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Hi I'm Nicole (Nikki if you want) the cousin of AskAndy
-i'm fairly nice
-i heart makeup (ima drama queen not a preppy ick)
-i'm black
-i study ancient japanese culture
-i like anime tv shows like naruto and inuyasha
-i dont like/understand vegetarians or chocolate haters
-dont bug me if you disagree
-i answer MOST questions
-I'M the one giving advice so dont think that you can bug me about if my advice didn't work cuz its ADVICE not a miracle
OKIE DOKE now send me questions
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im 16
so since every one is talking about like masterbating and sex and stuff like that its turning me on should i just masterbate now? plus my boyfriend is at work...what should i do.? (link)
Uhm... if you're turned on, you can. Its kinda a "do you feel like doing it" kind of situation.

what do you do to not be a vigin
You have sex.

The meaning of the word virgin is someone who hasn't had sex.

I need advice, I'm 15 and my boyfriend and I haven't had sex so I'm still a virgin. We do play with eachother though and he did ejaculate next to me. I fear it may have touched the opening. I'm worried that I may be pregnant as I have missed my period although they were sometimes irregular anyway, I'm still worried. Is it possible for a virgin to fall pregnant? If it is, what are the chances? (link)
The chance is pretty small especially if you don't think his ejaculate got inside of you but being cautious is always a good idea. You might want to invest in a pregnancy test, if only to ease you mind. If you are usually irregular then it could just be your irregularity that made you 'miss' your period instead of pregnancy.

so i think that this weekend i want to give my boyfriend a blow job for the first time but I'm really nervous. He gives me oral all the time and it's really good I'm just afraid I'm going to be really bad. Any tips and pointers to make sure its good? Is there anyway to help my not be so nervous? (link)
Tips, well, giving tips is hard because what works on one person may not be pleasurable for another. Before you start, tell him to tell you how you're doing while you're doing it. Like if he likes what your doing, he should let you know. Ask him to tell you what to do as well. Pay attention to the head or tip of the penis and the frenulum (the ridge on the underside).

To feel less uncomfortable, loosen up a bit. Don't just say hi to him and get started. Do some pre-foreplay to get you in the mood for doing it. Never start giving oral if you don't want to. Not only do you give off the air that you find pleasuring him a chore, but it will make it less enjoyable for him and he might find it distasteful to give you oral in the future. Have fun with it and remember that if he's worth having as a boyfriend, he'll love it no matter what. He should understand it's your first time and should be cool with it.

is it save to have sex with your boyfriend at the age of 12 or 13 (link)
Is it safe? Well I doubt that there are any adverse affects with having sex around that age. As long as you plan on using a condom with spermicide then i don't think there will be any problems. I do suggest that you tell him to be gentle since because you are young you might have a slightly small vagina and it could hurt more that it usually does if he has a large penis.

my boyfriend and i were messing around the other day. usually, i just give him a hand job and he just rubs my clit.

well, the other day, he kinda rubbed his penis around my area. but then, i don't think he went in the vagina per se. just in the clit area. he didn't cum inside me either.

basically, he rubbed his penis inside me a bit, then he cummed outside then after a while he rubbed inside me again.

what are the chances that i'm pregnant?

btw, i haven't had my period even though i'm more than 18 years old. i talked to several doctors and they all said my ovaries and stuff were working fine. they tried to induce menstruation a couple of times and it did work but i never have a cycle unless induced. (link)
I doubt that you'll be getting pregnant from just that, even if you didn't have your condition. Though the chances aren't high you might want to think about getting an emergency contraceptive, with a doctor's recommendation of course since the pill might have an adverse effect on your condition.

I've had sex with my boyfriend and i love him more than anything but i don't like the thought of giving him oral. I have gave oral to another guy before i started going out with my recent boyfriend so he never really lets me live that one down. Now i'm kind of easing up and would want to give him a bj but if he cums does that not mean we can't have sex? like i wouldn't want to give him one and it be done with. When i done oral for the first time the guy warned me when he was going to sum so he didn't do it in my mouth which i was so relieved about. Also if i have my mouth down there and then we have sex i don't think he'd want to kiss me which is also kind of offputting. Is there a happy/medium anywhere lol

I think my question is alot of questions in itself so answers to any would be grateful. (link)
Well to answer your first question, if he cums you can still have sex but he'd have to be able to get it back up fast. If he can't then you probably won't be able to have sex afterwards. I doubt he'd want to kiss you after that because most guys think that's kinda gross. I mean imagine a guy eating you out and then kissing you. It seems kinda nasty to me but he might not mind. Then again he might be in such a lust filled haze that he doesn't even notice the fact that you had his dick in your mouth before yo kissed him. The happy/medium will only be there if he's a certain type of person. You might want to try all this out with him though. Sacrificing sex once will be worth satisfying this dude if you really like him.

is it only possible to get an STD if u come in contact w/someone else w/an STD or can u get it from that person even if they dont have an STD? (link)
if someone doesn't have an STD then you can't really get one from them
STD's are received from people who already have them though they can look like they don't have one

ok i know you can "pop your chrry" by simply putting a tampon in or riding a bike. but how do you know that you did. obv with the bike thing you would know. but what if your on your period so there is already blood. but i think i did the other day and i was just wondering for sure if i did. any ways to know how? (link)
it would hurt
and you'd feel it
when you 'pop your cherry' it not only bleeds but it is either painful or uncomfortable

okay well last night my boyfriend and i were having sex... we've been together for almost a year and love each other alot... my mom knows we're sexually active, and is okay with it because she knows we both love each other. okay so we were doing it... and we felt like a pop... so he pulled it out, and sure enough, it was broken. and i don't mean like a little hole, like actually broken- like it snapped and rolled back down his penis. it only went inside of me maybe 2 times (thats what he says, but i don't even think it was in once) and yeah the condom was completely off... it was hanging on to his penis by that little ring. so my period's due in a couple weeks, and i don't know if i should get an emergency contraceptive. my mom says don't; it's not necessary... my boyfriends freaking out, and i really don't know WHAT to do. also, he didn't cum inside of me or at all, but there was precum. i think it broke cause the condom was too small... he did have trouble getting it on. so does anyone know what i should do? THANKS SO MUCHH!!! ♥ (link)
you could take a 'morning after' pill if you are really scared about what happened but i doubt that precum would get you pregnant. you could wait for your period but if anything happened it might be too late

My boyfriend and I had sex last night for the first time. He didn't pop my cherry, but part of him was still in me. Does this mean i lost my virginity? Or am i still a virgin? (link)
really it depends on the way you think. technically you arent a virgin since you did have someone in you. but the topic is up to discussion since some people think that if your hymen is still intact you are a virgin. so it could go either way. just think the one that makes you feel better =]

My boyfriend and use to have sex like probably once a day. So i got use to it and it my vagina didn't get sore anymore. But hes been living with his dad this summer so i don't get to see him. but he came to visit this weekend and we had a lot of sex. And my vagina was really sore. does anybody know how to make it not as sore without having sex????? (link)
well i dont usually answer these kind of questions but probably (i am not promoting this) with masterbation with large objects (dildos and that sort of thing) so you are used to being 'filled'

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