Hi!My name is Melissa.I'm from G.I. New York.I love being able to help people and giving advice.I'm usually the person who people come to for advice and i'm always glad to be there for them.If you just wanna talk or if you want advice you can IM me.UnLuckyWishes3.I'm really into sports and love to play basketball.I play JV voleyball and Varsity track.


i'm not overly fat or anything but i want to lose some weight to feel healthier and i dont know what i could eat thats healthy and filling...what are some ways i could lose some weight (a school dance is coming up so i'm trying to lose some pounds as fast as i can!)quickly and in a healthy way (like no starvation diet). ThAnkS

Try watching your amount of fat in take.On the back of packages it says how many grams of fat there are per serving.Or instead of having three big meals a day have four or five meals that are a little smaller.It lets your body break down the food you eat better.In the morning or right before you go to sleep do some streches and around 20-30 sit ups or crunches.The easy little stuff seems to add up.Hope i helped and good luck with that.Have fun at your dance.


Hey people...Happy Holidays...hopefully you guys aren't having a confusing holiday like me lol. Well I am going out with this kid and he's a year older than me and let's just call him Kevin. Well Kevin told some of my friends that he liked me and they kind of made me go out with him. I didn't really know him and I still don't at the moment. So I really don't like him because I barely know the kid, I'm not good at learning to go out with him either. We've been going out for about a week now and it's just driving me crazy. He calls me all the time and is sooo clingy! He bought me a diamond promise ring for christmas and OMG he shouldn't have done it. Obviously I don't like him as much as he likes me. Well on New Years I want to go to my best friend's party (it's a guy) but the thing is they don't get along that well. I don't want to lead Kevin on either but I don't want to have to tell him I don't like him that much because I do NOT want to hurt him. I need to like break it off and I don't know what to say!!!!! Does anyone know what to say to him? Besides I don't like you or besides being mean to him. I mean I definitely don't want to hurt him but that means I might just have to make something up to tell him I can't have a boyfriend right now! Anyone have any ideas?

Try telling Kevin that you really dont know him that well and you'd rather be friends before having a relationship. Just tell him your not sure about your feelings and not sure if your ready for a boyfriend yet. You'd still would like to be friends and see how things go.You dont want to see him in a relationship when both people dont feel the same way , when there could be someone else out there for him.Hope i helped and you have a Happy Holiday.


my hamster is 2 years old and i feed her salad every 3rd or 4th day, i noticed yesterday that she has a small bald spot on her back, it seems as if shes losing fur. whats happening to her?

That happened to mine too.It's jsut getting old, 2yrs. is a good amount of time for a hamster.Mine had passed away two weeks ago and started devolping it five months or so before.Just keep doing what your doing and take care of it.It should live along time.It's just aging.Hope i helped.


i am having a birthday party so0o0on wat r good pary ideas? i am turning 14

Last year my friend had hers @ the Holiday Inn adn we slept over.It was really fun, her mom got two rooms with the dorr inbetween and we hung and went to like the swim room and stuff in the hotel and we were running around but not like being bad.That might be something fun to do. I know communtity type places have partys or something like that. They let you rent out the place and have Dj's and lights and stuff.Or you could haev you and a bunch of real clsoe friends go out shopping, to the movies or hang out @ your house and watch movies and stuff.Hope i helped and Happy Birthday!


There is this guy who i really like and he says that he really likes me to but the weekend he was flirting with my cousin and she told me that he was suppose to get a girl on the go this weekend. After all the shit i have been through with him i am really confused on what to do.What should i do?

You really gotta listen to your heart on this one.If this guy doesnt seem like he's ready for a relationship, i would wait to see.You deserve someone who's gonna be there for you and care for you and you there for them just the same.If you really really like him, well maybe give him a chance cuz @ the same time you'll never know until you find out.Hope i helped and good luck with that.


okay...well thier is this guy i that i really like. alot of people like him too! should i go for it or just forget about it?

Yea, i mean you'll never know until you find out.If it doesnt work out or he says no, it jsut means there's always someone better for you out there.Hope i helped and Good Luck!


