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Hi I'm Nicole (Nikki if you want) the cousin of AskAndy
-i'm fairly nice
-i heart makeup (ima drama queen not a preppy ick)
-i'm black
-i study ancient japanese culture
-i like anime tv shows like naruto and inuyasha
-i dont like/understand vegetarians or chocolate haters
-dont bug me if you disagree
-i answer MOST questions
-I'M the one giving advice so dont think that you can bug me about if my advice didn't work cuz its ADVICE not a miracle
OKIE DOKE now send me questions
Website: My myspace
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Location: maryland
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my period came very light an then the next day was gone
If you are sexually active, you may be pregnant and have spotting. If you take birth control pills, your period might be acting screwy because of the birth control hormones. If you just had sex for the first time, the blood could be from your hymen breaking. There could be a lot of different reasons. If nothing I've said applies to you, then you should probably ask your doctor or gynecologist.

Hi how can I make sure my tampon string doesn't embarress me when swimming (link)
Make sure its tucked away when you put your bottoms on. Don't wear any thong-like swimsuits.

Well I'm 19 years old i already have a two year old daughter..and I'm now 15 weeks mum asked my mum asked me if I could be pregnant a few months ago (motherly instinct!!) but i just denied it for some reason? I just don't wanted her to be disappointed now that I'm almost four months i cant work up the courage to tell her my mum hence the fact its not going to be long before its quiet obvious! and I have quiet a good relationship with her..i know i should just be honest and stop being silly but i just want some advise anyway. (link)
You should definitely tell you mother because if you're only 19 and already have a two year old daughter, I'm guessing your mother is a large financial part of the raising of your child. At fifteen weeks its too late for any type of termination of the pregnancy so, its really important that your mother is aware of your pregnancy so she won't unintentionally let you do things that are unhealthy for the baby (ie. drinking, smoking, strenuous activity). Don't treat another human being's life like a joke or some guilty little mistake.

im 16
so since every one is talking about like masterbating and sex and stuff like that its turning me on should i just masterbate now? plus my boyfriend is at work...what should i do.? (link)
Uhm... if you're turned on, you can. Its kinda a "do you feel like doing it" kind of situation.

I have got 40 paracetamol and a half bottle of vodka in front of me. I am going to take them , please dont talk me out of it (link)
You probably won't die, since the alcohol will most likely make you vomit both the pills and the alcohol. I'd advise you not to do it, since yo're probably underage and if you don't die, you'll be forced to see a psychiatrist or live in a psychiatric hospital, which I'll bet is not fun.

I don't know what to do with him! I found out from my bff that my bf made a facebook group thing about our relationshp. I went and red a few things on it and it is personal and nothing anybody should know but us so I told him I knew he had a secret he was keeping from me but not what it was so he would tell me or something but he didn't. i kinda thought that he posted stuff and didn't think it was bad and I wanted to give him chances to say so but he just said he didnt have no secrets so i went back to read the rest and he had made it private only so now it is hidden from me.

I guess what I am asking is if he didn't think this was wrong why did he hide it when i found out? He still denies everything and now i got no proof because i cant see it anymore!!! i have been crying about this and i feel betrayed like he has a secret life on facebook or something! should i stay with him if he isn't going to be honest and still hides things?

Sorry if this is too long! (link)
Well he's lying to you, which you've already figured out. Whether you stay with him or not depends on how bad the stuff you had read on facebook was and how much you enjoy his company. If you still care about him, try to talk about it in a non-abrasive manner and maybe he'll explain his deal.

what do you do to not be a vigin
You have sex.

The meaning of the word virgin is someone who hasn't had sex.

I've been called a "whore" around my neighborhood and I know some people who think "oh she gets around". But I don't act that way... People who don't know me think I'm all innocent.
I'm 15 and I've had sex with 5 people(and multiple times), given oral to 6 or 7 including those 5, and I lost my virginity when I was 14.
At this point I'm having sex with my boyfriend a few times a week.
Is this bad? .. Like, have I done too much for my age? What do you think..? (link)
In normal society, having had sex with 5 people at age 15 is considered pretty slutty.

For your age that is a lot of sex partners. Plus the fact that if you lost your virginity at 14, you've had sex with 5 people in a year.

So yes, you have done a bit too much for your age. But as long as you aren't getting pregnant or STDs I guess that's not too bad.

when that person is arguing,yelling and crying with someone? just to comfort them and to calm them down. (link)
It depends on if said person is violent or not. If they're swinging punches at people, you might want to keep your distance. But if they're upset, its not too bad of an idea to give them a hug, just to let them know someone understands and cares about them.

