz it juzz wouldnt be worth tha pain..but juzz remember itz not so good this situation nd either way u still might get hurt =[ -XO0H JENN

I think I am sorta ugly, so I want to wear makeup but not a lot. maybe like eyeliner and eyeshadow and some mascara. [something like that] i dont want to wear tooooo much! [not like 2 girly]. i dont want my friends to be surprised so i dont want it to be a major change, but plz gimme tips! thank ya! (link)
well u could juzz get sum powder nd that sort of stuff..get a tan thatz always good nd put sum eyeliner on nd for eye shadow just get sum natural colors nd tha same colors for lip gloss

This really cute guy asked me out..but he went out with all my frendz..and when he asked me out at the same time he was dumping my best frend.. i really like him.. but she is like my sister..what would YOU do?¿ (link)
well if u think she would get mad then maybe u shouldnt since there are alot more guys u'll have alot more chances wow that happened to me also nd we got in this big fight so if i were u i would say no in tha nice possible way so he wont get hurt..but then again he might not cuz if hes gone out with alot of grls then he might be a player so it would juzz me better to stay awy from him nd juzz be friends -XO0H JENN

Ok, i'm really lost here and i need some help. I like a lot of boys throughout the year ( =) ), but out of all of them there's that "special one". But it turns out that the "special one" nd I aren't friends. and i feel like i'm sooo wrong by not doing anything about it, but it's because she just doesn't seem to care. So, what do i do? (link)
well first u should juzz be friends..then when u get to kno her rele well nd feel lik she should kno u should tell her or ask her out..or even have 1 of ur friends tell her for u it might not be tha best way but juzz incase u get nervous nd if she says no there's so many other ppl out there nd maybe she juzz wasnt that "special one" -XO0H JENN

ok....there is this boy and he is really ugly..all his frends say he likes me ..just 2 days ago he asked me out..i told him i would get back to him. i dont wanna go out with him but i also dont wanna hurt his feelingz.. i am in High school i am 15.. he asked me to homecoming but so did my best frend Josh...wut should i do??? (link)
well if u duhn lik tha guy then juzz tell him that u wanna be single for a lil while [i kno it might be wrong 2 tell a lil lie but itz for tha best so that he doesnt get hurt]thats happened to me before too..also if ur best friend asked u out if u wanna go with him then go with ur friends nd hang out so tha other guy doesnt get upset nd so he wont kno..but if u duhn wanna go with him then juzz say that u wanna go with ur friends -XO0H JENN

my dog sheds like a mofo! i mean all i do is touch him and then my hand looks like a gorillas its so hairy...hes only a beagle what can i do? (link)
well u could keep him outside more so he wont shed all over tha house..i have a german shepard nd he does that alot too. but i guess that means there'll be less cleaning cuz if tha hair is outside then u wont have to clean it nd it'll just blow awy -XO0H JENN

ok heres my story...

My boyfriend and i just broke up on Saturday. I talked to his brother and he told me that he doesnt want to be with me and he doesnt like me. Yesterday io tried calling his mom and no one answered. Well i found out y. They have caller ID and knew i was calling. No one answered. What dod i do? He doesnt even want to be friends with me or talk to me. All weekend i knew something was going to go wrong. Well something did go wrong. I lost my baby. I seriously can Not live without him. I miss him so much. I tried talking to him about it but he said just recently he stopped liking me. He didnt dump me becuause he didnt want to hurt me. Grrr... What am i supposed to do? Yesterday i went spotting with my friend and when i ccame home everyone IMed me on aol and told me they were pissed at me. I have no clue y tho. Can you plz help me?? (link)
well if every1's mad at u, u definetly should figure out y..nd if ur ex-b/f doesnt wanna be with u then maybe u should find sum1 else cuz u cnt MAKE sum1 be with u it just wouldnt be fair for that person even tho itz probably not fair for u..but if u find sum1 else u might lik them better u never kno but just give ur ex sumtime nd then maybe he'll find u bak again -XO0H JENN

this boy asked me out and I said yes and so now we are going out.but heres the big problem.I HAVE NEVER TALKED TO HIM EVER!!he asked me for my number and i gave it to him but i doubt he'll even call.he's WAY too nervous.hestares at me during class though.but i don't know if i should just break up with him or what.i don't even like i'm waiting for him to break up with me.sowhat should i do???i'm 11 and a girl in the sixth grade. (link)
wow if u duhn lik him then just break up with him..boys at that age intend to be lik that nd it is kinda strange but if u do lik him or wanna stay with him just talk to him more cuz then he'll feel more comfortable around u then might start kalling nd if u ever decide to kall him duhn do it often cuz then it might becum a habit nd boys r supposed to kall tha grl but thats all u can rele do bout that ..trus me i kno =/ -XO0H JENN

Hey, What do I do about sex? My b.f keeps on asking me if I can do THIS possition and THAT possion but I don't know what they are! And I don't know if I'm ready for sex, What should I do?

