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Status: Girlfriend
Skills: Guitar,Skateboarding and I can master things in short amounts of time.
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does anyone know any good songs? i like alternative music. but i would like songs that u never hear, but have a good message or are about couples. (link)
Coheed And Cambria

I need some songs... any song would be good and who its by!! (link)
Three Evils-Coheed And Cambria
If youve never heard them before dont be scared by his voice.Its a great song and band.

Rap Sucks...

ok, im in a band called Fill In The Blank and everything right now is sooo messed up! we really need a bassist and since the only thing i do is sing, i WOULD take it up but my parents wont buy me one or pay for lessons. our guitarist alicia is grounded until shes like 18 for smoking in her room. our OTHER guitarist CANT EVEN PLAY! (shes new in the band). that leaves a drummer and a singer. i know this is a confusing question and i cant figure it out.

IM: Blink Format TBS (link)
Sorry I dont see a question...

Do you like System Of A Down? I think the guitarist Daron Malakian is the sexiest man alive. What do you think? (link)
System Of A Down Rules

Ok...I want a guitar. Badly. I've wanted to buy one and learn how to play it for like 3 years now. But, I know absolutely nothing about it. So could someone please tell me what's a good guitar to start out with??? Ahhh, I feel stupid. ThankYOU. (link)
Its easier to learn on an electric guitar because the strings are easier to push down on when hitting the frets compared to an acoustic. A
"B.C. Rich Warlock" would be a great choice for a beginners guitar, its what i learned to play on.

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