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my doggy

Question Posted Sunday October 3 2004, 1:31 pm

hiii...umm, can anyone help me? i need to train my jack russell terrier (hel be one year on the 22nd) to stay away from my dad. every time he gets close to my dad, hell kick him, or hit him, or punch him, etc. I've watched this for too long and I can absolutely take it no longer. i mean like, my little dog means the world to me! i just love him alot and i want him to be happy. last time my dad hit him he stayed in the other half of our house in the corner all day, and he was crying. it will be hard to train him to stay away and this is gonna be hard. jack russells are very active, and mine loves everyone, unfortanitly. :-\..does neone have any advice? thank you

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Asuka answered Saturday November 20 2004, 2:50 pm:
I think the problem is with your dad, not the dog! Your dad is probably being mean to the dog for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON! Try to explain that your dad that you don't like him treating the dog that way, and that you'd appreciate it if he'd stop. It's been proven that people who abuse animals go on to abusing people! It's VIOLENT behavior! If he's not abusing you or your mother yet, he might eventually end up doing it. If you talk to your dad and it keeps going on, I'd call the police. You may even need to call them now. His being violent to the dog is not good. What are you going to do if he ends up punching or kicking it so hard that he kills it? What if he does kill it and then ends up punching, kicking, or taking out his violence on you and your mom? That's food for thought.

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PrEpPyPiNkMaDdY6877 answered Saturday October 16 2004, 9:43 pm:
YOU need to call the police thats illegal, its abuse to a dog.

its best for your dog to do it.


[ PrEpPyPiNkMaDdY6877's advice column | Ask PrEpPyPiNkMaDdY6877 A Question

MoonFisher answered Saturday October 9 2004, 9:15 pm:
I hate to sound pessimistic, but if getting kicked isn't enough to teach the poor thing to stay away, nothing will probably teach him. Have you taught him to respond to the word NO. That's probably to most important thing you could teach a dog. When he begins to approach your father, tell him no, back, down or whatever command you decide to use. Don't use several words, that will comfise him. Just pick ONE word and use it as a command to intervene when he gets close. Your dad sounds like an abusive *expletive* and when you turn 18 you need to take that dog and RUUUUUUNN!

[ MoonFisher's advice column | Ask MoonFisher A Question

neanea282 answered Sunday October 3 2004, 8:49 pm:
your dad should not be hitting or kicking your dog for no reason that is animal abuse!!!!!!!!!!ithat is extremely mean. your dad could get in serious troube if the police found out. you need to talk to your dad and make him stop by any means necessary. you should not have to train your dog to stay away from your dad so that your dad doesnt hit him. you need to have serious talk with him. and tell him thqat he could be fined or arrested for animal abuse. hope i helped

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Paige answered Sunday October 3 2004, 7:31 pm:
Hey~That is hard, but you should tell an adult you trust. That sounds little-kiddish, but it would help. My dog was abused by his last owners, and they vets almost had to put him down. It would be beneficial to see a vet or take your dog to a shelter; at least he would be safe. Or even talk to your dad about it and that you think he is harming your dog. Hope I helped at least a little. ~Paige~

[ Paige's advice column | Ask Paige A Question

askmeg answered Sunday October 3 2004, 6:18 pm:
My Friend has a JRT So She will answer it:

i kinda have the same problem you see my dad is allergic to my pup so never have your dad yell no or the dog will just cower and try to get closer so whenever your dog goes near yur papi just grab the dog and put the dog in your room or sumthin its very difficult to get a JRT to obey you have to know what yur doing they r very hiper dogs my dog still goes crazy when she sees someone on the street walkin and shes 4 (28 in dog years) havin a pup is the worst part.just keep trying and it'll get a little bit better after a while.

[ askmeg's advice column | Ask askmeg A Question

2daredvils answered Sunday October 3 2004, 5:29 pm:
dear doggy problems,

if this keeps up, your doggy will eventually learn to stay away from your dad. but of course, no one likes to see a innocent dog get hurt. talk to your dad, find him in a happy mood, when it is quiet too. try and get into the subject, for example, to switch to the subject say, isn't our doggie so adorable! then get into a conversation and try and end up asking the question, dad why do you kick the dog everytime he/she goes near you. you will eventually hear why he does that and then you can ask him to stop. wherever the situation turns, you can always put a little bell on his collar so that way you will know where he is at all times, and if he happens to get near your dad, GET HIM AWAY! you know you can't stand seeing your doggie get hurt, so keep it from happening!

hope i helped!

..::We tell the truth and what we know::..
<3..::*::..Ask 4 our advice..::*::..<3
wow..::..!2daredvils rock!

[ 2daredvils's advice column | Ask 2daredvils A Question

TiffanyCroft answered Sunday October 3 2004, 4:08 pm:
instead of training your dog maybe you need to
talk to your dad! if he feels the need to hit
a poor defensless animal then he has serious

[ TiffanyCroft's advice column | Ask TiffanyCroft A Question

txgrl answered Sunday October 3 2004, 2:58 pm:
try to show your dog that if he stays away from your dad, then he wont get hurt. Maybe your dog really likes your dad so he keeps going back. Maybe you could talk to your dad about it, or keep your dog in your room or where he wont bother your dad while your not there. You could also ask your dogs vet about it. *GoOd LuCk*

[ txgrl's advice column | Ask txgrl A Question

LuVQueEn answered Sunday October 3 2004, 2:49 pm:
get a trainer if u really luv ur dog u would . Tell ur dad that ur workin on him

[ LuVQueEn's advice column | Ask LuVQueEn A Question

SweetiePie777 answered Sunday October 3 2004, 2:02 pm:
If you didin't know it already, your dad is doing abuse! You need to tell him to stay away from your dog because you are working on training it. Go to your local animal shelter and pick up some forms about training classes. Work on commands like sit, stay, and come with doggy treats. You can do that at home. In the mean time, watch when your dog gets close to your dad and when the doggy does, run to him and take him out of your dad's sight. I hope things get better for you and your dog!

[ SweetiePie777's advice column | Ask SweetiePie777 A Question

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