I have a friend and she dosent tell anybody but i found out..i think she was raped or abused or sumthin she is 13 and her boyfriend is 15 and i is always making her wear hoe stuff like if she wears long pants i rolld thumb up for her to be like short shorts then feels on her and (grabs her front) and back....and the other day she must have left my camra on at her house and when i got it it showed him strapping her to the bed and like you no and she liked it....yuk but im really worried about her..she is 13 he is 15 or 16 and this is like everyday...and she cant be with no one.....and like everyday she dresses bad and we were best friends in elementry and i no

Try confronting her maybe.See whats going on for sure.If you think it's really serious you might want to tell an adult.She may get mad but in the long run she'll thank you.I've been in situations where peopel i really cared about were abused and raped.I'd be happy to give any advice or help ya.Hope i helped and good luck with your friend.


Hi! I'm 14/f and I kind of like this guy friend of mine. We'll call him Dave. Anyway, as I said, I kind of like him...that way. And he recently told me that he likes me, too...that way. Except I'm kind of afraid of him asking me out because it would be my first real boyfriend, and I don't know what I would do with a boyfriend! It would be SO awkward going on a date to dinner or something with Dave, and I'm not really big on huge public displays of affection. And I think he has a few friends who don't really like me all that much. Any advice?? (I rate!)

I know everyone hears it alot but you have to do what your hearts telling you.Don't worry if its your first time, you just gotta let things happen as they go.Once you stop concentrating as much on the fact your b/f and g/f it seems you know what to do.If you both really like each other you should try going out.Talk to him and tell him that if it doesnt seem to work you feel better goign back to being friends.Hope i helped and good luck with everything.


ok well i have straight hair but for some reasons its really really frizzy! and like i have "Frizz-ease" but you can only use that when your hair is wet . .. and i usually shower at night and for school its soo frizzy ! does anyone know a friz-control product that you can use on dry hair ?

i`ll rate you a five !! thnxx!

My hairs' jsut like that.lol.It sucks.Try using the BEDHEAD label and the name of it is called after party or ego boost.You can get them at almost any hair salon.Or you might wanna try using smoothing shampoo.You can get those at hair salons or stores too.I use them both and they realyl help alot.Hope i helped and good luck with your hair.


Hey I am sixteen and I know that I have an advice colum but I really need help? Ok look ever since I was ten my mom was realy mean to my dad they whould argue and he left then she treated me so badly that my aunt and uncle had to move in with us. They thought she was better but she still whould not do anything with or for me she whouldn't even come to my party or take me to get school stuff my sisters diod it. And ok this same exact thing happend about 8 or 9 times since then and she still won't do anything but the only time my dad tells her that something is wrong with her is when she gets paranoid and thinks he is cheating What do I do do I get out of this stupid sicle let my dad be missrable or do I yell untill he listens wicth will not work but will u please help me please

You might want to let a school conseuler or try telling your dad its gettign realyl serious and keep letting him know.Or maybe try to talk to your family members and see if they'll do something.Sorry if iwasnt much help.Hope your mom gets help and everything gets better.


Im 15 male and from scotland. Currently i am in a long distance relationshop and i am confused!
I love this girl, im sure of it. And she loves me too, but i dont know, things seem hazy, its not that i dont trust her of course i do. But like she has a load of male friends and is rather shall we say "close" to them. I dnt mean anything goes on or that jus im not sure what goes on coz i cant be there and see. Like i sed i do trust this gal with my life i jus dont know wot 2 think at the moment, plz help me sum1.
Youres anon

Aww that's really sweet.Maybe you should let her know that.That you love her so much and you trust her but sometimes you just get uneasy feelings sometimes.Alot of the times girls are jsut realyl close to guys more than girls.I know thats how i am adn some of my other friend who are girls.Just keep in there.Let me knwo if you need any more advice i'd be happy to help.Good luck with you and your girlfriend.


Does anybody have any pet care tips for a rat?? I just got one. Like, what are their favorite foods and what activities do they like??? Anyone who has a rat, gimmie some tips!!! Thanx!! I rate high

I have a hamster which is alot like having a rat,lol.Make sure you change its cage @ least once a week.Carrots,apples,lettuce, unsalted crackers or very little are foods rats usually like.The running wheels area good thing to have for rats.If you go to pet stores there's differnt tubes you can get which is another good thing.The little houses and things to crawl threw and ontop of arealso good.If you have any more questions i'd be happy to help.Hope i helped and have fun with your new pet.


