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Question Posted Sunday October 3 2004, 4:22 pm

Hey...I'm not sure how to say this but I will anyway...I want to start dating but I don't know If I can build up enough courage to ask my parents if I can have a boyfrined. They are the most protective people in the world sometimes the don't even let me go anywhere with my frineds. I do have a guy and we're frineds but they get suspicious of him...I do like him but they don't know that
Do you have any tips for me to ask them if I can ask him out?

It aould be appreciated

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Additional info, added Sunday October 3 2004, 8:09 pm:
Hey people thanks for the advice...but I'm still not dad said yesterday that "Boys are just trouble"
I left the subjetc about me wnating a boyfriend untouched.
X_x I'm going to die I really like this guy you all you I can't go out with him without permission

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UWishUHadMyHemi answered Saturday October 16 2004, 5:14 pm:
If I knew how old you were, this would be lot easier! But if you think youre old enough to start dating, then be honest with your parents. Tell them you think you are old enough and responsible enough to go on a date with a guy you like. if that doesnt work, do something to show them you are ULTRA responsible, then ask again. And hey if that doesnt work, then maybe it wouldnt hurt to try sneaking out the window.

[ UWishUHadMyHemi's advice column | Ask UWishUHadMyHemi A Question

naimee answered Sunday October 3 2004, 7:39 pm:
You just need to sit down and have a one to one convo with them, and give them the lecture that your old enough, and that they should be able to trust you. Your dad is definitely going to be a little iffy because he doesn't want his daughter growing up yet, and he wants her all to himself. Don't worry, just talk to them. They will probably understand.


[ naimee's advice column | Ask naimee A Question

SoNuLiCiOuSsS answered Sunday October 3 2004, 6:05 pm:
You should have a talk wit ur mom & be very subtle about it... ask her... how old were u when u started wearin make up, driving, & dating... & say how old do u think i will be when i will be allowed to do those things...

[ SoNuLiCiOuSsS's advice column | Ask SoNuLiCiOuSsS A Question

askmeg answered Sunday October 3 2004, 5:33 pm:
Just be honnest to your parents and see when you can have a "Boy friend" or you can be like me and say dating and a boyfriend are two different thing either worked for me! Or you could just have a boyfriend and not tell your parents like my friend.

[ askmeg's advice column | Ask askmeg A Question

TucanFullOfHoles answered Sunday October 3 2004, 5:00 pm:
well this all depends on how old you are. if you're like under like 11 years old, then like don't bother.

ok but if you're older, just be like "hey mom (mother units are usually less protective than father units) i met this really awesome guy at the ________(insert place here). He's really awesome and sweet. I think he's into me! We're gonna go out next ________ (insert date here), is that alright with you?" If she's hesitant, then bring up the whole, "oh mom, why don't you trust me? I've never done anything to have you not trust me before." if it really breaks out into a "no end of discussion" go, "Mom, i'm not your little girl anymore. What's you're deal?"

if they say yes, inform your significant other that your parentle units would care to meet him before your first/secound date. explain to him that (only if you think they are) your parents are over protective and just want to know who he is.

hope all goes well for you!

[ TucanFullOfHoles's advice column | Ask TucanFullOfHoles A Question

Tori_Dori answered Sunday October 3 2004, 4:37 pm:
I had this same exact problem. I couldn't go anywhere with my friends either. All my friends would go to sleepovers except for me, and when the next day came, they would all talk about how fun it was and they would be like " oh remember when she did this" and " Oh my gosh, that was so funny!" I hated my parents for never letting me go anywhere. Whenever I had guy friends, my parents would always be like " So do you like him?!?" I came to the point where I wanted to start dating. I knew that if I told my parents..they'd go crazy. But I ended up asking them if I could have a boyfriend. I was 13 when I asked them. 'N to my surprise..they said "yes" wasn't just a "yes" to everything. They said, " You can have a boyfriend, but you can't go out with him" I figured out they meant that I couldn't go anywhere with him, and that all I could do was talk to him on the phone and hang out with him at school. I didn't like that..but hey, trust builds up that way! So, just say, " Mom, Dad, when can I start dating and have a boyfriend?" Let them know that you're mature enough to handle things your way. Good Luck, 'n HOpe I helped! *Sorry it's so long*

[ Tori_Dori's advice column | Ask Tori_Dori A Question

UnluckyWishes answered Sunday October 3 2004, 4:31 pm:
I'm really sorry if i didnt help that much but i have some ideas.Maybe when your all together start talking about all the things your going to be doing soon,like driving{if you dont drive yet}and getting full time jobs or something and dating.And slowly ask them what they think about you dating soon.Or even dating in groups.Or maybe go to which aprent you think will be the most understanding or the one who'd easier to persuade{sorry if that sounds rude}and talk to them about it.Hope i helped.

[ UnluckyWishes's advice column | Ask UnluckyWishes A Question

FrEe2bMe answered Sunday October 3 2004, 4:26 pm:
Well, the best thing to do is to just get brave and talk to your parents. Don't whine or like yell. Listen to what they have to say. They will prolly do the same in return. Show them that you are maturing and capable of dating. Just tell them the truth and how you are feeling. Talk civily! Just say : I know you want me to be safe, but I feel like y'all have raised me well enough to make cgood choices...I think now that i am ___ years old I could maybe start to date" Then see what they say. If they are totally against it, suggest a compromise like having the guy over to dinner so they can get to know him or group dating. They'll come around! :)

[ FrEe2bMe's advice column | Ask FrEe2bMe A Question

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