If you cannot convince them, confuse them.


For my final, i have to do a monologue. im doing the part of willy wonka when he's on the boat and kinda going crazy.

What can i make a costume out of, or where can i get a costume like him?

Please help. and thank you!



could you like give me a name or two of some examples of stores?

Stores for what? Clothing?


i have had really bad cramps and have noticed some red bumps on my skin looks kinda like chicken pox im 22 and a female

Where are the bumps ? I would go see a doctor, it would be hard to determine what they are without doing so.


Im 17 and I know that every teenager has their ups and downs, but I'm getting desperate. My life isnt too shocking yet it's not so great either - My familiesbeen broken recently, and I'm in a mentally abusive (Note: Not physical) relationship But I wont go into too much detail. Either way - for a long time now I've been feeling like i'm bouncing off walls - I feel depressed most of the time and I've gotten into bad and strange habits - I walk for hours at night with just a vest on so I can stop thinking - I know this isnt natural, and even though things could be alot worse (I don't pretend to be amazingly bad off or anything) I feel as if i cant be happy anymore - Ill be hyper but not happy, and when I'm depressed - its BAD, but, I wont go into details. - What should I Do? Seek a doctor? Pull myself together? Sorry for taking your time but help would be greatly appreciated, even if its just shaking me and telling me to pull myself together.

Find something constructiive to do with your time. Like a nice hobby. Playing video games, watching, movies, ect. They say the "The idle mind is the devils playground". Try to keep yourself busy. Walking around isnt too bad but dont do it for hours at a time either. That doesnt sound to healthy find something more constructive.


Ok i don't know what is wrong with me. But over the past 2 years i find myself cutting down on -or limiting- the types and amount of books and movies i read and watch. I am even starting to lock my self home because i can't stand the fact that i can't do what people are doing (people i don't know like renowned anthropologist or astronauts or so on...) I mean now i only read my text books or watch documentaries or "informative" shows that i could analyzed or extract meaning or a moral out of it without having to endure through the backdrop love story or adventure.... to elaborate...

my cousin begged me to go see twilight with her this past weekend. so being nice i went. I never read the book (for the reasons i stated) and have no prior attachments or knowledge of the story beforehand. after watching it i felt ok... it was an ok movie... a couple hours later... boom i knewwww i shouldn't have gone!!! i can't stop dreaming of it and i can't help feel bad (to the extent of serious depression sessions... as in can't get out of bed can't study can't shower let alone go out depressed!) i start wishing i had what was depicted like powers or such strong love...usually the imaginary or the idealized (nothing that relates to real life in anyway!) the problem it's not just twilight! it's anything i read or see!! even my safety net movies like documentaries and biology or philosophy or whatever books! granted i get a milder sort of emotional overthrow but it's still there... the other day i was watching something about famine and poverty and so on in africa and i got into this trance the whole day wishing i could be there or explore their world or be born an African to experience that... i don't think it is necessarily humanitarian empathy... i guess it stems from selfish roots.... like envy... (i am probably so green, that there are no green pigments for the rest of the world to reflect!!!!)

i know this sounds ridiculous and i sound like i am pmsing but i wouldn't be writing this if it weren't having such a terrible effect on my life!!

i've spoken to my mum and family doctor and they are convinced it is nothing (the doctor just laughed and said it's in my head and that he would "give [me] the birth control pills without all that") and laugh every time i try to explain... i feel really embarrassed but i don't know if it's just me or if there is something wrong with me!!! i feel i am missing out on so many things! including all the best sellers and box office hits :(

please help!

I think you need to seek a second opinion. It sounds either like clinical depression, or something else to do with your mental health that requires threapy or medication.


I have a hard time just hanging out and relaxing with people! I can't help but think people are constantly judging me, thinking bad thoughts about me, and I always think I'm going to get into trouble. If were just driving around, I'm almost positive I'll get pulled over or get in an accident!

How do I chill out and just have fun with my friends without worrying about everything?