Does the no white after labor day thing apply to coats? there's this really cute white winter coat that i want but idk if thats like a faux pas or whatever... not that i care too too much but if i got it would a lot of people be judging me? (link)
The 'no white after labor day' thing isn't really that important. If you like a white article of clothing, wear it! People won't judge as long as it looks nice.

what does that mean? (link)
It means that you don't really notice what the other person is doing. For example, if your significant other organizes a really romantic night in and you come home and start watching television, you'd be being oblivious.

i have my winter formal dance this saturday and my boyfriend and i were elected the king and queen for the court. i never dress up but this time i have to alot and actually look good. can anyone help me with a few simple things? its on my 16th bday :)
1.) my friends wont let me wear my gauges but my ears are stretched so i need something to cover so there making me wear regular size crystal earrings, would they fall out or like droop down since their alot tinyer?
2.) i dont want to walk the whole ways because i am so unstable in heels id fall. so would it be ok if i wore flats instead? it is a very fancy dance.
3.) my boyfriend and i have to do a slowdance on stage and im scared we usually just bullshit slowdances and kiss alot or lay against him as we go, but how could we properly slow dance on stage since people will actually be watching? im so nervous.
4.) i have a tiarra i need to wear so how can i do my hair so it looks good? and curled.
5.) i also have a concussion(just like at my homecoming) and bruises on my feet and knee, how can i fix it by then other than makeup?
6.) i don't know what bra to wear since the back is very different it doesnt cover where a normal one should go, and i jump around alot i dont want sticky or none..?
-sorry im bad at dressing up, very worried and im not quite the girliest girl.. but i'm going to wear a fitted short black dress with a very fancy back, low and crossed. with red shoes, red roses, sparkley tiarra and jewlery. thank you soooo much! (link)
I hope I'm not too late! Sorry I didn't look until now!

1. They probably will fall out. I think it'd be a better idea just to wear your gauges!
2. Try a very short kitten heel so its still dressy but not too high.
3. Put your hands around his shoulders and put his hands on your waist. Sway a bit with the music and try to be confident.
4. I don't know your hair density or color but try a high ponytail and curl it. Then keep a couple curled ringlets around your face.
5. I have no idea! Sorry!
6. Strapless with a low back?

Whew I'm really sorry if I didn't get this to you in time! I've been so busy lately.

I need advice, I'm 15 and my boyfriend and I haven't had sex so I'm still a virgin. We do play with eachother though and he did ejaculate next to me. I fear it may have touched the opening. I'm worried that I may be pregnant as I have missed my period although they were sometimes irregular anyway, I'm still worried. Is it possible for a virgin to fall pregnant? If it is, what are the chances? (link)
The chance is pretty small especially if you don't think his ejaculate got inside of you but being cautious is always a good idea. You might want to invest in a pregnancy test, if only to ease you mind. If you are usually irregular then it could just be your irregularity that made you 'miss' your period instead of pregnancy.

sometimes i see on myspace my friends have like two pictures, one on top of the other, but there different! how do i do that? (link)
If you go to MS Paint (its a program on your start menu under 'Accessories' on a Windows computer) you can copy a picture from something else using right click 'Copy Picture' and paste it on the screen of pain after you click the 'Cut' icon on the Paint toolbar. Then you can paste another picture under it using the same directions. After that you can crop the screen so both pictures are the same width.

Hope I helped!

I am turning 16 years old and on my birthday my parents are letting me get a tattoo. I want a quote that is meaningful, inspirational, etc etc I want it to be short but be able to get something out of it. Also along with the quote I would like to be able to have a small picture relating to the quote. Any ideas of good quotes with a picture OR without a picture too. thanks (link)
I think some good quotes could be "There's nothing to fear but fear itself", "Carpe diem" (seize the day in latin), "C'est la vie" (this is life, so is life, or shit happens in french), and "Veni, vidi, vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered in latin)

Of course, I love romance languages but for you if you don't like anything besides English quotes you might want to try some song lyrics that you find meaningful to you.

