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Status: Girlfriend
Skills: Guitar,Skateboarding and I can master things in short amounts of time.
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tell me your experience piercing ur own ear cartilage! please! thanx!
yea i was thinking about doing that...

Does anyone know where/from whom I can get some nice avatars?

(Please do not suggest the Avatary, or whatever that site is called. It does not allow direct linking which is the only way I can get the avatar onto my site.)

I won't claim them for my own. I just want to put them on my site.

Thanks for your help. (link)
go to your favorite bands website, they should have some icons there...

so my bestestfriend in the world backstabbed me, she said she didnt like my bf and wehn I asked him he said that she keeps asking him out, what do I do???!!!???? (link)
Just tell her to step off

kkk there is this guy that i really like and im pretty sure he likes me, we went on a people to people trip for 3 weeks together last summer and next summer we are going on another one. should i make the first move or should i back off and wait for him to make a move? (link)
I believe that the guy should make the first move.

does anyone know any good songs? i like alternative music. but i would like songs that u never hear, but have a good message or are about couples. (link)
Coheed And Cambria

I need some songs... any song would be good and who its by!! (link)
Three Evils-Coheed And Cambria
If youve never heard them before dont be scared by his voice.Its a great song and band.

Rap Sucks...

ok, im in a band called Fill In The Blank and everything right now is sooo messed up! we really need a bassist and since the only thing i do is sing, i WOULD take it up but my parents wont buy me one or pay for lessons. our guitarist alicia is grounded until shes like 18 for smoking in her room. our OTHER guitarist CANT EVEN PLAY! (shes new in the band). that leaves a drummer and a singer. i know this is a confusing question and i cant figure it out.

IM: Blink Format TBS (link)
Sorry I dont see a question...

YOUR KOOL!!! YOU ROCK!!!! I Think I have a crush on you. (link)
who are you

i have this friend who had a bf for almost a year but lets jus say,,, i dunno how it lasted that long.. anyway the broke up lyk 8 months ago and she jus is gettin outta the depressed phase and is thinking about going out with this other guy.. or should i sey boy because she is soo shallow and immiture.. anyway she flirts lyk crazy with him and he barley cares... theyve talked on the fone and stuff but he always has his other friends on the line and ignores her completely.. Ie tryed to give my advice to her and she ses that its not my business and that i shouldnt give my opinion.. she also said that he might change if they got inot a my own opinion she is jus desperate to have a bf and i deciving herself into thinking she likes the first guy she sees... i really dont want to see her hurt again.. what can i do???
thnx (link)
I agree with you or sumthin

whats the best sunless tanner?.. and what is the best way to apply it to come out the best?.. thnx (link)
lemon juice

hey alicia. you are soo pretty dont know me i just found your site. i need advice. it is goin to sound reallly dumb but oh well. my friends always talk about how they have gottn drunk adn stuff and i dont know i f i want to drink or not. i need to know if you do because u seem like really cool and nice and if you think i should still hang out with them even thought they might preasure me. answer ASAP (link)
If you dont want to then dont, your friends should be cool with that if they are really friends... And pressure is spelled

if you could be anyone in the world alive or dead who would u be? (link)

What's the best thing to mix with vodka? (link)
Coca Cola baby!

hey michelle! its ab! what is the best way to get your legs muscular? (link)
Ride a bike

Do you like System Of A Down? I think the guitarist Daron Malakian is the sexiest man alive. What do you think? (link)
System Of A Down Rules

Ok...I want a guitar. Badly. I've wanted to buy one and learn how to play it for like 3 years now. But, I know absolutely nothing about it. So could someone please tell me what's a good guitar to start out with??? Ahhh, I feel stupid. ThankYOU. (link)
Its easier to learn on an electric guitar because the strings are easier to push down on when hitting the frets compared to an acoustic. A
"B.C. Rich Warlock" would be a great choice for a beginners guitar, its what i learned to play on.

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