Stop thinking about what other people think and just be yourself. If they are true friends they will look you for who you are. If not than its their loss.


i need to know if he likes me or is using me or what!?
i met this guy three weeks ago. hes perfect for me in every way and im a VERY picky girl. we were obsessed with eachother for the first few days. we went out, we kissed, we tried seeing eachother whenever we could, he was the sweetest. i thought we were about to go out. everyone in school was talking about it. we were perfect. i was waiting for him to ask me out...
he never did. the week after we made it clear we liked eachother and went out, he treated me like his girlfriend in front of people. we spent time together everyday because we were doing the same activity afterschool. hes a very flirty/friendly guy and always has girls flirting with him, which didnt bother me because we werent official and im not the jealous type. but other people thought we were going out so whenever he was with other girls, people looked at me like wtf? i think he thought i was jealous though cuz of all the people. anyway it didnt seem to matter to him, but then its three weeks later he still hasnt ask me out and hes different. like i was really starting to fall for him we are so perfect together...i dont get why he hasnt asked me out. im so confused, and now hes not as sweet, and doesnt txt me as often, doesnt call like he used to, and i think all the people got to his head or something. and we had a small argument when we were both in a bad mood and since then its not the same...hes cold and distant at times, especially around others, but then he still acts interested other times. during these few weeks we kissed and got close, and I'm starting to think he just maybe used me, but then y is he still showing interest? he calls and pays attention to me when he feels like it. and another thing, he said all the right things and i really started falling for him so now it really hurts that hes so different...i really don't understand what happened? why didn't he ask me out, it looked like he really wanted to! if he just wanted to use me he wouldn't have treated me like his girlfriend in school! what changed? i really need advice on this!!! should i try and forget about him?

Try talking to him about it. In stead of just sitting her and wondering what might have happened. He may not straight up tell you whats up, but you can at least get an idea by what he says and his body language. Overall dont stress over a boys, if he really cares he will find a way to work it out.


My name is Josh, I'm 21, and i need some advice.
I've been crushing on this girl at work for a while now, and recently we've been hanging outside of work a little. this past weekend she was saposed to come see my band play at a party but she never showed up, the next morning she came in with gatorade donuts and asprin for me and appoligized for missing the show. i dont know if she was trying to make up for missing the show or didn't want me to be mad at her or what. everyone at work thinks she likes me even our boss said "I've been watching her flirt with you for months now". i guess i just want to make sure before i make a move.


The best thing to do is ask her to chill. Not necessarily invite her to dinner formally, but just to chill and see where it takes you. That way you get to spend time with her and if she likes you something is boung to happen.


i really want to get colored contacts..either green or light blue [my eyes are kind of grey blue now] and i was wondering if there were any stores the might sell them with no prescription...or where i could get them cheap. thanks =]

A lot of beauty supply stores in my area sell them without prescription... they are usually $20 for a pair... which expensive compared to a whole box for about $40 (which includes three pairs) Also you dont get to try them on.


I'm dying my hair black today, and I'm doing it myselff. But in my bangs I have pink streaks in my hair and I want to keep them, and I don't want to have to rebleach my hair, how can I dye my whole head black but keep those pink streaks seperate?

Use foil to cover the pink streaks, and when you are applying the dye the hair near the streaks use a hair color brush.


what is a period

Use google... wikipedia would have answers to all of your questions.


Okay for starters I am 17 and he is 27 going on 28. (yes big age gap but i am okay with it and i think he is warming up to it). It all started on (myspace) we gave each other our numbers since he didn't get online much. he told me he has had dreams of he and I together and so have I. like being together and living together. I cant even get him out of my mind. one night after work he was parked next to my car. i know its stalkerish but i liked it! i though it was cute. tonight I am going to work an hour early to see him. Is this love at first sight?

No... I dont think this is love at first site, because if it was you would feel it, and wouldnt have to ask others for advice. I'm not saying it can't develop it something. Maybe you should get to know eachother and see how yall feel. Take your time with everything. Also i sure do hope u turn 18 soon... even tho i don't think the age gap is a big deal, your parents or his might.