If you haven't read, or finished reading Breaking Dawn, then please don't read any further. I do not want to spoil anything for someone.
My question, or questions rather, are about Jacob and Renesmee. Let's start with some straight forward facts.
A. Jacob is a shapeshifter, he rapidly aged to about physically 25. As long as he decides to keep phasing, he will not age. So he technically could live forever.
B. Jacob imprints on Renesmee, making her the center of his world.
C. We learn from Nahuel, that Renesmee will take 7 years to grow to about physically age 25, then stop aging. She is immortal, even though she has a beating heart.
Now the questions:
1. Do you think Jacob would stay immortal for Renesmee?
2. Would you like to read about their story, and why? (link)
I would think that if Renesmee falls in love with Jacob instead of just seeing him as a friend or brother then yes, Jacob would most likely stay immortal for her.

I wouldn't mind reading their story. IT might be interesting actually.

Okay, I am 15/pregnant and I told my boyfriend that stress can cause a misscarriage and he still fights with me all the time. And I ask him what if the baby is with me (since we dont live together) and he says his first word and my boyfriend says, well i mean oh well im not going to be upset,it doesnt really matter. And then I finally see what my baby looks like (like a picture on the internet) and I tell him that the baby now has a head but no arms or legs yet and he says "ew thats nasty". I mean it's like he doesnt even care about me or the baby. What do I do? (link)
Your boyfriend is not going to be the supportive father you'd think he should be. He's a teenager (hopefully) and will act as such. A child is not the most anticipated part of his life yet and I severely doubt that he'll be any use to you during or after your pregnancy. My best suggestion is to put the child up for adoption after you deliver him or her since as a fifteen year old girl you are not the most well suited person for the job of raising a child.

ive seen some videos on sugar waxing(without the strips!) and thought it was really cool, so i tried to make it with:(I forget the amounts) sugar, water, and lemon juice. but mine doesnt not act as a "silly putty" its SUPER sticky!
i have it kept it jars right now and i don't know how to fix this batch. any help?

please and thank you!! (link)
Well first, the measurements(to my knowledge) are:
2 cups water
3 cups sugar
2 teaspoons lemon juice.

All i can think of to fix it is to heat it more until it browns. If you haven't cooked it long enough it won't have the pliable 'silly putty' like feel and will be pretty useless. If you own a candy thermometer, try to get around 225 degrees Fahrenheit (about 107 degrees Celsius).

so i think that this weekend i want to give my boyfriend a blow job for the first time but I'm really nervous. He gives me oral all the time and it's really good I'm just afraid I'm going to be really bad. Any tips and pointers to make sure its good? Is there anyway to help my not be so nervous? (link)
Tips, well, giving tips is hard because what works on one person may not be pleasurable for another. Before you start, tell him to tell you how you're doing while you're doing it. Like if he likes what your doing, he should let you know. Ask him to tell you what to do as well. Pay attention to the head or tip of the penis and the frenulum (the ridge on the underside).

To feel less uncomfortable, loosen up a bit. Don't just say hi to him and get started. Do some pre-foreplay to get you in the mood for doing it. Never start giving oral if you don't want to. Not only do you give off the air that you find pleasuring him a chore, but it will make it less enjoyable for him and he might find it distasteful to give you oral in the future. Have fun with it and remember that if he's worth having as a boyfriend, he'll love it no matter what. He should understand it's your first time and should be cool with it.

Okay, These are two poems

I, Who

I, Who walks the path of unconsiousness lives an Illusion
Breaths the air, Walks the earth
Thou this day my heart still beats

(What does this poem mean? ^)

2nd Poem..

I Am

I am, that tint of light in your heart
I wonder, When I look at the moon do you look also?
I hear, Your whisper, your cry, your sadness
I see, That teardrop stream down your face
I want to be that person to lift you up off your feet

I am, that tint of light in your heart
I pretend to be nothing but a friend to you
I felt, Nothing but love for you
I touch, Your heart with my own words
I worry, that one day I won't be here when you really need me
I cried, when you've cried
I am, That tint of light in my heart
I understand that when something hurts it stings
I say I've felt that pain many times before
I dream, You dream, We all dream
I hope one day you will the same for me
I want to be that tint of light in your heart

Both of these poems where written by me, I just wanted some outlook on others what they think it means to them.

Thanks :) (link)
To me, the first poem conveys the message that you are a ghost among men. Living and breathing yet still not as alive as others. Living in an illusion of a world caught between the living and the dead.

The second poem conveys the message that you want to be the one who brings happiness to a person's life. You admire them extremely, yet you play it down, pretending to harbor nothing but friendship and camaraderie.

I hope what I got was what you wanted the reader to feel.

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