Okay so i need some help in helpin out my best friend.. so here goes with some background information. my friend met this kid over the summer at her camp, well it turns out he lives in the neighborhood where we go to school at. well my friend chills with him sometimes and she really likes him ALOT, but the thing is he says he doesn't want a girlfriend and everything but he's trying to get my friend to have sex with him!! i mean she asked me for advice and i told her she shouldn't because i mean she's 14 and she shouldn't lose her virginity to this guy who she doesn't even go with.. and it's kind of obvious that all he wants is to hit it.. well she went to 2nd base with him and i'm afraid she's gonna do it with him and he's gonna like stop talkin to her or just use her for sex. i mean i don't want that to happen to her but she won't listen to me she like wants him to like her. and he'll say all this stuff like yea after we have sex we'll go out, and i'm like yea bullshit. but she believes his lies and she needs to wake up and smell the coffee..lol.. so what can i do to help her out? help me out please. thankies i'll rate you too.. buh bye.

Let her know what can happen to her and what the consequences can be.Ask her if she really wants to waste her first time on some guy who isnt even interested for the person she really is.Try to talk to the guy.If it really comes down to it let her parents know whats going on.I mean she'd pry be mad but in the long run she'd be so happy you did.Your a good friend to her.Hope i helped and good luck with that.


Is there any way to help speed up the recovery of a small cut?

make sure you keep it away from liek dirt adn oils and use neosporin, that stuff almost always helps.Hope i helped and you cut gets better.


ok, im doing a science fair at my school blah blah blah...is this a good project: How does music affect one's ability to sleep well?

please be honest, p.s:im in seventh grade(13)
just thought it might help judge...thanx

That sounds really clever.I think the judges would be impressed with that.Hopei helped and good luck with the science fair.


when it comes to asking ppl out...am i wrong to think that guys should ask the grls out? be serious plz..

No, girls can ask guys out ,its really not that much of a difference.Unless they like the traditional way where the guy asks the girl out but it usually all depends on the person.Hope i helped.


this is kinda long beware

hey 15.f.cali here

ok i have a few questions and i am in need of some insight... Well i like this guy and he is so flirty and we are friends and we have been for about 4 years and now we hangout alot and talk alot and we have all the same friends and what not and he knows i like him cuz he asked me in a note (we have 2 classes together and he sits next to me) and i said well you but i dont want anything to change if you dont feel the same way. ok and so after i said that he wrote we need to hangout more. and everyday almost he tells me i looke really cute and tells his friends im so hott and because they ar my friends too then tell me...we have so much fun together and i think we would make such a cute couple cuz we are both open minded people and we are into the same things... my question is what do i do? like a few of my friends are like he is shy when it comes to that so ask him out. but i am too and i could never do that. whats a girl to do???

muha thaks

I think you should ask him out.It sounds like you two would be so happy and really like each other.Maybe have one of your friends ask him for you, write him a note or send him an e-mail or through IMing or something.Hope I helped and everything works out with you two.


my boy friend has been ubducted by the new game halo 2...he is obsessed! how can i get him back???

It's taking over everyone.Let him go for a couple days, then he should be fine.Thats how everyone is right now.It's mostly a guy thing i think.If he starts getting really bad where he wont do anything.Just go over his house and ask him if he wants to go out or something.Let him know that your happy he has his game but it shouldnt come before his friends or girlfriend especially.If he doesnt listen to you just unplug the system, that way he'll know your serious.Hope i helped and he's not as hooked on halo.


has anyone here become pregnant at a young age? please tell me ur story, im 15 and 3 weeks pregnant, n i dont know if i should get an abortion. what did ur parents say and do?

I wasnt preganant but my cousin was raped almost a year ago and she decided to keep the baby.I'm not sure if you agree or disagree with abortions but if think thats something you might wanan do you should look into.I know you can go through with having the baby then picking the parents for your child and it can be a family in your area that you could even go visit your child.There's certain programs that will help you with that.You might want to disguss abortions with your doctor ,i know you can go to them privately and talk and thier not allowed to tell your parents about your conversation.About your parents they may get mad @ you but they'll pry be there to help you through it and telling them always makes them hapier you let them know and earning trust.Hope i helped and i'd be happy to help anyway i can.


Does anyone know where i can get some great clothes for low prices? (Im really into jeans, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, knee high socks and accecories!)


If you go to rave/G+G they have really cheap shirts for the most part and Rainbow almost always has sweaters for liek 5$ and some of the Areopostales have REALLY cheap clothes (jeans, t-shirts-hoodies) if you look on the clearance racks and you can get them sooo cheap.Hope ih helped and good luck with finding clothes.


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