Last year, my mom said I could get my tragus pierced which was AMAZING I can't believe she let me do that what an awesome mother right?! LOL so anyways, it turns out I wasn't old enough to get it done so I had to wait till my next birthday, which is coming up in a month. And in that year of waiting i kind of changed my mind a little. I would absolutely love a nose piercing. for a couple of reasons 1. (not to sound like a narcissistic ego maniac) I have good bone structure in my face so a nose piercing would look good. 2. I've actually, no joke, had people say to me "you should get a nose piercing it would look so cute" and 3. You know in the Sex and the City movie where Carrie dyes her hair brown after Big leaves her at the wedding (sorry if i ruined it for anyone) because she wants to change and like not be herself anymore.. that's kinda what I want. I recently have been through a bad break up and it would just be awesome to get my nose pierced and I don't know why it would just make me feel better.

So anyways, what my question is I don't know how to confront my mom about the nose piercing.. I mean it's like a miracle that she let me get my tragus pierced I'm so thankful. I don't want to ruin it!

Please help! thanks a bunch

I mean this with all due respect... Some people that have crooked noses look better with nose piercings. I'm middle eastern, and I have a pretty nice nose for a middle eastern girl. I thought a nose piercing would look amazing on me, but it ended up looking terrible, now im stuck with an ugly hole. Try this, go get a magnet earing and put it on ur nose and see how you like it. (I think you can find it at claires, or you can try one of those diamond stickers that are used for the eye area) It will give you an idea of how a nose piercing will look on you.


i was just curious how bad it hurts when u get your nose pierced and do you have to go anywhere special to get it done

also how bad does it hurt to get a tattoo and where are the best places to go

I'm not sure about a tattoo. If you get ur nose pierced with a gun it hurts for about a second or two. I'm not sure if you get a pierced with a needle. I used to have my belly button pierced, that didnt hurt that bad either in my opinion so i dont think the nose would hurt too much with a needle. Just make sure you want whatever it is your thinking about getting. You dont want to be stuck with something for the rest of your life that you will end up hating.


hi i just got a haircut today and the guy hit my eyebrow with the trimmer..and one half is pretty much gone.
will that grow back in?
and how long will it take?

First go get a refund, if you haven't already, and yes it will definitely grow back. It can take any where from 2-6 weeks. As the other columnists stated you can always pencil it in.


Okay. My boyfriend and I have been going out for a few weeks now. Up until now, he's only met my parents but this Saturday I'm going to a cook-out party with his family. I really want to make a good impression. He is my first boyfriend so I have no experience in this. Besides being polite do you have any advice on how to impress his parents?

Be polite as you stated. Another thing that works well with parents is show interest in them and their hobbies. Make sure you ask if they need help with anything, and even if they say no be proactive. Like if you see his mom setting the pinic table start helping her.


I'm 18. Should I go out with a 26 year old guy?

If you like him, and he's a nice guy, I see no reasony why you shouldnt. Just keep in mind that a 26 year old guy might be ready to settle down.


I'm a very beautiful woman, and I'm intelligent and have a good head on my shoulders. I'm new to the Washington, DC area, and ever since I got here I've been so lonely. I really don't understand why it's so hard for a NICE guy to talk to me and possibly ask me out. Is there something I'M doing wrong? Am I intimidating, or am I just expecting too much? The only advances I get are from rude men that few self-respecting women would be attracted to. And an extremely small amount of men that I find attractive will approach me when I'm out. These men will stare, but they won't speak to me or make an attempt to approach me. Why is this, and, is there anything I can do about it? If anyone could give me tips on how/where to meet men in an environment where they feel comfortable approaching me, I would greatly appreciate it. (Hint: I'm more of a quiet girl who doesn't do bars or clubs). Thanks.

Hey im in the DC area ;). Well you didn't say how old you were. I suggest hanging out with co-workers or classmates, and having them introduce you to a friend.


Okay so this is a picture of me and my friend,
I'm on the right:

I was wondering what are some good ways to do my eye makeup to accentuate the color of my eyes more.

Usually I just wear mascara.

Anything would be useful, from eye shadow colors from how to put it on.

Thanks. =]

Try a white shimmery eye shadow, maybeline has a nice one with black eye liner..


my parents just recently got divorced and me and my bro and dad and stepmom are always looking for cheap fun things to do. do any of ya'll have any suggestions?

You should try playing Taboo, its a really fun board game!


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