Aleshequa 15, Female (link)
um well u r only 15 just tell him that ur not ready nd u can just ask a friend if u do want that wut it is [but no demonstrations] nd just keep it a seceret besides if ur only 15 maybe u should NOT do that since he might tell his friends then every1 will kno nd might start rumors u just need to say no nd if he doesnt want to be with u cuz of that then maybe he just isn't rite nd there will be boys that duhn do that u just need to find him cuz u might end of not seeing this guy ever again so itz not worth tha time -XO0H JENN

Okay here's the deal: (sorry if it's long but i really need advice w/ this)

three years ago i dated this guy Dave for three weeks. after those three weeks he dumped me cause i wouldn't sleep w/ him. loser. anyway; i moved on and started dating his friend. almost three years later we're stil together. they're not friends anymore tho.

so lately wherever we go and Dave's there, he'll totaly hit on me and he won't leave me alone. if we're at a party he'll follow me around all night asking me stupid questions and completely stalking me. this weekend we were at a party and my boyfriend and i were just in a corner talking and kissing and he comes up right between us and starts a convo w/ me. my boyfriend thinks it's funny cause Dave is being such a loser. my boyfriend wants me to tell him off but i just can't be mean to someone, i've never ben able to tell anyone off but i CAN'T stand Dave. usualy when he's talking to me i just walk away and totaly ignore him but he doesn't get the hint. what would you do? (link)
ok U should ask him just to have sum alone time with ur b/f nd that he should remember that HE dumped u for that stupid reason nd just move on [in a nice way of course] nd if he still doesnt leave u alone make sure that if u have plans with ur b/f to not tell ne 1 bout it cuz then he might hear bout it nd that u just want sum alone time -XO0H JENN

I don't love my boyfriend but I do like him alot and we're good together. The thing is, we've been together for a month and there have been a few problems to do with kissing. We both want to, properly like full on but before I didn't want to. Now I do and he knows, it's never the right time, we don't see each other out of school a lot and it's hard when other people are there. I really want to kiss him, what should I do? (link)
well if u both want to kiss then maybe u should make time to find tha time lik on tha weekends u can hang out, go to tha movies nd u never kno kisses can be unexpected..thats how mine were nd when u hang out just let it be tha two of u so then it wont be nervous for when ur friends are around -XO0H JENN

a guy keeps lookin at me and I have no idea if he likes me orif he is just bein dumb I am 10 and I am a female (link)
well just straigh up ask him if he liks u but if u duhn lik him duhn bother nd just let him dream if he does lik u ..but if you rele want to kno lik i sai just ask him or ask one of his friends that r blabber mouths they're always tha key tell ur friends bout me =] -XO0H JENN

okay there is this boy i knoe right named matt. and i asked him out and he said he dont know cause he got shyt going on in his life..well this was like a month ago should i keep on waiting or move on? im 13 and he is 14 ima female (link)
u should move on nd then cum bak if he's got trouble then maybe let him work everything out before he gets in a relationship cuz if everything's bad then he might not have ne timr for u but just look around nd ask him again nd if he says no again then maybe he just isnt rite but there's alot of time that u have so just be patient nd c wut happens -XO0H JENN

So, I`m going out with this uber sweet guy and he is so awesome and great and everything is ok. Today will be two weeks that we have been going out, but I don't know if I like him anymore. I think I want to go single again, but I don't want to break up with him and regret it later on. I mean I still wanna hang with him and stuff, and I told myself that I would give it one more day together to see if I feel anything anymore, and I just don't know if I do. I'm 15, and Female .. lol! What in the world should I do? (link)
hi thats tough but u have ta deal with it if u think u duhn lik him ask him for sum time nd c if u can be single for a while nd u both can take a break nd look for sum1 nd if u duhn lik ne 1 nd u want him bak just tak 2 him itz better to talk then to not [just not gossip] nd c wut he says if there's ne trouble juss ask me again cuz thats probably hard for you -XO0H JENN

Okay..well I was going out with this one guy...and he lives like 30 minutes from me...and then at the end of summer he broke up with me. He said that he just didnt want a gf right now.. but im not sure if thats true. n he said that he would still go places with me as friends but now he wont even talk to me let alone look at me. and now this one girl that he always hangs around likes him, and i think that hes starting to like her. and i dont go to their school or anything, but i really dont want them to hook up N stuff. but idk. its been 2 months and im still hurtin...and heartbroken..and i just dont know what to do? (link)
hi i'm sry..bout that ne wayz i can say that has definetly happened to me also nd well i was jealous but then i became single nd didnt worry bout them so u should just stay single for a while it might not sound that fuhn but it actually is nd lik if u want a b/f look around cuz u never kno hu liks u nd how much they lik u nd u never kno u might end of liking them [besides it might get ur old b/f jealous] so if ya need more advice nd itz not enough ask me sum more i gots lots of time ..hope everything works out -XO0H JENN

OK.. so there's this boy nd he's a fag.. sOoOOo wut do i do> ;-) (link)
heyy i think i kno hu this is nd well if hes a fag them just ignore him nd let him be cuz then he'll get annoyed if u duhn talk 2 him nd then he'll be nicer nd less "fagish" -XO0H JENN

hey... i have this fryend her name jenn... she keeps calling me a monkey and i duhn lyke do i tell her t stop but still be her fryend (link)
ugh i kno hu this is nd that was a very diirty ?

I use 2 live in NY, then i moved 2 Fl. 4 six months, then i had 2 move bak 2 NY b/c my mom. But i made all these new friends in Fl. and i had 2 leav my friends 4 the second time..., its juss rly hard and i wanna go bak but im kinda failing and stuff in skool there, and here id be starting new..and i dont wanna live here in NY, so0 how should i deal with living sumwhere i dont wanna? (link)
well unfortunetly when u duhn wanna live sumwhere u duhn want to ..u cnt deal with it for a while but usually starting new is better nd u can still talk to ur friends online ;) but however u made friends in florida just do tha same in new york nd hopefully u'll get friends but duhn juss have 1 friend cuz then THEY might move also so ya needa have lots of friends nd u can make sum how ever long it takes -XO0H JENN

If u like the same person as ur friend and the person asks them out and they say yes and then the break up and the boy asks u out should u say yes or no? (link)
it depends if u rele lik him then u should say yes but if u think that ur friend might get mad tell tha guy that u'll get back to him nd u might so talk it over with ur friend nd if she RELE doesnt want u 2 then remember ..boys cum nd go but friends stay forever nd maybe ur friend is worth more -if ya need ne more help i'm always here XO0H JENN

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